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easyJet pilots, your management are taking the piss now

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easyJet pilots, your management are taking the piss now

Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:10
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easyJet pilots, your management are taking the piss now

I am really sorry to say this. I donít work for you, but I have friends who do. I have friends who have gone through the CTC thing and they are telling me what they are being offered to work for you.

Signing up for a 3 year contract earning £23,000 a year before tax and thatís if they do 900 hours. Plus a clause in the contract that if they leave before 3 years, they get penalised, so like a bond even after they have already paid CTC £70,000 plus. Is this true.

New cadets are taking home £1700 a month if they are lucky and got a £1000 plus a month loan to pay, explain that one

Then I get an e-mail today from Flight International saying that CTC are looking for Airbus pilots for easyJet.

I canít believe that your CC are doing jack all about this. Sorry, but I think its time you lot started acting instead of head in the sand.

If this is true and your CC think it is fine, then you need others on your CC.

Everyone in the industry are looking at you and shaking their heads. Many are now saying that going into easyJet is worst than going to Ryanair and that no one thought that one day they would say that.

Norman Stanley Fletcher, please tell me I am wrong.

anyone from easyJet CC like to put me straight on this one.

We all are waiting to hear from the horses mouth
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:18
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I've never been able to work out what CC stands for, what is it?
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:21
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TRSS will have something to say about Easy being better than Ryanair at something (shafting pilots)

EGCC 4284
You're right. It's utterly appalling that this is taking place.

At least with ryanair they keep you employed with a reasonable prospect of good earnings. This is little more than exploitation; easyjet - you are heading the way of Colgan Air.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:23
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Company Council

in your case - Complete Coq.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:27
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Easyjet a total bag of , who would want to work for them.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:29
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I'm with BFB on this one....

Although I feel for the cadets having been offered this contract...there's no legal obligation for them to sign for it, so if they do then that's their own fault and they shouldn't b*tch about it afterwards. It was the same when TRSS came out in '04/'05 (?) . Everybody was shocked and a lot were moaning about it, but sure enough people kept signing up for it and it became the norm. And as long as people sign up for it the company will keep taking the p*ss.

I have spoken to several "flexicrew" over the last few weeks and when asked if they have looked around for any other flying jobs the overall answer is "NO".
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:35
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Sorry, its the likes of you saying its their fault for signing up. Wrong, when their is more of them, your T&C's will be attacked.

I have seen it before in my last career.

I can't believe that easyJet CC are doing nothing about it. Myself and many many others are watching you lot in despair

I think your CC are letting you down big time here. We have been told on the outside that your CC don't see anything wrong with what is happening. What a bunch of ??????. They are making a fool out of everyone
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:36
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No one is being forced to sign this contract are they?

Plenty of smiling faces at 'Concorde House', cheap flights for the punters, and prouds Mums.

It's a win win scenario. Enjoy.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:42
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There was 100 pilots from Globaspan looking for work, there is 100 pilots from Thomson looking for work, there is 100 pilots from BMI looking for work. Explain to me, why do easyJet want CTC to send them pilots for £23,000 a year. Your management are taking the piss and the easyJet CC are sitting with their heads in the sand. It will eat away at your T&C's and everyone elses outside of easyJet.

Honestly, someone said to me the other day that they never thought that easyJet would be a worst place to go to than Ryanair.

Imagine if this gets in the press
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:50
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However noble, I fear you are missing the point.

1. EZY are happy with a cost effective 'turn key' pilotage solution.

2. The Punters are happy with heavily subsidised flights to the Costa's for a cheap summer junket.

3. 'Ruperts' chuffed because he's in 2 'gold bars' and down 'Bar Med' on a Tuesday night.

4. 'Ruperts' Mum's chuffed because she can 'blow off' to her mates at the Cheltenham Bridge Club. Ruperts a pilot for EZY!

You are absolutely right in everything you say; but we cannot stop the rot. Impossible.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:56
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Unfortunately even if it did get in the press no one would care, unless it was printed in a news paper that intelligent people read the most. I dont think the local paper in your village or town would be a good one.

My sister has joined EZY Cabin crew and from what I have been told its pretty good pay for an 18 year old, but for the pilots its SICK!!

