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Vietnam Airlines

Old 15th Mar 2015, 17:31
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Hi guys.

How is the situation for the ATR PIC?? is there any real chance to get upgrade to A320? or this is just propaganda from the brokers??

I have seen a couple of very bad things with VNA, if you resign before 3 years of contract you have to pay, and when I ask the brokers they talk so good and making things look so easy, the housing, the commuting, good salary..

But after reading here im not sure if VNA is a good choice.

Thank you guys for any answer
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Old 16th Mar 2015, 03:43
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It sounds like a way to tempt you into joining. Does it mention a Guaranteed time frame to upgrade in writing? ask the agency to show you a draft contract, I doubt they will.
Reading all the other Post's it looks like they are having problem's to get or keep staff.
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Old 16th Mar 2015, 05:21
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Mig54 answer..

Trying to be as objective as possible.

To be fair to VNA they do offer a transition to bigger aircraft and they do offer a route from RHS to LHS, whilst not always a seemingly transparent process. You will pay for it$$, not just training costs, but no salary during training and reduced salary for a year and a bond..but not many contract airlines offer any sort of movement, so it could be seen as a plus..

Now for ATR Capts, Mig54 realize you are at the bottom of the list (though that doesn't stop some) if you are just joining, you will wait your turn..
Among the ATR guys who have gone up (320/321)a few have been successful and a few have failed, which results in a LOT of lost money and either an offer of 320 RHS (with additional costs for more training) or return to ATR (again with recurrency training costs to get back on the ATR) and no salary during this whole process 2-4 months.
Are you a young guy or an older guy, the older guys seemed to have had problems previously, whilst they might be experienced, the younger guys pick up the strict adherence to SOP and required Briefings a bit quicker, which seems to be a yardstick for how good a pilot you are, not your crosswind landing ability...
So if you come, come for the ATR job and assess where you fit in the scheme of things, VNA as I said to their credit do offer pathways to other A/C and seats, but those pathways for some are smooth and without incident whilst for others they are a costly, rocky path that leads right back where you started...
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I don't think any airline, can show you a contract with a guaranteed time to upgrade/transition (I do know Sichuan airlines offer 330 transition after 3000hrs on 320 in their contract, but with stipulations). There are so many variables in that equation, from Individual performance, airlines performance and continued expansion, political emphasis on localization of cockpit crew, feedback from simulator/Insructors/Crew Rostering, your ability to afford the upgrade etc..
As I mentioned to Mig54, they do offer upgrades; transitions apart from a couple that left the 320 & came back on the 330, not so much, after taking 10 guys from the 320 maybe 4yrs ago(?) maybe only 2 expats has transitioned since. Some are hoping that the arrival of 350/787 will change that, but your probably going to need deep pockets, for that privilege..
ATR not sure of the numbers but don't think so many in last 3 years.
Mostly upgrades for 320/330 expat FOs to LHS 320.
So agencies are not lying if they say it is possible, it is...but?
Square- you can't blame the agencies for sugar coating things a bit, their business model is to make commission off of the backs of the contract pilots, not to scare us away.. It is up to each pilot to do there own due diligence..
That they have a bit of a retention problem, despite the cheap beer and friendly women, regardless of what is said good or bad on this forum, should help in the due diligence.
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Old 16th Mar 2015, 06:30
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Totally agree with you Dihedral 1 re agencies and contract's. Anyway I don't work for VNA so thanks for your feedback.
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Vietnam Airlines A330

Hello Gents,

I wonder when Vietnam Airlines will start recruiting again for A330 Captains? I heard from my agency they are on hold for now, not sure how long or what that really means.

I wouldn't plan on a A320 to A330 CCQ upgrading over at Sichuan Airlines , they used to put it in the old A320 contracts but they didn't really ever follow through with it. There are all new contracts at Sichuan now and as far as I know, there is no more mention of transitioning from A320/A330.

The raised the pay on A320 to about top in China and made great commuting contracts as well. The kept everything the same on the A330 with only full time , no part time to make it unattractive to those currently on the A320.

I hope the A330 Captain slots start looking up out there, maybe after the A350's start being delivered, who knows.

Happy trails..!

On Final
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New transport procedures in place.( And upgrades)

As everybody expected its a big cluster

First day of new transport, crew had an accident with their taxi.
60 minutes of traveling back from airport to city. (New record btw!!!) dropping every crew off in between.
One way trip to airport around 200000 dong.
One way trip to 919 from Sheraton around 110000 dong.

Probably more stories to come, keep everyone updated.

If you want to work here for free, at least take a loss of license insurance, you might need it one day.

