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Newcastle Aero Club

Old 10th Feb 2005, 08:08
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Hi All

dde0apb : The comparison was made on the grounds of like for like cost,BAWK @ 80 + landing and BH @ 105 + landing.
I realise costs have to be met and NC has to make money but as stated it's only a comparison. At EGNV you can hire an Archer dual
for approx the same cost,granted the landing fee is less but you get a decent aircraft for the same money.

With regard to the demise of NAC I see your point that if all hire/training cost were low the only way was down, It is well documented on this thread as to the downfall, ie : high outgoings
salarys etc and a total lack of direction by the afore mentioned and badly named "Committee of Management ".

MB : Maybe an idea to contact NC and see what his feelings are regarding old NAC members and fees etc (just a suggestion )

Regards All

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Old 10th Feb 2005, 08:15
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Its time to make the B-------s pay.
Apparently you need 50 members and of course a bit of lolly to instigate a fraud investigation.

Just getting up to speed with all the latest and I also would like to lodge my support for TOPJET

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Old 10th Feb 2005, 17:10
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hi all look what we are going to lose out on since elia hasnt got the club www.aussie-air.com but if we all (all) aplie some pressure where it is needed is could all change come on we all no we dont want a fancy fueling station which takes the piss
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Old 10th Feb 2005, 17:37
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gt500 is write with his last poast. If Eeylia got the club things wood have been pooshing forward even as we speek.

Keep up the good wurk gt500.

(Not a word from MB & BS please)
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Old 10th Feb 2005, 17:55
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hello all

hi all,

Well I must admit it is extremely sad that the club has
supposely gone, but I think with some other rumours
going around that we all may still be able to fly maybe
at NEWCASTLE or quite possibilly very close.

I believe that Elia has NOT given up on having a flying
organisation in the UK.There is a lot of work being
done as we speak my fellow ppruner's.

I believe from earlier post's RMT have charged a ARM AND LEG
for what really, what was it 17,000.00, big money if you ask
me guys.

A quick question for all you members out there, do you
think MB will do any training out of NAC or will he just
sell the aircraft off like some of us know.

nice posts by gt500/ Joe'le'Toff
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Old 10th Feb 2005, 19:21
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Guys, lets not get too distracted by RMT's 17K fee. I think its quite reasonable actually. Maybe if we had all pushed the club into admin a few years ago to break the stranglehold of AC et al, we might not be in this situation now - this assumes a white knight had been available to take over the assets (Elia etc).

You've got to ask how much you'd want to be paid to come in from the outside and run the "company".

Assume the two administrators were paid minimum wage as cleaners - say 4.50 an hour. A 37 hour week would cost 166.50. But the real cost of an employee (employers taxs, holiday and sickness allowance etc) is maybe another 30% on this. So this comes to 216.45 a week. For two of them the 10 weeks or so of administration comes to (216.45x2x10) 4,329.

I don't think it unreasonable for an experienced accountant to be paid 2 or 3 times as much as a cleaner. Then there are travel expenses, offices, equipment and support staff to pay for and finally of course some profit for RMT. Thus I suggest 17K for RMT compared to 4.3K for 2 cleaners is not a bad price.

So lets not blame RMT for any of this. Its more likely all the other takers and spongers who were unnecessary overheads for so many years.
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Old 10th Feb 2005, 20:35
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Do you work for RMT or is it just a backhander
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Old 10th Feb 2005, 20:48
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hi all gt500 here

anyone who whishes for the nac to keep flying and to move forward it might be a good idea to apply pressure to newcastle airport either direct at the airport or through the press and let the best man win (elia golfin) and get the club running the way it should be run as a FLYING SCHOOL

if any one wonts to contact me e-mail me on [email protected]

they say posh fueling station i say flying school
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Old 10th Feb 2005, 21:08
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you say flying school, I say from reading recent posts, the Socialist Workers Aviation Club of the Democratic People's Republic of Woolsington!
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Old 11th Feb 2005, 05:20
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Not that it's news, but there seems to have been no mention on this thread of the following web page

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Old 11th Feb 2005, 07:42
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Exclamation Cleaners Wages

I agree RMT is not to blame for anything.

The following is taken from their costing sheet :
The average hourly rate varies between 74.48 for Admin and Planning to 191.64 for quote "special investigations req by Crs
Comm Investigations " Average rate for a partner is 200.

Expensive cleaner !!!!!

Also consider that this added cost of 17,445 is added to the original of 240.000.

On a lighter note if there is any truth in the rumour the Mr Golphin was not allowed to meet with NIA maybe the OFT could help,as far as voicing our opinions to Mr Parkin and others that we have been hard done by, I suggest "Dont pee into wind, you get wet "

We live in hope.....
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Old 11th Feb 2005, 09:21
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no eila did not get to meet NIA.and if you pee with wind you will not get wet, this is not but to bed yet.
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Old 11th Feb 2005, 09:46
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Exclamation gt 500

Glad to hear it B . !

