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stardustcologne 25th Aug 2008 17:43

@ Cornelio,

just try these agencies like Parc Aviation or Rishworth, they hire for Vietnam Airlines - at least pilots' jobs. They have a site for maintenance crew as well, maybe they have any job for you.
But you can also try any other of those agencies, I guess all or at least most of them support maintenance crews as well. You will have to register there, but don't hesitate to get in contact with them via E-Mail or phone and ask what you want to know.
Good luck!

olepilot 25th Aug 2008 17:51

UALSIC, you can apply to both Rish and Parc.
I was, at the same day, told by Rishworth that I didn't have enough hours and by PARC that I was welcome to screening.

UALSIC 26th Aug 2008 04:05

Much appreciated Ole :ok:

flamingmoe 26th Aug 2008 23:34

With 8000hrs TT, 4000hrs 737NG, 700 command NG, and a 777 type rating, would it be possible to go on the Boeing as a captain? Or would it have to be F/O?

Lost in Saigon 26th Aug 2008 23:57

Originally Posted by flamingmoe (Post 4353032)
With 8000hrs TT, 4000hrs 737NG, 700 command NG, and a 777 type rating, would it be possible to go on the Boeing as a captain? Or would it have to be F/O?

Sorry, Unless you have a current 777 rating AND at least 500 hours recent 777 time, you are not employable at Vietnam Airlines. Not as a Captain, and not even as a First Officer.

stardustcologne 27th Aug 2008 00:02

If you ask for 777:
My last information is that they require at least 1000 hrs on type for a F/O position on B777 (a few months ago via Parc).
But maybe you should just ask them and just try. I made the experience: when they don't find enough who fit in the requirements, they will go below requirements, but it was a lot of years ago. Just try it. Apply.

stardustcologne 28th Aug 2008 00:23

Hey, after complaining here I suddenly got mail. Maybe I should have complained earlier... ;)

But please, was it like this in past as well: I have to pay for my travel to screening in advance (ticket, hotel, I don't know, everything) and I will get money back only after positive screening?? That's strange... and expensive. Ooookaaaay.

Does VAC give any documents about tax payment over there? I will need it here. Anyway it was not so sure for me after reading the standard contract version if tax is already paid with the salary or not. I asked the agency again, I will see what they say. Before I was sure payment would be after tax. Now I am not.

Lost in Saigon 28th Aug 2008 00:31

Your pay is free of any Vietnam Taxes. It is all paid by Vietnam Airlines. Depending on your circumstances, some other countries might want a piece of it, but it is up to you to figure that part out.

Dream Land 28th Aug 2008 04:28

In the past, tickets to interviews were paid by the contractor in advance.

stardustcologne 28th Aug 2008 07:43

Thanks a lot for answer!
I misunderstood the wording in the contract. Yes, tickets within VAC network are free (except ticket tax as far as I understood). So it will just be the accomodation over there where screening takes place. And this will be paid back by agency after successful check.
Ok, so this salary will be the value with which I can count, there won't be any xx% subtracted. That's nice to hear.
I will have to find out how to keep peace with my home tax system.

But step by step. First I will have to pass screening, then the next step. Thanks for answer!

mach 84 28th Aug 2008 10:58

best to avoid the tax man in your home country is to deregister there and register with your embassy in vietnam as an expat. doing this for the last 6 years and it works.

Lost in Saigon 28th Aug 2008 12:23

Each country has it's own rules, so it's best to get advice from an expert.

Jimmy Do Little 30th Aug 2008 06:32

Does VAC give any documents about tax payment over there? I will need it here. Anyway it was not so sure for me after reading the standard contract version if tax is already paid with the salary or not. I asked the agency again, I will see what they say. Before I was sure payment would be after tax. Now I am not.

VAC will provide a document stating that Tax Obligations in Vietnam have been satisfied (I’ve received them in the past). Several countries have “bi-lateral” tax treaties with Vietnam, therefore a PORTION of whatever taxes levied against you by your home country would be off-set, subject to the information which follows:

Firstly, a word about Tax Treaties

Tax treaties set out clear ground rules that govern tax matters relating to trade and investment between the two countries. A tax treaty is intended to mesh the tax systems of the two countries so that there is little potential for dispute regarding the amount of tax that should be paid to each country. The goal is to ensure that taxpayers do not end up caught in the middle between two governments, each of which claims taxing jurisdiction over the same income. A treaty with clear rules addressing the most likely areas of disagreement minimizes the time the two governments (and taxpayers) spend in resolving individual disputes.

