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Require info on the "national flight centre dublin"

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Require info on the "national flight centre dublin"

Old 10th Aug 2009, 23:48
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Require info on the "national flight centre dublin"

Hi everyone... ya just like some up to date info on the national flight centre .... general stuff like what are the aircraft like , instructors, is it friendly atmosphere, prices, quality of training... id be most interested to hear from anybody who has done the cpl with them in recent times also ir and multi engine...
Thanks for help...
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Old 20th Aug 2009, 00:35
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expensive!! nice aircraft, good instructers...although, iv only went there once
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Old 20th Aug 2009, 10:21
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13 Hours into my PPL there and I love it. Went to a competitor out there for my introductory flight, and then booked in for a second lesson which was pushed back and back. When I turned up on the day, I was told I'd be waiting 2 hours so I cancelled it and walked into NFC. Was in the air in 20 mins and haven't looked back

There are loads of aircraft, varying in age and each with their own quirks which you will get used to. All seem to be in good condition and I've never had to wait around as there's always a few on the ground at any one time.

I'm very happy with my instructor, he's professional, friendly and he clearly likes what he's does and this is reflected in the instruction.

The atmosphere is friendly, and there's usually a bit of banter going on in the operations center.

They are no more expensive than other flight schools out there, 195 p.h for the C152 plus landing fee's (5 full stop, 3 per touch'n'go). I can't comment on ME aircraft or the CPL course.

They do have great facilities there, briefing rooms, classrooms, non-motion sim etc.

Best off heading out there and having a look for yourself
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Old 20th Aug 2009, 20:59
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Try Eglinton Flying Club or your PPL. I think about 130 Euro/hr and no fees. Its in Derry though. Its cheap, the only have two planes though but they are in great condition. I recommend Atlantic in Cork for the ATPL/CPL
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Old 20th Aug 2009, 21:20
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Well, possibly the first thing you should know is that it isn't in Dublin. It's "next door" in Kildare @ EIWT (that is unless of course FR have started to operate into there and it's now "Dublin"!)

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Old 20th Aug 2009, 22:56
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Sorry 195 for a C152?? Hold on while I just pick myself up off the floor!
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Old 21st Aug 2009, 13:04
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plus landing fees ha ha ha ha. Try Skytrace at Weston or PTC
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Old 21st Aug 2009, 13:08
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Yeah 195 p.h for the 150/152. That includes instruction and there's usually an informal briefing before and afterwards.

Flightwise also charge this, so I'd imagine Skytrace are no different. Their pricing isn't on their website.
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Old 21st Aug 2009, 16:37
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Wow that's quite high, plus you have the added factor of the terrible weather which will probably mean that more hours will be needed etc etc.

Save your money and holidays up and go abroad and do it if you can.
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Old 21st Aug 2009, 16:44
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No weather hasn't stopped me at all this summer so far, with the exception of last week where my instructor felt the winds were too much for me to do circuits in.

Assuming you can acquire your PPL in the minimum 45 hours, that will cost 9000. Add on the extras such as Class 2 medical, license application etc and you're looking at 9,500.

Getting your PPL in the U.S will cost about 6000, add on flights, accommodation, and all the other costs and you're not far off what it would cost in Ireland. Weston is busy enough by itself, and it's wedged in between Dublin and Casemont so it's good experience or so I'm told
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Old 22nd Aug 2009, 13:57
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''Getting your PPL in the U.S will cost about 6000, add on flights, accommodation, and all the other costs and you're not far off what it would cost in Ireland. Weston is busy enough by itself, and it's wedged in between Dublin and Casemont so it's good experience or so I'm told''

Gotta disagree with you there John MC about the above.
Did my ppl at nfc six years ago now and though they were pretty good overall it is far cheaper to get it done in the USA even when you do factor in flights to and from along with accomodation and food provided you go to a good school.
Like Frequent Flyer said the costs are exorbitant for a 152 and that dosen't even include the landing fees which were I think 2 euro when I did it back in 03.
So 5 touch and go's equalled another 10 euro's on top of the flight costs.
In most places in the US that wouldn't even be a factor.
The average hours for someone who was working diligently to get their ppl at nfc was 60 - 70 hours so already the 9000 euro figure can go out the window.
I don't think I even need to mention Irish weather though this summer has been a rarity in that it has been actually ok.
Weston in the grand scheme of things is not a busy airport despite what you may have beeen told - infact it has gotten a lot less busy in the past 6 years with the new owner. As for being close to EIDW and EIME that isn't much of a factor so long as you don't bust airspace and it gives a student a fairly basic level of r/t experience tbh.
Now all that said nfc are an ok school but f I had to do my ppl all over again I would look for a school with a good rep in the US and take it from there. That's just my two cents.
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Old 23rd Aug 2009, 16:35
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bottom line PPL in 45 hours in Ireland??????? Unless you are just AMAZING I have NEVER EVER seen in....try average of 60hours..... I did ALL but hour building and night rating in NFC, lovely people, only flight school in the world that did NOT harass me when I was in financial arrears...which was all the time LOL!!! But honestly, cheaper and quicker abroad in my opinion, somehow seem to concentrate more on the task when away from home and in a limited period of time, USUALLY and I stress the wx is also more reliable!
bottom line it is expensive here: average I would say of at least 12,000 euro for 60 hours ( maybe 150 is a bit less) + PPL study material, charts etc, ground school, written exams, PPL flight test ( time and fees)...travel to and from NFC ( depending on where u live, that can be commuting time and petrol)....somehow 9000euro is not gonna cut it! NEVER assume that you will pass your exams/flight tests first time either ( I hope u do) but you must allow for retraining, fees and re-testing, IT HAPPENS!!!!!!

PS: I don't even want to know how much I spent!
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Old 23rd Aug 2009, 20:58
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What about joining a flying club? I'm currently doing my ppl in Coonagh and it's working out reasonably cheap. Flying is worked out on 130/tach hour for student. It usually works out less than 130/hr though, for instance on average 45mins of circuits usually costs around 60. However circuits tend to use less RPM but evening cross country doesn't seem be anywhere near the 130/hr. There's also the advantage of not having landing fees.

The disadvantages however are that there's usually a membership fee, 350 per annum in Coonagh, and you may not get flying as frequently since it's usually weekends and evening flying. But if you can organize it with an instructor you can go flying any time.

The advantages being that there's a good club atmosphere and there's usually plenty of opportunities to go flying with ppls who are looking for a bit of company.

It might be something worth thinking about anyway.
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Old 25th Aug 2009, 00:34
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I did my PPL at NFC in 07' took me 55hrs and I have completed the ATPL exams with them too. It is a good school but it is definetly over priced, oh and these days Weston is not a busy airfield. Here's their website anyway for more info National Flight Centre - Home
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