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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 26th Mar 2007, 01:30
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SSS cracks hostage-taking ring

''..........Meanwhile, the State Security Services (SSS) in Port Harcourt has cracked the hostage taking ring in the city as they arrested and paraded two men, Ekene Ibebuka (21) and Nnamdi Eme (42) while declaring their alleged sponsor and former gubernatorial aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Clark Igodo wanted with N5 million price on his head.
According to the SSS, also declared wanted is one Famous, the Chief Security Adviser to Saipem who gave insider information to hostage takers on potential hostages in the company as well as all the people the duo named as their accomplices in the hostage taking and armed robbery.
Parading the self confessed hostage takers, the State Director of SSS, Alhaji Kola Adesina, said they spread their dragnet which caught the duo while about 13 of their colleagues were still at large and therefore wanted for immediate arrest and prosecution.
Ibebuka, according to the SSS boss, confessed to being a member of the Puper III group under the Degbam cult group led by one Ninger in addition to admitting being a member of the 15 hostage takers who abducted an American and a Briton at Rumuolumeni.
He said the boy confessed that one China who brought him into the deal led the attack while the said Prince Igodo allegedly supplied them with arms and ammunitions used for the operation.
“The suspect was given N2.4 million as his own share from the ransom paid to secure the release of the hostages. He used part of it to purchase one Mercedes Benz 190 padded car and reclaimed his father’s land that was leased out by his father in Umozu, Nwangele LGA Imo State.
"Ibebuka gave the names of others who participated in the operations with him but now on the run as Ammoni, Tonye, Tomi, Nkem (all cocaine dealers in Abonema Wharf) Imo, Belema, Asibike, Anekan (Drug dealers and armed robbers), Adesina said."
Ibebuka was said to have confessed to armed robbery in various parts of Port Harcourt where sums of money were stolen. They include robbery on Ikwerre road early in 2006 where a man was robbed of N250, 000.00; robbery at Rumuokuta in December 2005 where they robbed their victim of N90, 000.00; robbery at East/West road in 2006 where they stole N170, 000.00 and robbery at SBS Bus stop, Rumuokuta where a woman was robbed of N20, 000.00 and two handsets.
His accomplice Eme alias Jackson, a 2005 graduate of Mass Communication from Rivers State University of Science and Technology from Okpolu, Emuoha Local Government Area of Rivers State claimed to have been a loyalist of Asari Dokubo.
He is also the head of the Igodo hostage taking group along Rumuolumeni/Iwofe and Ogbogoro axis in the State.
He claimed to have been contemporaries with Prince Igodo and both were known as titans and later, the arrowheads of Degbam cult group in Rivers State.
He confessed having led the Degbam attack on Dewell at Rumuche where five persons were killed.
Eme also told the SSS that he led the group that abducted one Blessing Orlu (AKA Young Chief) who has not been seen since then not been seen, adding that he is also a member of the Kuklus Klan Konfraternity (KKK).
On the abduction of two expatriates, he fingered Prince Igodo as the leader of the group and one that provided the arms and ammunitions used in the operations, adding that Igodo later kept the hostages somewhere in Tombia for 11 days before their release.
He listed those who participated in the abduction as Dube, Daddy Johnson, Escapee, Ibinima (AKA IB), China , Master, Harvest, Toochi Chukwu, Jamin, Adisa, Daddy and KK.
Eme said the money paid by the wife of the Briton whose health was bad for the release was shared on prorate basis among the hostage takers recruited from different communities where participants from Buguma got N17 million; Ogbakiri and Akpor N14 million; Tombia N17 million while he got N2.5 million.
He confessed to using N1.3 million to purchase a Toyota Camry Salon car before participating in the kidnap of another expatriate and his driver at Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt in January 2007 with eight other accomplices.
He gave the names of those who participated in the second kidnap as Daddy Johnson, Dube Lucky, Ibima (IB), Monday, Dady, Famous (Security Adviser to Saipem), Nnamdi and Emma known as “Founder”.
He confessed to collecting N500,000.00 from the N20 million ransom paid while in another abduction of three expatriates in a hotel in Port Harcourt in January 2007, he got N2 million.
He confessed to have been present at meetings in Elegwo in Tombia which later turned to the discussion center of hostage taking issues and at one of such meetings; they decided to purchase 10 AK47 rifles for N300, 000.00 each.
He named Ogwechi Amadi, Nwamoje, Nmalem Amadi, Boss and Attraki as those who participated in the Eagle Cement axis where they were on a reprisal attack over the rape of a lady related to their leader.
When THISDAY asked both of them what led them into the hostage taking business, they both replied that it was due to cash crunch as their businesses were not doing well.
Particularly, Emeh confessed that, “my involvement in hostage taking is not because of furthering the Niger Delta cause; I did it to help my self as my supply business was not doing well”.
They said if they could be left off the hook, they will campaign for other youths to leave the business but appealed for forgiveness as they have realised that it was a bad thing to do.''

