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Vietnam instead of Germany?

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Vietnam instead of Germany?

Old 22nd Nov 2011, 12:09
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Vietnam instead of Germany?

Okay everybody, here is my thread. This is probably a crazy idea, but always somehow in my mind.... Let me know what you think?
I am 28 yrs old and working for Germany's blue yellow flag carrier. Currently with an FO A320 rating and a chance to go on A340 anytime and B747 by spring 2012.
Earning very good money with great social benefits, retirement plan, medical insurance, and between 10 and 14 days off per month.
Overall definitely enjoying working conditions over here. I would say I have a bright future ahead of me with not too much to worry about it unless I get sick and that kinds of stuff....

However, I am married to a vietnamese woman and I love Vietnam. Everytime I am there i somehow envy those expat pilots working for Vietnam Airlines. I've figured out that working conditions over there dont seem to be as bad as in other Airlines and somehow, in the back of my mind, I always wanted to "try it out".... I guess it is a crazy idea but I still somehow want to know what you think about it. Here in Germany we have all we want and need but I wouldn't mind some "adventure". Although I will probably never end up really going for that plan maybe some of you can share their opinions about it...

There seem to be a lot of life experienced guys in here who might want to share their mind with a young guy.... Thanks in advance...

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Old 22nd Nov 2011, 13:29
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If you can take a period of extended unpaid leave, why not. I think once you have seen the standard of operation & actually lived/worked there a while you could end up grateful that it is unpaid leave & that the Blue/Yellow job is still avail.

Resign from Luftie to do it ? if you do you need professional help
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Old 22nd Nov 2011, 13:36
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Married to another SEAN sweet woman for years, kids, house, mother in law... evertyhing I have is here in SEA. The only thing that would prevent me for getting a job in the place where I live would be a part time flying job in Europe. Why don't you explore the 50% roster reductions that I am sure you have there in LH? At least from where I come from in Europe you have a reduced salary accordingly to your reduced roster but you keep your social benefits (pension, hospitals, etc...). Half salary in Germany IS a sick amount of money in this part of the world, and LH gives you plenty of ID90's and 50's to make your way home everymonth with your loved ones. I even commuted from Manchester for only 5 days a month and the salary was worth it.

If you are planning on kids, stability, etc... time zone swapping everymonth is a tiny price that after several years I would be delighted to pay to continue with the dream of living here. Don't waste the chance you hace with LH because it will not come back.

Chock dee na!
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Old 22nd Nov 2011, 20:53
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You should never quit your job at Lufthansa for an expat contract adventure.
You might ask for unpaid leave so you have the possibility to return to your company.
Maybe the option of working part time could apply in your case.
Whatever you do, don`t resign from a carrier like Lufthansa!
All the best...
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Old 22nd Nov 2011, 22:16
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Hey everybody... Thank you all for your answers... I guess it is kind of what I expected and also, to be honest, wanted to hear....
I asked for unpaid leave already about 1 1/2 years ago... However, the crisis was over and they didnt let me leave anymore... So of course I will stay. Maybe one day in the future the chance of unpaid vacation comes again and VNA is still looking... Who knows what the future brings...
Anways, thanks to you all...
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Old 23rd Nov 2011, 01:26
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Vietnam is a fun place to live, but you'd be crazy to leave Lufthansa for ANY job, let alone a contract agency job.
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Old 23rd Nov 2011, 02:58
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I agree you would be nuts to give up your number at Lufthansa. They won't give you a leave of absence? Negotiate harder. If they value you (this is a reflection of the service you have provided them), they will let you go.
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Old 23rd Nov 2011, 04:47
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I thought there was a psych test to get into Lufthansa ? You want to leave a secure career with a legacy airline in a first world country for a contract job in the third world

I've got friends in there and it's not THAT great. Working five or six multi sector days in a row and recovering on your day off causes the novelty to wear off quite quickly. Pay isn't fantastic, especially if you don't fancy sharing a house with two or three other pilots and want a nice apartment in a reasonable area.

If you plan on having children the school fees will amaze you unless you send them to a local school where they will learn to sing revolutionary songs.

Upgrade opportunity is by no means certain for an expat.

If you were single and unemployed/about to be laid off, then I'd say go for it. As you are, hang onto what you've got and spend your holidays there.
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Old 23rd Nov 2011, 11:30
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While I’m sure your marriage is rock solid, however statistics will prove that airline positions at carriers with the prestigious reputation that the blue and yellow has greater longevity than most marriages.

