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Euro american school of aviation suspended

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Euro american school of aviation suspended

Old 16th Aug 2013, 14:34
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Fair warnings, I appreciate the input.

I'm not after a large amount of money, about 2000USD, but even if I never see a penny of that money, its not the end of the world for me.

I'm willing to spend money to have a "meeting" with AT, explaining this time he stole money from the wrong person.
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Old 24th Aug 2013, 18:23
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I am one of those who did his skill test 2 days after Easa lost their license. And CAA UK is not issuing our licenses although most of us finished the training well before the 19th of April. If there are other people in the same situation with me, please pvt me.
Also, EASA owes me money as well and there is no way to contact them, so what they say about refunding the moneys is again another lie.
Apart from those, I have to admit that I loved my time over there. It was such a friendly school. No matter what others say on this form, safety always came first there. The aircrafts were very well maintained and in good condition. Instructors were so helpful and professional. Elizabeth, the chief Pilot, was the best you could have ever got in any school. She was always there if you had any questions, very willing to help and most important of all, very strict when it came to safety, so please do not believe in what others say.
Many people did not finish the training on time over there but come on guys, it was not only the schools fault. I can easily say 4 days out of 5 trainees kept partying, calling in sick the next morning, and bla bla bla.
In my opinion, the only problem with the school was Adrian Thompson. He is the rudest person you can ever see in your entire life. Everybody hated him. Never heard even a single person saying a single good thing about him. He always treated us as if we were his slaves. Totally forgot the reason he had the company running was because we paid him. If it was Elizabeth and Kyle taking all the decisions and managing the school, trust me flyeasa would be the best school in not only USA, but also the world.
I am sure Mr Thompson reads all these comments as well. So Mr Thomson, please prove I am wrong and go and do something about our licenses and give us our money back. I am sure it is not so difficult for you.
If there is anyone on here in the same situation with me, please pvt me. Am sure there is something we can do. It is not our fault if EASA suspends flyeasas liecence. When we all went there, Flyeasa had a valid license and EASA should have given some notice before they suspend it.
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Old 26th Aug 2013, 09:11
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LS19 7XS
Company No. 06129785

Source: Companies House

Euro American School of Aviation, Inc. in Ormond Beach FL - Company Profile

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Old 26th Aug 2013, 13:01
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Cool. Will pay a visit.
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Old 26th Aug 2013, 13:15
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Thankfully, I got my PPL sorted in the end. It cost me about 1500usd more so not the end of the world. I had about 2k in my account. I requested that 1500 back from AT which I think is more than fair, those were the costs I had, I did not put any price for the time and frustration caused by this.

This will come out the wrong way I know it, but for me it is not about the money. I'm happy to use alot of resources to make him understand he is stealing from the wrong person this time.
Paying 1500USD to me to the bank account I have given him would be alot cheaper for him than other options.

I have a few addresses already, and I appreciate any input on his current whereabouts.
I'm around the Yorkshire area now for a few weeks so I have plenty of time to find him.

With regards to wilcoroger, I could not agree more with your experiences. The school worked very well, I enjoyed my time there, and I had no complaints about the school or the instructors.
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Old 27th Aug 2013, 06:52
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dera - don't give up, I hope you'll get you money back;

I thought such things are only possible in less developed countries (f.i. Poland - use the search option to find my posts about Ventum Air) but now I can see it's also possible in other countries. FTO Ventum Air lost numerous court cases last year, returned money and still pays the debts made by former President (who resigned within 60 days of filing my court suit). I'm the one who advised many to sue them instead of giving up. Going to court is the only way to stop such FTOs or scumbags who run them from doing what their doing.

Advice for all of you who feel you've been cheated by FTO you trusted with your money: please do not give up thinking "it's only couple thousand bucks" - if you don't try to get your money back and inform future students about your problems, they'll think they can do it over and over, each time with more money involved. What is not a substantial amount of money for you today, can be such for others.

Good luck!
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Old 30th Aug 2013, 09:32
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training records before the suspension

Hi everyone!
I'm also a victim of Euro american school of Aviataion based in Ormond Beach, Florida.
I started my ppl there and I'm not able to contact them anymore.
Without the training records it seems very
hard to get a credit by other ATO also for the students who trained before April the 19th. 2013.
Do someone of you have the adresses of some instructor or the chance to contact them?
Do you think we should ask those records to theEuropean Aviation Safety Agency and involve the agency for having some response.
Thank you.
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Old 4th Sep 2013, 15:00
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For any ex students who wish to speak to a previous instructor feel free to PM
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Old 2nd Oct 2013, 13:09
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If anyone is interested the UK CAA have issued an IN on this issue:


As an experienced Examiner I had cause to write to the CAA in about 1998 about Adrian Thompson and my concerns about Ormond Beach Aviation OBA. The reply I received was unbelievably negative. They did not appear to give a toss.

