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VNA Lotus 28th Nov 2007 16:52

F/O low timer
hello everyone,

I am doing my CPL/IR course, I will be a low timer, my father is Vietnamese, unfornatunlely I do not speak vietnamese (:ugh:) and I do not have vietnamese nationality( french nationality) I am trying to get the double nationality, but it is very very difficult.... Any chance for F/O position ??


Lost in Saigon 28th Nov 2007 17:04

No, you need to have experience on type to get a job as a foreigner in Vietnam.

That means a type rating and at least 500 hours on type. They currently pay foreigners about $8,000 USD per month for 320 FO.

Vietnamese nationals get paid much less. Your best bet is to get some experince before you go to Vietnam.

VNA Lotus 28th Nov 2007 17:18

Event if I was paid 1500$ I would go... you can live very well with that.
Ok...that's a shame. :uhoh:

Lost in Saigon 28th Nov 2007 17:26

I agree, even a foreigner can live reasonably well on as little as $1000 per month in Vietnam.

In that case, try and get your dual citizenship, learn some Vietnamese and head off to Vietnam. It could be a good way for you to get experience. Their pilot cadets generally start out as ATR-72 FO's.

They might be happy to have you. But just a warning.... Working for Vietnam Airlines is a VERY prestigious, highly sought after job, for any Vietnamese National.

Rumours are that you need to bribe someone, pay a fee, or have family members high up in the Communist Party in order to get a job as a pilot or Flight Attendant.

tknapp 29th Nov 2007 01:22

Looking for a buddy of mine knew him from Las vegas, Randy is a check airman I believe over there. Anybody have his email they could PM me.

Dream Land 29th Nov 2007 06:19

tknapp, check your pm's.

Lost in Saigon 29th Nov 2007 11:56

Is this Randy ?

tknapp 29th Nov 2007 14:53

Thats Randy! Always with a beer.

Lost in Saigon 29th Nov 2007 14:56

I don't have his email address. Were you able to get it from "Dream Land"?

Bus Junkie 29th Nov 2007 18:22

Oh yes, that is Randy. Where are his twins?

Dream Land 30th Nov 2007 02:02

One of the mass emails. :)

LindbergB767 30th Nov 2007 06:10

To VNA Lotus
No you d ont live well anymore in Vietnam with 1000 or 1500 US a month you only survive
Like everywhere everything increased
In Vietnam you can not have dual Nationalities

NG ExPat 30th Nov 2007 18:00

Vietnam 737 Jobs
Is anyone over there hiring 737 Pilots? I just got screwed over in India, and am looking for something.

Dream Land 30th Nov 2007 18:59

Pacific Airlines, sorry, don't have any details about requirements for DEC's their website only talks about the cadet programme, partly owned by Jet*? Sorry I couldn't give more info.

LindbergB767 1st Dec 2007 05:24

Hey NG Pacific is not paying very good and since Qantas is involve now they are planning to phase out the 737 and replace them by A 320
You should look for a contract in Japan where the conditions are a lot better
Yes the course is long in Japan but you are fully paid while doing it (6 months)
Contact Parc

Dream Land 1st Dec 2007 15:22

New vacancies?
Many new captain slots may become available in Vietnam soon, management has thought up a brilliant idea for all captains to get checked out in the R/H seat to help combat the mass exodus of FO's recently (small bus fleet). :ugh: Also a letter from the fleet manager indicates that all FO's are frozen in their position for at least one year. Think twice before coming this way...

sam34 2nd Dec 2007 18:27

Vietnam it's a great Country...people are very friendly.

dougmeister 3rd Dec 2007 14:21

tknapp, don't know if you've managed to locate your friend Randy or not. There maybe some confusion about Randy's in Vietnam Airlines. You were looking for a "check airman". The Randy in the picture is an OLP.
Vietnam Airlines seems to only select European TRE/TRIs. Hope this helps:ok:

NVpilot 5th Dec 2007 09:15

Doug, please read post 49. Hope this helps. :ok:

varigflier 11th Dec 2007 01:36

places to stay in SGN
I am thinking of taking a little trip to Saigon and check out the scene. Any suggestions on where to stay?

