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Fly in Spain Jerez - personal review PPL training

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Fly in Spain Jerez - personal review PPL training

Old 28th Jan 2014, 21:30
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I'm utterly astonished by the bitter vitriol being directed against Steve here. I've had the incredible privilege of being trained by him in Jerez, and in the course of my interaction, I have been consistently impressed by the professionalism that he has demonstrated - not just in his management of the organisation (most notably when he chaperoned FIS through its periodical CAA audit in Q4 2013), but also in his ability to instruct and guide his students in a manner that keeps theme performing to the best of their abilities. If there's one takeaway from this thread, let it be this: whilst individuals are entirely entitled to express opinions of their own, let us work to ensure that these opinions are fair, responsible, and founded in material fact; we should resist engaging in an unfounded character assassination on a public forum of this nature. Steve is a competent pilot of the finest order, and above that, an extraordinary gentleman whom I have had the distinct honour of interacting with.
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Old 29th Jan 2014, 15:50
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I'm a Yorkshireman too and believe that there should be fair play here.

Perhaps the corespondents who are undermining bose-x may be taking the opportunity to deride his abilities due to a lack of their own?!
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Old 29th Jan 2014, 16:35
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That's absolutely right!!

Keep the "Angle of Attack" in focus. That's what this forum is all about.

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Old 8th Apr 2014, 11:23
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I’m an A320 pilot with a major european airline and recently renewed my MEP-VFR/IR rating at FIS on their Seneca. My instructor (Harry) had 20,000hrs including 7000 on the A320 and was one of the best instructors I have ever flown with. A lot of experience in the past and great tutoring skills. If you need ME-IR basic or refresher training I would strongly recommend FIS, as long as you can get this guy.

Best regards,

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Old 28th Apr 2014, 19:53
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Keep Britain great

The only problem with training in Spain, is that it takes cash away from the much needed small airfields in our own land.
There maybe a few reasons why some people may want to train in Spain ( that rhymes ) but let's not forget if we want to keep our airfields we must invest in them.
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Old 12th Jun 2014, 20:11
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FI rating

Hi guys.

Im thinking of doing my FI rating there. Has anyone done this at FIS?

My main reason is the the quick 4 week completion time.

Though its still scary to spend all that money in a foreign land with people I dont know.

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Old 13th Jun 2014, 06:51
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We run FI courses on demand and use a very experienced UK FIE to run the courses. He is the former CFI of Leicester Aero Club and is a vastly experienced Instructor and Examiner.
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Old 14th Jun 2014, 09:31
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I find it strange, really strange, that people who fly aeroplanes are so emotional. The cockpit is not a good place for emotion.
I've had some interactions with Bose X. Likeable? Not that I noticed. Professional? Yes, definitely. Reliable? Absolutely. Knowledgable? well, he knows a lot more than me so who am I to judge? Good bloke to spend time with on a night out with the boys? I've got no idea, I have my own mates for that.
I run a small business in a similar environment to aviation businesses that has its' own specialist forums.
I do not court business from those forums because the people who populate those forums are not the kind of customers I like to encourage.
I wonder if Bose feels the same?
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Old 14th Jun 2014, 16:51
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I don't court any business from these forums as generally they are populated by Walts and various other people with social disorders. It is also a sad fact that people are judged by what they write which is invariable a slant from the readers own personality.

However I will answer any questions directly if asked. It is up to the individual to decide if they want to train through the organisation.

Like you I have my own friends and social circles and I choose my friends carefully and they are generally not pilots.
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Old 11th Aug 2014, 10:55
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I have written my review in order to let those who are interested know about my (justified positive) experience at the school.

And to let others who have made personal experience with the school to leave detailed and justified reviews on a factual level.

I have not written a review to offer a platform for insultations and insinuations or topics that are not directly related to the training at the school I went to.

Personal issues can be and should to be treated non-publicly in direct 1-to-1 discussions (like real men do). Please let us show this minimum of respect towards ourselves and towards others.

The author
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Old 14th Aug 2014, 10:35
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I agree and for what it's worth, the vitriol (based on web activity) hasn't put me off considering what looks like a good set up. The original post here was very helpful. Thanks for taking the trouble to start the conversation.
Currently looking to do my PPL over the next month or so and FIS look like the best bet (weather, aircraft availability, track record etc). I'd considered US, NZ Western Australia but Spain ticks most of the boxes rather well (for me at least) I hope..
I'll perhaps post how I get along.
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Old 12th Jan 2015, 17:28
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Hi GvonSprout,

I´ve also researched a lot in advance before going to Spain. I was close to going to the US for the EASA PPL (there were around two places or so, prices seemed attractive) or to other countries.

In the end Spain was the best choice for me. Independently from the training also because I like Spain, the people, the language, the food and life there.
In Spain I talked to a student who has started training in one of the schools in the US that offer EASA PPL and made rather negative experience there and switched to Spain to finish.

