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Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost

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Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost

Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:21
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Originally Posted by SOPS
Please stop this non standard RT talk. I got handed over last night and the controller said to us, and I quote, "XXXXX 456 call XXX on 123.45. Have a good flight, see ya" it happens all the time, nothing suspicious about it at all.
Maybe you're missing the point - it's what he said in reply (and what they said to him at that point that prompted his response) that we're interested in. Would you not readback the frequency and your callsign before the "good night, bye, tarra, ciao, see ya" bit ?

If ATC had already given him the frequency and had it read back, then they said something like "by the way, I'll see you at the game next week", then you might say "All right, good night". But if the good night was in response to the frequency handover it was just a bit lax that's all

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Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:21
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Odd shaped search pattern. Any ideas?

Today's search pattern is a funny shape. Anyone know why?

The press kit for the Aussie SAR operation for 18th is at: https://drive.google.com/folderview?...1dxMzdSTHRMeW8 (previously posted in this thread).
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:23
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Please stop this non standard RT talk
I tuned into WMKK ATC this morning (mid morning Malaysia time) and the very first thing I heard was 'Roger that"
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:26
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'Good Night' + 'Good Morning' it's said all the time with ATC here in Asia when not in a busy area. Nothing to be suspicious about.
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:32
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1995 era code on an aircraft is perfectly hackable; quite easy in fact.
I am not sure how you reached this conclusion but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact substantial analytical work went into the n-version (voting) Ada development, including Z/VDM specifications and absolutely strict and correct interfaces (this was for the 744 and I am sure has been enhanced and developed since).

I spent time working with the 744 FADEC Software so I do know at least a little about what I talk about (as well as having time on the 737 Classic).

To criticize code in the sense of vintage is a complete misnomer. Software tools in the mid 80's were starting to get very serious in terms of system provability and verification, and the Ada compilers were excellent in picking up all sorts of nasty things (static and dynamic). All the development teams were isolated and all produced seriously good provable engineering.

Yes, time has moved on since those early days, but essentially most of the work stands intact as well it should.

Rogue data insertion into the architecture would be completely non-trivial.
I completely agree with the points you make about the quality of the code. It is difficult to have a debate in an open forum for obvious reasons. However, I stand by my claim.
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:43
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Best quote in 11 days.

If the plane is to be found it will be by experts doing their jobs . . . Not by unprofessionals speculating where it is
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:45
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If the transponder stopped transmitting, ATC is always quick to let you know. Nothing was said from ATC about this, not even when handed over to Vietnam Control
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 08:55
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Will there be any (Malaysian) press conference today?
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:03
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It just niggles me a little that if you join those "last ping" arcs the curve goes through the last active reported position S of Vietnam to a reasonable accuracy. Yes I realise if the aircraft had sat ditched and powered for seven hours something should have been found. So not a very plausible scenario. But still it niggles.
Me too. It does niggle.

Presumably the SAR operation would not have been activated until the aircraft was overdue Beijing at 0630, plus some slight margin. I believe that's the norm. Sunrise wasn't until shortly after 0600 that day, anyway. The operation had been activated by the time of the MAS press release at 0724, but the last "ping" was at 0811, little more than three-quarters of an hour later. They'd have been very, very lucky to have overflown the incident site in the first hour or so of the search, even if they were airborne and on station by then. Yes, I know the sea area is shallow, but human beings miss things, and stranger things have happened.

Publicly at least, the abandonment of the search east of the peninsular seems to have been driven by the Malaysian military radar contacts, which the authorities weren't convinced by for several days, hence the divided search.

I hope they were right in their eventual choice.
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:04
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Mach2point7 said:

Can anyone confirm that this chart was indeed released today by the Malaysian Government ?
Ugh, no this is absolutely not any kind of official document. Simply my rough interpretation to illustrate what had been implied at yesterday’s press conference by the authorities regarding the corridors. I thought I had made that clear in my original post, but will go back and edit.

Going to a dance, send three and fourpence...
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:06
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Turn was programmed, Acars still recorded change writes NYT

March 18

"Flight 370’s Flight Management System reported its status to the Acars, which in turn transmitted information back to a maintenance base, according to an American official. This shows that the reprogramming happened before the Acars stopped working. The Acars ceased to function about the same time that oral radio contact was lost and the airplane’s transponder also stopped, fueling suspicions that foul play was involved in the plane’s disappearance."

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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:10
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Arch-conspiracy theories like that by LX-GB1 and others are not helpful and show a complete lack of undertsanding and credibility of the poster. Please stop speculating if you don't understand aircraft and ATC architecture.

Suggesting that the 9/11 aircraft were remotely piloted singles posters out for their own stupidity. Suggesting that a standard FBW aircraft could be remotely hacked and flown is equally stupid. Comparison to a specially equipped 707 and 727, just on principle that they were made by the same company as this missing aircraft surely has to qualify for some sort of cretins' award?
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:32
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Australian Search Map

Another view

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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:34
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media press conference starting now

Live TV | Astro Awani
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:37
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short flights long nights
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That a long way to fly ( and back again) before even starting a search.
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:53
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Last time Australia was involved in a search this far out (Tony Bullimore), a private Global Express? was flown from Melbourne to Perth and then used to search for the yacht. No charge was requested for the use of the aircraft. Admittedly they had exact coordinates due to a PLB being activated, however if I'm not mistaken there weren't that many SAR aircraft capable of those distances out of Australia. I believe the P3 has a range of some 5,500m which makes searching somewhat difficult with a circa 2000km search range excliding transit.

What a way to end it all... a one-way no return trip to Antartica but without enough fuel.

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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:57
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For those interested in the surface current in the Australian search region for the last 10 days.

Buoy 14908

(Sorry don't know how to post the pic)

The northern limit of the westward drift of the roaring forties seems to be around latitude 47S. So if debris is in the region, it may not get washed away to patagonia.
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 09:59
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Expected confirmation of southern track

"Informed" sources suggest that data will be revealed later this week that last placed MH370 on an established Southern track. The Australians may be closer than they first thought.

In due course, I would also not be surprised if the CVR/DFDR circuit brakers had been pulled...
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 10:05
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Actually John Young does a really good job of explaining the search area from 5:00-6:30 for the impatient

If you look at the video on the 'RCC MH370 search B-Roll'.
Its a 1080p video, quite interesting
At 0:25 you can see their asset tracker, ships and aircraft.
At 0:40 you see the data from the search area, no indication as to what it is returned from
At 1:12 it shows the search area labelled


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Old 18th Mar 2014, 10:05
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Press conference
After reviewing evidence the investigating partners are sticking to the notion that transponder was "turned off" by someone onboard.

Malaysian govt stressing 25 international partners now onboard.
Malaysians and other should put politics and differences aside.
North and South vectors divided into 7 sections, each section 400x400 nautical miles.
Australia and Indonesia searching southern corridor the area is "huge" so they are seeking help from usa "satellites and radar" to help.
Still not discounting any possible causes.
Govt has been consistent in focusing on SAR, he says CNN and UK daily mail have raised the concern of the effects of internal Malaysian politics ( inference is that foreign media are wrong)
Conference continues but ABC oz have ceased live coverage
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