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A320 Rating

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Can someone give leads for building hours in any country....I can handle to ground operations also along with it..!!
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You buy a rating or buy a rating + hours you waste your money for sure.

Job market completely over crowed, every job that gets listed HR are inundated with applications so much so that the good guys are failing to get noticed because the pile of resume is just too long...

You will chase this dream & spend all your money, but one day approx 2-3 years on you will realize your never going to make money & it is infact a hobby. When you reach this point you will be releavied to get out of aviation....

I've recently done it myself, 4,500 hrs 650 PIC jet time and boy it feels incredible to know I'm not competing in this silly little game any longer.

It took up 15 years of my life, I was lucky enough to be flying during some good times but company went bust & I was left to find another job mid 2013, I can tell you that in this day & age it just ain't worth, the garbage man makes more than us.....
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Not knowing SOPS and memory items isn't the fault of the TRTO. That would be the fault of your airlines training dept. if they don't know these things they shouldn't be flying the line.

I know more than a couple of guys who did ratings at Pan Am and all are now Capts. It didn't seem to hold them back.
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Pilotchute, I stand corrected with what I said about unrecognized , yes it is recognized .

Now let me emphasize on how this is purely the fault of the type rating organization ! They let things slip too easy , I've seen simple flows not being followed because the type rating instructor said " let's start on the runway , cockpit prep not important "

Memory items ? Unreliable airspeed isn't on the syllabus in many if these places , not even a demo!

Very little raw data flying , I'll give you this , pan am makes you do a circling as this is required for an faa checkride but that's about it !

Your friends who are captains were probably bright or probably work for operators that didn't care! But I am by the book , I want people to be trained as the manufacturer prescribes by quality instructors !

I take it you are not currently flying on the line , once you get there which I am sure you will , you'll understand what I am talking about !
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I will see when I get to "fly the line". Us 200 hour guys just need to keep plugging away!
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I have no idea where you are getting that kind of information from. I trained at Pan Am and none of that happened.

Start on the runway? What? We started from cold and dark unless the instructor is satisfied with the cockpit preparations.

If flows are not done to standards by session 2, you cannot progress to full flight sim, so I don't know where your getting that idea from.

Memory items are checked on both the oral and on the checkride (mine was changed a bit from rapid depressurization to cargo fire) and circling approach is drilled to death over and over both to me, and my partner, and I did two circlings on my checkride. So maybe whoever you are getting the information from could have gotten a bad apple from Pan Am.

And that bit about getting more sim that from Airbus again not true, my friend went to airbus and he got 4 hours less than I did with Pan Am, and that's Toulouse.

Granted Pan Am's management is atrocious but its instructor (the one that I know) more than make up for it. Anyone going to Pan Am I strongly recommend Santiago Ferro, ex 747 SIA capt, now he'll train you to standards and beyond
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