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Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:20

Top of the World: photos from Nepal

Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:21


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:34


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:37


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:38


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:40


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:40


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:41


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:42


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:44


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 02:56

Yeti (killers they are, savage)


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 03:25


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 03:27

that's a runway, yikes, run


IntheTin 2nd Jul 2011 05:06

Great pictures VR, thanks. :ok:

Savoia 2nd Jul 2011 06:15

Yes indeed, great shots! :ok:

Are you able to provide any narrative on the type of work you are doing - are these B3's?

Also, I'm guessing you need a fairly reliable battery if your starts are regularly above 10,000ft?

collector 2nd Jul 2011 09:29

awesome! thnx for sharing :ok:

Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 09:57

We shut down as high as 22,000' (if required). Just a normal sealed stainless-steel battery? To me looks tiny? hmmmm but never lets us down. 50-60% work is high altitude rescues, charters, film work, heli trekking, heli skiing & slinging. Using AS350B, B2 & B3.

Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 12:00


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 12:01




Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 12:14


Vertical Freedom 2nd Jul 2011 12:15

10,000'amsl - 1,800' long



Vertical Freedom 10th Jul 2011 15:06

Seri village, Nepal. Landed due bad weather with PAX, had a lovely village lunch & of

Vertical Freedom 10th Jul 2011 15:09

Village children at Seri guarding the machine whilst we are off to lunch

Vertical Freedom 10th Jul 2011 15:10

Tinje village from the air. Farming only 6 months a year, the rest of the time its all snow skiing country

Vertical Freedom 10th Jul 2011 15:13

Getting fresh air @ Kalikot 11,000 Nepal

Vertical Freedom 10th Jul 2011 15:15

Tinje, 14,100 Nepal in an AS350B2 with some sweet lovely Nepali ladies who were very shy to get photo with me. This spot is well above the snow line in winterhttp://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/...9/P1050893.jpg

Vertical Freedom 10th Jul 2011 15:18

Flying B2 over Mugu district far North/central Nepal; taking a short cut whilst the weather is good, the lower passes here are 19,000http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/...9/P1050929.jpg

Vertical Freedom 10th Jul 2011 15:20

Lake Rara in Nepal 10,400 @ 26oC amazing crystal clear, blue green colour, 5 miles long, 3 miles wide & 180meters deep just amazing to see. Note the weather all around, monsoon time.


BA609 12th Jul 2011 21:24

Very good pictures!:D

topendtorque 13th Jul 2011 21:40

and informative too, i never imagined spaces of country there not indated with snow and ice, thankyou for the journey, would be a great place to visit during the warmer months me thinks.

Vertical Freedom 14th Jul 2011 03:24

Thanks topendtorque, we are in the summer monsoons now, so many of those pics will be deeply buried in fresh snow in another 2 month

Decredenza 14th Jul 2011 04:43

I fly a B2 at sea level to 6000' where it has lots of power.

How is the helicopter's performance in Nepal? It looks like everywhere you land is a prepared helipad - I am sure that helps.

Vertical Freedom 14th Jul 2011 06:40

We land the B to about 10-11,000'amsl DA wow 15,000. the B2 15-17,000 DA over 20,K & the B3 well up to 23,000'amsl rescue up to 24,500'amsl so far for 1 climber.

JB-319 14th Jul 2011 14:44

VF : thank you for the great pics. Do you use oxygen above 15000' ?

Vertical Freedom 15th Jul 2011 06:31

Decredenza about 50-60% of landing are at prepared Helipads which makes for easier/safer run-ons & running take-offs when required. But the rest are whatever works, anywhere, SWAT & dive in, some are one way in, same way out.

JB-319 legal requirement is to use O2 continuously from 12,000' but we are generally start using from about 10-11,000' up

Vertical Freedom 15th Jul 2011 17:07

the ole' B is usually red line on Nr, not Ng or T4 huh forget torque, fuel pump limited above about 8-9,000 so only Nr droops :{

JB-319 15th Jul 2011 22:23

VF : I assume you lower the pitch as soon as you can count blades... ;)

Vertical Freedom 16th Jul 2011 08:13

normal ops, keep in the green :ok:

Elvis70 17th Jul 2011 20:22

I am very jealous of the Nepal flying you are doing. What a great experience. Please keep the photos coming.

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:42

19,000' for Rescue of Mugu area, Nepal, AS350B3+

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