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Air Atlanta Icelandic

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Air Atlanta Icelandic

Old 31st Oct 2008, 13:28
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Cool Air Atlanta Icelandic

So,much of the guys got paid finally! How about january09 are they gonna blow it like Palmi (Icelandic investor that bankrupt FLYME and later on Sterling,stole 2months of salary,easy money to hide away).Is the company solid now?
Acc.To Airborne (controlled by AAI) they will not pay your money unless the get paid by their client (AAI).So it is up for a scary give and take situation.Always be prepare not to loose one but two month of salary!
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 01:33
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I left about a year ago, and one of the reasons I left was that I could see there was a good chance they were going to fold within a year or so.
How are they doing? There's a lot of good people there that I'd hate to see lose their jobs .....
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 05:12
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I'll put wager on, that that most people will be home for Christmas.

Feel sorry the pilots,engineers and the other employees.

For most of the "management" I have no sympathy whatsoever. What goes around, comes around.

BTW. Is the Braathens bolthole still open?
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Old 4th Nov 2008, 21:51
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Before the economic disaster in Iceland the rumour was that AAI was planning to add more aircraft to it's fleet, and my mate who works there was rather optimistic about the company's future.

What say you, how is AAI doing these days?
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Old 5th Nov 2008, 07:45
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Well, the fact that Iceland is bankrupt doesn't necessarily have to reflect on AAI.

We shall see. Good luck to all of you!
Old 5th Nov 2008, 12:18
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Air Atlanta does business in US Dollars,is only managed from Iceland does not do business there and has good solid contracts at the moment.It is the ultimate in flexibility and has weathered hard times before - for a while things did not look good but I am more optimistic than a couple of months ago.They had several aircraft damaged in ground incidents not of their making and one hull loss in Dacca which caused financial losses but I am sure that they will survive.They have some of the most professional crews and maintenance staff in the business - many of whom are old hands with years of experience who really would have nowhere to go due to age if things went wrong.
I am one of the oldies but goodies and would really not like to retire just yet - still having too much fun!
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Old 7th Nov 2008, 07:21
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AAI maintenance has been worsering...Most of the experienced mechanics left the company for 6 months ago.The mec. can not do the job sometimes,due to the fact of lack of spare parts,and lack of TIME! They are constantly underpowered and working in a stressfully environment in Saudi were everything closes down during praying!Anyway,have u seem the professionalism in saudia? Visit their local crew toilets in Jeddah.Nobody gives a dam! Look,who is flying for them..Phuket Air,etc.Sometimes its like a Christmas tree in the cockpit! Full of DMI stickers,and after 10days they seem to change places! Yes Iam worried!
The colleagues are wonderful to work with,some without any previous experience and minimal flying time.Still nice and progressing people.
I do understand your concern and the show must go on,but safety first!
Of course you would never go with a broken ship any were,thats why the books are there for BUT! It accumulates and small things tends to get bigger and when things brake which happens u do need to remember all the DIM stickers and take in to consideration of your nice buddy and his/her experince...so what does this has to do with 2 month of busted salary? Everything! It starts from the top,descending to local idiots at the
confusion center who either dipp there heads under the sand and hopes everything will resolve or delay so the next guy taking over the shift gets the problem.
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 14:39
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It looks like crew members are expected to pay for their hotel rooms at the Isabella in Frankfurt!
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 15:36
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Makes me sad.

Now, I have been drinking tonight, but I really loved my time @ AAI.

Met some really incredible people. KN, (CP) was a great guy who helped me a lot.

In the last two/three years since I left, there has been so many incidents, mispayments, ect.......

Once it was one of the best airline ACMI companys in the world. I hope they can get back there..
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 17:48
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I have to agree. I enjoyed the other crewmembers there and had a blast flying there. However, as for the company and "rockhead" ideas, well that got old very quick.

It is sad to see where the company is now compared to what it could have been.

Is A.N. still on the 400?

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Old 24th Nov 2008, 22:39
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AAI are like cancer. You can never kill it completely. They are probably a fine branch to work for. Been operating on a large scale since 1993. I don´t work for them, I never did but I know lot of guys who do and did. Most were happy, but the lifestyle was not appealing
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 07:41
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how is the rostering for contractors.
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 20:35
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Customer needs dictate a lot of the roster changes and there are many. Much less recently due to the lesser amount of flying in general this year. Due to the Hajj it is a bit busier now. Some of the rostering people where previously quite useless. Again it looks like on certain contracts rostering is working relatively well these days.

Every now and then one has a flight that just dissapears from the roster, given to a union pilot from a certain rock in the Atlantic with financial trouble so that he can take his girlfriend on a flight who now suddenly is also an employee with ID cards and all. Can contractors take family or friends with us? No, not a chance.

