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Air Astana

Old 6th Oct 2009, 18:03
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Still no news? Are they still hiring?
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Old 7th Oct 2009, 18:45
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where does the boeing go?
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Old 11th Oct 2009, 21:30
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Hi Folks

Im starting with Air Astana in a few weeks does anyone have any info on how easy (if at all possible) it would be to get stby tickets for the missus to come and visit? I was told at the interview that it would be no probs but seeing is believing!!!
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Old 11th Oct 2009, 21:33
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Also just to second pin heads question where does the Boeing go?

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Old 13th Oct 2009, 08:39
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B767 - AMS / BJS / KUL as well as GUW / TSE and a few other obscure dots on the map ( occassional trips to hot summer spots )
B757 - LHR / FRA / AYT / IST / BJS / AMS / SEL / BKK ( occassional DXB ) and all domestic routes too :-(

Airbus - all domestic routes and MOW / BJS / DEL / DXB / IST / HAJ / URC

I think I've covered most, I think the airbus goes other places too, but I am not an avid timetable reader. The best source of information, is the online timetable, pretty much accurate for type and destinations, alas commercial do swap and change occassionally. Boeing guys (us) get the nice long hauls, but the night stops aren't that great except LHR ( 3 and 4 days respectively ) and BKK which is normally 2 full days.
Airbus guys get to spend a week in Hannover, but this is only during the summer, we used to love this trip, but your days off are downline so dont expect per-diems for every day....
Enjoy Almaty and don't hog the runway...... especially if I am behind you......... or you'll buy the beers in Line Brew or Soho....

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Old 27th Oct 2009, 02:36
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Thumbs up

hi Guys

I m thinking about applying for F50 cpt position atA. Any news if hiring is on? pay scale? roster? also saw they may replace the a/c in near future. will AA go for ATR, dash 8 or jet or worse some Russian equipment like an-140/148?

Any idea what is LF on current F50 routes as they seem to be deployed to remote cities? I dont understand how they can make such loads of tenge, seems they are not impacted by crisis!
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Old 2nd Sep 2010, 11:29
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Anyone had any info on the 320 sim eval and interview.
Probably, I'll have the sim next week in AMS

If you would like you can private message me!

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Old 11th Sep 2010, 13:59
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Hi all,

Been offered the Astana contract with both Parc and Direct. Direct offers same money, but after the 6 weeks ON, they have 14 days off, instead of 12 with Parc..

Any of you can confirm this?

Best regards,

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Old 11th Sep 2010, 14:04
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Hi all,

Been offered a contract with Astana with both Parc and Direct. Main difference relays on the days off after the 6 ON. With Direct is 14, with Parc 12..any of you can confirm this please?

Best regards,

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Old 11th Sep 2010, 17:16
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Air Astana & Agencies

I have no intimate knowledge of the two's different contracts re pay and time off.

However, knowing a little about agencies, their reputations (particularly when things go wrong; support and all that stuff) and different types of rotations, I can give you this.

Parc is the better of the two, if you get an offer from them. Generally speaking they are probably the best of all the agencies. I have worked with a variety of crew members who have worked for Parc in the past and they all have good things to say about them. Also, a TRI/TRE friend who actually works for AA says go with Parc as AA seems to "prefer" them. Make what you will of that..................

On rotations. When I used to do ACMI cargo globally, we had a 6-2 rotation - 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Depending where you live, this may be good, bad or indifferent. The important part for commuting contracts is that the travel time is on THEIR time, not yours, so the 14 or 12 days off is hard days off with no travel involved, otherwise, it's not really a day off.

One thing I have observed recently among the contract/agency world is many foreign airlines are beginning to offer better time off. AA never used to do commuting contracts - now they do. Also, there are different variations of the theme. 1 month on, 1 month off or 8 weeks on, 3 off. Sometimes you can negotiate this, other times not. The point is that airlines are finding it increasingly difficult to attract the "right" people, they have to make concessions and give an incentive. They are beginning to do that, especially the Chinese and the Indians. Expect to see more rotational contracts in the future, especially in these developing countries.

So, in answer to your question, it depends what your personal circumstances are as to which you would find more attractive. If the pay is the same and the airline is the same, there should be no difference! Maybe you should ask Parc about those 12 days and see if you can get 'em to 14 and then go with Parc??!!

Finally, with yr handle of GSMini, I presume you are going for the A320 contract (not the 757/767)?.......................
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 08:57
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Hi Alex,

Yeap, you' re right, i'm going for the 320 contract. Couldn't go for the first assestment as I was flying, and they called me to go for it with almost no time in advance, but now trying to get the new assestment dates with a little bit more time.

I've actually worked with Parc in two different contracts, and I'm happy with them, I was just surprised with that matter of the days off. But regarding the money, is the same on both contracts.

Let's see if I can make it, and go to Almaty..Not really fan of -20 during the winter

Thanks for your answer!
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Old 16th Sep 2010, 22:10
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Air Astana

For all of you interested in flying for Air Astana, please do your homework as this place is not what it used to be and is not likely to get better in the near future.
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Old 16th Sep 2010, 22:42
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Any specifics, aca?

The country, the airline (heard it's all new mgmt for last few months) or both???!!!

