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The R22 corner: Owning, flying & training questions

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The R22 corner: Owning, flying & training questions

Old 8th Feb 2008, 19:39
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Someone mentioned Enstroms... I think I'm aware of a couple of 480's that are very similar money to R44's... Are they that much cheaper than jetboxes?!
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Old 8th Feb 2008, 21:10
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What happened to the Wind Thread ?

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Old 9th Feb 2008, 09:17
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What happened to the Wind Thread ?
There are various types of wind (more hot wind then cool wind).. on many threads !!!!!
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Old 10th Feb 2008, 20:08
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wind and R22

Windy days in Robinson's finest...

Lost Piano Player --

Absolutely spot on. With 3 suggestions:

1/ Blade sail. if you park/position 30 degrees out of wind, then the potential for hitting the tail is further diminished in high/gusty winds.

2/ Experience. Obviously you are quite comfortable in what most people would consider to be extremely challenging conditions. What you can cope with may be WAY beyond the limits of a lot of R22 (and other) pilots.

3/ In GENERAL TERMS, the pilot will fail before the machine, so if you aren't confident with being able to cope with the weather conditions, don't take off. If you are in the air when the bumps start, remember that the machine CAN cope until you get on the ground again.

Big Ls.
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 23:16
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Hook up the drain to a clear hose and swing the hose back up into the tank. for the R22 I'd put 10 litres in at a time then line up the broomstick beside the tube and mark away.
The syndicate I was in thought about doing it but we decided it was only a matter of time before somebody damaged the indicating system and created more headaches. I think you will find that dipsticks have been avoided for obvious reasons.....Frank would not like the idea of any foreign objects being put into Robbie tanks. If you are the sole pilot and are pretty careful it may work well for you though.
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 01:46
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Locked fuel caps

I do not want to open a new thread but talking about fuel tanks, does any body know where can I buy locked fuel caps; I have not been able to find them.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 03:30
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Sandy - I'll try and remember to look at one for you today and pm you later. No guarantees on accuracy of course, but it's more comforting than the useless fuel gauges in the R44 and ours is a Robinson dipstick. Cheers, WW
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 22:51
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does it matter whether it's an Imperial Dipstick or a Metric Diptstick?
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 23:53
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So Robinson do have dipsticks then? Do they do one for the R22?
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Old 24th Feb 2008, 05:00
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Sandy - have a look at your PMs.

I favour a dipstick in pints myself; makes it more useful for dipping the yard of ale

H-kiwi - can't answer your question about R22 dipstick I'm afraid. You'll have to contact the factory.

Cheers, WW
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Old 24th Feb 2008, 07:16
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As far as i know a dipstick will be with the aircraft when delivered new....If its not there now...blame the previous pilot!! All our machines have one(R22 & 44, I remember seeing 2 different ones for the R22, one foe each tank. Dont know if you can get them outside the factory. I will ask our engineers and let you know!

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Old 24th Feb 2008, 07:55
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I used to have one dipstick for the R22 i had a few years ago, had AUX in RED one one side and main in Blue on the otherl. That wasn't a factory item. I think the factory supply two with different scales, one for each tank.

I also seem to recall that Mini ( from the 60s-90s car) fuel caps fit R22s and possibly R44s. As to whether its acceptable to use them is another matter !
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Old 24th Feb 2008, 09:21
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Better red than ...
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I had a nice metal one but it was stolen (if anybody finds in please return it to me).

I'm told that it is not a std part but was made by Sloane Helicopters.
I guess if you can find one you can just have it copied.

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Old 28th Feb 2008, 17:39
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My R44 came with a fuel dipstick.

It is inscribed 'Main tank/ U.S. Gallons' and is calibrated to 45 US max.

The main tank holds 30 US, the Aux 20 ( rounded values). The Aux feeds into the Main.

It therefore reads the contents of both tanks. Because the combined fuel capacity is 50 US, RHC presumably decided on a 5 US fudge factor, possibly to allow for uneven ground?

I can easily provide you with a drawing or photo with measurements if you wish.


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Old 28th Feb 2008, 18:37
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R22's come with both Main and Aux tank dipsticks calibrated in USG.

R44's come with a dipstick (for the Main) which give you the total contents of the two tanks combined, calibrated in USG.

Dipsticks, rotor tie-downs, fuselage cover, pilot cushion, cyclic end-cap and fancy documents bag are all standard with a new Robbo. Obviousley over the years things go missing, mainly dipsticks though!

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Old 12th May 2008, 06:52
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Negative G Demonstration

Does anyone know any schools demonstrating negitive G in the air in R22s ?
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Old 12th May 2008, 07:39
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Avoid imitations
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I think if there are, there were probably no survivors.
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Old 12th May 2008, 08:12
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Rumour has it a french pilot used to demo negative G in an R22 but unfortunately met his demise doing that very thing. Only heard it in passing so not sure how much truth in it.

Why on earth would you want to anyway? Death wish? Go in something like a Bolkow to get the experience but leave well alone in a Robbo!!!
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Old 12th May 2008, 08:15
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As I understand it, this was removed from the syllabus years ago (c. '97) after a German pilot took 3 members of the "German CAA" up in an R44 to demonstrate low g and the recovery - and killed them all.

I know an instructor that claims to be the only one to survive a 'mast bump' in an R22 and that was because he started to demo the recovery just as the 'droop stops' hit the mast. He said it was as if the mast had been hit with a sledge hammer.

Low G demo is one thing - but if you go too far the recovery is just theory.
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Old 12th May 2008, 08:21
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I know it's probably been discussed in the R22 thread, but how easy is it to get into a low g situation during "normal" flying?
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