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Air Japan (AJX) B767


Old 31st May 2018, 22:20
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I think you'll find it quite hard to get an idea on what it's actually like to work there from just reading this thread. The most there seems to be is along the lines of 'it varies from month to month' type posts.
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Originally Posted by drop24 View Post
I think you'll find it quite hard to get an idea on what it's actually like to work there from just reading this thread. The most there seems to be is along the lines of 'it varies from month to month' type posts.
Maybe because it varies from month to month...!

I don't think you will find another thread that has more honest and straigh forward details than this one.
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Honestly, if You expect US style trip trade, drops and stay at home when You don't feel like working, please do not come her! If like most of us here You realize that the two weeks at home every month comes at a price, then put Your hat in the ring and we would love to see You here.

Best regards
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Hi Everyone

I have just attended an unsuccessful attempt at the AJX screening. The screening was very professional. The conduct & presentation is second to none that I have seen anywhere yet. The interview is very relaxed with actually a very different approach I found. From the moment the first question is asked there is a real feeling that they are wanting to hear from you how exactly the commuting type of business will suite you or not. They also really want you to pass the assessment.

The questions were very orientated around how will your family deal with the long duration of the type rating training etc. A few techno questions too. I had 3 Captains & a lady from HR.

Before the interview there is a very thorough Briefing on the 3 SIM profiles(did I mention thorough). I would suggest you knowing the Pitch & thrust settings for each phase (segment of flight ) without thinking. He quized me on a few during the briefing to gather my study preparation etc. I must admit the SIM would be IMPOSSIBLE to fly the way they want you to without knowing these. Yes you could get away by doing it your way but then again you would then be sliming your chances.

My ultimate undoing was not knowing intimately these pitch & power settings. I knew them but not in my sleep so to speak, & when the workload got high, it is these especially thrust settings that can save your bacon. Because you could then set the thrust & concentrate the hell out on your scan & pitch etc. Everytime you change thrust there is a pitching change & everytime you take flap there is pitch change. These are basics but your workload is high if you don't know what ballpark thrust to set to unload some RAM to scan, adjust & hold.

I am disappointed I did not make the cut but ultimately I leave the above post to aspiring aviators for the same role. It might just help you by reading this.
Awesome Gig to have not got unfortunately...

Safe skies!

Best of luck!

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If you want to fly for a Japanese company still, I've heard Nippon Cargo is gong to be interviewing again in late summer early fall. Check with Parc or HACS to see if you qualify. I must worn you though, I heard the place is falling apart by the week and some how with half the fleet parked they still need more pilots. That might tell you something...

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Thank you for the heads up Palm tree Pilot. I still have a pretty decent job at the moment on a good machine. This attempt at AJX would have just made me have more time with my family though.

Didn't know that things were not in good shape at NCA...

Safe skies!!

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Afternoon All,
A great Thread chaps and after having spent the past couple of days reading all of it I think it covers pretty much everything.There is only one question I have which relates to my family. The wife is from South America which I understand is commutable (notwithstanding a post I read about four hours ago relating to a South American who had his application turned down) however the length of the commute I think will prove too much. My question is this. Has anyone had any experience of moving their family (wife and two kids in my case) to a country closer to Japan, namely Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia? We are all on UK passports (not that that may make any difference) and currently living in the M.E. so the prospect of them moving to the far east is attractive to them, and of course to me with them being closer to Japan. She doesn't want to go to the UK. Something about the weather.
Of course it will no doubt be prudent to get professional advice if or when the time comes however at this stage all I can ascertain from the aforementioned countries is that they offer work permits, which I would consider to be more restrictive than just permission to live, without the opportunity to work. The attraction for them being receiving foreign income into their country by way of house rental and schools fee's etc.If anyone has had any experience of obtaining temporary residence permits or equivalent, for their families in other countries I would be very grateful for a heads up.
If only I was single and didn't have to worry about schools everywhere I went......

Gracias Chico's
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