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Spare Seats Available / Desired

Private Flying LAA/BMAA/BGA/BPA The sheer pleasure of flight.

Spare Seats Available / Desired

Old 9th Nov 2015, 18:31
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If anyone from the Lee on Solent way is looking for some ballast or to be ballast. Send a PM.
PPL with just over 100 hrs.
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Old 15th Dec 2015, 14:51
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Experience required


I am planning to begin PPL training in about 18 months time. I'm coming towards the end of a 6 year PhD, the kids will be both off at uni and I will have more time and money to pursue my dream of learning to fly.
My only real world experience of flying was on a trial lesson at Denham that was bought for me for a birthday a few years back. Sadly, the timing was not right to continue from that point. In the meantime I have had to satisfy myself with simulated flying at home.
I have been learning about the principles of flight, the basic maneuvres, navigation and control of SEP aircraft. I'm not sure if this is a helpful thing to do prior to any real world or not but it has certainly given me a small taste of what needs to be learned in order to get the PPL.
What I would really like is to get some time up in the air to get some first-hand experience of the procedures, ATC, the effect of weather conditions etc.
What is the likelihood that a pilot would allow me to join them as an observer if I offered to share the cost of fuel etc?
I live on the western edge of London and am equidistant between EGTF and EGLD but would be willing to travel further if necessary.
Any help, advice or nods in the right direction would be welcome.
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Old 14th Jan 2016, 10:37
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Cool Looking for fly buddy around London

Hi everyone

I'm 25 and moved to London from Holland a year ago for work.
Just before moving I got my PPL in the US on a PA28.
I logged a few hours last year from Redhill (grass strip just North of Gathwick) with a DA20.

Essentially I'm looking for someone like minded, who'd like to go flying now and then while sharing the cost (or doing double the hours). Because, let's face it, flying is more fun when sharing the cockpit.

So if you're interested in sharing your cockpit to fly double as far or for half the price, let me know.


ps: If needed / cost efficient I would consider getting a check out a different type
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Old 30th Jan 2016, 17:28
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CPL pilot in the London area

Hi all,

I hold a CPL/IR(ME)/MEP licence and just over 200 hours, 100 of which are from the past year. (Hence, I'm completely broke at the moment!)

Would be interested in any opportunities to get up again though could share fuel costs, provide onboard refreshments (I do a great trolly service, even in the C152!), hold a map, read a map or talk on the radio!

I live in London and so could easily to get to any of the peripheral airfields, North Weald, Stapleford, Biggin, Elstree, White Waltham etc.

PM me if you need some company on your next flight!

Happy landings,

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Old 21st Feb 2016, 19:42
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Hi everyone.

Every since I was a kid I've dreamt of flying. I vividly remember making a cockpit from paper on my Grandparent's carpet, complete with Yoke and throttle controls. Albeit a kid's version of what I'd seen from being able to visit the cockpit in the more lenient days pre-9/11.

Anyway, another passion in my life took over the dream of flying airliners around the world. Filmmaking. Nevertheless, here I am, now 27 and deciding enough is enough... it's time to do my PPL.

I've been saving for it quite seriously for two months now and I'm three-quarters of the way there (saving to train in a PA28, so it's taking a little bit longer - not to mention I'm factoring in the very probable scenario of going beyond 45hrs)

I live in West London so I'd like to register my interest for anyone looking for a passenger. I'm more than keen for the idea of sharing the cockpit once I've passed too. Finding fellow pilots would be part of the fun.

Until then, safe flying.

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Old 10th Mar 2016, 19:10
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Full Sutton - North Yorkshire - Pax/ cockpit sharers required

Hello all,

I am currently "based" at Full Sutton Airfield flying the PA28.

Looking for pilots to cost share flights with, fellow hour builders would be great but I've no preference.

I would like to build it up toward eventually going on more trips (Isle of Man, Blackpool, North Wales, Northumberland etc).

