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Eva Air, Taiwan

Old 4th Feb 2013, 08:58
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I applied about 3 weeks ago, sent the package in via post like the ad requested.

I tried following up today with a phone call and it was all but impossible to get any answers, heck I don;t even really know if they understood what I seeking.

I have 7000 hours, 4200PIC, 1800 Jet with command time on CRJ900 & 200, plus LR35, right seat in B737 and A300.

Can anyone shed some light for me? Should I expect a call or invite for an interview? How should I follow up with them? Or what is the best method to follow up with?

I know a lot of people have posted some good info here, but if anyone with experience at Eva could shed some light to my questions I sure would be grateful!

Thanks Gang
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Old 24th Feb 2013, 22:47
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Are Eva actively recruiting at the moment?

Are rostered days off fixed after roster publication or can the company suddenly move your days off and make you work on days that you originally had off?

Presumably over the next couple of years all the remaining pax/combi 747s will be converted to freighters? Does the 747 do a mixture of short and long sectors? I gather that you spend more time in Taipei if you are on the A330. Any examples of typical rosters for either fleet?

Is there no more recruiting on to the MD11 or could you be told you will be on the A330 and then when you get there be put on the MD? (Not the most useful type-rating to have nowadays)

Does anyone know any websites that give airline routes with aircraft types for each route? Trying to get a feel for what sort of places the A330 and 747 fly to.

I haven't applied but am considering it, although not sure if they are currently calling anyone to their selection process.
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Old 25th Feb 2013, 05:51
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once u get the roster for the next month, its pretty much set in stone.

I think they are down to 3 MD11 now.

330 is mostly regional asia, with Brisbane and Vienna to. 747 schedule is mostly freighters, some pax runs around asia to.
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As previously said EVA flies their A330 all around Asia. With Australia and Vienna as only long distance destinations.

The 747 are also doing mostly asian flights now. Seattle still sees them. But rare to see them on other long distance runs now.

AFAIK, two of the 4 747 combi already sold off and the other two are following soon. The full passenger ones may be converted to freighters or sold off but will for sure be withdrawn in the next few years.

Websites you said:

who flies where and what types:

All airlines flying from Taiwan Taoyuan, Taipei to Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta.

Since Taiwan is its base, focus on Taiwan and you can see what EVA flies and to where: - Live flight tracker!
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Thanks for the replies.

I forgot to ask do you get the choice of a commuting or non-commuting roster on whichever fleet you are on? i.e. a block of 8 days off every month if you want to commute (which obviously isn't that much time at home if you commute). How many days off in total do you usually get per month - so in addition to the 8 day block, how many other days off can you expect per month? Just enough to make the roster legal I would guess?

If you don't commute would you get roughly the same total number of days off but in blocks of roughly 2 or 3 days?

Is it hard to get holiday when you request it?

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Old 7th Jun 2013, 09:59
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EVA AIR recruitment

I applied then they have asked me to send 5 years employment records with airlines official letters and stamps. Is it a common procedure in Taiwan please ?
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Old 5th Sep 2013, 04:25
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Hi, there!

Can someone tell me T&C of Eva - 777?

Is it possible to commute?

I tried to find out but the one I found is too old .. was from 2006.

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Yes, very common for them to demand a "intensive" paper trail now. They've had cases of people turning up with "inflated" resumes and bogus or doubtful previous experiences. Ain't just EVA doing it, most of Asia has been pulling up her socks lately.
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Old 6th Sep 2013, 03:43
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Inflated resumes, parker penned hours and dodgy history

Very very common amongst the adventurers coming to Asia today. Went to a roadshow, was told by recruitment guys that they are very very wary of blokes who went to Chinese outfits like Jade Cargo with extremely dodgy credentials and then did runners after getting the much covetted B744 P1 rating!

