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Bristow North Sea

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Bristow North Sea

Old 13th Dec 2003, 19:57
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SASless has a very good point, and it is quite simple - the only reason the customer has so much control is because we let them. It's no different on the oil patch in N Alberta or anywhere else - no matter how many times people try to set a decent rate, there is always someone who undercuts. Having said that, there are at least 3 companies I know of who set a decent rate and they are still in business.

s76heavy also makes a good point about keeping the job.


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Old 13th Dec 2003, 21:28
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Having been Branded with a huge "T" on my forehead.....I can understand only too well the risk one takes when you make that decision and stand up to the system. The key is choosing when to make that broadjump. As the wife of one of my dear friends said...."The money is no good if you are not around to spend it...and I would rather have my husband home with me than in his grave."

Having tilted more than a few windmills in my time...singling out important issues is the key to making change. But that being said, when it comes to bad engineering practices, unsafe equipment, hazardous operational procedures/policies, then one must decide at what point the risks are unreasonable.

The engineering and mechanical condition of the aircraft at one operator got so bad for a while....pilots began to leave in droves or just refused to fly the machines. It did not make the company change its ways until the very senior management was forced to admit the situation following input from the pilots and the customer . Unfortunately for the company, a former company Chief Engineer was the new Engineering Manager for the customer and he knew too well the games being played. That situation ultimately was addressed with a large shakeup in the local managements.

Each of us has the ability to make effective change, but only at a personal cost. Sometimes it is worth it.
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Old 13th Dec 2003, 22:08
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I have the suspicion that the customers KNOW what's going on around the North Sea and are willfuly turning a blind eye in the hope of getting lower cost still, and if an accident happens they expect to be able to pass the blame on the operator.

I agree with everything SASless writes, but as long as there are pilots and engineers that allow themselves to be bullied into accepting conditions that are below standard, they form the weakest link in the safety system. And the difficult choice is to accept a "small" risk and continue to feed the family, or to stand up and be counted for the next round of redundancies.
Caught between a rock and a hard place trying to work out the chances of survival..
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Old 15th Dec 2003, 02:30
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To all
Everyone has made valid arguments, but I beg to ask one question? Have any oil companies lost any money? Anywhere? I fly in the GOM in extremly old equipment, because the Helicopter operators will not stand up to the oil companies, and get a reasonable return on investment, and promote the safety of our industry. The pilots at AirLog and PHI are trying to force a change in the GOM. I hope we are sucessful, but it takes all pilots in our industry to stand together and make a standard that we all can live with. The Helicopter operators will stand together to keep pilots from organizing, and to tell you how unloyal you are to your company, but they will not push the agenda to improve the safety of the operation if it costs money. My loyalty goes to my fellow pilots and passengers. Tell me how loyal the companies are when they will make a fifteen plus year pilot redundant, but keep the managers that made all the bad decisions on contract bids, causing the lost money, are so they say. Lets quit eating our own, and lets start supporting our pilot's organization.
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Old 15th Dec 2003, 02:42
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Any idea of the identities of the OLOG/Bristow/AirLog folks in management who got the huge bonuses and stock options for making these enlightened decisions? 18.5 Million dollars US seems to be the number I recall as being the bonus pool for the Senior managers at OLOG. Reckon they got more than 3.4% increase over four years lately? Did they not say at first the original pay and benefits package asked for by the Air Log pilots would bankrupt the company although the additional costs to the company was about 8 Million per year which in my alcohol ravaged brain leaves about 10.5 Million Dollars US for the management to split amongst themselves (lessee....divide 10.5 by 8...errrr....slightly more than 3.4 % of 72,000 USD for a max-paid captain at Air Log).

The Union should post the names and amounts of bonus and stock options each manager took home this year just to make things plain to the "dis-interested" public.

Maybe under the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act in the USA....someone could come up with the Federal Tax Returns of those management staff and post the data for review.

A short note to the Securities and Exchange Commission might warn them of "short" selling based upon "Insider Information" should the strike(s) happen.

By the way....what provoked Neil Osborne to leave the lucrative position he had at OLOG. What was it he made last year....something like 2.5 Million USD is the number I heard thrown about.
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Old 15th Dec 2003, 03:48
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Being part of the self-loading freight that use N.Sea helicopters
on a regular basis, I am quite surprised what I have read on this thread. I would rather have a flight crew concentrating more on landing on a heaving deck of a semi-submersible with a machine they have full confidence, than a crew with low morale in a
machine they have doubts about.

Being a PPL I put my own safety first and I would hope that management of Bristow put safety ahead of a couple quid. It is very easy for management to say that they do. This issue has clearly affected the people at the "coal face" and may indirectly affect myself. I like to get home every two weeks safely and do a bit of flying on my time off. Good Luck!
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Old 16th Dec 2003, 03:50
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Angel Maybe you should

maybe you should write an e-mail to that extent to the very management as they are very customer and employee orientated; some of them have even attended management training courses (allegedly).
Pilots are only after more money, but freight, espc. self-loading may just demand more safety in our safety-conscious environment.
If you don't feel safe raise your concern.
It may help all of us.