Thanks in advance.

Dream Land 11th Dec 2007 08:03

Not sure of what type of accommodations you prefer but in the center of town, what is called District 1 is your best bet, close to everything, tour buses originate from this area, to all points. No safety issues, all parts of the city are very safe.

varigflier 11th Dec 2007 17:41

Thanks. I'll start from there. If anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know.


YankeeGolf 28th Dec 2007 07:25

Vietnam Air Newbie
Very interested in the Parc Contract for Vietnam A320 operations. Anyone in the airline now that I can email to gage the happiness index there? thanks fellow pilots!:ok:

Dream Land 28th Dec 2007 10:39

Money is a bit low considering the inflation that affects expats, living conditions much better than India and the 6/2 schedule is good.

YankeeGolf 28th Dec 2007 12:08

VN questions
Hi Dream Land.
Thanks for the info. How much in terms of rent and living expenses should one single guy be expecting to part with every month in HCMC? (safe comfortable condo, occasional beers, and getting around with taxi, can eat local food, etc) .

working conditions, fellow pilots, local and expat pilot integration?

command potential for FO contract?

jumpdrive 30th Dec 2007 18:54

any info on apartments for rent web sites in the city

Dream Land 31st Dec 2007 09:59

A couple items in the expat paper today, email: [email protected] and www.chaocom.com.

jumpdrive 1st Jan 2008 15:49

is it possible for an expat to buy a propperty over there
is it easy, has someone done it
instead of paying rent for a long period of time

Dream Land 2nd Jan 2008 00:18

Yes it is possible to purchase condominiums, purchasing land can be accomplished with a bit of red tape or Vietnamese wife.

John001 7th Jan 2008 13:30

A320 F/o
Dream Land;

please check your PM's



Metro man 7th Jan 2008 22:24

They seem to be getting a bit desperate, Rishworth email stated they are in the process of finalising terms for pilots not meeting usual requirements of 1500/jet 500/type for FO. Basically if you have an A320 rating they will look at you.

varigflier 8th Jan 2008 01:40

I got that same email twice already. All I did was ask for some information and now I keep on getting their emails every week. Do you guys think they will raise the pay again??

jumpdrive 8th Jan 2008 17:22

theyre having lots of discussions as we chat
they dont seem to reach an agreement
with the ATR pilot's and "extras" are diff from the ATR fleet & Airbus fleet
like per diem & accomodation
in ATR allowance is $1,000 , in 320 is $1,500
simply not fair for the ATR skipper's ,you'll live in the same city
regardless of type............its stupid
so ATR pilots are realy upset & mad about it
also they wanna change the per diem fix
from $1,000 to $1,200
lets see what they come up this week
c ya

Lost in Saigon 9th Jan 2008 03:27

It doesn't matter how the individual salary, housing, or per diem expenses are divided up. Each contractor does it differently.

All that matters is what the total is.

yankiejack 9th Jan 2008 23:00

Total salary per month???
Could some one in the know please advise what is the total net salary being offered by the 2 agencies.

Thanx for the info. Have a great day.


jumpdrive 10th Jan 2008 01:18

which one is the other agency appart from rishworth

varigflier 10th Jan 2008 01:19

Parc, Rishworth and I believe there is one more but I can't remember the name.

jumpdrive 10th Jan 2008 01:20

could it be EPA ?

Dream Land 10th Jan 2008 04:12

Could some one in the know please advise what is the total net salary being offered by the 2 agencies.
Which fleet are you needing information on? You can just click on the Rishworth Aviation banner on PPRuNe to see details of the offer.

yankiejack 10th Jan 2008 05:21

Hi Dream Land,

The A320 fleet.

Will check their website. Is the pay pretty much the same across the agencies???

Website really doesnt mention the pay scale !!!!!



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