That said, as a number of posters advised, take unpaid LOA, if available, otherwise stay put, get your command, bid your lines for most time off.
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Old 23rd Nov 2011, 13:05
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Expat work is a great option for those of us that pinned our hopes in airlines that for one reason or another didn't turn out the way that it was expected, but not for a solid job that has longevity (whatever that means in aviation) stay put, you will see things very differently once you get to your late 30's early 40's
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Old 23rd Nov 2011, 13:34
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once you stay in vietnam for a longer time than your vacation, you will find out
that everyday life here is different, almost everyone is seeing you as a source
of income, you are overcharged for many things, sometimes things will get stolen and and and...
you might have a bit of an advantage, being married to a vietnamese who speaks the language, but this still is no insurance not to be cheated in many ways.
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Old 24th Nov 2011, 18:20
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Moving to, and working as a contractor in a Third-World country would be something to dabble in AFTER early retirement from a real job...or do you imagine that you would ever enjoy equal employment status just because you're married to a local?
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Old 25th Nov 2011, 01:45
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Have you gone mad sonny boy?

Mach84 is correct. The only thing your seen as is a source of income, you are overcharged for everything, fined for everything, and they will break your contract and reduce your salary anytime the VN Chiefs can't afford a new car and want your money. You stuff will always get stolen…from the flight deck mate. Engineers will scoff you phones, glasses, money, etc, and that's if you were fortunate enough that your stuff wasn't stolen by the company bus driver whilst you ran into the briefing office on the way to your airplane

If you're dumb enough to believe that you might have a bit of an advantage being married to a vietnamese who speaks the language,then you need your head examined matey.

Marrying one of those witches only gives them, and their family, a key to your bank account.

You have a good job in Deutsche Land, you stay there!
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Old 25th Nov 2011, 03:50
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The good point for you is to be married with a vietnamese girl, that will make a huge difference in your daily life in Vietnam....
BTW, as you're part of a major... keep your seat there and still enjoy visiting Vietnam a couple of days a year....it's to my point of view the best way to still loving it...
But at the end of the day, you're the only one knowing about your priorities...then...all the best....
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Old 25th Nov 2011, 18:59
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I left a brand new pair of Oakleys on the flight deck and got 'em back at the 919 three days later ...

Maybe they just stole your stuff Adrian because they thought you were a whinging, racist pr!ck
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Old 25th Nov 2011, 19:11
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Hey you all....
Thank you for your answers.... Some of you definitely helped to figure out a bit what to do in the future... Others had some tough words... ;-) Such as Mr Cronauer... :-)
I will stay here with Lufti for the future, but who knows, maybe one day when the house is paid off, and the children are out of house, who knows what the future brings....

Now, tophelios made a good point. Being married to a vietnamese might give me some advantages. Believe it or not, I have known my wife for 12 years and definitely know Vietnam quite well... I can imagine everything Mr Cronauer said is true from his point of you...
Anyways, to all of you being there right now, feeling like getting ripped off every day, I also would like to give you one advice... Try to learn Vietnamese. It will definitely make your life better there.... I mean, there are even places where you can learn it for free. So, try it out!

Greetings from Germany and a nice christmas time everyone...

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Old 25th Nov 2011, 23:41
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Xin chào Phi,

The big issue wouldn't be your off-duty life. It would be the time travel you would do going from LH to VN.
The way they look at safety, crm, maintenance, mel, operations, rostering, rules and reg, training, etc, etc, etc.
Trời ơi!
You would take a trip 40-50 years back in time.
If you wanna check it out, take leave of absence, and go there on a contract, otherwise sit tight!
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Old 26th Nov 2011, 06:08
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Here in Germany we have all we want and need but I wouldn't mind some "adventure".

Why dont you jump from a tall building with your hands tied up to make the activation of your parachute a bit more difficult? That's also adventurous!!!
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Old 28th Nov 2011, 05:53
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From purely a financial perspective you'd be betting the USD
over the Euro. Both currencies are in deep shit and set to get
deeper - but my money would be on the Euro sinking first. A
tough call but no one can be 100% accurate (VN I think still
pays in USD) If it was yuan or swiss francs it's be a different

Careerwise it'd be better to stay put where you are unless LH
goes tits up, and just visit Nam during time off. Never worked
for VN itself but I do know it aint all beer and skittles.
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Old 7th Dec 2011, 13:08
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Thumbs up Consider all factors

Hmmm, Tricky.

Cannot say I know VN that well - but I have worked there 6 times in the last year. I also used to work for a rather larger German company. So here is my two pennyworth.

Plusses - You only live once and life is not a rehearsal - so why not ?
Your Wife may really appreciate you making the effort to live in her Country if only for a while.
It would be a great experience, I live in MY and whilst the money is crap it is fun.

Hardly any VN speak English - I doubt very much if they speak Deutsch. How good is your Vietnamese ? If it is no good then you could find life a tad lonely in terms of non-family social life.
Money, Health Insurance etc. Yes not as good - but what do you want money for ? Usually to help provide for a good woman and live a fun life.
Everyone in South East Asia is out to rip off rich Westerners at every turn. But you get used to this and if you have any wits about you you can avoid the worst. (a VN wife/family will help)

My guess is that the Grass is always greener on the other side and that after two years you will want to change again. But why not ? ?

Just do whatever you can to keep your options open, extended leave, promise of new job in 48 months etc etc. As we say in Scotland - Don't Ask - Don't Get.

Go for it !
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