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Are Ryanair no longer hiring former employees?

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Are Ryanair no longer hiring former employees?

Old 12th Jan 2009, 14:46
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Rather than read here I called Ryanair recruitment. No total ban on ex Ryanair employees rejoining. As a Ryanair pilot I was no longer permitted to recommend a person to join Ryanair. They also said they were very annoyed as a former Ryanair pilot who was due to restart in EMA today did not show for an OCC Course. Another ex FR pilot started a course today but both were hired last summer. They said they have a very large holding pool of rated Captains and Co-Pilots but no jobs currently being offered. I was told no one hired since last October.
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 17:07
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I spoke to someone in recruitment and heard a different story. Who did you speak to?
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 21:16
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enough coo coo,caca.inveritas is p***r b****w(ryanair management).just have a look at the exact detail in his previous posts.nice guy but piss poor try.
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 22:09
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thats just lazy

hey tehoroto,

i find your statement about learning more in your new job of 18 mths than you did in ryr to indicate two things.......

1) you didnt bother your arse to pick up a book and seek out the information required of you to fulfill your duties as a commander,i was a bit of a book worm as i have a genuine interest in making it my business to try and increase my levels of knowledge,you know how the old saying goes.....knowledge is power.

2) you need the spoon feeding of someone telling you what you need to know to increase your levels of knowledge,ie; lazy,someone else doing the work for you rather than seeking it out yourself.shame!!

stan i wouldnt be relying on a pension to retire on pal,i would try and etch out something else with my own money like property which is what i did with my earnings in ryr,the plan was 1 a year but with the current economic landscape it will be 1 every 2-3yrs,be the master of your own destiny?? what IF and its only a conditional statement VS folded and took all your pension with it,your healthcare would come in handy then from banging your head off the wall this is not a dig at you or vs but dont rely on others too much!!

nightsun my mini tangent is now over,ok. but i assure you that i am serious about participating in this debate/discussion ET AL and thats why i am seeking out as much info as possible from people within ryr so as i am armed with the knowledge of what is going on inside the white house.


sounds interesting fella i would love to know who you talked to as this is good info. pm if you want to i would appreciate it thanks
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Old 13th Jan 2009, 05:59
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Back on Thread

Ladies & Gentlemen please, let's try to keep this topic on thread. I left FR three years ago. No, not because of a 'hardon' for a 777 (or in my case a 747) but because of the chance to further my career & if anything a 'hardon' for cash & what I thought would be a better lifestyle. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time so far, seen the world, lived in another country & got a great deal out of flying trans oceanic. I would look at returning to Ryanair when my current contract expires in 12 months, because when all is said & done there is a lot to be said for sleeping in your own bed at night!

I had just become a captain with FR when I left. I told them that I had been interviewed for my present position & that if I got the job I would leave them, however, Ryanair still put me on a command course. I believe they felt that once I had completed it I would stay put in STN. When I handed in my resignation to PB he wished me the best of luck, & said that I would be welcome back in the future should I want to return. Then the SH 1 T hit the fan at Dublin HQ: they started to demand bonding back for the command course etc. So here's my question...would I be able to get my job back with Ryanair or do they have long memories? I was honest with them & at first I left with their blessing. Admin got involved & spoiled what should have been an amicable parting.

As far as working for Ryanair, I found them to have a solid set of SOPs, the best I've come across, & if you did your job you got a stable roster & you were paid well twice a month. The flying was always fun & it was generally a good bunch of people to operate with, just getting on with things. So please, I don't need a lecture on the pitfalls of the company. Any useful information would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 13th Jan 2009, 09:17
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Thanks Grim for the promotion, But I am not FR management - just a bored pilot. If you work in Ryanair pick up the phone and simply ask someone what you want to know. There is a former FR CP on an OCC course this week. Repeat: I was told they are still not hiring but have a large holding pool
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Old 13th Jan 2009, 20:16
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Any news on exactly when ryanair will start thier long haul services to the states?
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Old 14th Jan 2009, 08:05
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Virgin CANNOT take your pension even if it folds. At least not if you have protected like I have, by managing itself, via the self managing option and putting it in the GROUP PERSONAL PENSION. Once it reaches your account, it's yours and yours alone. It cannot be touched.

As for relying on it? No, you are right. Never rely on it. But it will be worth something. Especially if you are putting in more than the 6% minimum employee contribution (which I do - and receive extra contributions because of it).

Property - well that's not a one way bet either is it? I do read the papers you know!! And, like you, I do own more than one property. That is NOT the exclusive preserve of current, or EX Ryanair pilots!! So, I know just how much less they are worth than a year or two ago. And don't fool yourself into thinking that property prices will recover to anywhere near 2007 prices for at least a decade. That means that your real debt pile has increased in that time whilst your investments haven't even made an inflation level return.... and I'm in the same boat. Not good. And when you have to refinance them soon - it could be a nightmare. I just thank God I already redid ours last year before the banks stopped playing ball. At least I have 3 years grace now at decent rates.

As a last word on this subject - be careful - the guys on the line are talking about you returning to Ryanair - name included - it seems one of your Ryanair buddies is doing the chatting for you with his Skippers. You don't really need that, especially if it doesn't work out for you getting back in there.

Good luck in leaving and good luck with the houses.

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Old 18th Jan 2009, 23:00
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Stansdead isnt the "Goodfella", I think you'll find.
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