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dublinpilot 27th Aug 2004 13:03

Spare Seats Available / Desired
This thread is for people who are going flying, and have a spare seat, that they are willing to share.

I suggest including the following details in your post.

1. Where you are flying from.
2. Date & time
3. Who you are willing to take. eg. non-flying child, non-flying adult, student pilot, low hour pilot, high hour pilot, pilot with specific experience that you hope to learn from.
4. Costs. Is the seat free, or do you expect the passenger to pay the landing fee, buy lunch, or share all costs.

Squadgy 29th Aug 2004 12:01

4. Costs. Is the seat free, or do you expect the passenger to pay the landing fee, buy lunch, or share all costs.
Would exercise caution when advertising spare seats like this, see Art 130 of ANO, esp : no information concerning the flight shall have been published or advertised prior to the commencement of the flight other than, in the case of an aircraft operated by a flying club, advertising wholly within the premises of such a flying club in which case all the persons carried on such a flight who are aged 18 years or over shall be members of that flying club.

Monocock 30th Aug 2004 21:34

OK, i'll kick off and say I'm flying from a strip near Junc 14 of the M4 most weeks. Sometimes I am going somewhere, sometimes I am not.

If anyone wishes to PM me and come for a trip out let me know what kind of flight you want (local summers evening bimble/trip to a destination I might have to do) and I'll gladly accomodate you.

I don't want any money for it, just some decent conversation will do (immigrant rulings / the banning of vegetarianism etc).

Student pilots welcome, high hour pilots too (as long as they don't criticise). Student female pilots especially welcome:E

Seriously, feel free to get in touch. I'm happy to take you.:ok:

Hampshire Hog 1st Sep 2004 08:06

Looks like a good idea to me - especially for student pilots seeking to learn from those more experienced.

I think the way around the ANO is for people who are happy to take someone flying simply to say that and the generic types of flight that they typically do (inc. broad location). Then no details of any specific flight are being published. Probably best avoid online discussions about costs. That can be raised between the individuals concerned.

It's borderline, but then that's how the law works.


BRL 1st Sep 2004 09:48

Squadgy: Thank you for the heads up there, there are other aviation forums about that have a seperate forum just for this kind of thing so there is/must be a way around it somehow. (see the post above.)

Have not had an e-mail from the CAA for a while now, so far so good....... :)

c-bert 1st Sep 2004 12:01

Well since no one is advertising I thought I'd put in a request! I'm a student PPL (33 hours) based in between Southampton and Goodwood and would be very grateful of any free/cheap flying.

Ta in advance.


Hampshire Hog 1st Sep 2004 15:20

Ah, C-bert, I thought I might find you here! Likewise, anyone wanting some company, student (14 hours), from Blackbushe or Wycombe? I have a preference for flying with competent pilots in fully airworthy aircraft!

pilotwolf 1st Sep 2004 17:38

...and would be very grateful of any free/cheap flying.
Wouldn't we all!!!

Single seat in Hughes 269 on occasions.. open for suggestions of different places - not necessarily airfields either :ok: -are welcome.


drauk 2nd Sep 2004 10:02

I am willing to offer a free seat to any interested parties. North London, weekdays more often than weekends, but I'm flexible. Would be most interested to hear from students or newly qualified PPL's - I wish I'd known someone to fly with when I was at that stage myself. All I ask for in return is some enthusiasm and interest.

What amazes me is how infrequently offers like this are taken up (never did hear from that kid with the letter in the magazine despite offering precisely what he wanted). I may have a very untrustworthy face, but you can't tell that online...

ACW 335 2nd Sep 2004 11:01

c-bert; why don't you stick a notice up on the Goodwood board in the cafe?
I know there are people who have empty seats as i have been asked if i wanted to go for a jolly!

FlyFreeWbe 2nd Sep 2004 12:02

drauk, when you say north london, do you mean in london or above it? Im a student at herts uni, soon to get my PPL but would be interested in coming up with you during the week in term time. What airfield do you operate out of?

FullyFlapped 2nd Sep 2004 15:07

OK, I fly from Leeds/Bradford, and I'm quite happy to act as an aerial chaperone for any young female students at any time !;)

Only jesting, if there are any students out there who fancy a trip at some point, drop me a PM with your details and preferences.

I'm not often available due to the usual combined pressures of work, family, bank manager and tax man, but you never know, you might catch me on a day when the above haven't ...

FF :ok:

IMC1 2nd Sep 2004 19:37

I fly a turbo Arrow out of Bournemouth and a Mooney out of Biggin. Happy to take a fellow pilot for a 'jolly'. Send me a PM. IMC...

Andy_R 3rd Sep 2004 11:58

I fly from Shoreham and despite a long list of persons wanting to go flying, it is not always possible for them to do so. Warrior, Tomahawk or 150/152, do drop me a PM with your details if you would be interested.

Particularly happy to take up studes or recently qualified PPL's who would like to have someone more experienced sat next to them. I know I have gleaned a lot of knowledge from having someone there to advise/help. And somehow it doesn't seem nearly as nerve wracking!!


more weekdays than weekends

BeauMan 3rd Sep 2004 12:44

I'm a recent PPL, flying out of Cambridge. Next couple of flights I intend to make already have willing victims, ahem, volunteers, allocated to seats, but there may be the odd occasion when I have the aeroplane booked for an hour, and an empty right hand seat.

I tend to stick to weekends, and probably won't have a seat spare for a good month or so, but if there are any studes or non-flyers who can potentially make Cambridge at short notice, drop me a PM...

Gertrude the Wombat 3rd Sep 2004 16:46

I too have spare seats for trips from Cambridge from time to time. (But you won't want to come on my next flight, as I'm intending to practice short field landings in the circuit.)

Whirlybird 3rd Sep 2004 18:02

I fly a C150 out of Sleap from time to time, and I like having company.

TheBeeKeeper 8th Sep 2004 12:32

DH Queen Bee at Henlow, (Similar to Tiger Moth), my landings seem better with extra weight of front seat occupied :O

PM me


PPRuNe Radar 8th Sep 2004 21:51

If the good weather holds out, some spare seats on Friday afternoon (around 1700 local, 10th Sep) from Prestwick to Inverness.

Will be returning around lunchtime on Sunday (12th Sep).

Meeting some Inverness ATC people, Eastern Airways pilots, and PPLs on Friday evening for a few libations.

There is also a group of fliers going out on the Saturday evening as well, although I am otherwise engaged.

Accomodation, food, & drink, all at your own expense and organisation. Seats in aircraft are free, with no taxes :}

Or you can get the train or bus back I suppose !!

mazzy1026 29th Nov 2004 13:44

How can I not ask for any flying in the Liverpool area! PPL - love to learn some more, and yes I can give an interesting conversation! :ok: :ok:

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