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FiveGirlKit 13th Apr 2018 15:13

EC notice on BREXIT issued, licenses/certificates invalid
See the link on here https://www.easa.europa.eu/brexit-negotiations , referring to a "NOTICE TO STAKEHOLDERS - WITHDRAWAL OF THE UNITED KINGDOM AND EU AVIATION SAFETY RULES" on the European Commission website, which says:

Certificates issued before the withdrawal date by the competent authorities of the United Kingdom on the basis of the provisions of the Basic Regulation and its implementing rules will no longer be valid as of the withdrawal date in the EU. This concerns in particular:
 Certificates of airworthiness, restricted certificates of airworthiness, permits to fly, approvals of organisations responsible for the maintenance of products, parts and appliances, approvals for organisations responsible for the manufacture of products, parts and appliances, approvals for maintenance training organisations, and certificates for personnel responsible for the release of a product, part or appliance after maintenance, issued pursuant to Article 5 of the Basic Regulation;
 Pilot licences, pilot medical certificates, certificates for pilot training organisations, certificates for aero-medical centres, certificates for flight simulation training devices, certificates for persons responsible for providing flight training, flight simulation training or assessing pilots' skill, and certificates for aero medical examiners, issued pursuant to Article 7 of the Basic Regulation;
 Certificates for air operators and attestations for the cabin crew, issued pursuant to Article 8 of the Basic Regulation;
 Certificates for aerodromes, certificates for ATM/ANS providers, licences and medical certificates for air traffic controllers, certificates for air traffic controller training organisations, certificates for aero medical centres and aero medical examiners responsible for air traffic controllers, certificates for persons

Heathrow Harry 13th Apr 2018 15:26

we're the ones who are leaving - why should they help us????

Everyone was warned that BREXIT would bring chaos............ but hey! we can always depend on the USA & the Commonwealth

ATC Watcher 13th Apr 2018 15:30

Originally Posted by fantom (Post 10117189)

are you referring to the people that voted to leave the EU or the EASA people ?:E

wiggy 13th Apr 2018 15:43

Well if this is as advertised and is not a spoof or a late April 1st wind up.......Apparently many in the U.K. wanted freedom from the bureaucracy of the EU...presumably those people must see this as a good thing and welcome it with open arms......it would be somewhat hypocritical of them to “blame” the EU or EASA for this announcement..wouldn’t it?

ZFT 13th Apr 2018 15:45

Why are you surprised?

If you leave any club, you lose club 'benefits' and/or privileges

Chaos is quite likely in the short term.

Volume 13th Apr 2018 15:54

Still the UK has the possibility to change from an "EU Member State" to an "EASA Member State" like Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.
But was that wat everybody wanted? To leave the EU but to keep all EU bureaucracy? I think it was more the opposite...
If you vote for change you can not expect everything to stay the same.

judge11 13th Apr 2018 15:57

Shock horror! UK CAA has to do some work and provide value for it's exorbitant fees.

schweizer2 13th Apr 2018 16:00

It was chaos when we changed to JAA, it was chaos when we transferred to EASA, it will be chaos when we transfer again.... just a new licence, same process... EU or not, it will be a form signed, another 100 quid then we're all set.

Hamburt Spinkleman 13th Apr 2018 16:02


wiggy 13th Apr 2018 16:07

Reading the source document the loss of validity on Brexit day is not something that is inevitable but it is clearly a pointed reminder to whom it may concern that if the UK hasn't reached a satisfactory transition deal with the EU by Brexit day then all that paperwork on the list is immediately null and void...

One would hope that would concentrate a few minds...but I have my doubts...

ImageGear 13th Apr 2018 17:02

This will be sorted - too much would be lost by all Brexit affected parties. Landing rights, overflights,, etc. The potential to seriously damage the industry will prevent this ridiculous posturing from happening.


Hussar 54 13th Apr 2018 17:19

Just add it to the list of stuff to be negotiated over the next couple of years.

If, after, say, two years there is still no agreement, then we probably can conclude that one negotiating party probably doesn't actually want an agreement.

Why that would be ? Well......

aligee 13th Apr 2018 17:28

After reading the link provided I found this to be interesting

The European Union’s aviation safety legislation applies in 32 European countries – the current 28 EU Member States and the following four associated countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. The countries to which this legislation applies will, for the purposes of simplification, hereafter be referred to as "EASA Member States".

Could the 4 associated countries become 5 in the next couple of years ?

OldLurker 13th Apr 2018 17:29

I think people didn't know what they were voting for, in detail anyway. I don't recall EASA being mentioned by the mainstream media during the referendum campaign! If anyone had thought about it, they'd have thought that a sensible arrangement would be made and the UK would continue to be a member of EASA in some way, just as the UK would continue to be associated with various other EU agencies if common sense was followed. The negotiations aren't finished and there's still time to sort out an arrangement, if there's goodwill on both sides.

Icelanta 13th Apr 2018 17:30

UK wanted out, now deal with the consequences.
No negociating or concessions by the EU/EASA.
Boohoo right...

Joe_K 13th Apr 2018 17:36

Originally Posted by Hussar 54 (Post 10117326)
Just add it to the list of stuff to be negotiated over the next couple of years.

Couple of years? Withdrawal date is 29 March 2019. 349 days from now.

Hussar 54 13th Apr 2018 17:48

Originally Posted by Joe_K (Post 10117343)
Couple of years? Withdrawal date is 29 March 2019. 349 days from now.

There will be a prolongation if not sorted and agreed by 29 March 2019.

Don't forget that there are more airlines / crew / manufacturers in the EU than the UK and to whom the sh*t and aggravation of having to meet any new UK legislation ( such as converting EASA licenses to UK licenses, perhaps, for all those EU citizens currently flying for UK based airlines to name just one example ) will be just as worrying / tiresome / problematic as for UK.

And that's not to even mention all the 100,000s of parts that Airbus will have to revalidate to the UK's ' satisfaction '....

HURZ 13th Apr 2018 18:30

UK wants to leave..? Go ahead with all consequences, Europe does not need the Uk...
Sorry for all my UK pilot friends but you made your day by not voting...

ImageGear 13th Apr 2018 18:30

...not to mention that the UK's "soon to be" Aircraft Manufacturing" industry may wish to protect their turf. :E


Hussar 54 13th Apr 2018 19:45

Originally Posted by HURZ (Post 10117374)
UK wants to leave..? Go ahead with all consequences, Europe does not need the Uk...
Sorry for all my UK pilot friends but you made your day by not voting...

Not really too sure there'll be too much of a problem for UK crew....

UK citizen, UK ATPL, etc....

The problems ( if this isn't resolved ) will be for the many non-UK citizens currently based in the UK with Easy, Ryanair, etc.

Do they convert to a UK ATPL which would then mean having to convert back to an EASA ATPL if they want to leave the UK to go back to a job in the EU ??

And a great way for UK citizens working for Easy / Ryanair crew to avoid having to be based in Brindisi or Gdansk or Malta or wherever.

But having said all that - I can't help believing that this is just ' process ' from the EU and as far as our industry is concerned, in two years' time we'll be wondering why any of us even thought it was worth contributing to this thread.

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