PM if interested I'm an approachable chap.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 12:46
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Hi all

I'm about to start my PPL and would love to supplement that experience with more time in the air in general. I live in central London so can get to any of the nearby aerodromes if anyone has a spare seat?

I'm easy going and easy to get along with

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Old 16th Apr 2016, 21:43
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I've done my PPL and looking to hour build so happy to take either qualified pilots or just interested parties up

Flying out of Peterborough Sibson (45 minutes out of London on the train) in either 152's a 172 or a PA28.

Cost sharing is negotiable

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Old 1st May 2016, 16:16
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Hello everybody,

I'm always looking for willing victims to sit in the right hand seat. Especially as summer (supposedly) is on the way.

I belong to a flying group based out of Duxford & Bourn, Cambridgeshire.
We operate a Robin HR200, PA28 and Cessna Cardinal.

My private mail is berry747 at btinternet dot com

Let me know if you fancy going cloud surfing
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Old 2nd May 2016, 07:23
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Avid 4 from Slovenia to Belgium

Sometimes towards the end of this month...

Let me know if interested!
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Old 2nd May 2016, 20:23
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Well! Student pilot (14hours) looking to share a seat flying in the north west (Barton or Liverpool...or Blackpool or somewhere I've missed?). Get in touch!
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Old 22nd May 2016, 19:28
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Spare seat Liverpool/Spare seats in NW

I often have a spare seat and will be flying out of Liverpool over the summer in a taildragger. Looking for anyone interested in cost sharing.

Also interested in any spare seats going in the North West to cost share.

I am free weekdays and weekends.



PM me
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Old 23rd May 2016, 18:35
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Rochester to Bruntingthorpe anyone?

On Sunday 29th May, it's a cold war jets day at Bruntingthorpe. They fire up and do high speed runs. I've up to 2 seats free from Rochester. Would need to leave at 09.30 to be on ground before first taxi run. Then return after finish - 4 p.m.?

Admission to event is 20 each, plus any cost-sharing would be appreciated. PM me if interested.
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Old 24th May 2016, 09:37
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Am around PIK for the summer June|July would share costs for a flight around Clyde coast
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Old 29th May 2016, 09:58
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I'm based at RAF Halton near Aylesbury, current on C152 and PA-28, happy to share costs if anyone would like to get in the air, only 30 mins from London so PM me if you're interested in getting in the air.
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Old 25th Jun 2016, 06:05
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Talking Florida to Europe PA32 Saratoga

Leaving around the 8th July, arriving UK or Belgium around the 16th...

Aircraft on N register.
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Old 30th Jun 2016, 20:36
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New LAPL student near Bristol.

Grateful for the chance to right seat for extra experience.
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Old 30th Jun 2016, 21:12
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I hold a PPL licence with 75 hours, based in Brighton and fly out of Shoreham. Looking for anyone interested in cost sharing on DA-40. Either newly qualified pilots, pilots in trading or people with no experience at all.

PM If interested
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Old 26th Jul 2016, 02:06
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Starting my ppl training again (14hrs previously) and would love to grab some seat time if there's a spare seat on the weekends or some weekdays. I have my own headset and am happy to cost share.

Based in SE London so able to get to Biggin, Rochester or Stapleford relatively easily.
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Old 27th Jul 2016, 15:25
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Hi There,

I operate a TB from the Cambridge Area, I am looking for a current instrument rated pilot to join me on flights in the right seat, I am not after any cost share, I am happy to pay for the whole flight including landing fees etc.

I would like more of a buddy who is current in IR operations, I am looking to start my ATPL(A) Exams and complete the CPL, IR here in the UK. The main purpose is to try and get a head start on understanding IFR by practice under the hood (safety pilot in right seat) and learn more about IR flight. (this is why i want a current IR)

You are NOT giving instruction and you do not need to be an instructor, this is and will always be a PRIVATE flight with a flight buddy showing me the ropes and giving pointers and tips.

I have the following


If you are able to assist or would like to join me as a new flying buddy, then please do drop me a PM

Aircraft will be the TB10 or Seneca.

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