I suppose I am just being realistic, the fact that s**t happens reguarly and if you expect little you will not be too disapointed.

It would appear that this had all been settled previously with NIA and there was no way on this earth the club would be resurected despite the good intentions of RMT as this does not fit in with the "Masterplan " as rightly stated by Speedtape previously Mr Parkin wanted rid of us... (whatever info you have should be passed to someone who will use it !!!!!)

Again we live in hope

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Old 11th Feb 2005, 19:28
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Hi all

From what Ive heard there were three realistic bids

1. Samson : possibly no flight training

2. Ashton Aviation : flight training

3. Elia : run as a club

So much for RMT saying they have the members at heart

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Old 12th Feb 2005, 00:49
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After Banter

Hello all.

What has been posted, over what seems like months, are very interesting comments, is ANYONE any the wiser.

Answer NO.

It is all conjecture.

When it gets to the point that FELLOW flyers from NAC are snipping at each other ! what do`es that say about us?

Nobody apart from a very small minority of those involved from the instigation of the demise of the club, know What happened prior to RMT being called in.

Excuse me while I cough (maybe vomit)

has RMT had the full facts?(I doubt it)

I doubt if the whole truth and nothing but the truth will ever come out.

What I will say is! I DO BELIEVE IN THE AFTER LIFE. and all those responsible for the demise of The Oldest Flying Training School in the country, will pay for our wait to fly again.

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Old 12th Feb 2005, 09:31
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Exclamation Orbit Left

This is a rumour network and nobody reads half the stuff anyway.

We don't snipe,We are all in peeved that our passion has been removed for nothing other than the mismanagement by a bunch of cretins so far up their own exhaust they are in danger of disapearing !!!

Regards all
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Old 12th Feb 2005, 11:38
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While digesting the last few posts I must respond, the RMT said at a meeting they would be looking for the proposal that fulfills the criterea of

a) a members club

b) flying training/private hire

C) creditors needs

From what I see now they have fulfilled one of those - the creditors needs.

Elia Golfin, Ashton Aviation etc etc never had any chance what so ever of getting anything out of this, a Samson Jet Centre proposal was possibly already being talked about with Graeme Mason at EGNT long before the RMT stood infront of us and waffled their hollow smoke screen to the members.

If MB at Samson does continue flying training/private hire and keeps the bar open for members then good on him and I mean that but it appears he doesn't really want to do this (quoted from MB himself) then why the hell did the RMT accept his proposal, to satisfy the creditors which IS the most important thing in this whole sorry episode.

Why was Elia Golfin "flannelled" by Mason, Pott, Farnish et al to up his bid and resubmit when the Ballinger deal was all but accepted, signed, sealed and almost delivered?

This may sound bitter, harsh or even childish but I would dearly love to see ALL private aircraft removed from the "clubs" old hanger and relocated to where they are meant to be - in the Bellman hanger, then it looks like nobody will have benefitted from the clubs situation. I care little what deals or arrangements are in place but it has been said for a long time that private groups wanted the hanger for their own use, they may have it now but for how long?

H999. Exactly - why has this dragged on and on, why has MB been given so much time when other proposals weren't even given the courtesy of a meeting at EGNT. Mason's "flu" lasted 4 days, that was 17 days AFTER MB should have signed the deal and why was Elia asked to resubmit? How much time does MB want, he either fills the RMT criteria and signs or he doesn't fill the RMT criteria and doesn't sign - simple really.

My input to this thread is now finished - HURRAY is the cry! So be it, my dignity and conscience intact - some peoples will not be, and the DTI/Fraud Squad or whoever won't be knocking on my door.

Good luck to you all, safe flying & thank you.


Newcastle Aero Club Member (May 1996 - November 2004)

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Old 12th Feb 2005, 14:32
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Having read TJ's last post, if a decision had been made when RMT were at the Aero club then how come a formal announcement has not been made by RMT yet?

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Old 12th Feb 2005, 15:37
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An announcement has not been made by RMT because the deal has not been completed.

Contracts have been issued - but not signed. The winning bidder is still negotiating with the airport. Don't blame RMT for this, it is not they that are dragging their feet.

The problem is, and RMT are aware of this, that as the days and weeks go by, it gets more and more difficult to reform any sort of flying training organisation.

The answer is probably for RMT to give the winner 7 days to complete or lose it.
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Old 12th Feb 2005, 16:19
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good post metoffice

hi guys,

good post Metoffice,

Apparently mr MB is meeting with the airport on thursday
for further talks with the airport, But as the lease saids
whoever takes on the NAC they must continue with
offering flight training out of that building.

So therefore Mb must have to offer it, this will be an interesting
week guys.

any comments guys

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