I've worked for some companies where some folks walked the FIRST day of grd school! Some can hack it, others cannot.

I've been toying with AA for some time through one of the agencies but I get the impression that they/need the crews but at the same time, are not at all flexible on their requirements. For example, I'm not current on the 757 or 767 but am rated with lots of international on both. I hinted that I might get current on my own dollar but that didn't stir 'em either.

So, I'm wondering if that's how they are towards candidates, how are they toward an employed contractor? Didn't get teh warm and fuzzies. Parc did send me some stuff on them, 8 pages, all about Kazakhstan and the weather and people etc. Not much about the QOL for crews.....
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Old 28th Sep 2010, 17:55
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Air Astana

I want to make sure those of you that are coming to Air AStana or even thinking about it, PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK! (irbus guys)

In the last 3 years we lost
1/Bonus (not much but it was there,5k u$d)
2/Housing (from 2500 to now 1650 u$d, ghetto only for this money, you don't get the money, you don't even get to choose real estate company, their mafia arranges it for you....!)
3/ Did anybody tell you your contract says Captain but they'll make you fly also as FO?), for one low salary of course.
4/schedule really really sucks, you average about 7 actual days off, never 2 together, mix of standby and flights, mostly local domestic daytrips, don't even dream about long nice layovers in Amaty base, only, maybe in Astana base
5/We lost days off on our schedule leave
6/the euro will hurt you!,
7/ when you on leave you loose your perdiem, so on a 4 week mo, if you take 3 week off you only get your basic 6000 euro + 350 euro (50 a day perdiem) plus 175 travel allowance (DPI) = 6525 euro at 1.3 = @ 8500 u$d 0nly
If you are on a (9 week on and 3 week off) you average 8k to 9k a mo.
don't include housing cause you don't see it, someone else does, their mafia)
8/we lost trave allowance from 350 euro a mo to 175 a mo
9/ we lost Bussiness class upgrade on Lufthansa or even our own company won't comfirm you.
Nice outstanding service at Lufthansa in middle economy class...enjoy it, even for training!!
10/ the mafia now is South African, not Delta....
11/ one good thing is the women. but the men, hate you!, be careful!
Take care, good luck
go somewhere else, is not worth it!, unless you are not current, no one else would hire you, you are desperate, your dog died, your wife left you, your kids won't talk to me!....haha
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What the hell has happened???? This looked like such a good gig about two-three years ago and the girls were just a bonus. It sounds like the girls are now the only thing to look forward too.

When you look at the Vietnam and some of the Chinese threads they dont look too bad ...and that sucks. One day the Management/Bean counters will pay peanuts, you get Monkeys. And when they loose a hull they will blame everyone but their own 'head up their arse' attitude. What a pack of c&*ts there're all the same these days!!!

It is so sad how a great industry has gone down the toilet so much. Unfortunately pilots have been their own worst enemy since the 80's. Lets hope the economies of the world pick up soon so we can give it back to the pricks again!!

Good luck to all!!
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this job is getting so pathetic....
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Air Astana

Someone ask me about conmuting to the US, it's about a 24 hour ordeal. Going home you go in favor of the clock, meaning you arrive the same date you leave Kaz, on the way back, it's a 3 day lost in the calendar, (still 24 hr travel)
One more thing they took away, it's the "day off after leave to rest", no more anybody cares if you are rested after your conmute back, they don't really care about you. So, if you have 14 days off, you loose 4 from your days off! Ouch!
Think about it!
Also company gives you economy class tickets to somewhere in Europe (not upgradable, don't eve hope for it at LH), the tickets are on a request basis, not confirmed, meaning, you may, you may not fly home the same date you are booked, I just flew to FRA, twice w/in a mo, and both flight were fully booked (A340), not one seat left!, I barely made it.
I heard stories of guys getting stuck for up to 2 days (even to go to training).
Anyway, that's half the ordeal, then you must buy your discounted ticket from FRA or LHR or wherever it is that you travel to and from on LH or any of the other airlines in interline agreements.
Just go to Lufthansa website, and do a travel booking, that will give you the best idea of your commute.
Be prepared to eat the same meal 3 times a day, 30 days a mo, 365 days a year!, wheter it is Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, it don't matter, beef, chicken or fish (sometimes no options!).
Flight crews for the most part are awesome, they will take care of you as best as they can, no complaints there, no grumpy old B....
Good Luck guys, hope you all find better options, myself and quite a few other guys I know are on our way "out of here"!.....
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 11:41
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AA Assessment

Heard there are upcoming assessment sessions for PIC 757/767 soon.
Anybody who knows what the assessment is like? and the sim profile ?
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 01:30
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Mafia now South African not Delta

Seems a bit paranoid to me making these kind of statements!
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It was a great gig, and then the Sky-Scum crawled into town. They had a great deal, but their greed marked us all in the end. Their selfish pillaging was demonstrative to watching a starving Wombat gorge until it pukes. They deserved what happened to them.

Unfortunately, they also ruined it for everyone else as well. I wouldn't waste my time going there now. The Kaz don't trust Foreign Lads anymore and I can't say I blame them. Before the Skum Lads got caught with their greed-grubby hands in the Sugar Pot , the Kaz were great fellows to work for.

The good days in ALA are gone, I would highly suggest you look elsewhere.
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