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pezetaroi 10th Oct 2007 16:31

Vietnam Airlines (info please)
Anyone flying for VN? I'm currently rated on the A320 with 10,000 hours, considering to apply, any info on T/C's and living in Vietnam?

Shteck 10th Oct 2007 16:43

A lot of info

Dani 10th Oct 2007 20:01

better go to Singapore!

newfreighter 11th Oct 2007 06:29

hi dani,

unless(maybe) silkair. otherwise VN still better than the rest of LCCs?

pezetaroi 11th Oct 2007 15:48

What I've heard about Singapore, is that the pay doesn't exactly match the high cost of living... besides I'm a FO looking for a possible upgrade and VN offers that option... but still no words from aviators over there :confused:

oryxx 13th Oct 2007 20:08

ask Kim bell [email protected] about the upgrade :ouch:

pezetaroi 14th Oct 2007 02:16


LindbergB767 14th Oct 2007 10:22

If I was you I would ask to Parc Aviation
Dont touch to Risworth
Not too many peoples are happy with them at VN

speedtwoten 14th Oct 2007 14:20

Pacific Airlines
information regarding pay, schedule and enviroment in this company please, are they need pilots Captain and First Officer, are the info given by PARC in their briefing sheet correct????

oryxx 14th Oct 2007 16:54

:ok: Thanks for the info... swift to the Parc

Sgnr de L'Atlantique 14th Oct 2007 21:00

I received the package a couple of weeks ago.

All that was mentioned was a contract till 2009, possibly renewable untill 2011.

No mentioning of any possible upgrades there and from what I hear, VN does not upgrade expats on the A330.

Some ozzies got upgraded on the A320, but only after 4 years living and working there.

Anybody with more info?

A320CAPT 16th Oct 2007 13:07

VAC upgrade on A320
IMHO in theory you can be upgraded but REMEMBER - you still have to pay VAC for that so keep your eyes open on that option before you sign your contract!:rolleyes:

tyne22 17th Oct 2007 17:58


Why Parc Aviation is better that Richworth for this contract ??

LindbergB767 18th Oct 2007 07:53

you should ask to the 30 or 50 pilots on contract with Rishworth who want to change for Parc

tyne22 18th Oct 2007 10:55

" you should ask to the 30 or 50 pilots on contract with Rishworth who want to change for Parc "

It is what I am doing, if one of them wants to answer !

mach 84 21st Oct 2007 16:45

no matter which contract company you are they are making between 1000 .-and 2000.- on your back, so if they offer you 10.000.- they getting much more in their pocket before they pay you!
all this contract companies seem to be your friends, but basically they just are keen on the money they make on your back.

Dream Land 22nd Oct 2007 21:22

I can tell you that many people do prefer PARC because they pay a bit earlier and PARC tends to stand up to the company when it comes to contract and operational issues, with RAL it's a different story, other differences are insurance options, BUPA Gold scheme with PARC, ACE with RAL.

A320CAPT 22nd Oct 2007 23:37

Dear Dream Land,

What are the differences between BUPA Gold scheme and ACE in a few words please?


Lost in Saigon 23rd Oct 2007 01:55

With BUPA Gold, everything is paid for up front.

With other plans they sometimes make you pay and then you claim it.

Dream Land 23rd Oct 2007 04:18

Agree with LIS, ACE appears to be better suited to Americans since I believe it covers them in the USA. You pay up front for ACE, all claims then must be submitted by snail mail to a PO box in New Zealand, although a very slow process, people are getting reimbursed for everything submitted and no yearly minimum like BUPA.

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