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Chris Martyr 1st Jan 2018 22:04

Try and keep up PB84..........:)

Not only is our boy back from Japan , but was at LAA-Sywell 2017 !

Not too sure about his ballroom dancing , but he sure as hell can still fly an aeroplane...........:ok:

hobbit1983 1st Jan 2018 23:07

Excellent news for Colin Hales. Well deserved.

Now can we let this thread die?!

Checklist Charlie 1st Jan 2018 23:30

Those suggesting this thread be locked/die etc obviously have their own reasons for such suggestions and of course the option to not read the thread is always there for them.

I expect the only beneficiary of the closure of this thread would love that to happen. Maybe also with a little help from her many friends.


Mike Flynn 2nd Jan 2018 02:46

Editing of the 'movie' is taking a long time. This from her website last summer.

I wonder if it will resemble her wiki page?

clareprop 2nd Jan 2018 16:47

Having read Jay Sata's post, I decided to take a look at missy's wikipedia site. As before it does little to reflect the situation but I did find an interesting paragraph. If on her page, you click on 'Talk' on the left tab,it takes you to the 'behind the scenes squabbles' by the various page editors. There is one particular paragraph called The Truth which seems to comprehensively explain what TCT got up to. I notice it has a couple of comments under it - including one from Sam. Anyone can add their thoughts to the paragraph (by clicking 'Edit' on the Talk Page) and unlike the actual Wiki page, the comments can't be deleted. A small but powerful way of making feelings known on her page....

Mike Flynn 2nd Jan 2018 17:12

Many thanks for flagging that up Clare.

To to put matters straight I am not the author of the entry on the talks section of wiki below. I don't think it was Sam either as he confessed some time ago he did not know how to edit wiki.

It will be interesting to see the final cut of her movie and how it relates to reality.

This is quite a slab of unedited text. I was tempted to break it down in to paragraphs but decided it should remain in its original form.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor formed an idea to recreate a flight from Cape Town, South Africa to Goodwood, UK mirroring that of Lady Mary Heath’s. To raise funding for the trip she gained major sponsorship from Boeing Aircraft in the USA and Artemis Fund Managers in the UK. From the beginning, this was to be a solo flight as stated in numerous archived articles on Curtis-Taylor’s website (birdinabiplane.com), her sponsors press releases and the general media. To assist in this flight, her company hired the services of Sam Rutherford, an expert in sport and activity logistics for expeditions and part of the prepare2go group. At some point in the preparations, the team realised that the flight could not be performed solo. The flight took place between November 2013 and February 2014. A considerable amount of media coverage occurred and Ms Curtis-Taylor commenced a round of press, TV, radio and speaking engagements. At the same time, her company started planning another trip from the UK to Australia to take place from October 2015 to January 2016. This trip also started to be mentioned during the various engagements. With very few exceptions, the interviews and media coverage referred to her ‘solo’ Cape Town flight and the upcoming ‘solo’ Australian flight. During this time, Curtis-Taylor’s website continued to refer to the original flight as solo and Curtis-Taylor openly referred to it as ‘solo’ during her speaking engagements of which an example appears in the Wikipedia article. Rutherford had become aware of this coverage but out of professional courtesy, he decided that any denial of the status of the flights should come from Curtis-Taylor. However, he felt his hand was being forced when Curtis-Taylor started to receive awards for flying solo which he felt was simply unfair. He therefore wrote to Curtis-Taylor stating his concerns and asking her to take action. He heard nothing more and as awards and press coverage were increasing, he wrote again and stated he would have to make his feelings known publically unless she did so first. The only obvious reaction can be seen on archived web pages from Curtis-Taylor’s website at the time using the waybackmachine.org website. All previous references to her flying solo were removed. Rutherford then started to explain his position on aviation forums. These communications are all archived on Flyer Forum and Pprune. None state anything other than Curtis-Taylor was not flying solo and her co-pilot was Ewald Gritsch, the owner of the company which build her Stearman. Strangely, throughout the controversy, on TV reports and the documentary, Gritsch can be seen in the front cockpit of the aircraft yet this fact was never raised by observers at the time. As Rutherford’s accusations became more public, Curtis-Taylor made the first of four statements on her website, the essence of which was that she had never stated she flew ‘solo’ but that she was the ‘sole’ pilot. This caused a furore in the aviation world because there is no such definition of ‘sole’ pilot and the majority of people who had followed the story from the beginning had believed the flight to be solo. When they revisited archived material, the general view was that there had been a determined effort to deceive. Presently, there are a number of statements on the Curtis-Taylor site. The current situation is that Curtis-Taylor states she did not fly solo for at least 90% of the time she was in the aircraft. She further states that 80% of the time, she flew with Ewald Gritsch. She maintains, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, that this has been her position from the outset. In Ewald Gritsch’s statement, he agrees he was in the front-cockpit but states the aircraft is flown from the rear. This is incorrect. The aircraft is a trainer and since its launch in the 1940’s, it has always been possible to fly the aircraft from either cockpit. Curtis-Taylor suggests that the accusations against her are ‘anti-feminist’ and untrue. She further suggests that ‘she could have done more to correct misleading reports that made liberal use of the phrase “flying solo”.’ The obvious question is why didn’t she do this with the hundreds (literally) of articles from her sponsors, the press, TV media and her own website? I am not Sam Rutherford, I neither know him or have met him. I have no link to anyone involved in this issue. I am however, a pilot who has flown his first solo, first solo cross country, first solo night flight, first solo instrument flight and many first solo’s on complex types. Like other pilots, while I don’t wear the achievements on my sleeve, they mean a lot to me and I am intensely irritated that someone should attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes and be rewarded for it. As Rutherford has always stated, it’s just not fair. I now leave others to decide if the Wikipedia page on Tracey Curtis-Taylor is accurate.Veritasaviator (talk) 17:36, 6 November 2016 (UTC)
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:T...ylor#The_Truth

Sam Rutherford does in fact make a contribution to the wiki talks section of TCT's biog.

