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Eva Air, Taiwan

Old 11th Oct 2014, 05:27
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Eva Air

I guess it hasn't changed much. Rishworth is recruiting for them. Did anyone attend the screening recently? This one gives info abt all the EVA aircrafts in the air !

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Old 20th Oct 2014, 07:34
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Guys, Eva vs China AL. What you would take? A330 fleet for both.

Thanx for advise!
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Old 21st Oct 2014, 04:19
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I have over 8000 hours with times on B757,B737/800 and MD11.However, I don't have a degree. What are my realistic chances to get an interview? Appreciate your input.
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Old 21st Nov 2014, 13:35
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Can you please help me with the profiles and all the information about the B747 Simulator Evaluation and Written Test.

I appreciate.
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Old 11th Dec 2014, 12:40
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Question EVA Air Type Rated Bond?

Hi all,

Just wondering does anyone have any details about any training bond for Type Rated guys employed directly by Eva Air, not via an agency? I've seen 60,000 usd mentioned here but I think that was for non rated pilots.

Thanks in advance
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 20:27
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Anyone have any hiring projections about EVA for 2015? Window is closed on theyre website.

Currently 4000+TT, 2000 jet on RJs and domestic narrow body MD-80 here in the US, 4 year degree, etc etc
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Old 29th Jan 2015, 05:50
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Hi, they are hiring through the agencies. Check DirectPersonnel :-)
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Old 30th Jan 2015, 02:36
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Thanks! though I was bummed to see they're only taking typed applicants...
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Old 12th Mar 2015, 04:31
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Do they only offer Taipei as base for the 744/777 FOs or is LHR or FRA also possible (like it is with Cathay/Cathay Cargo)
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Old 12th Mar 2015, 04:38
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Are bases within Europe available for the 744/777 FOs? So far I only read about basing in Taipei.
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Old 17th Mar 2015, 14:17
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Don't know if it's changed in the few years since I was there but back then the only basings(reverse rostering) available was in Anchorage or L.A. There were no bases in Europe.
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Old 30th Mar 2015, 23:55
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Any chance to get there with ATR hours and 2000 hours total time?
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Old 3rd Apr 2015, 03:52
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No. No chance at ALL
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Old 10th Apr 2015, 17:54
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Update on EVA

Can anybody share recent experiences on the recruiting process at Eva…Sim (747), Knowledge test, HR etc etc etc.

Thank you in advance.
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Old 2nd May 2015, 17:05
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I'd say really high. They are looking for 2000TT and NTR...

I think that based on experience, the offer either the bus or the queen....
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Old 7th May 2015, 16:34
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Yes U can apply to join Uni Air ( EVA subsidiary) on their ATR fleet. But then again its shitty salary for a whole deal of stress on the SHITTY EVA AIR
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Old 7th May 2015, 18:48
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how about 3500 hrs TT, 850 hrs FO jet, the rest is PIC single engine turboprop.

any chance ?
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Old 16th May 2015, 22:28
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As usual you will get negative chirps from " people" like tech crew.
EVA is expanding quite rapidly and is looking for pilots, big time.
They are NOW primarily using Richsworth for the initial screening and then going forward with the shortlist.
Accommodation allowance is given to married guys if they wish to bring their families. Else you stay, on the premises, in a bachelor type flat, free.
The whole building is under renovation and is not too bad.
You will join a seniority system of sorts and if you renew the contract you will join the full list. (I speak under correction). There have been many upgrades in the last two years from ALL the expats who qualified.
The company is efficient operationally in comparison to ANY in the world.
Especially compared to mainland China.
This might surprise you at first.
However, remember it is an "expat" job you are going to do.
Good luck.
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Old 17th May 2015, 03:33
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So Circe 1, how long had the expats who have been upgraded in the past two years been working at EVA prior?
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Old 17th May 2015, 20:15
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Between 4years and upwards dependent on what experience they had when joining.
Most upgrades have been on the ATR, A321, A330 and even the MD 90.
Those who upgraded on the 744 have at least 8000 hours and are usually current on type and have extensive background experience.
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