One of the primary functions of tax treaties is to provide certainty to taxpayers regarding the threshold question with respect to international taxation: whether a taxpayer’s cross-border activities will subject it to taxation by two or more countries. Tax treaties answer this question by establishing the minimum level of economic activity that must be engaged in within a country by a resident of the other country before the first country may tax any resulting business profits; wages; salaries; allowances; etc. In general terms, tax treaties provide that if the branch operations in a foreign country have sufficient substance and continuity, the country where those activities occur will have primary (but not exclusive) jurisdiction to tax. In other cases, where the operations in the foreign country are relatively minor,(i.e; salaried workers) the home country retains the sole jurisdiction to tax its residents.

Personal income tax (From Ministry of Finance of Vietnam)
Effective April 21, 2008

Personal Income Tax

There are currently four categories of taxpayers in Vietnam:
• Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam,
• Vietnamese citizens working, or on business trips, outside of Vietnam,
• Individuals who do not have Vietnamese citizenship but reside in Vietnam indefinitely, and
• Foreigners working in Vietnam including those who do not live in Vietnam but have income which is sourced in Vietnam.

Foreigners are deemed to be resident for tax purposes if they reside in Vietnam for an aggregate of 183 days or more within 12 consecutive months since their arrival in Vietnam, although this may be substantially changed by tax treaties.

Resident foreigners are subject to progressive tax rates; those who are not resident are liable to a single 25% tax on income earned in Vietnam if they spend between 30 days and 182 days in Vietnam.

Only foreigners who spend fewer than 30 days in Vietnam are exempt from income tax.

Taxable Income

Incomes which are subject to personal income tax include the following:

Regular income in the form of: salaries, wages, allowances and bonuses; income derived from scientific or technical services, technology transfer, licensing of rights to use inventions or trademarks, IT services, consultancy or training services or agency services; income from royalties; broking commissions; and other income not included in salaries or wages derived from business production or provision of services which is not subject to corporate income tax.

Irregular income derived from technology transfer and lottery winnings.

Non-Taxable Income

Non-taxable income includes:
• Traveling allowances;
• Allowances for toxicity and danger;
• Allowances for positions, allowances for responsibility with respect to officials and State employees;
• Regional allowances, incentive allowances and special allowances for work in offshore islands and border areas which have extremely harsh living conditions;
• Allowances for seniority with respect to the armed forces, customs, and cipher;
• Special allowances for certain industries and trades as stipulated by law;
• Allowances for officials who carried out revolutionary activities prior to 1945;
• Other allowances from the State Budget;
• Allowances for business trips;
• Fixed meal allowances for certain special industries and trades in accordance with regimes stipulated by the State;
• Social benefits for those entitled to social security and other benefits from the State Budget;
• Insurance compensation payments in respect of personal and property insurance policies;
• Retrenchment payments in accordance with regimes stipulated by the State;
• Allowances for relocation of production establishments, including one-off allowances for transferring to another region;
• Monetary prizes for technical innovations and inventions, international awards, and national awards organized by the State of Vietnam;
• Monetary prizes accompanying titles bestowed by the State, such as professor, people's teacher, workers' hero, and hero of the people's armed forces and other titles bestowed by the State; awards or other benefits from the State Budget;
• Money paid into social insurance or health insurance from salaries and wages of workers;
• Profits of the owner of a private business which is subject to corporate income tax.

Temporary Exemption

Interest income received from bank deposits and bank savings, profits from purchases of term bonds, ordinary bonds and Government bonds, income from investment in securities, and the difference on purchase and sale of securities are temporarily exempted from income tax.

Progressive Rates - Regular Income

For Vietnamese citizens and other individuals residing in Vietnam:

Level Average monthly per capita income (unit: 1,000 VND) Rate (%)
1 to 5,000 0
2 over 5,000 up to 15,000 10
3 over 15,000 up to 25,000 20
4 over 25,000 up to 40,000 30
5 over 40,000 40

For foreign residents in Vietnam and Vietnamese citizens working or on business trips overseas:

Level Average monthly per capita income (unit: 1,000 VND) Rate (%)
1 to 8,000 0
2 over 8,000 up to 20,000 10
3 over 20,000 up to 50,000 20
4 over 50,000 up to 80,000 30
5 over 80,000 40

For foreigners who are not residents of Vietnam, the flat tax rate is 25% of the total taxable income.

