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Dream Land 10th Jan 2008 05:25

Same monthly income, I believe the only differences are in the first few weeks, initial hotel stay, pay during training.

varigflier 10th Jan 2008 11:42

Which one pays for hotel and training?

Dream Land 10th Jan 2008 12:35

Please check Rishworth and Parc websites, this stuff changes by the minute, they are very short of crews.

jumpdrive 10th Jan 2008 12:52

i dont know why always such a mistery to give details of something
where piltos here comon!!!! geez!
help each other
thats why these damn brokers & airlines are doing what they want with us
we never stick together

here's rishworth package



both are 6 weeks ON 2 weeks OFF
they will only pay the sim for screening
you will have to pay for evry' thing else, pay back its on 1st salary
if you are not on a vietnam airlines destination
they pay 50% of the tkt to get to one to go for the sim

there is no transport provided for work
only when outside base for overnite

a good appartment is $1,000
a good house $,1500

i dont know PARC's package .........if you have it, post it.......
its not on theyre current job list

happy ldg's

varigflier 10th Jan 2008 15:36


I agree with you........

Anyways, are these numbers for captain or F/O position? Do you know anything about the upgrade possibilities for F/Os? I appreciate the info.

jumpdrive 10th Jan 2008 15:56

this is for capt.
have no idea for f/o, sorry

hopefully someone else will pop out & help U with that info

Dream Land 10th Jan 2008 19:15

i dont know why always such a mistery to give details of something
The mystery is this, the contracts are constantly changing, pilots hired one year after me are on a different contract, people hired three years after me are on another contract, it's a very dynamic situation, getting on the boards and passing out outdated information serves no purpose- especially when and individual can simply make a couple keystrokes and get the information first hand, my intention is not to tell you which contract is better, I recommend that anyone interested in working here, do your homework, there's only two contractors so it's not difficult. I will do my best to answer any other questions based on my perspective, my recommendation is you correspond with several pilots.

Cheers, D.L.

jumpdrive 10th Jan 2008 21:47

it seems that no one wants to help the other
'cause its a few keystrokes, or not his job

ill have parc's package maybe tomorrow

c ya

Metro man 10th Jan 2008 23:11

F/O Rishworth

Total US$7800 month net of Vietnamese taxes. Made up of :
Base $5100
Accomodation $1500
Per Diem $1200

Upgrades now possible.
Hope this helps

varigflier 11th Jan 2008 01:41

So does anybody know how the upgrade works?

LindbergB767 11th Jan 2008 02:56

upgrade are a nice carrot
So far 4 guys have been upgraded since 3 years
But it is not free
On 777 it was $26000 Us without salary while on the ground school and Sim plus a bank garrantee of$30000 The 26000 was deducted every month for about 18 months
Airbus 320??? but I think similar

Dream Land 11th Jan 2008 02:58

Please don't treat this as the gospel truth, the last upgrade deal was something like this:

1. The individual obtains a training bond for three years for $30K.

2. Training pay during training.

3. After training is completed, you receive captain pay less payments each month for three years, total 24K.

4. Due to abuse by other pilots, the bond stays at the 30K level the entire time.

olepilot 11th Jan 2008 07:10

10600usd for capts
in my opinion parc pay better for the training time and also better medical
also some other (minor) diffs that work in favor for parc.
but take this, except 10600, for what it is:
I'm parc and this is my personal views
rumour has it that they will upgrade again in the 2nd quarter this year and pay is going up

jumpdrive 11th Jan 2008 12:36

A320 f/o with ....................parc

$6,300 + $1,500 housing

one more thing
they do give the airline ticket @ start & end of contract
rishworth DOES NOT

same work pattern 6x2
same ID tickets benefits
Parc provides Personal Accident / Emergency Insurance
also BUPA Gold.
TotalTemporary Disablement & Loss of Licence
rishworth NO sir

Deske1 11th Jan 2008 20:11

VN direct hire?
There are direct-entry pilot vacancies on the website of VN for Capt and F/Os for B777,A320,A330 and ATR.


