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vaqueroaero 1st Jul 2014 14:23

You have a far bigger set than I do! I was in Tennessee the other day flying in the Blue Ridge Mountains and ended up at 5500 msl and was getting nervous! I guess I'm a true 'flatlander'

When you say that you carry 8 gallons of fuel do you rely on the standard gauge or is there some sort of other trickery involved?

flyinkiwi 1st Jul 2014 23:47

I've been lurking on this thread for some time, the pictures are simply incredible, thank you for sharing them with us. My question, do you have to deal with whiteout/brownout conditions on a regular basis?

nuthin 2nd Jul 2014 01:12

When at 22000 can you recalll your TQ, Temp and N1? Whats the best ROC speed up there?

Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2014 02:39

coffee time
Good morning vaqueroaero
hehehehe yaaar I get scared above 500'AGL too :uhoh: best ROC 150' per min. if Your lucky above 20,000' :* our fuel gauge is calibrated & recently checked :8
Namaste flyinkiwi
Thank You for saying :ok: Yep plenty of brown outs here in freshly worked fields, dry Helipads, white outs above 15,000' after fresh snow is common :sad: so a few slow fly pasts to blow off the access powder before touchdown :E
Hey nuthin
Yep I recall everything (except what my Wife tells me) :} at 22,200' OAT was -17C Tq. 44% T4 738C Ng 99% & the ROC was ZERO, hold height speed was 23knots :ouch:
Land back Happy always :)

Dead on Time 3rd Jul 2014 08:26

thread drift...
Greetings VF,

"Hey nuthin
Yep I recall everything (except what my Wife tells me) at 22,200' OAT was -17C Tq. 44% T4 738C Ng 99% & the ROC was ZERO, hold height speed was 23knots"

You will learn to remember everything that she who must be obeyed wants! :=:

At FL 222, ISA =+12, ROC zero, and 23 KIAS...yikes...any slower and you would be going backwards!;)

best, as always,


surely not 3rd Jul 2014 13:50

Hi VF, thanks for the wonderful photos and info on the thread. As you say it's a tough life but someone has to live it..........

Just wondering why the Jet Banger is operated into conditions which to a non pilot sound very marginal

at 22,200' OAT was -17C Tq. 44% T4 738C Ng 99% & the ROC was ZERO, hold height speed was 23knots
Are your AS350's unavailable, too costly or some other reason?

Vertical Freedom 5th Jul 2014 02:24

Coffee time
Hey DoT
Flying at those low speeds is very common here & a very important speed to know & to keep nailed. The key to that is to ignore the (wrong) concept of attitude = airspeed, this will one day lead to spatial disorientation & wrong inputs. The ASI must only ever be used as the 'stick position' indicator, don't look outside for speed, instead ask yourself - 'what speed do I want?' Now look at the ASI & adjust the stick position accordingly. Never rely on your outside sight picture to adjust speed with mountains, valleys & never ending horizon changes the sight picture is the wrong concept to adjust speed. Rely exclusively & only on the ASI to select the correct stick position :ok: as for the Missus, it's OK she will keep reminding me till it sinks it := I think :*
............................................................ .......................
Hey surely not
Thanks Mate :ok: hmmmmm the camera crew who came ordered a B3 chin mounting plate :eek: of course there is a 350 & 206 - B3 but they wrongly bought the 206 mount. So we were stuck with using the JetBox :ugh: we were going to scrap the project but I said I was keen for the challenge, so we did it; into the Western Khumb up to 22,200' :mad: probably a record for the ol Banger :\ yes it was marginal, but so is most flying up here :O

Land Happy always :cool:

fijdor 5th Jul 2014 17:00

I believe that less than that speed 23kts or less than translational speed and even at lower altitude you would end-up with LTE (depending on TQ setting)?
At least that's what happened to me at that altitude with a different Bell product though.


Vertical Freedom 5th Jul 2014 23:30

Good morning fijdor

Below translational & with a good dose of cross-wind on the Right (only) yes there is LTE risk, but it's more LTA that you have to worry about at above 15,000' for the JetBox :ooh:

Cheers to Life :ok:

arismount 6th Jul 2014 01:36

Assuming a "perfect" ASI, at 20,000 ft. PA in a standard atmosphere, 23 KIAS would equate to a TAS of about 32 Knots. That's using a rule-of-thumb to estimate; had I an E6B on hand it would no doubt yield a more accurate number.

fijdor 6th Jul 2014 02:46

Below translational & with a good dose of cross-wind on the Right (only) yes there is LTE risk, but it's more LTA that you have to worry about at above 15,000' for the JetBox
Good evening to you. My mistake, i used the wrong term to describe the problem. I should have said LTA (lost of tailrotor authority) instead of LTE (lost of tailrotor effectiveness) and yes it is a problem at high density altitude.


Vertical Freedom 7th Jul 2014 11:35

Cheers to Life
Hey arismount
Ouch :D thanks for that :confused:
Hey fijdor
I have gotten close to LTA a quite few times in the Jettie around 14,000' to 16,000' on hot days but as I keep the wind around 10 o'clock it has been OK :E
LTE has struck me once (ever) on short final to a Helipad around 15,500' flying into a 15 knot upslope wind, when I over flew a narrow gully where I strong 15+ knot wind was pumping down this gulley from a Glacier above 20,000' as I slowed the strong downslope (gully) cross wind from the Right struck the TR & BANG - total loss of Tail Rotor authority, nose going Right......:eek:.....I miss diagnosed assuming a tail rotor drive failure, chopped the throttle closed & did a hovering auto to the pad :{ on exit I discovered that the tail rotor drive was still intact, walked to the back of the pad & discovered the roaring down-slope wind & then realized it was LTE :O
Happy Landings ;)

Vertical Freedom 7th Jul 2014 11:47

Rescue Work with WoW factor








fijdor 7th Jul 2014 17:25

Don't want to steal your tread here VF but here is an example of LTA going through 18500 ft lucky to have part of it on video, too bad the operator stopped filming right after it started, it would have been a good souvenir to have the whole thing on video. That wasn't the first LTA I experienced up there.


Dead on Time 14th Jul 2014 07:25

Greetings VF,:ok::ok:

I'm (we are?)) having withdrawl symptons again.:{:{:{

best... as always


Vertical Freedom 16th Jul 2014 07:06

Work with WoW factor
Humde :ok:



Vertical Freedom 16th Jul 2014 07:13

Office work
VNBP Critical Patient transfer to Neuro Hospital H :sad:








Vertical Freedom 16th Jul 2014 07:20





BladderDischargeStop&Go :ouch:

evil7 5th Aug 2014 17:51

Good day VF

I hope this message finds you well.

Id like to express that I am sorry to hear about the accident with your colleague.

A lot of people miss your posts and photos about the extraordinary job you do but we all know that accidents happen.

Condolences to the family of the deceased.

Vertical Freedom 6th Aug 2014 01:11

Tail Rotor incident
Hey evil7

Thanks Brother I am in holiday mode for a recharge & FI1 renewals in Australia. Will soon be back :ok:

Yes very sad of the death at Last resort where a Man (experienced around running Helicopters) walked into the Tail Rotor after being instructed by my colleague to stay away, yet he still walked into the spinning TR.

This sadly reinforces the need for Us Pilot's to gaurd the Tail Rotor wherever we land by hanging it out over a ledge wherever possible, or, jumping out immediately upon landing to act as security, guarding the rotatable bits from the unaware, distracted or disorientated general public.

May the departed Rest in Peace & sincere condolences to His Family

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