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My dream - advice please (collective thread)

Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.

My dream - advice please (collective thread)

Old 31st Mar 2017, 11:43
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Old 7th Apr 2017, 18:06
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Hi Ryanaf. Great to read your post. I`m in a very similar position to you in terms of age etc but not with the lots of time bit. In my mid 30`s and going for a PPL at Booker aviation in Wycombe and then ATPL (distance) at CTC and then CPL/IR with them too later. Cant help you with those flying schools you mentioned, sorry. Its good to know im not the only one taking that step. I wish you all the luck with it all.
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Old 12th Apr 2017, 13:21
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Thanks Rob, best of luck too. Feel free to DM me with your email and keep in touch. It would be good to know someone else of a similar age who is starting out. Had my first trial fight yesterday in a Piper Warrior and loved it!
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Old 12th Apr 2017, 17:26
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Advice please

Good day, everyone!

After having looked on this forum anonymously for a while, I decided to join so I can introduce myself and engage in conversation.

My name is Wanchi, I am a 32-year old female human rights lawyer from the Netherlands. Flying (fighter jets) was a dream when I was a kid but when my eyesight wasn't perfect anymore at age 10, I decided to work for a more just world. After having worked for the UN and understanding the realities of the systems we work through, I lost faith and no longer want to work in my field.
I decided to travel, which led me to skydiving, which led me back to my initial dream of flying again.

I would like to do my flight training, ab initio to CPL/CFI, preferably in the US. I would like to work as a bush pilot in Africa, Asia or South America.
I understand my plans are against all odds, but I want to give it everything I've got and see if I can get there. And if not now, when? I can always reassess how things are going after having obtained the PPL and decide then if I want to leave it at that or continue with the rest of the training.

I have contacted several schools. I liked FlightSafety Academy for their reputation, but the school only provided a standard email and is not responding to my questions unfortunately. Oxford Aviation seems to be good too, but they don't offer ab initio programmes.
So, after this bit of background, I would like to ask you advice with the following:
Which SEVP certified flight school do I go to? I prefer the south for the weather and somewhere where living is not too expensive. I will do it fulltime and want to eat, sleep, breathe aviation. Where do schools offer personal training rather than assembly line training? And where do they hire a majority of their graduated CFIs?

Looking forward to receiving some valuable input. Thanks in advance!
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Old 12th Apr 2017, 18:56
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Robgarch, you seem to have it all mapped out well. How long should that take?
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Old 13th Apr 2017, 18:11
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Glad you really enjoyed it and taking the initial steps to get going. Sure, that would be really good to stay in touch so please free free to DM too. Iv got my first one booked for this tuesday and met my instructor yesterday who seems like a good guy.
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Old 13th Apr 2017, 18:15
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Thanks. It may sound like its mapped out but things keep changing in terms of where to do CPL and IR etc. My instructor put it really well when he said just concentrate on one thing at a time and then move on so that`s what i`m going to try.
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Old 14th Apr 2017, 19:00
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Hello, everybody! I am from Ukraine, but I am going to start my 0-ATPL integrated program in Spain. And it is very hard for me to choose flight school. So, I will be very pleasure if someone recommends good flight school on the territory of Spain (Madrid and Barcelona will be more appropriate), where I can build all ratings and have qualitative training. Thanks
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Old 22nd Apr 2017, 01:12
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Help to become a pilot from nothing


ill start introducing myself. im 17, done my gcses, doing a levels right now. I always wanted to be a pilot when I was young, I chased that dream untill I moved from holland to the UK. I thought about it and somehow wanted to become an engineer, not saying I dont like it. I love building stuff. but I also love to fly planes in simulators. yes its like a dream, and I wanna chase it. sitting in an office is to boring for me.

so thats me. now the thing is, I looked at CTC wings program, and I dont get it. am I able to go on a course after 6th form? do I need a degree? and most likely if I do get a degree I wont go on and become a pilot. I really dont know how I would have to do it. and what do I exactly need to become a pilot? I looked at the requirements and the academic side of it doesnt look hard. so anyone has tips for my lost future? because Right now im lost. we had a guest that was a pilot through CTC aviation, he gave me hopes and wanted to become a pilot again, he made it sound so easy. but I went on the website and then it was a different story. there were no actual courses for in the uk or big companies. so I would really love to have an answer from some one that does actually know what he/she is talking about.

thank you in advance
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Old 24th Apr 2017, 10:18
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It seems to me you have two options.

1) Finish Uni, Work for 10 years as an engineer and save up enough for an integrated school and do your training all in one block. Maybe fly for pleasure inbetween. See what you prefer.

2) Work while you fly and do the steps posted many times over this website (modular).

I would always tell someone to go and take a trial lesson to see if they actually enjoy flying and find out what it entails to gain your licences.

Good luck
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Old 10th May 2017, 03:11
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European Airlines Hiring Foreigners?

