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Compulsory paid marshalling

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Compulsory paid marshalling

Old 1st Dec 2019, 13:02
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Compulsory paid marshalling

Hello all

I have posted about this before seeking info, to no avail, so thought another go would be worthwhile.

My airplane is based in Barbados, has been since 2012. Currently I am working mainly out of Dominica, but the "base" for insurance remains Barbados and I make the flight a couple of times a month.

Barbados is quite unique in that the regs basically state, under 6,000lbs (so light airplanes) are not subject to fees, landing, parking etc. and by implication amy other imposts.

About three months ago on landing in from Dominica I was told my parking lane and to follow the marshaller's directions. The parking lanes here are 200 - 300m long and can take maybe 5 bizjets nose to tail comfortably - as usual they put my Archer at the front of an empty one, so 60 ft from the end of the long stripe I get beckoned forward and get the X stop. Then told $20 for the marshalling. Asked around and told it is now compulsory, $20 a couple of times a month is not a big problem - but the thin end of a potentially huge wedge.

I then learn that it is not being applied to the south ramp of the airport - I get the reg they are applying, written over twenty years I am told - it refers to "arriving aircraft" and arrangements to move them to the south ramp (small and rammed with airplanes) so that never happens. There is no mention of departing airplanes.

So irritating but not a huge cost yet.

Anyway the next two times I arrive "there are no marshallers available", so thinks I "l will get a pilot friend of mine who aways picks me up at the airport to do it", so next time he lets them know he'll be doing it - "no, no, no says they, you don't have our special marshalling badge", no marshaller available when I land.

So over the past couple of weeks my friend arranges the test (so does have a security pass already), then at the last minute he is told, you can't do the test that is for airlines and handling companies. My airplane is managed by my company, my security pass is issued in the name of my company - difference between me a American Airways is I carry less people.

Now, here's the thing - can anyone advise me of any international airport in the world that has compulsory paid marshalling - there may be some with compulsory handling, what I am interested in is the marshalling and payment?

There wedge I mentioned is a Trinidad and Tobago type situation where the claimed compulsory handling is US$250 (it is not compulsory unless you get tricked into accidentially taking services from them for the onerous task of taking from you and handing your decs to their agent who turns and hands them to the officials.
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 10:18
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Spontaneous thought - this is rip-off.

AFAIK, marshalling is defined as a mandatory security service of the airport and ruled by international treaties.
Handling is everything additional on the ground. Sole marshalling cannot be a paid service in my world, but the Caribbean ...
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Old 5th Dec 2019, 13:09
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Just so I understand, on the occasions where there is "no marshaller available," do you just get to park it yourself without being marshalled ? is that on the main apron or the south ramp ?

It's obviously a con so maybe just wait until you know the "marshaller" is having his lunch
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Old 5th Dec 2019, 15:10
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North ramp.

A couple of months back they held me at the exit from the runway (echo) the one the airlines exit from for 30 minutes - with me saying give me a parking assignment or get me a special VFR clearance to St Vincent - that confused them.

Point is I got a fellow pilot who said he'd do it and they rejected him as he did not have their special training (!) then in subsequent weeks they said it's only for airlines and handing companies - the ATC people said all this was a directive of the airport operators - they get no say in aviation matters that's the CAA's remit.

The do yet "yet" enforce it on the south ramp.

But an interesting development - yesterday I flew out back to Dominica - went into the handlers where I normally get an ayscuda number - the customs want it - only to be told "we don't give them out any more" (well it cost $30 to 80 to get one) - so off to customs and I say they say they don't give them anymore not sure if to anyone or to me - not a problem they say - so walk back to my plane thinking what will I spend the several thousand dollars this will save me on.

Then no grief from the tower when I leave.

Maybe my "meeting"with ATC - the whole come to the tower thing worked.

Specifically the regulation they quote is actually not for the purpose they purport - it is well over twenty years old and is actually designed to ensure that airplanes end up on the south ramp if over 6000lbs to save 90% on the landing and parking fees - in the past twenty years the way people read the regs has changed to a "these must be to make you do something you don't want to do" reading.

There is no mention of departing marshalling.

I suspect they are merely gathering their forces for a regulation change that will regularize what they have been trying to do over the past few months.

My airplane has been there for over seven years and so maybe I have a prescriptive right anyway.

All good fun - but this whole no ayscuda thing makes me dollars up of the deal and simplifies my departing the airport - so over all a win, well in the short term at least.

Flying in the Caribbean is fun - still getting it big time in Dominica - I fly from Canefield as it is ten minutes from my place - catch is if I want to fly at the weekend I have to pay to staff the airport - a few circuits on a Saturday morning $640 - do enjoy flying out late Friday and back early Monday so only $40
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Old 11th Dec 2019, 13:25
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Sounds like every flight is an adventure .. you never know what'll happen next. Some days you might even have enough left for a couple of Banks's.

I've probably said this before but the most ethereal experience was calling Adams Ground on the South ramp, getting clearance to taxi about the length of the Tomahawk to Delta and then getting told to call Adams Tower to enter and backtrack.
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