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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

Old 13th Apr 2015, 12:32
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If Rishworth have advised you, I think that is all the confirmation you need.

However a quick check of Flight Global, shows Parc says the same thing..


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Old 13th Apr 2015, 13:13
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Wonder what's new about the roster they mentioned? Been the same 6/2 for a long time.... Or am I mistaken?

Old 14th Apr 2015, 09:46
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It might be that before they used to advertise the possibility of 4/4, 5/3 or 6/2.
With them asking guys to volunteer to reduce their rotation cycles from 6/2 to 8/2 etc..
The new roster might be solidly 6/2 or greater IE 8/2, 10/2 etc
I stand to be corrected but I doubt anyone has gotten 4/4 or 5/3 in the past year..anyone?
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Old 12th May 2015, 22:34
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Apparently 6/2 is still the standard, with 6/3 possibly available on request and a bunch of rotations which see you working more also available on request. Due to manpower shortage I hear.

What's the latest with getting to work in Hanoi? If you live in one of the more popular expat areas and don't have your own transport, what does it cost to get to and from work each trip?

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Old 17th May 2015, 19:30
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Got this package 2 days ago from a agent "new approved terms".If correct it seems they may be making some changes.They may be having some trouble for DEC A-320 as I'm sure guys are bailing for the 350 and 787.Anyway it said 6/2 was still the standard package and Saigon and Hanoi were both available for base.Is this correct or just some agent hype to get you signed up.

1 week OFF
2 weeks OFF
3 weeks OFF
4 weeks OFF
4 weeks ON
5 weeks ON
6 weeks ON
8 weeks ON
10 weeks ON

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Old 17th May 2015, 19:33
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Sorry about the cut and paste it seems to have spread it out a bit......
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Old 18th May 2015, 09:45
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Thanks for that, Intruder!!

It's "doable"!! :-)

Were there other scales for the 777 by chance?

Old 18th May 2015, 11:03
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Thanks Intruder - I guess for the 330 you can add maybe 2k to that - anyone know the routes the 330 fly out of Hanoi
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Old 18th May 2015, 15:34
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Hey Intruder

Seems you have gotten sucked in by the smoke n mirrors. A cursory glance reveals that the standard 6/2 package is still $10.8 per month (circa 2008) all the other variations have always been available with crew rostering, but the money hasn't improved. They are selling you a 6 for a 9.
Oh and the 330 is less than 1k better than the 320...:
Nothing new here mate!
Would love to know which agency has sunk to this deceptive recruitment method.. Do tell

(See my post April 14, nobody is getting 4/4, 4/3, 5/4 the rest are just variations IE 6/3 $9.4K same as 4/2, 4/1 $11.6K same as 8/2, guys have negotiated these sort of rosters for years, but all predicated around the base 6/2 salary)

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Old 21st May 2015, 17:39
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Thxs Dihedral for the info..........sent you a PM
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Old 14th Jun 2015, 05:05
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Looking for some info on the assessment for the 320.... Whats are the sim, interview and technical test like ...

Please share!!

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Old 14th Jun 2015, 12:00
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Air Cowboy,

Read my post on page 53, as far as I know, it's still the same... ;-)
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Old 6th Aug 2015, 20:02
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I am interested in joining VNA but a friend of mine who joined recently mentioned that getting a work permit is almost impossible....is it true because without it my salary would become taxable in my country....India
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Old 8th Aug 2015, 13:02
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Hi friends,
Does anyone know how local medical check (in Vietnam) deal with candidates who has eye surgery (LASIK)?
One of the question in the questionnaire form about having eye surgery and I have got some hesitation about answer.
Thanks for answers.
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Old 16th Aug 2015, 09:11
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See that the agencies are again advertising A320 positions with VNA and that there is talk for faster upgrades, as mentioned on Rishworths site.

Any Hanoi based guys advise on how long the commute to the import is now and where the expats accomodation tends to be?
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Old 18th Aug 2015, 07:30
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Hanoi Airpot

Depending on where you live in Hanoi you can either choose to take a cab or drive your motorbyke to the 919 and then take the free shuttle to/from the airport. Anyway many of us prefer to go directly to the airport in taxi, round trip is around 13-14 usd. An average time would be around 25 minutes, usually there are no traffic jams...
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Old 19th Aug 2015, 14:57
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ABC Taxi

You can call or sms to ABC taxi, 098 320 27 19, they have a flat rate of VND 180.000 to the airport from the city, if you go to 919 you pay meter fare, from the sheraton area about 100.000, on the way back from the airport no flat rate, to the area around the sheraton about 320.000;
if you decide to go from the airport to 919 after arriving in the morning, be aware that the bridge over the red river is closed for taxis from 6 to 9 am.
the taxi has to detour, which costs about 200.000 from 919 to the area around sheraton. so it is worth to spend 100.000 more to be home in 25 min instead of 1+ hours.
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Old 22nd Aug 2015, 22:20
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Hello Folks!

I'm looking for informations about the Vietnam Airlines F/O contract for A320. Would like to know

1- (and more important) the upgrade thing is real?

2- Is the company good to work? Sallary? Roster?

3- Is the city is good to live?

4- Are you happy my fellow airmen?

5- What Broker do you guys recommend?

Waiting for the answer...thanks !
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Old 23rd Aug 2015, 14:00
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As an expat in VNA 321 for more than 6 years, I will try to tell you the "FACT", instead of my "personal feeling".

1.Yes, expat FO do get upgrade in 321. I will say, if you are willing to stay in VNA for 3 years (or more) as 321 FO, and you dont have any serious viloation of CAAV, FOM....etc, then your chance of getting the upgrade is 80%. You lose the 20% chance mainly because "they just dont like you".

2.There is no answer to "VNA is good or not to work for". For salary you should ask your agency. Just keep it in mind, the salary has not been improved for more than 6 years, it stays the same from at least 2009. Roster in 321 is a nightmare, this is both a "FACT" and my "personal feeling", and I beleieve more than 95% expat in 321, CAP or FO, will agree with me. Very often, you fly close to, or even over, the maxium duty time, followed by a minimum rest. Very often, you get schedule cnanges. Even on your DO, you will get a call from company and they will ask politely: "I know its your DO, but can you fly today due to ...."

3.If all you are looking for is cheap food/beer/romance...anything fast and cheap, you want nothing else, then you will be happy in VN, as an expat "male" pilot. If you want more, for example: quality art exhibition or dance performance, a big park you can wander around for 30 minutes or have a picnic without worring about the air pollution....then, you will find the options for your free time in VN are very limited.

4.My "happiness level" is VNA is getting lower and lower every year in 321. This is a personal thing, but I believe at least 70% expat in 321 will agree with me. Mainly because the tiresome schedule, and also the way Vietnamese people dealing with things.

5.Agecies are more or less the same, really.

Simply put, if you are dying for a chance of command upgrade within 3~5 years, and you are willing to pay around 50000-60000 USD, including the training and bond and 2~3 months unpaid, then VNA is for you. If you are looking for a long-term career, VNA is not a good option.

And one last thing, keep this in mind please, because you are probably thinking about getting a fast command and leave! You pay for the upgrade by yourself, but still it is possible to fail the upgrade, and you can not get your money back! Keep this in mind please, this is serious! It is not "I am paying for it, so you will let me pass" training. In 2014, at least 2 expat FO fail the 321 upgrade trining.

You have been warned!
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Old 23rd Aug 2015, 14:16
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What is the chance of HCM base on the 321? Can you request it , or is it fixed Hanoi?

If no answer on here feel free to pm...
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