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Spare Seats Available / Desired

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Spare Seats Available / Desired

Old 11th Feb 2012, 12:58
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Early Bird Catches the Worm?

Greetings all

I know its a fair way off but if anyone is planing flying into Aero Expo in May at Sywell and is based in or around the Greater Manchester area and would find an extra pair or hands, eyes or some extra cash handy then please get in touch. I am coming to the end of my circuits(so will be a lot further on by May) so wont drop your aircraft into the ground should you need sometime 'hands free'.

I also a a mate who if you fancied a landing elsewhere(Sheffield Area) would love to come along and more conversation/hands/cash will be forthcoming there to.

So hope to hear from anyone who may fit the above.

Cheers all
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Old 16th Feb 2012, 22:45
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Southern Spain - Jerez - Malaga - Velez Malaga


Live in Southern Spain, looking for people to rent Cessnas 172 (I'm most familiar with this type) with and do flying trips. I have about 90 hours now. If you fly one way, and I the other, then we can share the cost. Nothing too adventureous, want CAVOK and basically good conditions and good conversation. And no "lets try to stall the plane" kind of stuff, safety first :-)

Look forward to any reply.

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Old 19th Feb 2012, 19:58
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Liverpool, Merseyside Area

Hi Guys if anyone has any flights in the merseyside area at the weekends or evenings that i could come a long on that would be great I have about 40 hours mainly over in the USA be great to get some study some flying over here and get more familiar with the radios and airspace. My closest airport is Liverpool but am willing to travel anywhere. Thanks Steve
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Old 19th Feb 2012, 20:48
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One seat from Sutton Bank to Sherburn for the UK bash in the Cub in return for a cup of tea on arrival, returning same day. Beer on return to the bank would be good......
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Old 7th Mar 2012, 05:18
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Melbourne pilot looking to share flight hours

Hi. I have recently got my PPL and I am looking for fellow pilots to share flying time. I am free most days and keen to share flying and costs from airports close to Melbourne. Thanks.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 09:01
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Channel Islands or France

Anybody fancy a day trip to the Channel Islands or France maybe this Sunday? Thinking about planning a few trips seen as the weather is nice.

Will be departing from a farm strip in Wiltshire and probably have at least 4 spare seats including RHS if anybody wants a go at doing some of the flying, just asking for small fuel contributions.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 13:06
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flying to france

Hi. I am bomberdale from Melbourne. I do about 6 trips to the UK annually as my business is based in London. I would love to jump on a similar trip. Please keep me in mind. my email is [email protected]. i am next in uk on 18 april, but only for a day or so this trip. Then June through to early August.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 17:44
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Essex Pilot - Looking to share flying /costs

Hi, Essex based PPL (FAA Fixed single, twin, IR; Rotary) looking to share flying/reasonable costs for flying...close to Thurrock, North Weald, Damyns Hall and have access to two private local landing sites if necessary (Orsett Heath & Bulphan) for choppers.

PM me or mail me if any ideas or plans afoot (still too heavy for rotorway though @ 240lbs - 20lbs to go! )
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Old 30th Mar 2012, 08:10
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Flying in SPain/Portugal


I will be in Spain/Portugal from 31st March to 14th April, and plan to fly a trip or two from Portimao in Portugal. Please PM me if you would like to join me, for a share of the aircraft hire costs. I have flown out of Portimao several times, nice runs along the coastline, either east to Spain, or northwards.
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Old 1st Apr 2012, 05:20
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Hi there,just saw your message,id love to come if not much short notice,im Geoff..CPL student age 53 , i live in Chipping Norton with transport..ring 07927927376..looking fwd to flying !
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Old 4th Apr 2012, 09:23
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Toronto / Oshawa

I'm a UK based PPL, about 90 hours in total. I'll be in Canada for a week in May, near Oshawa / Toronto and I'm keen to get a little bit of flying in.

In previous years I've hired aircraft and instructor for an hour and flown out of both Barrie and Buttonville.

Does anyone have any tips on where else I could hire from? I don't mind driving an hour or two out to get there. I may get the Transport Canada FLVC so I could fly on my own licence after a check out but given I'm only there for a week it's questionable whether it's worth it.

Alternatively, if anyone has a spare right hand seat and wants to take me up for an hour or two ill happily pay my way.

Most of my experience is Pa28 / Pa38 with a tiny bit of Ce172 but something different always adds to the fun.

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Old 4th Apr 2012, 10:05
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Sherburn fly out.

