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Vietnam Airlines

Old 17th May 2014, 13:06
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Vietnam Airlines


I was trying to find some informations about Vietnam Airlines but I was unable to find any recent posts. All that I have found are posts old 1,5 or 2 years.

I am especially interested in PARC contract. I contacted them and they gave me some informations but I would like to know few more things from inside if possible.

Is the salary fixed or does it change depending on some circumstances? And is it same when on duty and when off duty?

Are there some target block hours per month?

Thank you for your answers
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Old 17th May 2014, 16:45
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Your pay is fixed, it includes accommodation, transportation and per diem allowance.

There are no fixed hours and there are no overtime fees. When I worked there I was flying average of 90 hours per month and the pay was fixed.

Hope this helps.

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Old 17th May 2014, 21:11
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The hours flown are actually less of an issue than the constant changes to your roster. The expats are always subject to being plugged into flights that the locals don't want to do. This includes for major emergencies such as beer call and pick up volleyball games.

Because of the high expat turnover, the company has made noises about improving the situation. We shall see.
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Old 18th May 2014, 09:05
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Thanks for answers!

And what about transportation, do people take taxis?

@the grove: are you still working there?
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Old 19th May 2014, 08:02
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Which contract is better? Direct Personnel or Rishworth? Pros/cons?
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I just finished with Direct Personnel. They were very nice during the contract duration, they did not disappear when I had any questions. The money came on time, and I found out after an operation, that my insurance paid this. :-)

I did not get my final salary yet, but it is only due at the end of the month.

DPI is a lot smaller than Parc or Rishworth, but I think, they are a lot more personal. All contracts pay the same, the holidays are the same.

Based on my experience with DPI, I could recommend them.

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Old 20th May 2014, 03:18
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When DPI first arrived on scene, they were encouraged by VNA management to cut all the benefits that Parc and RAL were providing, like paid health insurance and equal pay.

If you get anything out of this thread, it's that the contract is NOT necessarily the same at all three contract agencies, at least it has never been that way in the past.

My advice is to actually make contact with some pilots if possible, you will then get the big picture, check things like:

1. Health Insurance coverages, paid by the agency or the pilot?

2. Training pay, what activates getting off training pay, when you are cleared to the line, or is it a fixed time period?

3. They started some crap where you only get 90% pay the first year! is that still going on?

4. What about training bonds, supplied by the agency, or pilot?

5. Tax paid salary, is it in the contract?

6. Does 100% of your salary (on the contract) end up in your account! or do they charge you huge fees every month for wire transfers?

7. Does the agency have a representative in Vietnam that you can call?

I recommend that you do your homework, all agencies are not the same!
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Indeed I saw the contract terms for Storm Mcginley and they are not the
same as what others have quoted
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I don't work for Vietnam Airlines, but I live in Ho Chi Minh City, and can answer your question about taxis.

Yes, almost all expats take taxis, and they are the safest form of transport available, as most people are on scooters. Taxis are cheap. From the airport to downtown will cost about 120000 dong, less than $6 USD

You can also take xe om, a scooter taxi. These can be fun, but I recommend getting to know the guy first, pick an older gentleman as they ride slower and more carefully, and not to use any xe om by the airport as they are overpriced.

You should also look into VietJet. It's a private company and I hear the pay is much better. They are also growing at a faster rate than Vietnam Airlines, fly A320s and employ lots of E. European pilots.
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Old 25th May 2014, 06:00
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Is it true the 500 hr requirement for Capt's been waived. I heard some 321 capt got 330 with no time on 330.
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Old 9th Jun 2014, 02:21
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Any info for the 330. I'll be transitioning soon from the 320 to the 330 and would like to know any info regarding routes, overnights, monthly hours, etc etc.

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Old 15th Jun 2014, 18:56
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  • Months1-7 of paid Service US$7,103 is payable.
  • Months8-12 of paid Service the rate of US$9,690 is payable.
  • Months13-36 of paid Service the rate of US$10,800is payable.

This is for DEC 320 I was just sent by DP.What happened at VNA their pay use to be much better.A previous post said apt. provided, not on the terms I was sent.I know Vietnam is cheap place to live but for a carrier that size that pay is pretty low.
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Old 3rd Jul 2014, 14:15
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Roti all I know is I was told certain ex VNA not Local crew got DEC back on 330 with possibly no hrs on type just rated on 330 over 321 current VNA guys.
Not sure if that's now the norm as a lot leaving VNA must be making this sort of thing easier.
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You are quite correct, the salary in not competitive. But it gets worse, due to a shortage of crew, you can expect 85-100hrs per month, but the salary quoted provides for no over time. The master contract is supposed to be for 80hrs but when you work 100hrs, you get nothing additional. With orders of 350s & 787s starting to arrive in early 2015, you can expect more local crew transitioning to the wide bodies exacerbating the narrow bus crew shortage = more flying beyond 80hrs for free.
Oh and contrary to ideas that Vietnam is cheap (something's are!), prices are moving up and with the current salary having remained constant for approx 7yrs, factoring in inflation it's very basic. If you have kids, you can forget about. Schooling on avg will run you USD $15K per child per year. Also expect your landlord to hit you with an annual 10% increase in rent.
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What about this 9000USD Security bond for new DEC I am told about.
Its recovered over the first 3 paychecks apparently but correct me if I got that wrong.
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Thumbs down Vietnam Airlines, STAY AWAY !!!

Hi guys,

Stay away from VNA ! They suddenly decided to change the pick policy for expats pilots, was free at Sheraton, all expats living around there, and only 25 mins straight to the airport; now the pilots'll have to pay their own transportation to VNA headquarters (919) in the middle of no where in Hanoi, around 20-25 mins trip, wait there then take the crew bus to the airport...again 25 mins ! That means you have to leave your home around 2h30 before the flight, add 1h after the flight, time included in the rest time !

So double time to go to the airport, personal cost around 300-500 US$,so more duty time, less money, less rest at home, flying more as many pilots left, life getting expensive...No salary increase since many years.

Vietjet is an option for A320 pilots...better salary, more days off, and free pick up !
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Can you confirm what flyhighfast has said..ouch

To flyhighfast

Been like that ever since in SGN, so "same, same but different", guys can live close to 919 Hanoi like some do in SGN, if they want...Ok don't all attack at once. Guys were warned. They, VNA imposed a pay cut for 6 months in 2009 or 2010.
All said, the local guys used to have to do what you are suggesting will now be required for expats... Agree the arbitrary nature if/when enacted is annoying. But other than Emirates, not sure this is commonplace perk and there was certainly never a crew bus at the Sheraton D1 HCMC..

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It is true that there is no transportation in SGN but in SGN you have many, many more choices regarding accomodation and not to mention that everything is cheaper in SGN. Also, try to find a taxi in HAN at 4am or after midnight. Almost impossible.
And regarding salary in Vietjet, it s not true. You have to fly at least around 90 hours to get same salary as in VNA and don't forget that you receive only base pay when you are off duty for two weeks. Also, you have to pay for your ticket back home.
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still see the VNA crew bus coming to the sheraton, most of VNA ex-pats are living around the sheraton. It would not make any sense to go to 919 at hanoi as the crew bus is passing by the sheraton on the way to the airport. some guys are picked up in front of the sofitel which is also on the way - this applies for cabin crew too.
will investigate and keep you updated.
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Thanks Mach84

Appreciate the updates!!


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