Contractually, your taxes obligations are clearly stated in the following clauses:

The Contractor undertakes and accepts responsibility to discharge promptly all Income Tax, National and Social Security and all other tax obligations arising in any jurisdiction (With the exception of Vietnam) in connection with his earnings hereunder and shall Keep (Name of Agency) fully indemnified in this respect.

Vietnam Airlines has warranted to (Name of Agency) that all tax obligations in connection with the contractors earnings hereunder imposed by the Vietnamese Government shall be borne in full by Vietnam Airlines.

There are some interesting things to note with regards to the Taxes.

• The following statement is of great interest; "...foreigners working in Vietnam including those who do not live in Vietnam but have income which is sourced in Vietnam…”
  1. This statement would indicate that since your salary comes from monies that are paid to your agency, by Vietnam Airlines, that those monies could be considered as “Sourced” from Vietnam.
    1. Another argument could be, that your salary is paid BY YOUR agency, thus it could be considered as sourced elsewhere.
    2. What’s the answer? Honestly, I don’t know.
  2. It’s also interesting to note, that your “…salary and ALLOWANCES…” are considered taxable in Vietnam.
    1. In many countries, “Allowances” are not taxed, therefore the 25% obligation in Vietnam, would seem to go further in many other countries:
I.e.: An example from my home countries tax system – (Tax Treaty with Vietnam.)
• Vietnam Salary and Allowances = $96,000 (25% = $24,000)
• Home country calculation - salary only - $60,000 = (35% = $21,000)
• Result = I pay no additional taxes in my home country.(has worked this way for the past several years)


What does appear absolute is that your salary in Vietnam is taxed, and that rate is 25%. Furthermore, Vietnam Airlines has a contractual obligation to pay that tax on your behalf.

Therefore, if your country has a “Tax Treaty” with Vietnam, you should be able to consider 25% of your home countries tax obligation as “Fulfilled”. With the additional costs associated with working outside of your home country, it’s likely that these costs would reduce your taxable income to below the 25% threshold of your home country.

Some good advice is - as “Lost in Saigon” indicated - check with a Certified Tax Accountant or an Attorney in your home country.

wakarandi 3rd Sep 2008 07:38

how much cost the "economy ticket" for the days off
Hi! I just received the contract and I am considering work in Vietnam. My question is this; Does the contract pays the ticket to go home and comeback to vietnam on the "off" days? I received on the contract that we should have "return economy ticket", and I was trying to clarified more the term "economy" and Rshwrth told me that the ticket is free, on Vietnam Airlines network. ¿any body has more information about it?
Thank you!!

olepilot 3rd Sep 2008 11:30

yes you get a free return ticket on VN network.
economy, but uprade to business if seats available

youwantmetodowhat 3rd Sep 2008 15:02

BTW everyone/anyone thinking of going to Vietnam it seems that the 4/4; 5/3 contracts on offer for pilots joining or already there is just not available any more. Is this true? I have also heard that the roster nightmares are true on the Bus. They are 3 A/C short of crews on the 320/1 fleet and there was an incident a week ago that can really only been put down to a basic error caused by the experienced Captain being exhausted due to flying too much. Surely they (management) need to/will learn from this...time will tell. But hey it may be only a rumour....

jumpdrive 3rd Sep 2008 15:15

dont worry pal' youll always go 1st class
no matter if its holidays or just going to hanoi for your medical
ive never seen it full on international flights
always half or empty, domestic maybe on the 320
but on the widebodies, no problem

MyShout 3rd Sep 2008 17:29

ia1166 and dreamland...did you guys kiss and make up or something (like one of you has left it sounded pretty bad, the rostering that is). What happened that was getting really interesting or has the rostering got sorted out....:D

confirm-finals? 4th Sep 2008 10:24

Does anyone have any information on a330 sim check? Similar to a320?

