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2022 HeliOps Calendar Giveaway - That Time

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2022 HeliOps Calendar Giveaway - That Time

Old 16th Oct 2021, 03:48
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Arrow 2022 HeliOps Calendar Giveaway - That Time

ATTN: All Members - Time for the annual HeliOps calendar giveaway.

Well the past year has been a shite of a year to be honest - me I have been stuck in NZ apart from one quick trip to Australia before they locked the border. I know some of you are still doing what you do around the world and some of you aren't - so thinking of everyone that isn't.

This year I will be doing the same as I did last year - once you post on the thread below you get a calendar for yourself and you can also nominate a friend or colleague to receive one also just to help brighten their day.

To take advantage of this years calendar just post on this thread how your year has been - the good - the bad or the ugly. There is no right or wrong but please post more than a one or two word post. Once you post send me a PM with both your name and postal address (Usernames here are suffice) along with name and postal address for the person you wish us to send a calendar to as well.

Kia Kaha to everyone and heres hoping the whole world starts opening up a bit more. Below are the images on this years calendar.

Ned - Publisher - HeliOps

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Old 16th Oct 2021, 13:36
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Thanks Ned

My year has been ok. Professionally my company hasn't been affected by Covid all that much cause we do mostly powerline and pipeline inspection flights, so no downturn there. Our sightseeing and charter business has been pretty weak but that was to be expected and it's is only a side business for us. All in all not too bad, privately is has been a pain in the ass cause not much travel was possible, a lot of stores closed for some time, not much leisure activity possible most of the time. It felt like being in a hamster wheel, work or sitting at home, not much else. I'm happy it's mostly over for me, been vaccinated since June, life is back to normal for most people here in Germany.
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Old 16th Oct 2021, 14:26
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Thanks for the offer Ned.

Oddly, this year seems to have blended seamlessly into last year, feeling like one continuous 2 year long period of uncertainty - not knowing whether we're beating this virus, whether life will will return to normal with the freedoms to travel and socialise as we took for granted before.

Once again, we count our blessings as a family. Yes, we've all been affected by the pandemic, sometimes directly and other times indirectly, but we've not lost anyone close so that must count near the top of the 'good things' list.

It seems all the pandemic 'goodwill' - help your neighbour spirit - from last year has gone, and the world seems to have returned to being an even more aggressive place once again as everyone seems to fight for their cause, their space. Nowhere is this more apparent then on the roads, where increasingly people drive just to suit themselves, without any consideration or hint that they realise there are laws and rules to be followed, such as keeping to your side of the road, and 'give way' when it is not your right of way.

Now there is the additional worry of financial problems looming, possibly collapse of some areas even, as markets adjust to the new normal. Inflation is soaring, markets teeter at the top of a bubble, and all the 'just in time' planning shows how poorly that philosophy can cope with even the slightest disturbances from 'normal'. In Europe, the UK especially, we have rather silly crises of our own making, petrol shortages, lorry driver shortages, goods shortages, gas costs spiraling upwards and threats of possible power / energy shortages. Record numbers of jobs needing to be filled but without the skilled workforce able to fulfill the need. And those who are working are having to support an unsustainable burden of social costs, including those out of work but un-skilled enough (or unwilling) to fill those jobs.

Probably this next year will see us switch our worries away from the pandemic to financial issues, which can be just as hard to cope with for those directly affected. I hope we all get through it OK, and that those hit the hardest are able to deal with the consequences and get through it somehow.
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Old 16th Oct 2021, 15:05
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It's all been a bit surreal.
It has been a harder year, emotionally. Too many people no longer with us, colleagues, friends, family. It has taken a toll on many.
Living on the arse end of the world, you get used to things working a bit differently.
Seeing first world countries creating their own issues, things that the third world live with most days, is mildly amusing - welcome to the club, enjoy your stay.
Wealthy nations hogging vaccine supplies which cause longer term health and financial issues in poorer countries.
The same countries that they want to go holiday in. I'm alright Jack - that's not a good formula for success.
This year has made me acutely aware of how selfish and entitled many people are.
People who preach about freedom and rights, but have no respect for the price previous generations have paid to exercise them, and with little consideration for others.
I would like to think, hope really, that the next years will be better, but I suspect we have some bigger problems coming and those that can afford it the least, will pay the price.

On that positive note, it's vino o'clock.
Keep the head down, and keep moving forward.

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Old 16th Oct 2021, 16:20
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What a great piece of work Ned.