Was told by some contracting agencies that over 60% of the expat blokes in KAL who came after 2005 had very very doubtful embellished history. I guess the genuine folks now have to suffer very meticulous scrutiny, no thanks to those scums.
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Can't be as big a problem as people with a license issued in India. Nobody wants to take a risk with the amount of fakes going around. The corruption goes from flying schools all the way to the top.
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Even Lion Air stopped taking Indian licences due to forgery.
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Yes, heard the horror stories of Indian licenses, one being of 2 pilots applying for a job with logbooks saying they both flew the same aircraft to the same aerodrome at the same time, stories galore from that part of the world.
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Old 11th Dec 2013, 23:24
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Eva screening

Does anyone have some info about Eva screening?
Atpl questions/sim profile/interview?
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 19:30
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EVA F/O recruitment

Hi all,

I see the position of F/O A321/330/747 is still open on the careers page, does anyone know if EVA are actively recruiting, and if so on to which fleet? Is the roster commutable to Europe?

Thanks in advance, Nomad.
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My contribution to this thread:

Their "pilot application form" is painfully poorly constructed. Is this maybe the first test? If you can handle our .doc format - you have the skills. Welcome on board son.
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Cool EVA

Eva is still recruiting.
A/C type rating is not required but handy for the selection process.
A/C types you will get onto are the 744, A332/3.
Starting salary around the US$6k mark.
You pay Taiwan tax which nets out at around 14%.
You pay National health which is very reasonable and very good.
You get a smallish bachelor pad which is in a building on the premises,it's called the pilots dorm.
You pay nothing for utilities, rent, or cable TV plus internet which is top class is also free.. The rooms are serviced around once in 10 days.
Laundry machines and dryers are on each floor (14), they are free.
There is a 7/11 on the site all simulators are on site and all transport to the airport etc. is supplied.Swimming pool and gym.
Possibility for promotion for F/O's is as good as any regular airline. However it must be understood that a locals seniority starts from the first day he does a ground school as a newborn.
So if you join on the same day as his first ground school then you will be the same seniority throughout your career here.Your hours will count until he catches up.
Upgrades are on the following fleets at present.
ATR72 around 3 years. A321 around 4/5 years. and the rest 6 years and up. The Japanese expats have in some cases been upgraded in in less than 3 years on the ATR fleet.
T and C's... US$3 per hour away from base. Guaranteed flying hours 75 and Overtime paid after this.
Days off you can choose between Block days off 8 per month or normal days off. You will not be penalized either way. Annual leave 22 days. Annual sick leave 28 days no penalties.
If you move your family to Taiwan you will receive rental allowance dependent on your needs.
Eva has hired around 150 expat F/Os over the last 18 months or so! Plus all the local F/Os are coming online on a regular basis.
SNY (jump-seat) travel is allowed and travel perks are quite good, also ZED travel is used on a bunch of other airlines.
Everybody gets either a bicycle, scooter or old banger to get around. Busses to Taipei city are regular and cheap.
Hope this covers all the questions?
Have a nice day
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EVA interview

Does anyone have information about Eva screening?
tech questions and medical ?

Which color vision test used in Taiwan Medical checks?
Do they use standart Ishihara plates book or it's kind of device?

Thanks in advance.
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Do you know if they accept application with no experience on aircraft >20T ?
I have 3000TT, including 1200jet (falcon).
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G'day Guys,

Just wanted to clarify with those in the know, is the 4 year bond and pro-rata amount of A$60,000 only applicable to newbies on the 747 or is it different for A330 and 777?

I'm still a bit bemused from previous posts at the legalities of the Taiwanese licence and associated rating. How hard is it to get transferred onto a normal ICAO licence? If it couldn't be transferred, who of the major carriers won't accept this rating? There was a few mentioned before ie Norwegian etc but surely the likes of Emirates and Etihad still recognise the time even without the rating..


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Good Day fellow aviators,

Can anyone possibly post some up to date gen on the selection at eva? with specific reference to the sim being used, is it still the 74? the infamous technical quiz, has it been updated? what sort of questions do they ask and is it explanation related or multiple choice? and then the interview itself, I have heard conflicting stories of it only being hr related, and then some candidates don't get any hr but only technical? sounds like there are many completely different experiences being had during the selection process.

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