Dream Land 5th Sep 2008 18:34

Pilots for VNA don't really have a choice, the pilot base is in Hochiminh City, the hot spots include Phu My Hung (Dist 7), an all new area with close proximity to Intl. schools, a French hospital and lots of restaurants, also close to Dist 1, another hot spot is An Phu(Dist 2 & 9) which has a lot of new housing and also close to schools. Most families are in those two main locations.

In Hanoi I have a friend in the luxury Villas at Hanoi Ciputra, a very impressive village near West Lake, security guards on all main corners throughout the village and strategically located between Hanoi and the airport.

Good luck, D.L.

Rabbit 1 6th Sep 2008 03:44

This is a handy site for apartments or houses in SGN. There's probably one for HAN as well but unsure of any link. I've not delt with the mob below but it offers prices and pictures which gives you some idea of what to expect.


EK Snorkel 8th Sep 2008 15:00

A330 contract roster pattern 4/4
Risworth is advertising in Flight for A330 FO positions offering different roster patterns.

Has anyone experience with the 4/4 roster pattern? Or 6/2 and 5/3 for that matter....How well does it actually work?

Thanks in advance


youwantmetodowhat 9th Sep 2008 08:42

read my post above.....

fviloria 9th Sep 2008 10:50

Can anyone please tell me if the traveling allowance is included in the salary? :bored: If its not, how much does it average? What about hotels at layovers? Room for each? Perdiem? Thanks.

Lost in Saigon 9th Sep 2008 11:38

There is no travel allowance. You get a VNA ticket in your mail slot.

Hotels are generally very nice (4 star, 5 star) individual rooms

No perdiems on layovers. Each contract or contractor is different, but part of your salary is called perdiems, and that covers every day of your contract.

EXAMPLE from 2 old contracts of mine:

Euro Pacific Remuneration:

Salary: US$4,500 per month
Per Diem: US$750 per month
Accommodation Allowance: US$750 per month

Total Package: US$6,000 per month
pro-rata, Vietnam tax free

Please note: The above package includes basic salary, per diems.


6 SALARY & PER DIEM USD 5,000 per month pro rata
7 ROSTER PATTERN Vietnam Airlines operate a roster pattern of six weeks on duty followed by two weeks off duty with a return economy ticket provided on Vietnam Airlines network (upgrade to business class on a space available basis)
8 ACCOMMODATION Parc shall provide an Accommodation Allowance of USD 1,000 per month to each First Officer to arrange accommodation at base accommodation at layover stations other than base.Vietnam Airlines shall provide hotel accommodation at layover stations other than base.

EK Snorkel 9th Sep 2008 17:55

Just received terms and conditions from a contractor.

6/2 5/3 and 4/4 are available for A330 FOs.

Ongoing until at least 2013. :ok:

cris95123 13th Sep 2008 09:04

air ticket with vietnam airlines
i applied for this company one month ago
for the screening already you have to pay your hotel, your pick up, if you success the two first weeks they pay you only 50 $ by day during your ground course, while in hanoi , you have to pay your apartment and to manage your pick up, indian contracts are better for that
But the more funny with this company is when i went to airport to take my flight to go to bangkok via hanoi on vietnam airlines,they send to me "free" ticket, in fact while i was in boarding room they called me to request from me to pay 323€ for my ticket despite i explained that i was going for an interview , then 646€ for two ways, plus accommodation and fees around 300€,
1000€ the screening,

Lost in Saigon 13th Sep 2008 15:18

Originally Posted by cris95123 (Post 4392596)
i applied for this company one month ago[/B]

That doesn't sound like Vietnam Airlines.

jumpdrive 13th Sep 2008 15:18

they have everything wirtten
its no surprise to one that reads that 1st
or if you ask a lot anyone
i knew it before to my sim ride
i knew that i had to pay the hotel
and i got it back in less than 24 hours
for the free ticket man
i think someone screw you up BIG time
no one pays nothing on the network of the airline
if you have to move yourself to a VNA departing station
they only pay you back 50% up to 1000 bucks

and to be honest with you
i was 4 years in india
this is a trillion times better place to work than "%$? india

if i were you i would ask the agency that sent you to the screening the real numbers

MD83FO 14th Sep 2008 12:56

I'm an A320 FO at Qatar Airways open ended contract.
I am curious about the 4/4 scheme just so i can sort of live back home in southamerica.
I appreciate any input or word of advice..