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Old 26th Mar 2007, 12:18
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He used part of it to purchase one Mercedes Benz 190 padded car
Does this mean he drives "crazy"?
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Old 26th Mar 2007, 17:30
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Post Padded Mercedes


It's a bit like a paded bra if you like. It's those old Mercedes which have a broad band of plastic trim (about bumper - or fender for our transatlantic cousins - width) which runs around the car on the bottom of the doors. Mercedes with this particular trim are known as 'padded'. There are also, of course, flat boot and V boot models
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Old 26th Mar 2007, 17:47
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I see....

I had been wondering about that one, myself. Now I know the one you are referring to.

I remember one time a local colleague was talking about someone we knew who had just bought 'a veeboo.' I finally had to interrupt to ask what in the world that was, when he just gave me a look as if to ask where I had been locked away. It means the old E-series Mercedes, where the boot lid comes down at an angle on both sides at the back, so 'vee-boot.'

The funniest one of all, I think, is to call the little motorcycle taxis 'Okadas,' after the late airline. We had a colleague who was notoriously cheap but when he was spotted sending his second-best, local girlfriend home on an Okada rather than in, at least, a Peugeot 504, well, his cred went to zero!
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Old 26th Mar 2007, 20:38
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Yes, I can just imagine that. The remnants of Chief Igbenidion's airline can still be seen, blackened with mould at Benin airport. The Esama of Bini Kingdom and founder of Okada Airlines was one of the richest men in Nigeria. His business empire included Okada Air (now moribund), a bank (now distressed), a private boarding school, hospital, car dealership, and an international trading firm. A very flamboyant man, Gabriel Igbinedion, started experiencing a decline in fortunes and was reputed to have been heavily in debt to the tune of billions of naira. However, this trend took a different turn after his first son, Lucky, became the Governor of Edo State.

Don't forget also in Lagos those little 3 wheeler motor scooters, first built by Vespa (or Piaggio?) in Italy, then manufactured in India and finally being built here in Ikeja as the result of an incentive by former Lagos State Military Administrator, Brig-Gen. Mohammed Buba Marwa and now known as 'Marwas'. They still cut a dash through the Ikeja traffic and offer a bit more protection from the elements than an Okada.
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Old 27th Mar 2007, 08:12
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Oh, God! Yes, we had those three-wheelers in Viet Nam as well, where they were known as 'dong carts' (after the local currency, the 'dong').

I remember one day in the rainy season watching a local blatting along in Lagos traffic in his three-wheeler, working its wonky little windscreen wiper with his left hand while steering with his right. It really didn't look very safe, even by local terms.

I guess it's one more marker of the decline of Nigeria, in that when I got there in the early Eighties one expected to use a Peugeot 504 as a taxi. The idea of an Okada or a Marwa had not yet surfaced; people were still waiting for the boom years of the Seventies to return.

Remember the Lagos Metro scheme, how that one would come and go, until it finally went? There is something similar in the middle of Palermo, Sicily, with a long line of huge, round concrete pillar bases marching through the middle of town, the only remnant of an elevated light railway that collapsed due to (wait for it!) bribery and corruption.

Then there would be the occasional shipments of red buses to mark the complete rejuvenation of Lagos public transport. That would last about six months until you saw all these rolling wrecks, missing lights, windows and most anything else not absolutely necessary for forward motion. The horn always worked, though!