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Old 17th Dec 2003, 05:11
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Speaking as a line pliot in Aberdeen I am not looking for more money - just to be left alone with the pay scales negotiated 2-3 years ago and for the employers to stop screwing around with pensions, loss of licence, working practices etc.

As for respect for the companies - ha, ha !!!!!!!!

The only thing holding most folk to the job is the salary - and many more are now looking to get out with the way things are going.

If the helicopter companies took their seemingly never ending recruitment and training budget (apparently Bristow have new folk lined up for initial training as co's whilst making capt.'s redundant), and applied it to keeping their pilots on, one may well balance out the other and everyones life would be a lot easier.
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Old 17th Dec 2003, 15:33
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And to add to the woes, shop floor rumour is that the HR Director is going to be the new CEO next year as the present encumbent is evidently rumoured to be moving on.

What a great way to get respect from your workforce if you are planning to become the CEO!
Old 18th Dec 2003, 22:36
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Bristow redundencies

Doesn't the current contract call for layoffs to be in inverse order of seniority? Didn't the company get in big trouble a few years back for the same thing?
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Old 26th Jan 2004, 02:26
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CHC buying Bristow now?

Hi PPRuNe folks out there

Is it true? Anyone with relevant information please enlighten me.

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Old 26th Jan 2004, 21:59
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One operator (ie CHC) would never be allowed, so no, CHC are not buying Bristow. Another operator would need to be operating, let's say it was called "blonde helicopter services", then if someone was bought, there would still be 2 operators.
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Old 25th Jan 2012, 06:18
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Bristow Captain selected for top helicopter safety association role

24 Jan, 12

Captain Tim Glasspool, Head of Flight Operations for the European Business Unit at Bristow Helicopters Ltd, has been appointed co-chairman of the Step Change in Safety’s Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG).

Step Change in Safety is a UK based partnership with the goal of making the UK the safest oil and gas exploration and production province in the world. The HSSG was formed in June 2010 as a proactive group identifying and addressing issues surrounding helicopter safety within the industry.

Commenting on his appointment on the HSSG, Glasspool said: “Over the years Bristow has developed a number of game-changing technologies to improve helicopter safety, which underpins the company’s commitment to safety for both its employees and clients. These technologies, which include the traffic collision avoidance system TCAS2, IHUMS, and Sky Connect, have been adopted by many leading aircraft manufacturers and competitors alike.

“We are looking forward to being able to work closely with key people in the oil and gas sector to ensure everything that can be done is being done to drive safety issues in the industry.”

Striving to improve helicopter safety, Glasspool is also a member of the Council of Management of the British Helicopter Association (BHA), as well as a member of the Safety Standards Consultative Committee (SSCC) at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), representing the European Helicopter Association (EHA).

In addition to Bristow, HSSG consists of oil and gas operators and contractors, workforce safety representatives, regulators and trade unions. These include BP, Apache, UK CAA, HSE, CHC, Bond Offshore, Centrica, Maersk, KCA Deutag, Noble Drilling, OILC, BALPA, Perenco, Petrofac, TGWU, Subsea 7 and Technip.

With numerous bases around the world, Bristow Group provides aviation support to the global oil and gas industry. The company has 3,500 employees and boasts a varied fleet of around 400 aircraft.
Bristow Captain selected for top helicopter safety association role | Helihub - the Helicopter Industry Data Source
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Old 16th Apr 2013, 02:42
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Bristow U.K.

Does anyone know (and would like to share) the hiring process of Bristows, U.K. for their North Sea hiring. The website directs everything to the company H.Q. in Texas, and an online application.
Who selects the interviews from the resumes ? Is the chief pilot involved in the selection for interview, or is the selection handled by HR. or a hiring manager.
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Old 17th Apr 2013, 15:09
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Gomex wrote:-
"but I beg to ask one question? Have any oil companies lost any money? Anywhere?"

actually yes - every week right now there are companies "conducting strategic reviews" (= we're for sale), currently several are merging and others are are on the block

you probably have never heard of them but they can still be big outfits - right now most oil companies are trading on the Stock market below their supposed asset value - and that is at $ 100 a barrel oil!!!

One thing about oil companies tho' - when they decide to cut costs they CUT - right to the bone, and very very quickly
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Old 17th Apr 2013, 17:47
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15th Dec 2003 03:30
Have any oil companies lost any money?
17th Apr 2013 16:09
Heathrow Harry
actually yes
That must be the longest wait for an answer to a question in PPPruNe's history.
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Old 26th Apr 2013, 21:14
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Has anyone seen Bristow S-76A plus G-BEIJ lately? Last seen at Norwich ?
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