Lost in Saigon 14th Sep 2008 13:15

I am not sure of the numbers for 320 FO, but here are some some numbers for 320 Captain:

Option A 6/2 USD10,800.

Option B 5/3 USD9,033

Option C 4/4 USD7,270

varigflier 14th Sep 2008 15:03

Here are the numbers for A320 F/O:

Option A:
6 weeks ON duty, 2 weeks OFF duty
$8,000 per month
Option B:
5 weeks ON duty, 3 weeks OFF duty
$6,667 per month
Option C:
4 weeks ON duty, 4 weeks OFF duty
$5,333 per month

youwantmetodowhat 15th Sep 2008 05:58

Yes they (PARC and Rishworth) are still offering different rostered time off. BUT. At the moment there is a line a mile long of pilots trying to get it and they (including guys who have been there for years) have been told that at the moment that it is not available due to administative constraints. When you think about it they are short on numbers and then they offer this to try to attract people, everyone comes, and then the new guys and the guys already there want to spend less time there. Its not going to work.

By the way "Lost" in your post regarding your past contract. You actually do pay tax but all tax obligations are borne in full by Vietnam Airlines. Please be careful when saying that the place is tax free. Its not.

Good luck guys who want to go. Its a great place but it has it's limitations..cya

Lost in Saigon 15th Sep 2008 12:04

Originally Posted by youwantmetodowhat (Post 4396435)
By the way "Lost" in your post regarding your past contract. You actually do pay tax but all tax obligations are borne in full by Vietnam Airlines. Please be careful when saying that the place is tax free. Its not.

I didn't say it was tax free. All I did was include a part of the contract sent to me by Euro Pacific.

Euro Pacific are the ones who call it tax free. And I would agree with that term because it is tax free to the person who reads the terms and conditions.

Vietnam Airlines may pay the tax, but it is totally invisible to the contract pilot. Vietnam Airlines sends money to the contractor who then deposits a nice big amount of US dollars every month to the bank of your choice. Most pilots I know have it deposited to a "tax free" off shore account to further make it "TAX FREE" from any other country wanting their share.

mach 84 15th Sep 2008 17:42

changed my contract from 9/3 to 5/3 in june and had no problems at all.

Khaosai 17th Sep 2008 14:40


got the latest B777 contract a few days ago.

It states that you will likely commence your contract with the standard roster pattern of 6 weeks on duty, 2 weeks off duty.

There is the opportunity to change roster patterns to 5 weeks on, 3 weeks off, or 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, but those will be subject to approval by Vietnam Airlines.

Salaries for the above are approx: 13200 USD, 11000 USD and 8800 USD.

No schooling, no provident/pension fund and no loss of licence provided as far as i can see. I reckon that would be approx 4000 USD gone on those alone.

Add to that some form of medical/dental care for the family, along with housing in Vietnam, then thats another 2500 USD approx.

Disposable income is better here in EK, but i would imagine life in Vietnam would far exceed life here in Dubai, which gets more frustrating by the day. I guess it always comes down to some sort of compromise !.

I have some leave in Oct, so might pop over for a look around.


youwantmetodowhat 18th Sep 2008 02:56

Hey guys I am just passing on what I have heard. Thats all. Maybe everyone is getting it, thats great. Good luck, but dont say I didn't warn you. Maybe someone else there might be able to throw some light on the subject of the various weekly patterns for the 320 fleet.

long-gonner 18th Sep 2008 23:24

Hey guys. Just looking for information on what VN looks for with A320 type rated pilots. Are they accepting guys with the "circle vmc only restriction"? Also, is there a network of local pilots there in SGN for setting up shared apartments and anything like social network, or does everyone just go their own separate way at the end of a roster/trip/ID?

Thanks for any info!

ClimbSequence 19th Sep 2008 18:59

Can anyone share information about the salary for an ATR Capt please????

evyjet 20th Sep 2008 06:36

For the 777 Captain contract, does anyone know if the accommodation whilst in Vietnam is supplied, or is that out of your own pocket?

What is life on the line like? Local F/Os ok to fly with??

5 on 3 off sounds like a good deal to me! Is Rishworth the only contractor for them?

Thanx, Evy

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