My name is Sam Rutherford. I was there throughout, and everything posted by Veritasaviator is correct. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 18:14, 22 December 2016 (UTC) My name is Peter Gibson. I am very aware of Sam Rutherford's reputation in the flying community and I support him 100% on his comment above. I would also say that the videos referred to show Tracey Curtis Taylor clearly claiming (on two occasions) to have flown solo. It is a disgrace that this is not mentioned on her Wikipedia page. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:37, 2 January 2018 (UTC)

clareprop 2nd Jan 2018 20:55

Jay Sata,

What I consider hilarious after reading all those sanctimonious comments from the apparently 'unbiased' editors on Wikipedia (who have, effectively, cleansed that page from any criticism), is reference number 3 at the bottom of the main entry. It provides a link to The Guardian which, unlike The Daily Mail or other 'popular tabloids' is allowed to be quoted.

It is exquisite in its irony in that the reference is supposed to reflect where TCT was born. However, the very first lines somewhat hoist them on their own petard: https://www.theguardian.com/australi...intage-biplane

A British aviator has touched down in Sydney, completing her 21,000km solo flight from England in a vintage open cockpit biplane.
Perhaps another example of not checking what's up front before claiming
a solo flight :E...

It's been sitting there for two years...wonder how long it will remain now...

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 2nd Jan 2018 22:59

Please don't lock or close this thread, that would be a form of censorship that is not required.

If members don't like what is posted then they can either respond and put forward their opinions or they can ignore the posts.

I know that there is a lot of repetition but that is only to be expected in a thread of this size, covering such a variety of sub-plots, spanning several years.

The saga may continue into 2018 and beyond, if it doesn't then the thread will die quite naturally without having to be euthanased on a minority whim.

Happy New Year to everyone

Chris, message received, you have an e-mail.

Mike Flynn 7th Jan 2018 02:44

I have been sent details of this new book.
The cover picture seems strangely familar:ok:


Danny42C 20th Jan 2018 19:04

Seeing that all has gone quiet on the TC-T front, and in recognition of the enjoyment we've all had in following the twists and turns of this fascinating story, would it be possible for PPRuNe to make an Award for "The Greatest Number of Posts and 'hits' devoted to a single individual in the History of the Private Flying Forum" (or any other PPRuNe Forum) ?

With 4,000 plus Posts and almost a million hits, this must be something worthy of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Nem con ? Then let's raise a glass of the Dark Waters of the Liffey to our "Bird in the Biplane".

Danny42C (who knows - I might've flown [one of her] Stearmans 75 years ago).

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 20th Jan 2018 19:29

This saga is far from over Danny and is likely to run another 4000 posts. ;-)

Chris Martyr 21st Jan 2018 21:04

Originally Posted by Danny42C (Post 10026076)
Seeing that all has gone quiet on the TC-T front,

Only half right Danny .

It's only gone quiet on the PPRuNe front .

Will that status-quo remain..? Well , if I was part of that biplanes crew , I would like to leave it that way .

But a certain person seems hell-bent on attracting the attention of the McWhirter Bros....;)

Danny42C 22nd Jan 2018 12:52

Thanks, chaps ! Will "watch this space" with anticipation.


Checklist Charlie 22nd Jan 2018 22:30

But a certain person seems hell-bent on attracting the attention of the McWhirter Bros....
One hopes they would conduct more thorough provenance than some others have.


RomeoTangoFoxtrotMike 24th Jan 2018 23:14

Originally Posted by Danny42C (Post 10026076)
Seeing that all has gone quiet on the TC-T front, and in recognition of the enjoyment we've all had in following the twists and turns of this fascinating story, would it be possible for PPRuNe to make an Award for "The Greatest Number of Posts and 'hits' devoted to a single individual in the History of the Private Flying Forum" (or any other PPRuNe Forum) ?

With 4,000 plus Posts and almost a million hits, this must be something worthy of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

I suspect this one has a way to go yet.

Mike Flynn 27th Jan 2018 05:56

For someone who actively courted the press self proclaimed aviatrix Tracey appears to be laying low.

With a raft of awards including Honorary Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy Reserve, a honorary doctorate from Portsmouth University,and a framed address from the Air League one would think she would be promoting these organisations.

The Honourable Company of Air Pilots awarded her its Masters Medal for "raising awareness of science and technology in general, and aviation in particular, amongst young women across the world".

However I cannot find any recent evidence of her promoting STEMS.

Have I missed something?

The Bird in A Biplane Facebook last entry was May 2017.

For someone who lists her occupation on Wiki as aviator the flying work appears to have dried up.

Anyone spotted her aviating.

airpolice 27th Jan 2018 10:10

Well..... technically.... she's not necessarily the person who declared her occupation on WiKi. Someone in her camp is keeping the WiKi page sanitised, as it were, but it might not be her. Maybe she's not the sole manipulator of that page.

You say Lieutenant Commander, but her Facebook Page says Commander, so one of you is wrong. (My money is on her being full of shit.)

Checklist Charlie 27th Jan 2018 10:38

Anyone spotted her aviating.
Perhaps keep an eye out for Ewald, Tracey is bound to be just "behind" him.


Haraka 27th Jan 2018 10:56

airpolice I think you can be comfortable that your money is in the right place. :)

Danny42C 27th Jan 2018 14:00


On a photo I saw here, she was rigged out as a Lieutenant--Commander (had the RNR gone bonkers?) ISTR that such were addressed informally as "Commander".

Would not touch Facebook with a bargepole

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