There are some serious shortfalls with the company mostly the HR policy and divide and conquer method of having different employee groups and not providing equal opportunities to everyone has bitten AA hard and will continue to do so until the ownership of the company realises that fairness will work better and happy employees produce more than unhappy ones.
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Old 11th Dec 2008, 13:42
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Whoa ! Camel

Tread very carefully here !

Just heard several (10+) guys have just been axed due to Ops requirements (read retrenchment) within just the past few days.

Loss of the CargoLox contract probably hasn't helped, but they're kicking out people from ALL bases, so the Icelanders can avoid going back to the "rock" . Rumour has it this is due to several "natives" being on the Icelandic Tax Man's hit list.

Better to take that fixed base spot in JED, AMS or KL from an ex-pat to keep the Iceboys out of jail..... makes sense to me. Sad for the poor ex-pats involved, though. Some had been with the company for over 5-6 years ! Seniority does not figure, just nationality.

Hope they (the "canned" ex-pats) can get on somewhere else sharpish. I certainly wouldn't go back. I left last year... and feel lucky. Only need another 6 months or so, s*king d*cks here in AMS Kanal Straat to get my self-respect back.

Good luck to the most recent Victims.
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Old 11th Dec 2008, 14:16
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Air Atlanta are doing a re-shaping,cost cutting program thats meant to save money.They are really struggling to save any dollar.
They are doing fine! The most remarkable thing is that they keep the shitheads in jed.ops (that spend the days playing on internet and when all accumulates they just blame it on Iceland) alive!They also let the most experience mechanics on the classic go,and hire other shit heads with minimum experience on the classic to perform cost cutting experiments by leaving wheel shocks in the intake.and of course they have relatives working up in confusion department trying to screw up as much as possible!SO why do i say AIR ATLANTA is doing fine? Well,put it this way.IF IT WAS NOT FOR ALL THE MISTAKES!IN CREWING AND MAINTENANCE, THEY WOULD SAVE SO MUCH MONEY THE CEO WOULD SLEEP NICELY WITHOUT PICKING ON THE 9MILLION DOLLAR SAUDI MONEY THAT WAS MEANT TO AIRATLANTA
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Old 11th Dec 2008, 16:20
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Joe bananastreet???? yeah,yeah, i se wht you mean,but hey lets keep one thing clear! Safety first! Salary second! I have noticed a deterioration in the maintenance of the aircrafts more than ever!It is scary! It will finally end up somewere!Iam very surprised that a northern country like Iceland accepts this! Their CAA or what ever they wanna call them self must be a joke,yes a joke because of all audits they made not much have been changed really! IT is amazing that they are part of the JAR society.Is it that they have no follow up on things?Does it have to be a accident before things change? If u compare Air Atlanta with other asian low performing,eu banned companies,well then it maybe allright but the icelanders..should not lower them self to be part of that junkyard of aircraft companies they apparently admires.They have all the credences a shit company have.1.No money.2,bad maintenance.3 No experienced managers to run the show.4 fear to say NO! or you may be fired!5,wrong guys in operation,spec in Saudi!6.wrong personal attitude and cowardsness toward failures! Look and study business management,healty organizations were employees&contrators work together to achieve a goal!
Learn from mistakes and try not to make same mistakes over and over again,specially in HR and crewing.IF you have the right people and i mean employees that could speak up and say NO! it will save u a lot!
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Old 15th Dec 2008, 06:59
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Indeterminate INVOLUNTARY"Unpaid Leave" for Ex=Pats hit the streets/rosters yesterday ! AAI is following suit with SIA Cargo and Cathay ????

Get ready for a "rocky" ride (pardon the pun)......... and HUGE exodus of Ex-Pats .....

Glad I escaped last year... this is going to exsanguinate the company (that's bleed it to death for those who don't watch Casualty).

I foresee a LARGE NUMBER of Icelanders on the streets too, in just a few months, when it goes in the bog completely .

T'is a shame, I agree with Phil Squares, it "could" have been a decent place to work.

Nightfly - This could be a great time to apply.... there will be MANY slots available in the very near future. Hope you have a "BIG" Samsonite.

All the best to my ex-pat mates stuck in this quagmire. Corporate isn't all "that" bad.

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Old 15th Dec 2008, 09:07
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Mr Hf , Wat Is A Dim Sticker ?
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Old 15th Dec 2008, 09:20
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Dim sticker is a JEDOPS ops person. It applies to one that has been in the sun too long and lost his mind but clings to JED like a drowning to a log. Alternatively used for those who have their head too far up TN's b.utt and cannot see the sun clearly
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Old 15th Dec 2008, 09:25
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Simon, you're such a card !
Who is T.N? new to JED?
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