I am a Canadian citizen with no direct ties to Europe. (Apart from an Uncle who is a dual citizen there) My dream is to be a pilot in Europe. I am fluent in German (If it matters) and my first language is English. I know getting myself to Europe is going to be next to impossible because I need to obtain the right to live and work but there must be a way to accomplish it. I have come here seeking help. Are there any airlines hiring foreigners in Europe? I see a lot of 'Cadet' programs where you can get an ATPL (I have not started flight training) and work for that airline, can I apply to those as a Canadian/will an airline sponsor me a visa? I guess the point is, if there is anything anyone who can provide any information on the topic I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your responses, I look forward to reading them.
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Old 10th May 2017, 23:01
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(I have not started flight training)
Training is less expensive in Canada. It is particularly less expensive in B.C. than the rest of Canada (not sure why, everything else costs more). My flight school is full of Europeans here in B.C., for that reason (French, Spanish, Italian, German, British).

My suggestion is to complete your training and even ATPL here (much easier to convert to EASA once you have an ATPL - and, again, less expensive).

A job flying here does not appeal to me either. I hold a British and Canadian passport but unfortunately since Brexit I believe I'm only entitled to work in Canada and the U.K. now, rather than all of Europe

Hopefully this gives you some guidance.

Also - this is my first post but I've noticed an overall tone of negativity on this forum. I know several operators in B.C. who take low hour pilots right out of flight school - it's about networking and being friendly with all those you come across in the industry. It won't be glamorous or high paying but you'll fly a lot and build hours fast. The self proclaimed "realistic" people who tell you otherwise on this forum are not the people to be listening to.

Best of luck to you!
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Old 11th May 2017, 08:53
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Brexit hasn't happened yet. Still at least two years to go. Immigration rules have not changed.
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Old 12th May 2017, 21:36
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Jack, immigration is not easy but not impossible either. I believe it is harder for an EU citizen to be accepted into Canada than vice versa, the requirements regarding education and cash funds are lower.

While a pilot license might not get you a full stay and work permit, something else will. Do your research, there´s options, other people have done it so why shouldn´t you. You can try as a student, or get posted as an expat (maybe ground personnel?). Or you use the UK as a stepstone, and should there really be a post-Brexit problem, then try to go UK legal resident > Ireland legal resident, and voila you´re in. Second, there where Brits living in the rest of Europe before the EU so there will also be Brits living in the EU post Brexit - you could be employed by a UK carrier and be based somewhere else. Don´t be too scared of this Brexit thing, there will be regulations and they will be fulfillable somehow.

On whether they would hire you, well once you are a legal immigrant with a work permit, you are good to go for all of the EU countries, and speaking English and German you cover a large chunk of the market already. Just give yourself some years to train as a pilot, build hours (this is probably easier in Canada), find a way to immigrate to the EU, and fulfil the (arguably annoying) bureaucratic requirements that will probably include converting your license, sitting some exams, getting a new initial medical, taking some official language tests and then some. Don´t rush, take one step at a time and you should find a way.
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Old 14th May 2017, 13:43
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Hello all.

I am currently looking for the best CPL/IR (ME) around that doesn't break the bank. I was looking for Bartolini but they cannot offer a start date before March 2018 and I was hoping to get cracking a little bit quicker than that.

I am aware of the 'big' schools that I can go to but unfortunately my budget is more at Bartolini's level.

Can anyone make any suggestions for the CPL/IR(ME) for under €20,000 but still at a reputable school?

I've looked at Egnatia, G Air, Barcelona flight school and a few others in Poland/Hungary but the problem is none of them seem to have the reputation that Bartolini have.

So I guess my question is: Can anyone recommend any cheap and reputable flight schools that will be most likely to look favourable to the airlines?

Many thanks.
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Old 14th May 2017, 23:49
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It is a very good question indeed.
Diamond flight academy would be around 25k€, with good reputation, but that might be out of your budget.
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Old 15th May 2017, 00:44
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I'm not sure the cheapest would be what i want, it's not what the airlines want either
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Old 16th May 2017, 11:17
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I should clarify - I'm a 737 Captain and I paid through the nose for an integrated course. I'm asking on behalf of my partner who is completing her training and I firmly believe that some (Not all, I'll admit) airlines don't care about where the flight training is completed but only care if it's a Series 1. Hence, I'm looking for the cheapest school that still has a decent reputation of getting students through with the 1st time pass.

And thanks KayPam - I've emailed and facebooked Diamond flight academy but for some reason they haven't replied to either! I'll admit they are at the upper end of the 'budget' but they do seem to have a great rep!
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Old 16th May 2017, 11:33
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DFAS can take some time to answer or even not answer at all. But they might also not have any slot available for new students, or only on very short notice after potential student's cancellations.
You can expect them to be fully booked until beginning of 2018, but if you want to be 100% sure you would have to call them a few times.

It's a small school, they don't have secretaries to answer all your calls and emails.
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Old 17th May 2017, 16:59
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Thanks KayPam - After a while I did eventually get through on the phone. Fully booked until Feb, Bartolini full until March.

Grupo One Air in Malaga can take in with a start date that suits - anyone heard anything about them?
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