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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 6th Nov 2011, 17:50
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And they all lived happily ever after.
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Old 7th Nov 2011, 10:05
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Wait till CHC is back
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 12:27
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Thumbs up The "New" AERO

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Old 9th Nov 2011, 18:49
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Nice photo, nice colour scheme ..... pity it's yesterday's machines still flying for yesterday's company
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Old 9th Nov 2011, 20:10
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might be so, but they are a heck of alot easier to keep flying than 139's and god knows..
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Old 9th Nov 2011, 21:15
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Thumbs up

Mama Put,

its not a pity at all. I think Smart. With

4 365s
3 s76s
2 139s
3 135s

i think they have the bases covered. The Market will decide

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Old 10th Nov 2011, 01:11
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Remembering old times at ACN

Ah..good to see a recent picture of NAF Base. Is it still "Charlie Papa". Noted 'new' hangar on the left.

Had some good times there with a really good bunch of blokes. Nice new C+'s to fly there too.

Always enjoyed the flying and there was plenty of it, shame that just turned 60 so now my NCAA licence is of no use.

So, back to my 15 hours a tour and all of it day VFR
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Old 10th Nov 2011, 21:34
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What a pity. every one is so scared of CHC coming back to Nigeria, No one wants to comment .. matter of 6 months ..
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 11:22
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Nigerian National pilots

I am so pleased to see the likes of cavertop on this forum!!! Everything that has a beginning has. an end! For over 50 years Bristow has reaped huge profits from Nigeria and yet they see it fit to continue to treat the National pilots as second class.Now our own indeginous company is here (caverton)and they have decided to treat us with dignity and respect and offer equal time roasters for the same job with the Expatriates and same pay and you expect people not to resign!! What a joke!!!!!No where in the world can u sustain business the way Bristow is trying to.Bristow have trained over 200 pilots since 1986,can they compare that to how much profit they have reaped in the 50 years they spent in Nigeria!I don't think so.to this end, I expect the MD of bristow Nigeria to stop winning on every news paper about poaching of pilots and create a condusive enviroment for the Nationals to work and offer us equal pay for the same job with expatriates.GOD bless you cavertop!!!!!
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 11:39
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One Man's Opinon.....when an operator complains of someone "poaching" their pilots....that translates into a simple admission the outfit poaching the pilots is offering a better deal than the outfit that is losing their staff.

I guess Bristow thinks they "own" their pilots and engineers...and thus if Caverton lures them away with better pay, better schedule, and better benefits...then good on Caverton and staff who accept the better deal.

Is that not what Capitalism is all about? Supply and demand?

Having seen rank crude Racism in the Bristow main office with my own eyes...it comes as no surprise the Nigerian Pilots felt like second class citizens in their own country. At least now it is not pure Racism but more like bad business...carrying on now as before out of habit perhaps.
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 12:15
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Hah SASless,
It seem from reading of your posts that your opinion is always only to make a dig at Bristow . How many years now since you left them (or where you fired?). It is time for you to get over it and get a live of your own
What I am hearing is that Bristow is unhappy that Caverton is taking pilots which had their training paid by Bristow, which signed agreements to stay for some years and which have not repaid any of those costs. You must know that for a great number of years Bristow was only company sponsoring any Nigerian pilots to fly, but you still call it racist . How many pilots is Caverton sponsoring right now? Me, I don't know but guess close to zero . How would you feel as a business man if you buy a new helicopter and when you want a pilot you pay maybe many thousands of dollars for his training if he agrees to stay with you for 2 years after. But then when some company like Caverton comes along and offers him more money he leave you after only some months Will you smile and just say you don't "own' him, is just supply and demand. I think not.
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 12:57
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Did the Pilots sign a Training Contract....offer up a Bond...what were the requirements for theiraccepting training? If the company provided them training and they absconded in violation of a contract....take them to court. Otherwise...whose fault is it if they exercise their right to choose their employer. I can assure you Bristow did not train these guys out the sheer goodness of the company heart. They did so as it necessary.

The "Dig" was at some of the absolutely repugnant conduct by a couple of the Brits that was a Racist as anything heard of during the bad dark days of Mississippi and the Bull Connor reign in Montgomery.

The Nigerians were treated poorly for years by the Brits in charge.

There are several who confided in me as well as the direct observations I had. On one occasion I asked a young Nigerian Co-pilot to step outside the Ops Manager's office while I told the Ops Manager just exactly how offensive I found him and his comments to my Nigerian friend to be. The guy's wife was even more blatent in her well announced views about Nigerians in the BRC. Seeing her shaking the same fellow's hand that very night was much fun....she looked like a Jackass eating bumble bees...especially as he held her hand with both of his and went on and on how glad he was to make her acquaintance....all the while not releasing the Queenly hand.

If you had any history with me and Bristow...you would not say what you did. The "old" Bristow was a much different place than what existed in Lagos for many years.

Despite all the years....conduct as seen by some there in Lagos is never excusable...and worthy of criticism when appropriate.

It was "Bull Shit" and a "Major Problem" then....and still is....suggesting my criticism is out of order ignores the reality of what happened. If you have been around a while you can remember the days when the only Nigerians welcome in the Company BRC were serving staff, cooks, drivers, and bar tenders....and that was local company policy.

Was it not only after the boys in Lafayette now Houston took over did things really begin to change for the Nigerians? I guess that was just a mere coincidence.
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 17:07
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bristow the slave drivers

in my oppinion bristow should review all their policies by taking a peep at what caveaton have in hand. I will move over to caveaton even in the world to come if they are offering a better work condition and pay. i have made a lot of friends in caveaton and i see that they are all happy. why? because they are treated with dignity. Bristow are slave drivers and.
How can a foreigner b more confortable than me in my own country? Is that what goes on in other countries? I think its really unfair. Captain Oni should sit back an think. Can he survive these consistent blows from caveaton? i dont think so. Now i hear Aero is back and i'm sure they will be taking back some of their contracts. Where is that Bukky Arala in the HR??
My advise to all my bristow rotorheads. find your way to the promise land NOW
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Old 14th Nov 2011, 15:20
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Please leave HR out of this mate ... Cheers
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Old 15th Nov 2011, 17:53
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Thumbs up A Marriage Made in Haeven

Sensei madara,

You're obviously just the sort of bright, educated young person "caveat on" [sic] really need - leave the slave drivers and go. Yours is a marriage made in heaven I'm sure Bukky will give to you a special book on spelling for your goodbye party. Bonne chance mon ami
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Old 24th Nov 2011, 03:21
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CHC final departure

CHC's last aircraft (AW139) in country departed NAF Base this morning to Lagos for immigration formalities, then on to Tanzania for a new contract there.
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Old 24th Nov 2011, 18:36
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Birdieinthe sky

CHC is gonna be back soon with 3 helos very soon.
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Old 24th Nov 2011, 20:11
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They will need local partnership and high local workforce content.
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Old 25th Nov 2011, 12:43
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Bring it on! Competition in any field is good.

That goes without saying.
Partnership in place already and the rest to follow.
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Old 25th Nov 2011, 20:43
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Yes, Partnership in place. Local work force will come running jumping to CHC for employment and of course healthy competition is needed for a safe flying environment.
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