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easyJet buys GB Airways

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easyJet buys GB Airways

Old 25th Oct 2007, 12:30
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Arh I see I thought u meant 2.5 hour reaction time from when they call you until ur checkin time. I've got 6000 hours so well above the 1500 hr mark so I guess that's why I'm working butt off
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 12:33
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Ahhhhhh, think of all that lovely sector pay......

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Old 25th Oct 2007, 12:34
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Looks like Hapzim was right back in February then.
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 12:41
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And aspaceman was not surprisingly dead wrong
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 12:54
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Come to MXP mate....we could use a helping hand! 99:30 scheduled block hours this month. And that was with 4 days LVE

A warm welcome to our new colleagues!
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 12:57
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To the BA ground staff at LGW

My thoughts go out to the LGW groundstaff working for BA who will lose their jobs over this move, as well as the 777 migration to LHR. They have always tried to get me on aircraft when incidents/accidents have occurred in a most professional and timely manner.

So, to the ticket desk, flight monitoring unit, check-in, dispatchers, flight connections desk and all "customer facing" and backroom staff that have helped, thank you. I could not have done the 200+ sectors a year as a passenger and done my job without you.

To the GB cabin crew, you know that you have the best reputation for service amongst the frequent flyers for short haul off the UK. I wish you all well, to those of you who stay, good luck and to the others, please remember that the nearest exit may be behind you.
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 12:58
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Ahhhhhh, think of all that lovely sector pay too. I did get close to 90 hours back in Feb this year.....But you do get nicer views and get to go skiing...

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Old 25th Oct 2007, 13:31
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After 29yrs commercial flying think I know a bad deal
I'm sure you do - but I think you'll find the company has long since changed over the last few years since the 'go' takeover.

It's your opinion which is fine, but not exactly constructive along with your unfounded comments about myself.

Making a point about the cabin crew uniform as a reason not to want to work somewhere, is rather pointless as it just shows your lack of knowledge of the present day company that GB are becoming a part of.

Personally, I think this is a good thing for GB employees - but no doubt, I'm sure you'll disagree.
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 13:44
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Dead Wrong

And aspaceman was not surprisingly dead wrong
So they had a rethink.

Phase 2 next!
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 13:45
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Rather a savage irony in that Stellios started the whole thing with a couple of B737's leased from whom? GB Airways!!! way back in the mid 90's when Fred was Chief Pilot...happy days and good luck to all GB folk. God Bless!
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 14:07
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aspaceman- Reading back on your last comments about BA/GB made me giggle! Please keep em coming!
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 14:33
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Originally Posted by monkeyboy
Sepi, my educated guess is as such:
1) The GB guys say no thank you to the low cost model (as happened when flybe took over BA Connect) and they walk, hence creating a building-at-the-back-of-the-garden load of jobs
Originally Posted by Wingswinger
I have just one rather obvious question. Where are they going to go?
BA possibly - they are A320/321 type rated and already operate to the BA SOP - so it should be an easy transition.
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 14:51
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Someone at Versache must be crying their eyes out - with the amount of handbag slinging that is going on

My 2 cents worth - easy is an awesome place to work - friendly collegues (99% of the time), great atmosphere and you can plan a life, all said before, but can't be stressed enough really!!

Any GB guys and girls that cross over will be warmly welcomed into LGW.
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 14:53
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Sorry to disappoint but BMI mainline has suspended recruitment temporarily and there is already too many sfo's waiting for command upgrades. Def no direct entry commands at the mo.
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 15:15
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On one hand, many of the people at GB are nevous about the thought of the bright orange brigade etc etc. On the other hand I'm sure some of you are very fascinated!

Let me make one thing crystal clear. I though ej was full itself and a little too much orange, but.. crickey, I'm very impressed. Joined here a few years back, and must admit, I love it.

Transparent management strategies, clear view of the future, and a very strong flight ops team.

Believe me, you will be lucky to be taken over by ej, the job security and promotion, the load of other bases, not to mention the fixed roster! wow

There are some people who just cannot be satisfied, and for those - just leave now, you won't fit in! But to spit the dummy and just assume the worst about ej is immature. easyjet is huge! it is a great place to work! and all the bulldust about orange brigades is all rubbish.

They are admittedly very prescriptive, they are very very conservative.. but thats ok, they have so many different backgrounds, they need to be strict.

I have never worked more than 7-800 hrs per year, and only once done more than 90 hours in a month. I have always gotten my leave, roster and pay has never been late! Aircraft are all brand new (airbus fleet), and they have never questioned my decisions as captain.

Good luck guys! welcome :-)
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 16:03
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very nice post , you are all very welcome at EZY .Yes there are upsides and downsides , unfortunately for us all, the industry is never going to be again what it once was.

I dont mind EZY because it makes a profit ! pays me a good wage and i can live where i want and have a planned life outside work .

The flightdeck standards are incredibly high , let down by a few slackers like me .We have guys here from every conceivable background from Concorde down the way and they all say the that the standards are amongst the best .

The ex Go guys (before my time) are very proud of what they had there and will no doubt take this opportunity to whine about how badly they were treated etc.
You cant buck the market guys !
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 16:19
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Problem ezy face is that they got tied into a contract at liverpool which stops them flying out of another north west base, which they are trying to resolve as we speak...
I would have thought if true, this alleged agreement with LPL is anti-competitive. Any of our legal friends venture an opinion?

It could be a factor in easy's decision to hand back what looked like a few useable slot pairs at MAN a few seasons ago. The story at the time seemed to be that there were not enough suitable slot pairs for a small base.

In addition, I would have thought that with the rundown and demise of BACON and the decline in movements at MAN in the last year or so, some more useable slot pairs would have been available at MAN. Certainly there shouldn't be a problem getting slots for aircraft visiting from other bases eg MAD or MXP..........

Will be interesting to see what happens now at MAN

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Old 25th Oct 2007, 17:02
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Have to gree with SEAT1APLEASE, always chose BA to the canaries. Had a wonderful flight back from GC a few months ago. Certainly won't go EZY.
I actually dislike their attitude to pax, lack of club, lack of food...I could go on. Who'd have thought the CEO of BA could dismantle his own airline with such ease.

Not everybody thinks Easyjet are wonderful.

On another point, the canaries tourism board are trying to encourage more 'high quality' tourists to their islands, so I'm pretty sure they won't be pleased. Five hours on an easyjet cramped flight? No thanks.
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Old 25th Oct 2007, 17:27
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Ut Sementem Feeceris
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Didn't the "Go" guys/gals receive one years salary when easyJet bought them out. For all the whining that seems to have been forgotten.....

The aviation industry will always be fluid and I too have experienced the shock of suddenly being told I've got no job I fully appreciate the anxiety being felt at the moment by GB crews - but I would like to think you will be pleasantly suprised by life in eJ. Standards are VERY high, profits are rising, the Company is raising its game/target market. I can't think of a better place to be in the UK shorthaul market.


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Old 25th Oct 2007, 17:37
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I'm not being funny but i think all you negative people on here need to grow up, and stop throwing your toys out!

From what i've read on here the EZY guys have been nothing but welcoming to you GB guys, and as usual its the minority that spoil it for the majority!

If you really think its going to be that bad at EZY and you can't possibly face the idea of flying an orange airplane then take your high horse somewhere elsewhere! no one is holding a gun to your head and you are in charge of your own career.

Guys you still have a job, flying fantastic new shiny aircraft, earning more money, more stable rosters, quick commands for fo's! this is such a great opportunity make the most of it - the futures bright!!!!
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