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Kidnappinig in Philippines

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Kidnappinig in Philippines

Old 29th Aug 2011, 17:36
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Kidnappinig in Philippines

For all of you considering Cebu Pac job or just flying into Philippines consider this...

On Thursday Aug.25 my 2.5 yrs old daughter and my sister in law were kidnapped at Manila airport (NAIA) as they were about to go on a flight to HKG to meet me as I was coming from ICN to HKG. After 4 days of nightmare and paying 50,000 USD ransom we got them free....You can not imagine what me and my wife went through in those days... so here is the reminder to all my fellow pilots about Philippines and as BBC calls it now "Kidnapping for ransom is so common here that the Philippines has often been described as the kidnapping capital of the world."...
Can not happen to you? Yeah...that's what I thought too...
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Old 30th Aug 2011, 03:32
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As a keen Philippines watcher, I followed news on the internet every day during that year when Martin and Gracia Burnham were held against their will. Gracia still says in her webpage that she still loves the Philippines with all her heart. I love the Philippines too despite their their inability to cope with things like an army colonel shooting up a bus load of tourists in Manila last year. I have no qualms with living and working in the Philippines. It's not a death wish : it's just a matter of attitude.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 03:39
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everything happens for a reason

everywhere around the world, there are worst cases other than this, surely injustice may have been done to an expat...but mind you...there are more asians being trafficked in Europe for not so good reasons (like prostitution etc etc.) so don't tell everyone what happened to you is everyone's fault....reflect on yourself...good and bad things happen to everyone, even the good and the bad, even in eu, us, japan, korea, etc. etc.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 03:59
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To Leemankin

I have no idea what are you on about in the first place??? But let me try to respond....
First - blaming everyone?? WTF....where did you find in my post me blaming ANYONE??
Second - Happens for a reason??? you must be out of your freaking mind saying that kidnapping baby happens for a reason
Third - Comparing EU,Japan,Korea to Philippines...yeah that one deserves no comment
Fourth - reflect on myself?..no comment

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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 08:27
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are you crazy or what?
are you trying to find excuses for any criminal act like it's a response to other criminal act happening somewhere else in the world?
no criminal reaction can be justified whoever happens to..expats or not..
no comments for your words...shame on you!
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 18:52
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I second that!!! well said longobard...
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 00:39
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I agree i dont think bbratuse is saying its everyones fault. Just a simple msg trying to make ppl aware of this incident.

Really happy to hear ur family is now together again, physically unharmed. Some others have not been as lucky.
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 11:00
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Glad to hear your family is OK.

Do you mind giving us some additional details? Is your family Filipino? White? Etc?

I just returned from MNL this morning. I fly in there all the time for work but this was my first time going as a tourist. I went to see a dentist as US dental coverage is a joke. I didn't experience any difficulty and found the filipino people to be some of the nicest of nationalities (I have been to more than 100 countries, lived in 7). That said, criminal elements lurk everywhere I'm sure. I made sure to talk to some of our local staff ahead of time and arrange for a screened driver ahead of my visit. One thing they all emphasized is to NEVER let my drink out of my sight should I go to a bar. If it leaves my sight for even a second to not take another sip. One of our pilots recently got victimized this very way. They took everything he had, passport, company ID, money, credit cards. When he showed up to the airport asking for help from our people they told me he could barely stand.

I try to be mindful of every place I travel. The problem lies in our own complacency. The more places we visit, the more countries we live in, the more we feel we can handle our own in any given environment.

I almost sent my wife and kids through MNL on her way to visit family. Glad I didn't. Won't be sending her there alone now that I read this.
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 14:43
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My wife is Filipina and our 2 grls are nice mix but you can tell that they are not pure Filipino immediately.I am white European...as for what has exactly happened is not clear yet as only witness my sister in law after being held hostage gagged, blindfolded and drugged for 4 days is still in such a state of shock that she does not recognize her own family yet..she is in such a bad state that she has to be fed like baby...disaster.
What is known is that my wife escorted them to check in at NAIA said goodbye and then they went through security check towards immigration...about 10 hours after that we got ransom demand...
So there you have it...unfortunately Philippines is getting more and more dangerous recently as you can see yourself if you do a bit of reading on internet on kidnappings as businesses ,muslim extremists terrorist activities that have spilled into Luzon also,scams all over.. corruption etc...
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 02:56
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I'm really sorry to hear what happened to your family and I hope things will heal soon. Just curious if you have reported this incident with the authorities and if they have been of help. As a Filipino, we are value hospitality and it personally irks me when things like this happen to our visitors. Manila is a really shot place and those considering a contract with Cebpac can consider Mactan as a base since Cebu is generally more peaceful. What you hear mostly in the news happens in Mindanao where muslim bandits seem to make a living with kidnapping. I have worked many years in that place as an engineer and know that these incidents mostly happen in the southern part of Mindanao where chaos rules.

Scams/Fraudsters- True, there are scams going around but this is not limited to local fraudsters. Personally, I was almost duped twice by well-dressed Europeans who wanted to buy my properties and whom I learned are operating a credit card syndicate in the Philippines. Rising incidents also of caucasian pedophiles abusing and killing kids after sex. My point is, we do have our share of problems but so do other countries. I suggest that those considering a job with Cebpac visit both Manila and Cebu then decide their basing.