I suppose some have now been scrapped but when Okada was still going many Nigerian airports had at least one wrecked BAC-1-11, always with the nose gear wiped out. The odd thing was that they never even bothered to paint out the airline name on the wreck. What, was it free advertising or something?
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 20:49
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Nigerian In Law
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None So Pious Etc Etc.............

Hey Chuks,

Am I the only one who's noticed how your posts are showing a trend towards increasingly criticising Nigeria ?

Lest we forget, following the shooting of the bus which you've brought up a lot of times since you left, you kept coming back for another, what, 5 years or so until you were, as you put it, "retired". And took the money like the rest of us.

By the way, your Teutonic ex colleague (the architect of your demise), has himself moved on to pastures new, in the Antipodean region I hear.

Enjoy the Algerian desert and watch out for the gangs of renegade camels

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Old 30th Mar 2007, 06:30
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Got me there, I guess!

Anyone else here old enough to remember 'The Fatal Glass of Beer'? It's an old W. C. Fields sketch. At the climax the prodigal son piously tells his parents, 'I took that tainted money and threw it in the river!' at which they throw his loser ass out in the snow. Me, I took that tainted money and kept it, every kobo. SASless uses his to torment innocent fish. You, I suppose, have founded an orphanage?

I noticed with pleasure that many of my colleagues used theirs to give aid and comfort to wayward women, a rather pleasant form of charity. 'Well, yes, I do give (Blessing, Charity, Patience, Prudence... insert name here) money but that is just for her family. She luurves me!' Ah! So nothing to do with her fulfilling your fantasies then.

You mean that I switched at some point from saying things were just fine in Nigeria (aside from whining about almost being shot on the way to work) to complaining about the place? I like the people but that is about it; pretty much anything to do with the government is in a real state and I thought that was always my position. Should I put a positive spin on the idea of people being reduced to buzzing around in lousy little three-wheelers where they could once afford beat-up Peugeot 504s? If I could do that I would have been a manager instead of just a driver.

It takes a sunny disposition to think kidnap victims being released, without the criminals being brought to justice, is a good thing. The Nigerian system is just not very, ah, 'systematic,' is it? You get the odd guy serious about reform but it's mostly a country being ruled by a criminal elite, a 'kleptocracy.'

As to my esteemed German colleague there, did a position for an Experimental Test Pilot come open on a kangaroo ranch or did he simply wear out his welcome? This time of year in Germany is especially stressful for his sort of guy; the crows are becoming active and they just love to crap on Porsches, when their excrement damages the paint. If he were a tiny bit smarter he might imagine that to be one birdman's greetings to another; as it is he just worries about where to park.
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Old 30th Mar 2007, 07:34
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I continue to be heartened by the quality of the writing on this thread.

As one who spent some time in Port Harcourt in the early days (flying the Bell 206 and S55T) I remain interested. The fact that this thread also attracts the better of the posters appears to indicate that intelligence and gambling are not mutually exclusive.

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Old 1st Apr 2007, 22:23
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Thumbs down Another Expat Kidnapped in Nigeria

In an attack on the rig Bulford Dolphin by militants 3 people were kidnapped, including one expatriate. The Bulford dolphin was attacked in June last year and extra security measures were put in place, but it seems the militants took control of a supply boat and used that to gain access to the rig. As the elections grow closer the danger to expatriates increases. Doubtless there will be calls for helicopters to be sent to villages carrying Presidential candidates or their supporters, but if the managements of aero and Bristow have any sense of responsibility for their expat employees they will not allow flights to any 'bush' locations.
Sadly, Nigeria has been subverted by its riches. According to a report in a recent issue of National Geographic, in a recent United Nations report, Africa's most populous nation has gone from being self-sufficient in food to having an import debt and even has to import the bulk of its fuel because its refineries are nearly always broken down. According to that UN report in terms of quality of life, Nigeria rates below all other major oil nations, from Libya to Indonesia. Its annual per capita income of $1,400 is less than that of Senegal which exports mainly fish and ground-nuts. Naturally the financially and morally bankrupt government tries to shift the blame for this from itself to the oil majors. Whilst they are undoubtedly complicit with the governments, both military and civil, for the state of the country, the major blame rests with the government itself as it receives the income from the oil and then steals it . If anyone believes that the government will come to their aid and help them if they work there as an expatriate and subsequently fall in harms way, they are living in a dream world. the government of Nigeria and the oil companies operating there don't give a tuppeny damn about the expatriates who help make all the profits for them to steal. They will only care if their share of the plunder is reduced. So, if you're working in Nigeria, make sure that your company has a clearly laid out policy, on paper, of its duty of care to you. If not, you have no real security at all. In the present situation, whilst our professional lives may be safety driven, our personal lives (on site) should be security driven and excuses of cost should not be accepted as they are a minor part of the overall cost of operating in Nigeria .
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Old 1st Apr 2007, 22:33
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twisted wrench.