Is anyone familiar with the T and Cs?

jumpdrive 11th Jan 2008 20:34

any one has an idea ; of how much the agencies are getting on our behalf
basicaly by doing nothing!


any one has a clue?

varigflier 12th Jan 2008 18:18

upgrades and housing
So how does one get picked for the upgrade? Or is it a matter of just getting the bank garantee?
Also for housing, the prices listed above, is it for furnished or unfurnished apartment and houses? Is it easy to find a roommate?

Lost in Saigon 12th Jan 2008 18:53

Most homes are furnished and it is very easy to find roommates. You are probably better off to stay in a "Mini Hotel" ($400-500 per month) until you can figure out where you want to live.

Some like staying near the airport. Others like downtown or even farther out.

cucch69 16th Jan 2008 03:04

6 and 2
I am a Fractional pilot in the U.S. toying with the idea of getting some Airbus time and going back to SE Asia.

I dont know much about these contracts, but I am curious how you work 6 weeks in a row...

If anyone could give me an idea about how the schedule works I would greatly appreciate it.

good luck, Thanks

olepilot 16th Jan 2008 04:33

During the 6 weeks you work acc. the FOM which governs days off, max duty period time, flight hours. etc.

Dream Land 16th Jan 2008 08:51

A normal week has one or two days OFF(recently), so assuming five days of work:

Day 2. SGN-PNH-VTE-HAN Layover in Hanoi (5 star hotel)
Day 6. OFF
Day 7. OFF

Generally all day flights, home at night.

cucch69 16th Jan 2008 13:46

Wow.. That doesnt sound too bad at all. I work a 7on 7off here in the states and its pretty good.
Just weighing out my options...I met my wife in PNH and we would eventually like to get back there. Just not sure I could dodge the "when we havin kids" anymore, Then we wouldn't have the option of moving to the other side of the world.

Thanks for the insight

Lost in Saigon 17th Jan 2008 01:26


You generally need a minimum of 500 hours on type and current within the last 6 months to get a contract.

Dream Land 18th Jan 2008 04:05

Not exactly aware of the specifics but I have heard that any time in an A320 is now being considered, previous requirements waved. :eek:

raklameen 18th Jan 2008 06:11

help please
Hi Friend,
can u plz help me with the HR contact nos at VNAC please? The one published on the website seems to be unwell. Are they also converting pilots ( the A320 guys) on to the B777s?
Would be obliged if u could help me. Thanks a ton. Happy Flying:ok:

Dream Land 18th Jan 2008 06:42

Hi Friend,
can u plz help me with the HR contact nos at VNAC please? The one published on the website seems to be unwell. Are they also converting pilots ( the A320 guys) on to the B777s?
Would be obliged if u could help me. Thanks a ton. Happy Flying
Hello there, as I print this message there are only two agencies that you would want to work for on this contract. 1. Rishworth Aviation and 2. PARC Aviation, you can not work directly for Vietnam Airlines.

Good luck, D.L.

raklameen 18th Jan 2008 06:51

hi again
Hi D.L
thanks a ton for the reply. But can you please help me regarding the upgrade to a B777? Have a lot of experience on the a320/21 fleet.
Thanks again & sorry to work u up:)

Dream Land 18th Jan 2008 07:05

Not trying to be smart BUT, the two contractors are aware of any current information regarding your question, also, if it's not in writing, it's just BS anyway (and it never will be). The system Chief Pilot has indicated in meetings that upgrading to another fleet is possible, my guess is that a person would have to work a while in the fleet you have experience in, then, based on fitness reports and Vietnam Airlines' need for crews (along with a bunch-o-money), you'd be able to upgrade. Also, I don't think they are short captains on the 777, as it is, captains are operating in the left and right seats. :yuk:

ia1166 19th Jan 2008 00:53

The pay is always slightly better with Parc. Bupa is also better and cheaper to add any dependants i believe. You also get a very good group accident insurance for free which will cost you 140 a month from RAL. If you want o upgrade your insurance with RAL to BUPA it will cost 1800 a year. So the benefit is around 300 a month. PARC also offer a good LOL and Illness insurance at good rates which RAL do not. Also if you get in hot water here don't expect any help from RAL where the last few incidents here with PARC pilots, they have been admirably defended by PARC, while the RAL guys have been less well so. Also RAL will cut sepearate deals with everybody so there are lots of different deals with RAL guys. Some actually get more money, or bupa, where PARC is all the same.

