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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 28th Sep 2007, 05:51
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The Italian company Eni, parent company of Saipem have confirmed that during yesterday's raid on their Saipem base in Port Harcourt, one Colombian was killed, another and aone Filipino are missing, presumed kidnapped .

Condolences to the family of the Colombian man who was murdered.

MEND are denying that they carried out the attack, but admit that another group may have carried it out as a result of recent statements they have issued since the arrest of one of their members in Angola.

The unrest in the Delta isn't going to stop anytime soon, so please be careful out there and don't be lulled into a false sense of security just because things quieten down for a bit.
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Old 29th Sep 2007, 21:07
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What kind of equipment did Nigerian Customs purchase? It seems like they maybe aren't doing too much - so it should be a very safe operation!

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Old 30th Sep 2007, 14:52
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Everything continues to improve with CHC here in PHC. Now we have a helicopter which can't even find a nice big offshore deepwater drillship even in good weather, with GPS. Seems he'd only gone about 20 miles past it and the ops people looking at the SkyTrack were quite happy because at least the helicopter was still showing as airborne on their screens .
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Old 1st Oct 2007, 01:42
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judging fast

I found Mama put that you jump quicly to a conclusion. What if the crew had the wrong coordinates, it will not be the first and certainly not the last. I found that some time people are quick to throw the first rock.

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Old 1st Oct 2007, 18:21
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What Conclusion?


Okay show me where I reached any conclusion. I just said that the crew couldn't find the ship. You may draw any conclusion from that you want. If, as you infer, the crew had incorrect co-ordinates and you know that to be a fact why not come out and say so? If they didn't, why not? Had the movable offshore vessel moved without informing CHC?
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Old 1st Oct 2007, 18:46
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Smile CHC a Better Deal than Bristow with Weak US$

The weak US$ must be causing Bristow international even more recruiting problems, especially as they only pay all new hires now in US$. The greenback is plummeting and looks set to continue to do so, against the Canadian $ and the £ sterling and the €. 1 US$ now only buys 99 Canadian cents, 49 UK pence or 70 Euro cents. With better daily rates for food, a more modern fleet and a growing need for pilots it seems like a good time to think about moving across to CHC
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Old 1st Oct 2007, 23:41
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Hi MP, I don`t have the facts and I don`t know what happen except from your post. You were right you didn`t reach any conclusion, just been sarcastic. From my experience it happen at a few occasion that a ship send the wrong coordinates and the crew had to return to base or their alternate. Or the rig move without informing anybody. Basically it doesn`t matter who make a mistake, 99 percent of the time the crew will get the blame.
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Old 2nd Oct 2007, 05:37
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Thumbs down MEND deny involvement in latest atrocity

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has sent out a new e mail denying any involvement in the killing of one expatriate and the kidnapping two others in last wekk's attack on Saipem base Port Harcourt:

Information reaching MEND indicates that the Saipem attack of thursday, september 27 2007 was carried out by some renegade soldiers of the Nigerian military in collaboration with some criminal gangs who wanted to exploit our statement of last week Sunday declaring an end to the cease fire in order to kidnap for ransom. MEND sympathises with the family of the Colombian who was killed during the attack.

Two weeks ago, in an unrelated incident, some soldiers attached to the joint task force were secretly executed in Port Harcourt by the Nigerian army. The men who are citizens of southern Nigeria were accused of being spies sympathetic to militants in the vanguard of the emancipation struggle.

This extra-judicial killing by the military is another indication of its frustration in the fight against justice in the Niger Delta and the absence of the rule of law. Foreigners are now labelled and arrested as spies just because they want to expose the truth to the outside world.Recently two Germans and an American were arrested for “spying”.

Soldiers of the Nigerian army are no longer psychologically motivated and commited. It is a generally known fact that this bunch of spineless soldiers commit atrocities such as extortion, rape, harassment and intimidation of hapless civilians in the Niger Delta. We have said it time without number that entrusting the security of the Niger Delta to the rapacious Nigerian military and their political controllers will only bring more pain to the people of the region.

Oil companies entrusting their security on the Nigerian government while turning a blind eye to the injustice in the niger Delta will surely continue to witness monumental disapointments.

Jomo Gbomo
A telling indictment of the lack of commitment to solve the problems in the Delta (and indeed blame them on others) by an incompetent military and a bunch of armed thugs masquerading as politicians. Luckily the two Germans who were accused of spying whilst gathering material for a documentary have now been released.
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Old 2nd Oct 2007, 09:18
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The first casualty of war is the truth


You may well be right that it is the military that is commiting attrocities and blaming it on others. I would, however, at least consider the possibility that MEND occasionally does something less than totally noble, or even makes an error.

