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Spare Seats Available / Desired

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Spare Seats Available / Desired

Old 19th Jul 2014, 23:08
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Spare seats in the US

Hey all! I'll be coming to the US soon and was keen to take a ride with a pilot there if anyone is willing.

I notice most requests/offers here are UK based so I'm not sure I'm posting in the right area - apologies if I'm not!

I'll be mainly near the East Coast, going as far west as Chicago and as far south as Washingon DC. If anyone is flying near here I'd love to come along either flying to another airfield or back to the same one.

A bit about me: I'm studying engineering (aeronautical) back in London and I'll be in the US at the end of the month. I haven't flown in a few years but was a student pilot in England. Happy to contribute to costs too. You can PM me if you have any questions! Thanks
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Old 22nd Jul 2014, 14:56
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From Southend

From Southend to ...........`interesting places`.

A great believer that flying is much more than just there and back again.

So, a trip to Bembridge (Isle of Wight) is arrive, then spend the day seeing the sights, or walking around the amazing coast then home in the evening.

Or, perhaps Lydd, get a bus/taxi and head to Rye for the day. Lunch in a coffee shop on the coast, walk around cobbled streets, climb the clock tower, etc.

Or, Goodwood and lunch at the Kennels club.

PPL/IMC with a preference for PA28's.

Very happy to go with 3 people (if weight and balance ok). ie 2 couples. Makes a lot more financial sense too.

Would really love to do an overnight at some point.

Week day flying.

Either shared costs or swap similar flights with someone?
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Old 5th Aug 2014, 19:08
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Im a new(ish) PPL flying a PA28 or a 152 and can offer some seats with flexible time for anyone with flying experience (will take passengers in the PA28). Also looking for some experience in other types (and hopefully someone who can offer tailwheel conversion - obviously willing to pay or swap for hours).

Located Hants/Surrey/Berks border
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Old 15th Aug 2014, 06:42
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Cool Orlando-Brussels in a Saratoga

Early September, via New York, Quebec, Greenland, Iceland, Edinburgh and London.

Got a couple of spare seats.

Get in touch if interested - by EMAIL please, not PM!

Thanks, Sam.
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Old 21st Aug 2014, 10:01
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My own aircraft (1940s taildragger) is currently grounded. Any offers of some flying in the Sussex area welcome in exchange for the promise of a reciprocal flight when serviceable. I'm an FI so I can do your biennial at the same time too!
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Old 22nd Aug 2014, 07:38
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spare seat today. stapleford

I have had a late cancellation today so have a spare seat in a 152 from stapleford to Clacton for the airshow. Wheels up 11:30 and return to stap at around 5pm. Email please not pm if you are interested.
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Old 9th Sep 2014, 22:42
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Looking for a seat Glasgow to south east This friday

Looking for a seat Glasgow to south east This friday anybody need some company?
I am flying a kitfox from essex to Strathaven but need to get back.
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Old 21st Sep 2014, 20:16
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New PPL... waiting for License issue.. Fly out of Stapleford and would love to seat with another experienced pilot.. Always plenty to learn.

I can get to Stapleford/North Weald relatively easily and a little bit further afield is Elstree...

Look forward to learning more!
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Old 27th Sep 2014, 09:55
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Hey guys

Recently qualified pilot (fresh from Highland Aviation in Inverness), would love to go up with someone with experience in the london or sorrounding areas. I am willing to share the cost

Please message me or email mk at eflair.me
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Old 1st Oct 2014, 21:51
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Robin DR 400

Hi guys,

I am based in Elstree flying a PA28 but would love to have a chance to fly in a Robin DR400. Please message or pm me if you have a spare seat going? I am able to get to Elstree, Denham, Wycombe, Cranfield and Stapleford at a push. Willing to share the costs etc.

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Old 3rd Oct 2014, 15:43
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Hi guys,

Does anyone have a spare seat this weekend anywhere around South wales/Bristol/Gloucester? Please send a PM, thanks.
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Old 10th Oct 2014, 17:17
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Spare seat available from Hawarden to Abergavenny Saturday afternoon. 1 way trip only so you will need to get the train to or back from Chester.

PM if interested
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Old 12th Oct 2014, 15:41
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90hour ppl based Cumbernauld.

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Old 13th Oct 2014, 02:51
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Good Day Mazzy,

I got my Ppl years ago at Liverpool, don't fly into there much now these days as the cost is a bit steep, I do fly into Ince Blundell in my Kitfox from time to time on my way up from the south coast. If you can venture to Formby area, feel free to jump in and fly the Kitfox. Next opportunity will be mid December now.

Best regards and safe flying a.


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Old 13th Oct 2014, 02:56
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How did the Kitfox flight go,?

That's a decent trip!

Safe flying,

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Old 14th Oct 2014, 10:14
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Biggin to Isle of Wight. This Saturday (18 Oct)

Flying to Isle of Wight from Biggin and back on a C152. Would be good to have some company and share costs. Please email me [email protected] if you're keen.

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Old 23rd Nov 2014, 19:28
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Liverpool Based


I have spare seats going all the time when flying from Liverpool, If you want to be contacted about flights im doing and fancy a free flight then please PM me.

I fly either PA28, PA28R & C172

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Old 29th Nov 2014, 21:52
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London/SE pilots & possibly USA...


Central London based, looking to share costs / ride along....

Relatively low hour FAA ppl, most of my airtime has been in California along with some fun trips in Hawaii... I have also flown from White Waltham a couple of times. I'm in the US very frequently, so would be great if anyone wants to do some flying there too!

Be great to get back into it, so do let me know.


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Old 4th Jan 2015, 14:35
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Available and wanted - Shoreham

Im posting this with 2 intentions. The first being the wish to save a few quid flying and the second to get to meet fellow aviation enthusiasts. Im a PPL pilot with approx 250 hrs and I have owned Christen Eagles and shared Cessna's and PA-28s in the past. I no longer have any equity in an aircraft and I occasionaly rent planes at Shoreham, mainly for local VFR flights just to keep current until I win the lottery and I can afford my own plane again. If anyone wants to share the costs the odd flight for land aways and share some flying or if your a student and would like to spend time in the right seat and just enjoy time in the air please drop me a line.
Like wise if anyone wants to share some costs on your flights and wants to share some flying please let me know - Regards Jon
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Old 12th Jan 2015, 13:01
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Spare seats


If you are making any more trips to Waterford via the UK then would be happy to fill a seat for you. willing to share costs etc and of course very interesting conversation

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