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Is pilot job market picking up at all??

Old 26th Feb 2011, 19:56
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Is pilot job market picking up at all??

I have been waiting for the market to pitck up for the last 3 years. Still no flying job. Other people have been waiting longer than me too.

The only one thing to remember if you want a flying job, is that you have to pay for a type rating.

apart from Flybe, everywhere else gets you to pay for your Type rating now. Its standard practice, unless you get very lucky, like winning the lotto to night.

I wish you the best of luck whatever you choose to do.
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Old 26th Feb 2011, 20:02
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It really does depend on whether you have the funds for a type rating with the likes of ryanair, and only one in 20 or so pass the interview...

Who have you found to do the CPL/MEIR for 15k may i ask????
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Old 26th Feb 2011, 20:26
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I would say there is a small light at the end of the tunnel for experienced pilots only at the moment...the above posts give a pretty good indication of what the low-houred pilot market is like...
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Old 26th Feb 2011, 23:50
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I would say there is a small light at the end of the tunnel for experienced pilots only at the moment
Basically, someone's holding a match in Calais, when your in Folkstone with your cigarette for newbies at the moment.

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Old 27th Feb 2011, 06:57
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No wish to pour water on your dreams but 15-17k for a CPL/IR????
That is totally unrealistic and I would be very dubious of anyone saying it can be done for that money.

Whilst the market is picking up for experienced pilots it is very slow and if you don't have the correct rating/type experience/ and now current within 3 months (or even 28 days) you get discounted.

Sorry to say there is still a mountain to climb yet!
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 09:33
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There not a million miles away with that figure, I did mine for under 20k around 2.5 years ago.
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 12:21
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CPL/MEIR can be done for less than 20k if you do your homework.

However, if you are starting from scratch, you will need a PPL, ATPL groundschool, 100 hours of P1 (often refered to as 'hour building') and an MCC.

Very approximately,

100 hours P1~8K
Exams/test fees/aircraft hire for test~5K

This brings you to around 45K - 50K from start to finish as an absolute minimum. This excludes resits, extra training, travel, accomodation, medical etc etc...

This is why people are doubting your headline figure of 20K. I always tell my students not to expect any change out of 50 grand.
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 12:29
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I always tell my students not to expect any change out of 50 grand.
So do I.....
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 19:40
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sorry should have said, i got PPL and done the theory. Went back to school today and asked few more questions about training and the cost has now come from 15k initially to 20k which means if I struggle I will have to get career development loan to get additional training.

Hope banks still provide these loans.
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 20:33
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You don't have to apologise mate, what you initially said was quite clear.

You said you were considering doing CPL/IR/ME.

Typical useless replies you'll always get on here, from know it alls who assume too much.

Stapleford does CPL for 5210 and IR for 11665 = 17k (minimum)

Simple easy answer
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 21:13
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Be careful basing your budget on minimum times.

The minimum legal requirement for the IR will be up to 35 hours in a Sim, and only a minimum of 15 in the aircraft if you do the CPL first.

In practice, it will be difficult to get a first time pass in this time, and now the CAA has clarified that taxi time will not count, you're looking at 17-20 hours in the aircraft straight away. Make sure you budget for this, and not the bare minimum quoted in the brochures.
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 23:46
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VJW - sorry but you are wrong. Add another 2700 for ME.

Add approach fees, landing fees, CAA fees, and can promise you even with minimum hours it will be more then quoted.
I did CPL/ME/IR at Stapleford, and cost me around 25.000 - I did it all in stages, and passed first time on all!

The cheapest you can do is probably 21.000 - 22.000 if you do in minimum hours, incl fees etc. But if you budget for 25.000 you should be safe.

(not including hour building)
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Old 28th Feb 2011, 07:55
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Ok perhaps he'll need a ME rating, from his original post it's not easy to tell. ME/IR I took to mean a multi engine instrument rating, and that a MEP class rating was already held. In either case, one of us is guessing.

Approach fees of course, CAA fees (aside from me) everyone has to pay! Not sure what landing fees you're talking about. Did my CPL/IR at SFC and it was free to land there. Never landed at Southend, if memory serves me right.

Notice from my post I said 17k minimum. That 'minimum' meant things like the above would be added on. My main point was that too many people thought that because he wanted to do a CPL/IR/ME that he needed to now start the PPL/hours/ATPL's etc etc, when actually to me it was pretty obvious he'd already got those, and that his 20k would be pretty much all the money he'd need to get what he original requested a CPL course, and ME/IR!
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Old 28th Feb 2011, 21:42
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I would say things are still quite bleak but there does appear to be a bit of movement. For low houred folks things are still very quiet out there.

Having said that I've also heard that one of the smaller operators is looking to get some additional aircraft which will require crewing, but this is certainly nothing more than a "well informed rumour" and this time.
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Old 1st Mar 2011, 05:29
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good new for you all,
airlines are now filling their database because they know soon, they won't be any pilot left on this market.I received 3 calls this last months asking for my CV.

the causes are :

- in 1 year, US airline will have problem to find pilots(full ATP required for copilot).I belive US airlines will need hire expats very soon or they are not going to fly their planes, and I don't belive they will pay cadets with no hours.

-crisis is ending. bank make big money, unemployment is still high, but will soon go down.

-fuel will be cheaper once the arab countries fix their problem.finish to pay gadafi and other middlemen crooks.

-retirement for some pilots reaching their 65.

to tell you there is some hope for everybody.we are going to see in 2011 a big big change in the worldwide may even find a job in Lybia.

no need to start to pay these scamers of's over for them!
I have been negative so far(based on my 25 years experience) but view the situation in Arab countries, I have to change my point of view about the future.
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Old 1st Mar 2011, 17:54
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Captiansuperstrom ,
A new side of you
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Old 1st Mar 2011, 18:03
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WOW Captiansuperstrom!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 1st Mar 2011, 18:26
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Lets hope you are right ... Would like to be as optimistic as you

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Old 1st Mar 2011, 21:32
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I initially thought it was sarcasm but I will give him the benefit of the doubt!
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Old 1st Mar 2011, 21:38
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I think hes stayed logged on and one of his kids posted that really
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