This year there have been some busy times for some teams in Scottish Mountain Rescue as COVID-19 restrictions eased and people got back out there but unfit after months of sitting at home! Some of us were unfit too and could have done with a helicopter ride but that wasn't to be. The UK SAR Helicopter Service has been operating under a sensible range of COVID-19 restrictions and that means keeping their distance from us and other 'SAR stakeholders'. They have been busy and done some great work. Just a few days ago I watched Rescue 151 do a very long winch, with HI-line, out of a river gorge with high surrounding tree cover, with their usual careful professionalism. In my patch at least, we have fortunately not had any of the big searches that require large scale helicopter deployment. As the year draws to a close, we can see the prospect of some of the restrictions unrolling during the coming months.

2021 started with our friends at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency being all stoked up and ready to go with the bid process for the 2nd generation SAR aviation contract. That stalled for undisclosed reasons (when it got to the stage that a government minister had to use some big words). However, 6 weeks later the UKSAR2G process was again good to go and has been progressing steadily, though rather invisibly much of the time, through the year. Watching closely! A contract award is expect during Autumn 2022. The remaining bidders are Bristow Helicopters Limited and EEA Helicopters Operations B.V (CHC). The usual suspects.
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Old 16th Oct 2021, 18:32
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As always a calendar full of very nice pictures, thanks for the offer Ned.

Just like pilotmike I feel like 2020 has been more like an extension of 2019 with still loads of restrictions although with most people have had their 2 jabs they have eased a bit.
Hopefully this winter won't cause a big increase of cases and renewed pressure on the hospitals here to the extend that the lockdown comes back with a vengeance because a lot of people need human contact. Speaking with friends they all say that at first they relished working from home but now they prefer going back into the office to increase their human interaction.
On the work front nothing much changed, numbers offshore seem to be back up to pre-covid levels and also still a fair few covid related recovery flights each month.
Fingers crossed next year everything returns to a more normal so we can all resume life as we were used to!

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Old 16th Oct 2021, 19:30
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Looking ahead for 2022

Hi Ned.
Once again many thanks for these great calendars and amazing helicopter industry photos.

Not like 2020, this year starts smilling with some news for the offshore industry.
I've decide to leave my former company in the end of 2019 to get a new type rating on a more advanced aircraft and to change place. Based in Western Africa for 6 years the intention was to get there back again with with competence to fly a better helicopter for the offshore.
Well... Everybody know what happened. The pandemic closed all the opportunities to get a new job and I found myself with a new TR but with no way to get a job and some experience.
Fortunately I found a vacancy last year as a freelancer for HEMS that allowed me to get some income and some flying hours on the new type.
This year, some opportunities are arising with new contracts opened for the offshore companies. I just got a new job to get back to Western Africa. It's a great way to finish this year.

I'm looking to 2022 as light at the end of the tunnel.
Wish you and all the other ppruners a great 2022.

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Old 17th Oct 2021, 10:00
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Hi Ned,
as always, great calendar!

what a year 2021 was (still is)

Being paid by the gov I really had no worries about the job and payment – which really was a bonus, I appreciate.

Travelling on the motorways, with many people doing home office, was also much more relaxing. By now it seems worse than before….

On the other side, quite a lot people died – my dad, my mother in law, some friends… :-(

Just to many around me got diagnostic different kinds of cancer :-( Time for some check up....
Also – a drug addict tried to drown me – which was not only an unpleasant – and wet experience but also showed me, that I´m not as fit as I thought I were….
But having done a lot of dunker training really helped me out to stay cool – and the guy went to jail – and even my smartphone survived ;-)

Interesting were the approaches to react to the COVID regulations.
From the odd testing on a daily basis – over regulations to prevent mixing of crews to flying with masks, adding a plastic wall between the cockpit and the rest of the helicopter and installing air filters.

The vaccination and its side effects were another story. Roughly two thirds of our crew suffered to various degrees.

On the pro side – my wife and I decided, that we won´t wait until retirement to buy a camper van.
So we looked around in the booming industry and found a cool deal.
With the first of December we will have an half year old Citroen Jumper for a good price, which will allow for spontaneous and planed trips with our dogs – without the hassle of booking accommodation ;-)

"Flying Bull"

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Old 17th Oct 2021, 10:34
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Hi Ned,

Great work as always

Unfortunately, due to spineless management my colleagues and I find ourselves being made redundant at the end of the year and an incredibly professional and capable workforce with so many years of military flying experience are spread to the four winds.

Our Academy had such potential and the CV's of my workmates are impressive to say the least - an important training capability has been lost to the UK and the world. #ledbydonkeys

Look forward to another of your excellent calendars.
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Old 17th Oct 2021, 14:58
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Many thanks in advance once again!

This past year has been an odd one, indeed. I retired from my full time engineering job in June. Now able to devote myself full time to flying there's no work, and no place to go for a celebratory get-away. But, happily, things are finally picking up and been busy since September on with some mapping work, sensor work, photo flights, and tours. However now I'm AOG for three weeks as they work off some squawks that developed. So it's all up and down a bit, if you'll pardon the pun Hoping for more travel restrictions to ease up a bit more and maybe enjoy a tropical winter get-away somewhere.