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Old 2nd Oct 2007, 13:29
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A raise for the Bristow boys then,
Part of a press release

The agreement with the second customer is for helicopters, and the extension period is from October 2007 through September 2008. This contract calls for a rate increase effective April 2008 for approximately 80% of the equipment involved.
"We expect these agreements to result in improved operating margins for our West Africa business unit and reflect our continuing effort to move this operation towards its target hurdle return rate," said William E. Chiles, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bristow Group. "We remain in negotiations with one additional customer in Nigeria, which we expect to successfully complete in the near future. We are following through on our commitment to operate in Nigeria safely, profitably and in compliance with laws and regulations."
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Old 2nd Oct 2007, 18:02
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in compliance with laws and regulations


One's overly cynical mind starts to drift off along the lines of whether they have found, maybe, a white envelope to replace the old "sneaky" brown ones.
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Old 2nd Oct 2007, 18:47
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Canadian $

We should still get paid more to be here in Nigeria. Would be interesting to see what Ian Richards has been offered
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Old 2nd Oct 2007, 18:56
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I think that after over 35 years here I may just have considered that
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Old 3rd Oct 2007, 19:33
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Oh dear, seems that previously mentioned rig has been in the same spot for months, but the aircraft rather carelessly continued on for over 60 miles past it. Still they had some fuel on return. As long as lessons are learned no harm will have been done this time.
I'm a bit worried about my next sim ride now. I'm told that if I pass I may lose my command . Oh well, maybe I'll be able to get a posting away from here then .
I hear Ian's been offered an extra allowance for painkillers because of all the headaches he's going to get from pilots who may have been told something just a liiiiiitle bit short of the reality when he was doing screw planning.
Bristow may not be losing any pilots to CHC (they're certainly losing engineers) but they're certainly losing pilots to retirement, other jobs elsewhere and sickness. Seems they're about at critical mass for imploding right now.
But, no matter what, it's nowhere near as bad as the Emirates yet.
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Old 4th Oct 2007, 18:25
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West Africa/Nigeria etc.

I spent days reading this thread through - interesting reading! After been subjected to Warri, 5N-BHL and the occasional check ride by whom I suspect is the Major, I decided to leave and attend other more profitable efforts in the Middle East. It is obvious Nigeria has changed - for the worse.
It seems to me that those who made their proverbial beds now have the delicate problem of sleeping therein - with or without local benefits!
Since Nigeria et al is sooo baaaad, then why stay? There are soo many better salaries out here, in better conditions, with only minor irritations attached. So the life of an expat is difficult and challenging - and your collective points are what?? Go pay the Tax Man! Or even better - go and work twice as hard at home for meager funds.
SASless used the term 'Tea Bag' because he meant exacty that - wet, limp and without flavor - HELLO!! I too have many Brits as friends, but, there comes a time when enough is enough!
One would have thought that with unacceptable conditions and aircraft, the next move would be OOL - Out Of Lagos. Sorry Toto, this ain't Kansas, but follow the Yellow Brick Road, lots of them out there!
This is Helicopter Industry; politics reigns supreme as everywhere else and will continue to do so until a stand is taken - by whom? - The ones who actually do the work out there habitually flying questionable aircraft to line the pockets of those who sign the paycheques, drive Mercedez Benzes/ Jaguars, then squabble about funds for the pilots! Nothing will change that. International politricks is, for the most part out of our reach.
WE are the ones who have the power to change that attitude, but instead of taking the challenge, over 100 pages are spent on what can best be described as drivel; entertaining, but.....
Take a stand - LOTS of jobs out here!
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Old 4th Oct 2007, 20:49
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My use of the expression "Teabag" has always been one of selective targetiing of very few specific "Brits" who manage to demonstrate everything wrong with an imperial, bigoted, and totally obnoxious manner of conduct.

The vast preponderance of "Brits" I have encountered over the past forty years have been anything but "Teabags" and I consider myself to be very fortunate in having had the opportunity to know them.

It goes without saying that other nationalities have equally offensive persons thus the "Brits" do not have a monopoly on obnoxious people.

I suppose my choice of the expression "Tea Bag" is derived from my country men's attempt at making saltwater tea in Boston one night early in the life of my country as it was a totally unsuccessful recipe.