I guess from your user name and profile, you are one of the new engineer imports in Aero. You live in apparent comfort in a seemingly secure location (Areta) and travel to work for your half day of duty, in a secure convoy, to a secure place of work. You have no idea of the real world outside your nice hangar and crew-room with running tea and coffee. You don't have to fly 6 days a week to locations where you may be hijacked or subject to an RPG attack. So now, tell me, what's your "I'm OK", complacent, point?
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Old 2nd Apr 2007, 00:26
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Now that I am a Pensioner as most of the old Crows are in the BHL crewroom....I shall promise to confine my fishing to non-innocent fish (aka Sharks) for sport.

However, as the scheme to follow in Friend Teach's travels, if not his endeavours....other targets of opportunity remain vulnerable.

I do hope I retain my noggin squarely atop my neck( unlike Friend Teach) and spend many enjoyable days splicing the Main Brace and all those other piratical shennigans.

Even here in the gunkholes of coastal carolina, the British had a way of stifling one's creative bent and soured many a riotous escapade.

Perhaps, I can out Chuks on one of his evil schemes....something about spreading judicious amounts of bird seed atop the Porsche to lure all the surrounding pigeons to stand and sup a while.

He will deny it of course but one only has to recall he spent many absent days riding about on his Honda 50 while on holiday in Germany.
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Old 2nd Apr 2007, 01:01
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Sasless - did they still have the shark's jaws mounted behind the bar at Eket?
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Old 2nd Apr 2007, 03:52
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Remembering some of the animal acts that occurred in the old Eket Airport digs....I would not be surprised at all. Alas, that facility got run over by a bulldozer when the runway got widened.

I don't recall seeing them....but then I spent my time peering into the pint glass hoping to find redemption.
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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 15:32
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they were there up until the time of the move to Qua Iboe terminal, upon removal from the wall they disintergrated!!
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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 16:51
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Nigerian In Law
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There May Be Trouble Ahead..............

Kidnappings have started again, electioneering is causing massive gridlock whenever an aspirant moves around, violence predicted in major cities. Not good !!

I'm sure we can expect a few "I told you so" posts from the usual suspects as the elections (and difficulties) loom. Any pearls of wisdom ?


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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 19:30
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Pearls of Wisdom....from a bunch of helicopter pilots?

Never wear brown shoes with a blue suit.

Limitations are for normal operations.

Pee when you can.

Know exactly where the next fuel source is.

OPB is cheaper than your own.

Drive it like you stole it.

Dance like no one is looking.

Friends are forever....you are not.

In response to "What have you for me?" Respond "God's Blessings!"
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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 20:34
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Sasless you forget:

Keep enough fuel to divert to cameroon

In response to "What have you for me?" Respond "God's Blessings!" or (depend who's in front of you) respond "my beautifull body"
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Old 3rd Apr 2007, 20:54
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Damn Questions

hey Froggers

A beaudifull body might be a bit far fetched...I say the uglier the better .

I remember that bum asking for 4000Naira at Lagos airport for holding my suitcase...
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Old 4th Apr 2007, 22:43
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Mama Put, sorry mate I did not get back to you sooner but I have been busy , no I was not dodging RPG's or fighting off kidnappers and bandits, pretty boring life I lead. Some guys have all the luck.

My point was exactly as you put it what was your point.
Stick to the truth and not dramatize the situation we all know is not a nice spot right now,never really has been and and there are serious security issues, but don't make it sound worse then it is.

I guess that is my point is where was your thread directed to?? Management maybe to show what a dire situation you are in?

By the way you have not figured it all out, engineer yes but location I am working wrong.

Not trying to get into a p sing contest just figured you were going over the top a bit.
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