Money and publicity talks in aviation, I think we need to scare the public about easyjet then people might actually pay attention and avoid them causing there profits to drop then things might change.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 11:57
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Sorry, your wrong. There is someone who can stop the rot and its easyJet pilots with the leadership of a CC who have not got their head in the sand.

And by the way, Ruperts are not chuffed, they are backed into a corner with debt. Do they fly for peanuts to stay current and then try and move on or go doing something else out of the loop.

Our CC are in disbelief that your CC think what is happening is ok. Sorry, but your CC are a joke thinking that everything is cushdy.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 12:05
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So, EZY CC and the Aviation Community at large are going to fight to improve the terms of these 'Ruperts' that are now sadly on the inside.

What about the huge number of folks that did not pay a 'dowry' to achieve an undeserved foot on the ladder? I would rather focus my help on the latter and 'cold shoulder' the former.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 12:15
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No, its very simple

If you fly an aircraft as a Second Officer or First Officer, you get the same rate of pay and T&C's everyone else in that company doing the same job. Is that too much to ask for.

If you are all united, then you will all benifit. If you have the attitude of I'm alright Jack, it will come back to bite you before you know it.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 14:35
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The EZY CC wanted to go to the press with a story on this.

They were blocked by the other companies in BALPA at the National level.

It's not just the EZY CC at fault here....
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 15:35
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I have the impression that BALPA at the national level do not want to get involved in anything too "taxing".
They certainly scuppered any chance of union recognition at Ryanair about 3 years ago, when IALPA were baying for blood, and now it seems this is all too "grubby" for them to have a go at.
With no disrespect to the hard working CC members in certain companies, BALPA at national level is a bit of a damp squib.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 16:00
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It is not the job of inexperience pilots or pilots out of work to fight for T&C's.

We all know that for inexperience pilots, you need to get that first job. Better a crap contract than nothing and if you don't do it, someone will, unfortunatly.

If you become unemployed, especially if you have a family to take care of, again...better a crap contract that nothing.

It is a shame for experience pilots, that spent 5-10 or more years in an airline, enjoying excellent T&C's, lucky to have got a gold contract at that time, looking at their nice belly, to blame and to give the fault to the inexperience/unemployed pilots.

It is our job, the experience pilot to fight for our T&C's and to prevent that type of slavery recruitment,contract...

Who is leading the strike in Lufthansa, the cadet on the waiting list or the 747 captains?
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 16:13
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Why did Easyjet's CC need the permission of BALPA to go to the press?
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 16:35
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You can't seriously blame the CC

Use your brains Timzster.... any press 'BALPA' mentioned needs to be santioned by BALPA for legal reasons. Who would the press say the CC represented?

Everybody needs to think about who the CC doesnt reperesent. i.e. the bludgers living off what BALPA has fought for.... The CC is only as strong as their membership level, and the memberships resolve to do something.

However, I dont expect my 'next company's pilots to fight for a good deal for me. If you dont like whats being offered - dont take it. It's these desperado's who sign up for next to nothing who are undermining the industry. Not the happily (?) employed ones.

If no-one accepted the deal easy is offering, what would happen?
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 17:03
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The goal posts have moved quite considerably for these CTC cadets recently.

Two years ago they were all but guaranteed a permanent contract following a six month period of "training". Now the contract is pay-by-the (scheduled block) -hour with no guarantee of any flying whatsoever.

But they do have a choice. I know of at least one cadet who has decided to get a job outwith aviation so that he can pay his loan payments which are approxmately £1200 per month. HSBC are losing patience of course with people constantly deferring and are putting pressure on some to declare bankruptcy so that the debt can be written off. At least a dozen or so have done just that and are only now finding out the true cost of having zero credit rating.

My own feeling is that these cadets started out with a belief that a job would be there at the end waiting on them. Most of us who have trained to be airline pilots had no such guarantee and knew that ultimately an alternative career may become necessary. It is this rather immature and naive mentality which has forced these cadets into the situation they find themselves in.

They would rather cling to the hope that easyJet will offer a permanent contract at some time in the future than face up to there responsibilities. In doing so they are only fuelling their own demise as the whole thing is self perpetuating. As the realisation slowly dawns easyJet will find themselves severely short of pilots and it only then that the cycle will break.

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