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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

Old 5th Sep 2019, 11:36
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Originally Posted by Sandysin View Post
I got over with the skype interview then written exam and sim in Saigon. Cleared to join VNA as A320 captain with Hanoi
base mentioned by CAE PARC in their mail after sim assesment. Any clue what is next in line before starting flying with Vietnam Airlines?
Hi Sandysin,

can you share questions asked during Skype Interview?
pm me if you can
I have an interview coming up soon.

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Old 9th Sep 2019, 08:55
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Could you share Skype interview procedure with me, please?
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Old 16th Sep 2019, 16:08
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Originally Posted by CM1A320 View Post
the frustating element of vna is that nobody in management gives a shit, they are just milking the corruption cow.

that means that no improvements will ever be seen unless someone up there is making money from it.

they want to be a 5 star airline and are buying the cheapest interiors on all the planes, the cabin crew and ground staff take all the food and alcohol home.

and entires bussiness class smelling of cigarretes smoke from the cockpit and crew bunk beds.

local cabin crew and pilots have to pay management under the table money to get hired,

so the is no merit at all to work for them, no incentive to work and study to excel and be someone in the system,

its all about who do you know and how much money you have.

there are millions in waste, from improper fuel policies and procedures and poor pilot training and decision making.

etc etc etc. communism at work i guess.
I have been with 2 flag carriers in the Asia Pacific region and they are no different than VNA from what had been described concerning corruptions and wastes. It is a product of "state owned" business so no one really gives a Sxxx such that money and favors are used to get ahead in the corrupt system. It probably will take another 10 years or even a few incidents or accident (God forbids) for the airline to clean up like their other "more developed" and a bit less corrupted Asia carriers that already went thru this growing process. It would be smart for the Top Management or Main Share Holders of VNA to read up some of the backgrounds and history of other already developed Asia Carriers and see what they went thru to change under this current mentality..
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Old 19th Sep 2019, 07:07
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Originally Posted by Sucram View Post
Can anyone give me an idea what life is like on the 787 in VNA, I see a 4/4 contract is been advertised which would suit me. I dont expect it to be wonderful but would appreciate any honest feedback about the good and bad bits. Thanks
Anyone with any info please??
Maybe everyone on the 787 is very happy so doesnt come on PPRuNe 😁😁😁
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Old 23rd Sep 2019, 12:10
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Hi E everyone

can anyone share any i fo on the Sim a320 for Interview plz??
any surprises ?.

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Old 23rd Sep 2019, 12:49
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Originally Posted by Check2 View Post
Hi E everyone

can anyone share any i fo on the Sim a320 for Interview plz??
any surprises ?.

I hear there will be an English grammar test before the interview to ensure the pilot knows how to properly write in English without using abbreviations of a teenager.

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Old 23rd Sep 2019, 13:15
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Oh dear....
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Old 23rd Sep 2019, 21:25
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Originally Posted by wingdeagle View Post

I hear there will be an English grammar test before the interview to ensure the pilot knows how to properly write in English without using abbreviations of a teenager.

My Man. Filler
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Old 23rd Sep 2019, 23:31
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Hope they don't introduce that test, we would have no FOs left

Check2 the sim is pretty old-school, they love to get it into raw data, alternate law, man thrust, and spend most of the exercise flying around like that. Possibly a visual circuit for warm up. Popular ECAMs are FCU fail, dual MCDU fail, various combinations of flight control computers and radalt failures, whatever gets you hand flying. After that, probably a windshear and TCAS, standard instrument rating renewal stuff, V1 cut and non precision approach
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Old 24th Sep 2019, 10:30
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Thank you Luke

thats much appreciate.

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Old 24th Sep 2019, 22:33
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VNA B787 Capt - Agency and Screenings

Hi, I am about to apply to VNA B787 Capt. What is the latest on the best agency to use? Parc/(CAE), Rischworth of FCI?

Any information on the Skype interview, Tech Quiz and Sim would be highly appreciated.

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Old 29th Jan 2020, 16:22
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Any B787 FO's that have joined recently? Pls PM.
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Old 18th Feb 2020, 22:47
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Gents. May I ask what are the expected terms and conditions for a 787 skipper. I mean salary wise and otherwise. How is the working and staying condition please. And which base would be best.
Thanks in advance.
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Old 30th Aug 2020, 06:01
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How's life there during this pandemic? Any hopes of things going back to where they were, or just chalk it up to the good old days? Wishing everybody well during these tough times.
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Old 25th Nov 2020, 00:56
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Firing proccess in VNA.

Remember when i was warning all colleagues about Vietnam Airlines? Well, the pandemic has been the perfect excuse. Many A321 Captains will be fired now. Remember when i said that First Officers shouldn't apply for Vietnam Airlines? Remember when agencies were saying that pilots for A350/787 will have a fast-track to Captain upgrade? Well, now VNA will fire all of them. Many of these guys accepted to stay at home without salary for all this time, now, after almost one year without flying, they will be fired and their career as pilots will end. Nobody will hire a pilot who is not current and who was not flying for all these months. These guys were supporting the company without receiving 1 cent, trusting in this cheating and corrupt company. Now they found out that they could use the few expats they have left to do the dirty job that local pilots they don't want to do, like flying to Europe or other countries, and when they go back to Vietnam, they need to be 14 days under quarantine, and everything for $1500 maximum. Local pilots will just fly to Saigon and some other places where they don't need to do the quarantine. The managers they didn't reduce their salary, and they use the pandemic as an excuse to fire those pilots who were always doing their best for them, destroying their lives and careers. This is Vietnam Airlines. Someday they will need all these pilots, so i hope they could find a better place to fly, at least those who still current somehow. Many airlines fired pilots, i know, but any airline around the world was waiting 1 year until their pilots couldn't find any other place to fly, because they didn't fly for all these months. This is VNA, this is how they care about their workers... A company for friends and people with money to bribe all those managers with the power. I hope many of you heard my words before, spacially FO's, and for sure today you would have more options than if you choosed VNA. Good luck to everybody!!
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