So he continued.
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Old 3rd Oct 2013, 09:12
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Euro American School of Aviation Inc

Not familiar with this particular Forum but just received this Information Notice from the CAA regarding this training school. It might have a considerable impact on individuals who trained at this school.

Please pass it on!

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Old 18th Oct 2013, 11:54
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Having read this entire thread I felt the need to post even though most of what I am about to say has already been said. But I think it’s important to vent my experience and try my best to turn away people who are still thinking of going here.

I went to this school a few years back - at this point the place was decent enough to get a PPL. The instruction was average/great dependant on instructor. More importantly, at this point the school seemed to be managed better. I actually really enjoyed my time there then, and learnt alot.

I got my JAA PPL and then returned a year later to build some flight time. At that point the school was in tatters. The management was so uptight that flying in wind was practically disallowed. The accommodation was horrendous – there were rats living within the school accommodation (I have evidence to prove this), and the daughter of the accommodation manager was stealing money from the student’s bedrooms. Plentiful symptoms of poor aircraft maintenance/operation were present – many PPL students were being told to ignore blatant signs of spark plug fouling and rough idling as just “the engine being cold”. The school teaches awful standards of airmanship, and unless you’re on the ball with your studies and can spot dangers with the aircraft, then quite frankly you will be a danger to yourself and others in the sky.

The owner may be Adrian Thompson, but don’t underestimate Kyle Andrews influence throughout the school (Im pretty sure he owns a portion of the company) and be sure, they will happily take any cash they can get for future training as if nothing has happened and you wont get it back. They both operate the place to gain money for nothing – and that’s it. I left around 6 hours of time there from my last visit and vowed never to set foot there again. I have tried to get my money back but have just accepted that I won’t be seeing it again. I just thank god I didn’t deposit a large chunk of money with them.

I feel sorry for current students, and actually feel sorry for most of the instructors who are actually just decent pilots trying to earn a living and get their careers off the ground.

Dont go there!

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Old 18th Oct 2013, 12:18
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I don’t usually embark on disagreeing with people on PPRuNe, but most of what you have said is rubbish!

You sing the schools praises with ‘if’s and but’s’, yet you have spent your money and don’t have a PPL to show for it?!

“The aircrafts were very well maintained and in good condition.”
Pah! I’ve been to schools in the UK and US since then and flown a lot – EASA planes are awful and always have been! Maybe you will realise that when you use a better school.

I have no issues with the instruction – as you said, Liz is great and most of the instructors are too.

“If it was Elizabeth and Kyle taking all the decisions and managing the school, trust me flyeasa would be the best school in not only USA, but also the world.”
This is a joke, right?
Kyle basically does run the place. He deals with everything and co-ordinates with Adrian . Most the ‘fees’ they charge are made up. They charge $100 to issue your FAA PPL for hours building – the service is free courtesy of the FAA. You just turn up at a FSDO and give them the paperwork. The ‘cleaning fee’ – nothing was cleaned when I was there. Things were stolen, not cleaned. As for instruction its average – I’ve learnt things in some fantastic schools since (that were cheaper!) with brilliant instructors.... but I guess that is something you might realise when you fly elsewhere. I could go on...

“It is not our fault if EASA suspends flyeasas liecence. When we all went there, Flyeasa had a valid license and EASA should have given some notice before they suspend it.”
I wonder if Kyle knew about the suspension a long time before you did? I think we know the answer to that.

I don’t wish to launch an angry attack on what you have said, but the place needs to be avoided at all costs and the world of aviation is better off without it.

Good luck, and hopefully you'll get your PPL done.
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Old 18th Oct 2013, 20:43
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A few posts are speaking about EASA in the present tense. Am I not correct in thinking the place is shut down conpletely?

Aircraft well maintained? That made me chuckle.
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Old 25th Apr 2014, 14:40
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Check out their site, flyeasa.com, I'm suprised it took so long!
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Old 26th Apr 2014, 16:47
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Its not him. I think that company has been going for years.

It looks like he has completely sold up and sold the domain name as well.

Someone needs to check the local courts to see if the base company's have been wound up.
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Old 26th Apr 2014, 18:21
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Yeah Sunrise has a reputation for playing by the booking, providing quality tuition, having a safe fleet, operating legally, not ripping people off and treating people like dirt. They're very different to AT's flying circus.
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