Ohhhh One thing regarding upgrades, it is still the oldest trick in aviation. (Funny enough.) The problem most pilots have is they want to fly big planes, and airlines know this. So to keep the pilots, they advertise with upgrades etc etc. yes, a few times they upgrade people. This is to let the others believe they get upgraded soon, but unfortunately there is no guarantee. As probably 90 percent in the expat flying community they stay on the same type and seat. So upgrade from left to right or from small to big is still an unique situation. Preference goes to upgrade locals first, which I think is a normal situation Anywhere on the planet. But why go to big? The only promotion in aviation, as I see it, is from the right seat to the left. The rest is a bonus. The most important thing in life is the quality of it!! Not the quantity (eg bigger max take off weight). ATR pilots fly around 65 hours a month, A321 fleet around 90 hours. For a bit more money. I m guessing 2000 dollars??? Maybe less not sure? So what do you want? Fly your off or fly less and have a better quality of life. You decide.
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Old 16th Mar 2015, 14:25
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On final

Last post for awhile..
But why would you want a 330 position at VNA. They have 9x330, their IPO prospectus (dated Nov 2014 and updated with a local press release last week) says all will be gone within 2 years, as the 14 replacement and growth 350s arrive..they will intermix the 330 flying with the 19x787 that arrive and they will keep 4x777...
So you would be looking at having to pay for an expensive transition(if offered), no salary during training, bond etc within 2 years..
They will get 5x787 and 4x350 this year so already by the end on 2015 50% of their current widebody fleet 9x777 & 9x330 will be replaced..
Perhaps that is why they have suspended 330 hiring while they figure out the most commercially and operationally feasible plan to crew these aircraft..
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so it is the same as a few years ago when they phased out the 767. at this time some of the guys where nervous to loose their job and offered to pay for their 777 rating. VNA took the offer and everyone had to pay from this day on - on any fleet. there are plans to convert the 4 remaining 777's to freighters. the good ones with the GE 94's are going back to the lessors, only the crap ones (owned by VNA) with PW 4090 engines are going to stay, they are not near as efficient as the GE-powerd ones. originally they were PW 4084 and later upgraded to PW 4090
as there is some financial pressure on VNA at the moment (viet-jet is taking a lot of their domestic and international business - even offering flights to korea now) VNA is happy for every cent they can get. they will sell seats in the 787 and 350 cockpits for $$$. for sure they will have enough applicants as both types are new and quite attractive to have in the license. after your bond is expired the world is open to you - so why not to invest in your future.
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Vietnam Airlines A330

Hello Diheidral,

I am looking for a better schedule so I can spend more time in USA. Vietnam Airlines was offering the schedule I was looking for evening though the money is low. I also heard it was a good place to work where you could do your job with a little peace of mind.

I am a little tired after 7 years in China, tired of the medical, tired of the air, and need a less than full time contract and option to work till 65 if I want to. Not to mention the crazy Chinese style all black cockpit check rides..haha. I have to stop the F/O from reading all the status or we can't finish the ride..ha

I can hang out in China for a while just looking around for better lifestyle thats all. I was going to go to Hainan Airlines but just couldn't get the warm and fuzzy to make the move.

I will be watching to see what shakes loose in the next 6 months, hopefully something workable.

Thanks for input, Happy Trails..!

On Final
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Old 18th Oct 2015, 06:40
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Great thread guys
Very useful and instructive
Safe flights
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Old 21st Oct 2015, 00:53
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Anyone in VNA like to share info re A330 interview, tech exam and sim ride assessment please.

PM if you prefer, thanks in advance

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Ok guys, I see they are now advertising for airbus 320 or 330 captains, for a future transition on the A350 in 2016... To be honest this sounds very good (as long as you are not expected to pay for the rating...). Is anyone going/gone?
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Originally Posted by bringbackthe80s View Post
Ok guys, I see they are now advertising for airbus 320 or 330 captains, for a future transition on the A350 in 2016... To be honest this sounds very good (as long as you are not expected to pay for the rating...). Is anyone going/gone?
Interestingly, only Rishworth is offering this... It is neither in the job description of Parc or DPI. I don't work for VNA anymore, but I still have a few friends there. This transition is the snake oil to lure you into signing with Rishworthless.

Yes, there were some upgrades from 320 to 330, but for guys who have been there for ages (around 10 years). This is more like a reward for staying there than something which should be in the job description.

This tells you, which agency you should choose. Rishworthless has nothing to loose by making empty promises...
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Talking of Rishworthless they are advertising recruiting Road Shows for VNA.
Getting Desperate?
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VNA screening

Hi all,

Any info regarding tech test, sim screening for A330 would be kindly appreciated.

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Old 25th Nov 2015, 12:48
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Any takers for info on the VNA sim and interview process?

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