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Old 17th Oct 2021, 15:23
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Crazy year for all concerned - here's to having a better 2022 committing some amazing aviation!
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Old 17th Oct 2021, 16:54
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Hi Ned,

It has indeed been an interesting time, though we didn’t stop work, we did only do urgent work during the British Shutdown but then we resumed with the routine work which kept me sane but the family did suffer a bit from being cooped up at home for this long period.

It was a learning experience to see how some of my colleagues got affected by it all even though you would have thought they were the last people to suffer any ill effects considering their characters and previous experience.

Things are vaguely returning to something we recognise as something we used to know as normal.

My heart goes out to my fellow Rotorheads and Plankdrivers who haven’t been so lucky.
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Old 17th Oct 2021, 20:53
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Another shite year until mid summer. Couldn't have been any worse than 2020 to be fair. Covid seems to have made the industry more mercenary than it was. People you thought you could reasonably rely on showed their true colours when the chips were down. Time for a new order and set things straight perhaps.
Others showed theirs by being there when needed, often as little as a phone call just to check each other was doing ok.

BUT calendars help so as always thanks for taking the time and effort to do this. PM sent.
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Old 18th Oct 2021, 00:06
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Thanks again for the generous offer, Ned.

I turned 64 this week on the 13th and earlier this year had applied for my Canada Pension which I was approved for. Guess I can now say I am semi-retired.

Like many others, I lost my job in 2020 thanks to Covid and of course, have since used up all savings/retirement funds I did not have. In the summer of this year, however, being as I am a safety guy, I was recommended by a friend for a position with a group of 3 First Nations bands to develop and implement an Occupational Health and Safety program. I was accepted as a full member of the Metis' Nation of Alberta and have accepted the job. I had to re-start my consulting company and, as this is a term position until March/22, I will see what happens then.

I remain involved with the helicopter industry as a freelance writer/photographer and am planning to increase my safety business to include both ground and air.

I will forward my info again, Ned, including that of my friend who is back in aviation full time as base manager for a helicopter company in BC.

All the best to you and all here...

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Old 18th Oct 2021, 14:40
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Co-Vid year qualifier for Ned's Calendar

Thanks for the offer Ned,
Working at a U.S. government facility maintaining helos. The restriction here is, we are required to wear a mask while on the base. I tried to come into the office as much as possible, ending up working from home 2 out of five days for about 6 months.
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Old 19th Oct 2021, 21:17
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Anyone Else as calendars are being sent out on the weekend (4 days time) to allow plenty of time to get them where they need to be by the end of the year. Covid has slowed down postal services massively.
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Old 20th Oct 2021, 13:36
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Ned, as always: Thanks for the offer.

This year has been my last year as a private helicopter pilot (at least for the foreseeable future).
Due to job demands, the poor heli charter situation in my area and additional important private tasks, my available time for flying got way too few to fly as safe as I'd like to.
So I decided to add to aviation safety by not being a part of it anymore.
Hopefully, somewhere in the future, my schedules change and I get a new medical by then to enter a cockpit front seat once more.
'Cause I still look up on hearing rotor blades...Loved flying, love the community, and I do continue reading the forums once in a while

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Old 21st Oct 2021, 00:45
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Originally Posted by Thracian View Post
Ned, as always: Thanks for the offer.

This year has been my last year as a private helicopter pilot (at least for the foreseeable future).
Due to job demands, the poor heli charter situation in my area and additional important private tasks, my available time for flying got way too few to fly as safe as I'd like to.
So I decided to add to aviation safety by not being a part of it anymore.
Hopefully, somewhere in the future, my schedules change and I get a new medical by then to enter a cockpit front seat once more.
'Cause I still look up on hearing rotor blades...Loved flying, love the community, and I do continue reading the forums once in a while

Hard choice, Thracian, but good on you for doing so, brother...
As Transport Canada told me after a stroke and a triple by-pass... "Thou art now a passenger"...
Was a bitter pill to swallow, but better than thundering in!!!
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Old 21st Oct 2021, 16:29
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Devil 72 y/o fat bald and old.

Not flying anymore but still missing it
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Old 21st Oct 2021, 21:25
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G'Day, Ned, and thank you for your customary generosity. The calendar photography is spectacular; unfortunately to see the year 2022 depicted reminds me that Devil 49 and I must be twin brothers of different mothers, for I am fat, bald, and 72 as well! My end-stage COPD precludes my being able to fly again, but, by God, I have some spectacular and gentle memories. I wish you and our fellow PPRuNers CAVOK and tailwinds.

With Gratitude,

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