Happy landings!
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 09:43
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Sorry for u and ur daughter

I'm just curious how a kidnapping could take place in an airport full of people and police. Did u try getting in touch with the local authority? How is it possible that someone can take control of an adult(ur sister in law) with a child? its just mysterious... I think u need to rethink as to where did the ransom money go????
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 15:00
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Sorry to hear that people have suffered but we live in a dangerous world and it could happen almost anywhere. You have to weigh up the risks and decide whether to go. On several occasions, my various hosts in the Philippines have insisted on the (unwanted) provision of M16 armed guards for security and protection but I can appreciate that their presence can easily unnerve the uninformed.
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 21:32
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As much as I wanna symphatize with you bbratuse, but there must be supporting evidence to back up your story. There are lots of questions that needed to be answered before this story gets more convincing.

First, did you report the incident? How can people (inside a high-security facility) be taken against their will undetected? NAIA maybe the worst airport there is but Im sure one or two surveillance cameras must be operating that day. You should request for a CCTV footage. Where was the getaway vehicle? I mean have you ever tried parking at NAIA? Its very crowded that its literally impossible that such thing could go by unnoticed.

No offense meant but I think you should first do a background check on somebody because something doesnt add up in here.
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 23:16
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Sounds like an attempt at tagalogishing?

Much as I would like to sympathise with your family's misadventure, I agree with amihan that something doesn't quite add up.

I hope potential applicants are not put off the Cebu Pac job on account of this!

My wife is Filipina ......
Good for you but I hope it ain't the m.o thingy
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 23:58
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Kidnapping is rarely a random event. The culprits usually do a lot of planning and ,since you mentioned in happened at NAIA, it seems like there was a lot of planning involved.

I have friends in the intel community and they were alarmed that the kidnappers had the balls to do it within the confines of an airport (as one poster said it is supposed to be a secured environment with lots of people). They say either these were really organized syndicate or there was a collaborator within. If it was the former, they found it unusual that the ransom was only $50T since the usual kidnapping rings in Manila cases would think of $50T as loose change and not worth their while particularly in a high risk extraction as in the case of an airport.

Airports in the Philippines are managed by the Department of Transport and Communications (DOTC)and usually airports have the "better" police units. So, if I were in your case I would approach your embassy to put some pressure on the DOTC. On the other hand, I would also assess the possibility of an "enemy within" just in case your family was sold out by someone close (it does happen in a number of cases).

Anyway, all the best to you and your family. Hoping the pain and anguish will heal in time.
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Old 5th Sep 2011, 01:33
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Bbratuse, what a terrible experience. I'm glad you were able to get your daughter and sister-in-law back. But I also agree something does not add up here. Strange that the kidnappers would wait until they went passed security to abduct them, with so many opportunities outside. I spent 4 days in Manila last week, asked some of my local friends, one involved in law enforcement, and nobody has heard of this incident. Kidnapping of foreigners has happened but they've become very high profile. This would definitely be in all the newspapers and TV news. Please report this incident.
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Old 5th Sep 2011, 02:00
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And few answers for the last time on this topic as I can see this is turning into typical PPRuNe sh... as characters like leemankin and ainako start posting.....

1. How is something like this possible at the airport? well read this.. Asia Times Online :: Southeast Asia news and business from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam
DOJ task force to inspect Lozada ‘kidnap’ site at NAIA - Nation - GMA News Online - Latest Philippine News
so...it is not the first time and believe will not be the last and mind you a vast number of kidnappings is not reported due to lack of faith in the police (just remember how they handled Hong Kong tourist bus crisis etc..) or common belief that police is involved in kidnapping anyway
2. All the other questions such as enemy within,why 50K etc... just to say there is ongoing investigation and I have no intention exposing details on public forum and thus putting my family in further jeopardy and hope you can understand that

So for the last time...as one poster said it was a very simple initial post to raise awareness of dangers being in Philippines sharing my personal nightmare...for further reading read numerous travel warnings about Manila and Philippines...be smart and stay safe

And now checking out....
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Old 5th Sep 2011, 02:05
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The BBC artice is from 2001. BBC News | ASIA-PACIFIC | Analysis: Philippines kidnapping 'industry'

A mate had a failed attempt on his kids in Manilla. My Phillipino maid knows it goes on and has told us she doesn't want us to go there - we respect her opinion. I have go occaisionally for work and am very cautious.
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Old 5th Sep 2011, 02:13
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P.S. Kidnapping for ransom in Manila is BUSINESS...And under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do I wanted to turn it into public spectacle and panic kidnappers so my 2,5 yrs old daughter and sister in law gets killed.
Business and business ONLY...so you pay the money and you get your loved ones back...and as New York Times calls it "bussines expense in Manila" In Manila, Kidnapping as a Business Expense - NYTimes.com

And that's all there is to it....
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Old 5th Sep 2011, 07:36
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As a Filipino and an airman, I am deeply intrigued by your story. The fact remains the same until you can provide a more coherent proof that this thing indeed happened. It's very easy to google all the write-ups that you posted and true as they are, they do not directly support your allegations. People will only see your story as another scare tactic designed to keep the expats away.

PS. The Philippines is a dangerous place some may say but danger happens everywhere. Look at what happened in Norway and the chaos in London recently.
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