The last upgrade package was this: 30K bond held by the contract company, a letter of guarantee from your bank will suffice if you own property. You are unpaid during training but you can offset this by using your rotation. You must pay 25K but you can offset this with your salary which meant guys working on FO salary for about 1 year after their line check, then full command salary. It's not a perfect world but in my view this isn't a bad deal and 4 guys took it. All very happy. The guys that didn't are still here in the RHS so go figure.

Life is ok here which is why you don't see people here on pprune whinging on like you do in other areas. Roster disruption is a big problem but manageable. More money would be good as the rising costs here are hurting people. Very short of fos which is no doubt holding up any upgrades.

And i've never heard of a expat fleet change apart from atr to airbus and that took a lot of "negotiating (money)" and is a non starter for us mere mortals. (767 to 777 excepted of course)

raklameen 19th Jan 2008 05:09

Wide Body
Hi D.L.
would u be in a position to tell me of any airline in asia/s.e.asia looking for non type rated (experienced) A320 pilots?:ugh:
Any idea as to when the SQ induction for the A330-300s would commence?
Somehow i love the SQ group:)
Thanks a lot for your information:D

Dream Land 19th Jan 2008 05:22

SQ group
No, not aware of any Airbus operator in SE Asia that accepts non-type rated pilots (yet). Vietnam Airlines now is lowering requirements but you must be type rated and current. As far as SQ, wouldn't Tiger be a good starting point?

raklameen 19th Jan 2008 05:30

Well D.L , there comes a time when we all need a break from the current fleet , especially after spending a decade on it.
Tiger would be an extension of my current rating. No offence meant to this fantastic airline.
Any idea if EY would be coming out with an MFF policy( A320 to A330 or A320 to the A340)? or any1 ready to train on the 777s?

TWN PPL 19th Jan 2008 06:44

I once was trying for the 777 two years ago. Had a meeting with the Director of training Capt. Nguyen Thai Trung. Don't know if he is still at that position. I had the same dilemma. Having flown Airbus and Boeing. With current 8,000 command on the 744. Even with his support, I still could not pass that 500hrs on type rule. Would have relished working and living in Ho Chi Minh City. Nice place to be.

TheFlyingDJ 16th Feb 2008 23:49

Sim 1, Auto pilot off the entire session, minor failures and a variety of approaches.
Sim 2, Normal automation, Double HYD failure, Double ADR failure, Double FCU failure.
Does anyone know if these items are still on the sim checks held in saigon or singapore? Maybe more items to show skills?
I've read the earlier posts but just wondering if things might have changed.

Requirement lowering is still pending at caav afaik.

I-Fly-River 17th Feb 2008 22:31

Fo A330
Hello guys,
saw the A330 posting for F/O on VN website. 6 on/2 off as per others. may I ask how is life for the A330 guys? and how much can we expect to get for F/O A330? thanks in advance. big help as considering move from current airline at the moment and weighing the options. thanks :O:O

angelgabriel 18th Feb 2008 10:49

hi guys,am due to join vietnam soon,has any1 out there got any info on the rumoured pay increase for the 320 fleet ?

Khaosai 18th Feb 2008 19:02


looks like some DEC slots on the B777 possibly coming up.


Anonymus6 18th Feb 2008 20:07

hi there,

sorry to change the subject a bit, but from a reliable source I have heard that Vietnam Airlines are very short on crew, I have also heard they are taking non type rated guys to train them and sign a bond with them. Any truth in these?

I belive they are receiving couple of A320 this year.

best regards

TheFlyingDJ 18th Feb 2008 20:16

If that is true, I suppose they are locals, bcz expats even with a type need caav approval (currently pending).

If they are really short on crew, then it's just a matter of time that they are hiring expats low timers (good for a few fellow ppruners too!)

captain_toga 20th Feb 2008 10:48

Does Vietnam upgrade expats on the 777? If so what kind of hours do they require and how long do you think you would have to wait in the company for the opportunity?

Will they continue to take expats for the foreseeable future?


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