Independently from the country, it really helped me having to fly in the CTR / controlled airspace from the beginning. It even makes me feel more safe.
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Old 24th Jan 2015, 18:50
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Thanks to Downsetgo (and to the others) for this review. I'm planning to join Fly-in-Spain soon and begin with a PPL, a distance learning ATPL and some hour building there

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Old 12th Mar 2015, 17:59
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Bad experience in FIS

Sorry guys, but maybe just happened to me and I hope it does not happen any more, I had an engine failure with one of FIS planes and I am very afraid about it happens again. I was performing touch and go and on the runway, when I put full power the propeller stopped. I asked to FIS staff for explanations, but they said it was my fault because I did not leave carburettor heater on. The fact is that my instructor told me to do it and I remember in that moment was on. The owner did not want to speak about, but I was told that it happened just two month ago.

Someone could give an idea?
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Old 17th Mar 2015, 17:10
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Hello Maxwingspan,

I was a student there. And have posted the experience I made.

Concerning the condition of the planes, yes they were far away from new when I was there. When I was there they were work horses and have been in use for decades. But this accounts for some other schools as well, where I have rented later in other countries. FIs at F.I.S. have told me that at other schools they worked at, planes were even worse. I personally have never experienced anything special.

I would suggest: if one doesn't get what agreed on, don't pay. The system, that normally some money has to be on the account before going flying makes this a bit more difficult, I can see that. And maybe that's the reason why it's handled this way, don't know. But there must be ways to to talk about these things directly and find agreements.

An engine failure is extremely bad! I cannot say anything about it, simply because I don't know the facts.
What happened exactly? In which phase did it quit? And could it be restarted directly afterwards? Which plane was it? I have not yet experienced how extreme the effect of carburettor icing could be in touch-and-go. So please, let all of us learn from your experience.

But if you feel you were in danger due to a technical malfunction and which could happen to others after you as well, take appropriate action.

Again, I am trying not to advertise for or against the school. All I can do and want to do is bring my own personal experience (which in my case was a positive one) to the keyboard.

Last edited by Saab Dastard; 18th Mar 2015 at 08:51.
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 19:24
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An extremely helpful post from 'downsetgo' as I am considering Fly-in-Spain for LAPL.

Here in Germany, I have heard about the lessons getting cancelled because the weather, which makes Jerez a good option if you can spare the block of time. However, I am wondering if this is a good idea to flying in favorable conditions. Most likely, I would be renting an aircraft in Germany later in not so ideal conditions, and there won't be an instructor to guide me through.

Any thoughts?
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Old 19th Jun 2015, 07:03
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Hi indyaachen,

if you're based in Aachen, I'm sure you're aware that there's a very good school in EDKA (Aachen-Merzbrück), Westflug with well maintained aircraft.

They can offer you a wide range of aircraft as well, from Katanas to M20Js. I don't remember his name, but apparently one of the FIs there is quite an institution flying Mooneys.

Don't bother too much about lessons getting cancelled due to weather. Yes, it will happen, however you will get used to the environment/weather/procedures you'll be flying in once you got your ticket.

All the best,
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Old 20th Jun 2015, 16:28
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Yes I know about EDKA. I have been there. However, I was not aware of any Flight Mooney. I am going to an open day there on 2nd Aug and will inquire further.

My preference of FIS, Jerez is partially based on my comfort level with English as opposed to German. In a lot of videos, I have noticed the instructors using common-day expressions to make the student pilot understand the concepts. Not sure yet, how comfortable I'd be with that if it were in German. At least this was the case during the 'Schnupperstunde' .

Thanks AlexUM for inputs anyway.
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 05:43
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Hello Indyaachen,

concerning the weather, I had the same thoughts before making the decision for Spain. But then, in my case, I couldn`t fly some days in Spain due to bad weather. And some days it was at the limits. However, weatherwise this was an exceptionally bad period when I was there, which has happened once in 50 yrs.
Coming back to Germany to fly, I was very cautious concerning weather, thinking that it was going to be different. But things were not as bad as expected. Of course one should analyse weather before.
An idea might be to get an FI in Germany for one or two hours to experience flying in not so perfect weather conditions. Helps to become more confident with weather.
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Old 11th Jul 2015, 07:51
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Just a cautionary note to those intending to learn to Fly-in-Spain.

They advertise that you can fly all year round - well, mostly you can, except for the period downsetgo was there - but what you should be aware of is that they appear to have a shortage of instructors and that if your instructor is off sick, you will not be doing any flying.

I recommended Fly In Spain to a friend based on forum reports but this friend has spent the past 3 days sitting around doing practically nothing because their instructor is off sick - initially, Fly-in-Spain said my friend would do a minimum of 2 hours flying plus other training per day, but including today and the past 2 days, my friend will have done 1 hour flying. My friend planned 5 weeks to pass the test but even the most adept student will NEVER pass in that time frame with this rate of hours.

Yes, sickness is one thing that can't be avoided but there should be plans in place to ensure that when one instructor is sick, their workload is spread around to ensure ALL students lose out on a little flying, not, as in my friend's case, lose practically all their flying.

Worse is the fact that you pay to fly to Spain, pay for accommodation, pay for transportation and you are still left standing around waiting - well, if you're going to be kept waiting around, why not stay in your own country and just wait for the weather???
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