Planning to fly Sherburn <-> Halfpenny Green on the club fly out scheduled for 14th. April.
I have a spare seat in an AT-3 so PM me if interested.
Prefer a pilot to share cost and flying but students welcome for some cross country experience.
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Old 6th Apr 2012, 16:05
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RHS Flight Buddy / Entertainment

I live in Littlehampton and know Shoreham Airports setup quite well.
I'm a 38 year old keen flight enthusiast who's currently limited to online flight simming (I fly VATsim for VA assignments.)
Because my boss is tight, I'm married, have 2 kids and a mortgage, flying for real at present is pretty much out of the question.
If some or all of these variables improve / dissapear I may look to try and gain a PPL
may I offer the services of "spare seat entertainment"?
Ex forces, so i've got a story or two to tell.
I haven't been registered too long with PPrune so I'm not so sure of the format but you can PM me [email protected]
or i will just scan the forum for a while?
hope to hear from you soon.
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Old 10th Apr 2012, 16:24
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Student pilot flying out of Redhill (EGKR) but can drive to other airfields around london/surrey. Looking to gain a little x-country experience & meet a few other aviation nuts.

PM me if you fancy it,

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Old 16th Apr 2012, 11:58
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I'm a PPL based out of EGTC (130hrs TT) and tend to fly every few weeks.

I'm hoping to increase the frequency in order to gain more experience and competence and would be keen on flying with others pilots to share the fun and costs.

Equally keen to help with RT & Nav (or to hold the camera!) if anyone has a spare RHS going on trips out of Cranfield.

I'm flying PA28's at the moment, but have experience on the DA40 and AA5's.

All the best.

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Old 16th Apr 2012, 15:31
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I'm a young pilot with 250ish hours, flying out of Goodwood in a PA28. I fly most weekends throughout the summer to both new and old airfields. I often have a spare seat available.

If anyone is interested, student pilots, new PPLs or people who want to 'convoy', get in touch.

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Old 18th Apr 2012, 00:44
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Hi Guys,

Hi Guyís!

My names Ryan and Iím located in trusty oldHertfordshire. Basically, I am currently making (using several approvedtechniques! ) a realeffort in acquiring as much and any right hand seat flying as humanly possible! I am absolutely prepared to travel most places, and I donít mind being dumpedin foreign climates should the opportunity of long distant flying experiencesbecome available - iím happy to 'find my own way home' (Also, if anybody out there is planning a trip to the UK from overseas, i would even travel to you from the UK for the right hand seat with you back!) Basically, I would grabany opportunity of a right hand seat which you may have available...in anything:-)

My circumstances are I have recently qualified asa PPL, and am now enrolled on my ATPL Modular course with Bristol GS. I reallyneed as much flying time as possible, to log as either P1 or Co-Pilot. I amcurrently just short of 90 hours, and need to accrue as many as humanlypossible, however, I am self-funding my career, and the expense of it reallydoes make it hard!

I would really appreciate any future flying in the right seat, and am happy tomap read/navigate, handle the radios, sing - dance or just sit there and lookpretty ! - Itís the experience I am after :-)

Anyway, it's nice to see that there are people out there who (like I will dowhen I am in a position to one day) offer opportunities to people in order toget experience :-)

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Ryan AKA Memphis_Bell

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Old 18th Apr 2012, 21:57
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C150 from Goodwood.

Hi PPL holder and love flying when I can. Fly a C150 from GWC. If anyone would like to jump in the RHS when I fly, feel free to give me a shout.

Last edited by SMAZ; 22nd Apr 2012 at 22:50.
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 22:45
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Memphis, I don't want to depress you, but as a PPL flying a single pilot aircraft you can't log co-pilot. You can share a flight with part of the time for you and part for the other pilot, by arrangement. It might be hard to get people to make you a gift of their flying time......have you thought about a share in a cheap aircraft? Then you can fly a lot cheaper than rental. Good luck!

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Old 23rd Apr 2012, 16:13
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Pilot to Isle of Man Needed

Hi Guys,

Completly new to this but hopefully in the right section. Due to a hospital appointment of my partner we need to get to the isle of man in a bit of a hurry?

Have been told that if we where happy to cover fuel and landing costs somebody looking to gain hours may be illing to help.

Need to fly from Midlands area on Friday 11th May 2012 to Isle of Man. Doesnt HAVE to be Midlands but that gives us a bit more time. None of the airlines seem to go at the right time

Any help/ advice would be greatly received

Many Thanks
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