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Faa cpl me/ir to easa

Old 8th Jun 2014, 10:25
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Faa cpl me/ir to easa

Hello,everybody. I am a new one here . I have an Faa Cpl me/ir and 230 hours TT. I am thinking of converting it to easa because I have a permit to work and live in Germany. I am going to do the conversion full time,not distance learning,but I 've heard about new EASA requirment that I have to have 100 hours PIC time,it means exactly when you are alone in an aircraft) But according to faa part 141 I have only about 69 that a big problem for starting conversion?
And is there any difference in process of doing cpl or fatpl conversion? Any case I need to pass all 14 exams.

And could someone advice the cheapest place in europe to do the conversion?
I 'll be happy for any info or advice,thanks !
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Old 10th Jun 2014, 02:31
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Hey Kryukov.
I am currently converting my FAA to EASA and still in the process of the 14 exams.
I am having a hard time to memorize all the the answers for the exams. Yes, memorize. Many answers are wrong and you have to memorize them that way so you can pass on the exam. Conversion for EASA it's a pain because we all are already pilots. Some with few hundreds of hours, some with few thousands and some even with ATPL and captains for Airliners. When I started the process I thought I could handle the 14 exams in two seasons, 4 months. I was totally wrong. The exams will take me more than one year.
There are lots of people saying EASA is better than FAA and the other hand as well. In the FAA we have lots of safety seminars that we can attend for free and things are made so we can fly safe and on a practicable way. I remember when I took my CPL in the U.S. I studied the essential...and the essential only, if I want to know more, I can do a little research by myself. EASA is a different World. They teach almost everything you can imagine...and they forget the essential. That's why aviation in the EASA countries it's a rare and a spooky thing. For these 14 exams I've been memorizing the most ridiculous things you can imagine. The last exam I did, which was flight planning, I failed. Then I asked to see what were the wrong answers I had, I was sure I did enough to pass. They don't show what you have wrong or right. Their answer was "some of the answers depend on the brand of the flight calculator you use". It is something big time wrong in this EASA.
If you go for this conversion, be advised...This is a pain.
These 14 exams are totally wrong. It should be only 1 or 2, like air law....that's what they do in most of the countries.'s the World where we live, we can try to change, or adapt. I've been trying to change...and I've failed some of the exams already.
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Old 11th Jun 2014, 12:47
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Thanks for reply. Do you know best/cheap places in Europe to do a conversion? I wanna do a full time ,not distance learning preparation for 14 exams.
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Old 12th Jun 2014, 14:06
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I am also thinking about what to choose... Spend money for faa license time building or get an easa licence? What do you think is better?
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Old 16th Jul 2014, 00:38
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I really don't know where is the cheapest place in Europe.
It all depends on what you want to do in the future. Having an EASA license will open the doors of Europe.
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Old 16th Jul 2014, 08:21
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To answer the original question - EASA and the FAA define "Pilot In Command" differently. In FAA-land there are, for example, a number of cases where you could be flying with an Instructor and receiving tuition and log the time as "PIC". You can also log "PIC" time if acting as a safety pilot for someone who is flying using a view-limiting device who is also be logging the time as "PIC".

In EASA-land only one person at a time can log time as Pilot In Command in an aircraft certified for single-pilot operation (with a few exceptions which you are unlikely to run in to while training) - so if you are flying with an Instructor the time would be "Dual" or "Pu/t" rather than "P1".

Under EASA rules you don't have to be solo to log P1 /PIC time, you can carry a passenger. What you can't do is carry an instructor and receive training, or have another pilot on board who is also logging P1 / PIC time.

When I did my FAA training I got a private certificate first, and then most of the hours I did for my IR training counted as PIC time towards the minima for the Commercial. I'm currently hour-building to meet the EASA P1/PIC CPL minima.

If you have passed the FAA written and oral exams you will find the EASA exams a lot easier than someone starting from scratch, but there is a lot more information to take in and much of it is of very little practical value. I found the EASA exams very frustrating - I was happy to work hard but I would have much preferred spending the time learning something useful rather than the reams of dross obscuring the occasional pearl of wisdom. I spent many unhappy hours learning about the Microwave Landing System (MLS) - that well known approach aid found at so many international airports .....
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Old 24th Jul 2014, 22:29
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Good evening.
I tried to convert my FAA ATPL to an EASA. One thing I can assure you all, it is the worst thing a pilot can do.
I've met a lot of pilots who tried to convert their ICAO CPLs / ATPLs into this EASA one and the ones who made it was after long months.
What EASA is doing is making fun of us by asking to do 14 exams.
I've converted my license into the Canadian and Australian license and it was very simple.
Most of the Airliners worldwide prefer FAA because it's a very complete license, and everyone who has both FAA and EASA knows what I am talking about.
EASA is making dangerous steps, many people say the recent crashes are connected with EASA's lack of safety connected with pilot licenses and pilot skills, it is something I don't want to talk about, but it is something I've been thinking a lot.
The majority of pilots I've met from EASA are flying for Airliners and the way how their license is renewed is a shame. EASA literally steals money from them every year.
ICAO license conversion into EASA should take no longer than one week, and it is taking almost one year and half, and this, for experienced pilots.
It's a lack of safety by EASA and somebody should review it!
Thanks a lot.

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Old 26th Feb 2016, 05:02
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I have no choice but to impugn the credibility of this post for two reasons. 1- for an FAA examiner your English is suspect. 2 - quite a definitive post for someone with 2posts to their name.

Thought I'd bump this as it's a commonly asked question.
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Old 26th Feb 2016, 05:21
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Oh dear Michael,

Blaming EASA for crashes , because of 14 exams, seems very silly . The EASA license is valid for life , like your FAA license.

If anything the FAA knowledge test is a joke , buy a book , read it for a day and pass

The Australian license has now become like the EASA licence , very hard process to do , not done in a week

Most of the Airliners worldwide prefer FAA because it's a very complete license EXCEPT EASA AIRLINES
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