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Virgin Atlantic

Old 16th Jun 2020, 14:45
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On the other hand if you'd had an all 737-Max fleet, in hindsight you'd have probably been thinking it would have been a good idea to have a mix! At least they're down to 3 types now rather than 5.
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 11:24
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Virgin Atlantic pilot shortage

Word on the street now is that Virgin Atlantic has gotten themselves so short of pilots they can't cover the limited work already scheduled for July and are having to phone round to see if there's anyone left in the company who is qualified and willing to work during their annual leave, in order to cover their existing commitments.

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Old 24th Jun 2020, 13:52
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Well if that’s true then surely it would be good for the pilots they made redundant, maybe call them back and end the misery they must be facing? I obviously don’t know what agreement was reached with VS and the redundant pilots, but in any event hopefully they can return back to flying as VS now seems more stable and are ambitious in resuming their schedules.
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 17:34
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Always a tricky metric this pilot and cabin crew firing number. And airlines always over do it.
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 21:04
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Virgin ballsed it up after September 11 as well. Not a surprise.

It’s what happens when you let accountants and HR take over a company.
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 05:37
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Can’t seem to recall any published numbers of redundancies recently. How many actually got the boot?
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 09:31
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I don't believe they have canned anyone as yet. Certainly not seen any published.
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 10:56
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i think it’s in the 300 region , and as rotorwills correctly said they are all provisional at the moment , not confirmed
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Old 26th Jun 2020, 16:05
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VS 'pilot shortage'

A few volunteers have already left. Otherwise Virgin have apparently just started into the process for confirming their individual compulsory pilot redundancies. In early May the media suggested upwards of 400 to go, now talking more like 300 or so as Risky says. There's a company 'red line' of 550 to remain, whatever that means. I don't know if the figures add up.

Apparently all 787 and A350 pilots will be kept on, so the compulsories are all from the other fleets. You then have to be a certified good boy or girl to be allowed into the holding pool.

The surprise July shortage seems to be because too many 787 and A350 pilots have been furloughed. One wonders if the same will apply to August ?

Really sad, isn't it ?
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Old 26th Jun 2020, 20:19
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the whole thing has been an absolute disgrace to the loyalty of the pilots , I understand that the prime objective was to save the company .
But I’m sure they could have used less aggressive tactics , they have also expressed that the T&Cs will not change when the good times return ! They even wanted no union reps in future negotiations!!
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Old 28th Jun 2020, 12:53
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Looks like crunch time is coming for the deal to keep Virgin Atlantic flying.

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Old 8th Jul 2020, 22:57
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Virgin Atlantic still short of pilots ?

Having c***ed up their numbers so they had to ask pilots to give up their leave in July in order to fly the committed program, it must have been an unsuccessful appeal because apparently Virgin Atlantic are now asking pilots to volunteer to work on their days off because they are still short. Or perhaps the problem has shifted to August.

While they have pilots sitting at home and are short on the line, they still seem determined to unload some 300 to 400 pilots - or only keep 550 - whatever this week's crystal balls-up says.

If they're that short, a pilot recruitment advert in the back of Flight Global might attract some takers.

Any news on the crowd-funding appeal mentioned in Count von A's link above ?

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Old 9th Jul 2020, 15:22
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Old 9th Jul 2020, 18:06
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Have VS got rid of any A350/B787 Pilots?
If so was the leave allocation a mess left with what was approved pre CV19
I understand the bid for crews to offer up leave came from day to day Crewing - was this the norm pre CV19 times e.g. open time trips
Did all the decked 787's due to RR problems all of a sudden get engines and a load of flying
I can't fathom the c**ked up the numbers - in general terms each aircraft is x crews per aeroplane. Even with my dodgy maths I could work it out.
Unless they dipped below the required establishment out of fear. TBH can't see many crews going on holiday I might be wrong.

No easy answer just crap times
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Old 10th Jul 2020, 10:15
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Chatting to a mate of mine it seems what lordflasheart says is what is happening. Apparently there are pilots with over 15 years of loyal service being made redundant. It is ironic as these are from the 747 and 330 fleets who have been the crews working hardest the last few years with the 787 engine issues. They are now being discriminated against by being on the wrong fleets although I admit Virgin has to put it’s survival first. Also I wondered why Virgin did not consider the airbus mod to remove economy seats from the 350 and 330 and install freight pallets on the floor for easy loading and effective restraint. I gather this almost doubles the freight capacity.
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Old 10th Jul 2020, 12:19
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Not a lot of high value freight goes through a passenger door .A fully loaded passenger aircraft with cabin freight might just break even.
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Old 10th Jul 2020, 19:43
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AirCanada is operating several now and evidently doing well enough to ask and receive CTA permissions to increase the number of countries they can provide "all cargo" service to.
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Old 13th Jul 2020, 18:32
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It would appear that a deal has been put together, with great number of moving parts (if this article is accurate).

Very best to all at VS.
We are all very much still in the woods with worse to come.
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Old 14th Jul 2020, 14:59
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FT confirming the deal today:

"Shai Weiss, chief executive, told the Financial Times shortly after the deal was signed off on Tuesday that the rescue plan was a “major achievement” that most people “probably thought . . . impossible”. “We’re planning for forever,” said Mr Weiss in his first interview after agreeing the deal. “This is not a plan for another plan . . . our job has been to take a very severe look into 2021 specifically. We funded the plan for the worst case rather than best case as you would expect us to do.” The rescue package will inject about 1.2bn into the airline over the next 18 months, with 200m of cash from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and 170m of debt funding from US hedge fund Davidson Kempner Capital Management. It will also include 400m of fee deferrals from shareholders, Virgin Group and Delta Air Lines, which owns 49 per cent, as well as agreements with credit card companies to unlock cash and a cost-saving programme that will involve 3,550 job cuts"
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Old 14th Jul 2020, 16:53
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Aussieizborn....The 747 guys were flying less than the other fleets so your info is flawed, sorry.
Also edited to add, I think CABUS beneath me means flawed not floored?

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