Thus please do not assume I use the term loosely or without giving some thought as to the applicability of the term. I suppose in this current environment of adhering to "politically correct" language.....I should just simply call them "anal orifices"!
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Old 5th Oct 2007, 05:27
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Thanks for the recognition

It is gratifying to see that I have made a small impact already

See you all again soon
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Old 5th Oct 2007, 09:35
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Political correctness -- or not?

SASless, My Dear Fellow!

I couldn't agree more! It is with a great degree of satisfaction there seems to be a deafening pause.

My points are:
1.) We all are here to do nothing other than pay bills - current or otherwise. That is the bottom line.
2.) We have all, at some time or other prostituted our skills in the name of acquiring precious metals in order to keep body and soul together.
3.) We have been forced to accept that which was thrust at us, take it or leave it, due to market pressures - $12.00 per unit in the early days; same is now $70 odd per unit and therefore feel we deserve better.
3.) We have, for the most part, due in no small part to our various ethics - not ethnics - been flowing forth with a $12.00 mind-set, but are not, again for the most part, prepared to challenge the system - for various reasons.
4.) Those who choose not to do so fall into four main categories:
a. The unambitious or cowed who are willing to accept the $12 per unit syndrome, and therefore refuse to make waves.
b. The politically motivated who, at first blush appear to be brown nosing their way through the system - But, if notice is taken, are the ones who actually succeed in getting what they want - unfortunately most times regardless of the cost to their fellows.
c. The whimps who do nothing but stir the waters and back off to see on which back they can ride out the existing storm. What they actually achieve is to make muddy those waters and delay whatever miniscule progress happens to be forming, or worse, gives the paycheque signers reason to delay further.
d. The doers who have had enough and actually seek gainful employment elsewhere, and who make some effort to improve the lot of our cherished profession. No company is going to die because of a resignation. But, sufficient resignations WILL attract attention.
5.) I am not of the opinion that doing nothing will, or can produce positive results.

6.) Tea bags are not restricted to GMT. I have many friends from the East after whom I have taken example. The example I chose to accept was to 'Comply, then complain.' If it doesn't suit, change it; if it refuses to change, then get out or reassess my position. Recce the enemy carefully, plan your work, work your plan. What happened to the work ethic? Where is that pride and joy we strove so hard to get? Where is that edge we were so proud of? I think it got dulled over the years of prostition.

7.) It is obvious we have lost track of who we are and what we do. When was the last time we actually thought through the process of arriving safely on deck at night? - Try it; it might surprise you just how difficult it is and how we achieve that result without thinking every motion and nuance through to where the skids are down and the throttles at idle. THAT is who we are and what we do; we shoulder serious responsibilities, we are highly trained - and we are at the apex of our professional lives. Professional motivation is seriously lacking - and remember, we are handing this to our successors who watch us carefully and take example.

8.) I am not suggesting the PHI thing of 2006 is needed. What I am saying is that our profession has always collected individuals who think differently. PHI had to deal with a system that represented the collective. We will never be that collective, otherwise we would be in the GM. What we have is a collection of individuals who must represent themselves singly in order that the collection can prosper.

9.) Confucious say: Shoot for the stars and hit the moon - ok; but you have to shoot for something!

10.) Moaning and groaning is NOT going to make anything change for the better -(Tea bag or not!)

Probably a few more doers can take pages out of our book!
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Old 5th Oct 2007, 21:37
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Ian, don't get too cocky, this aint Kanbauk or the Cushy YVR office, come prepared for malaria !!!! That will be the easy side ..... ooh this is going to be fun
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Old 6th Oct 2007, 18:09
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Grrr Nigerian Senate to Tour Niger Delta Creeks

As part of activities to mark its retreat in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, later this month, the Senate has mapped out modalities to visit the Niger Delta creeks so as to get a first hand knowledge of the suffering of the people. Their findings will be used to finetune intervention strategies during Constitution amendment debates in the Senate.
Disclosing this yesterday at the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), headquarters, Deputy Senate President, Chief Ike Ekweremadu assured foreign investors that security of lives and properties had returned to the region.
Well that's okay then and if you ignore the expatriate killed and the 2 kidnapped during the raid on saipem yard last week I suppose that you could delude yourself that there's no government curfew in Port Harcourt and that most expats don't live in fortified camps which they leave in their escorted armed convoys only to go to work . Which planet does the bunch which currently passes for a government in this country come from
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