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BA Strike - Your Thoughts & Questions V

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BA Strike - Your Thoughts & Questions V

Old 7th Apr 2011, 16:14
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Pax per seats used to be 1/50 seats installed, now under EU-OPS its more like 1/50 seats installed when the aircraft was certified. However operators who used to operate to the old numbers can still do so, new operators can also operate to these numbers if there is someone else out there doing it!
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Old 7th Apr 2011, 16:32
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There are many interesting aspect as to who from BASSA gets involved with the 'negotiations', not least those who have a financial interest in prolonging the dispute so that they continue to be paid a salary from BASSA subscriptions.

It would appear that Malone and Marcus have been absorbed into the greater 'organisation' that is Unite ... where they can undoubtedly provide expert advice on the subject in question, and show Unite how to really 'send a message to BA'.

I would imagine BA's Legal department are considering all these aspects.
I doubt Unite's legal Department are considering the depth of the hole they're digging ... or indeed the quality of the shovels they're using.
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Old 7th Apr 2011, 17:23
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Did I understand that correctly; the Malone/Everard/Holley show could continue as they could potentially become permanently salaried BASSA reps even though two of them don't work for BA any longer???
BASSA might at least have to amend their 'About us' page, which already appears to be out of date: "BASSA is an active and progressive union, which is entirely staffed by elected representatives, all of whom work as BA cabin crew."

•*BASSA•*About us
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Old 7th Apr 2011, 22:26
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Erm... I think you'll find that Lizanne Malone has had a seat on the Unite Exec council for a number of years. As far as Holley and Everard go, once the positions of chair, branch secretary and reps on the BASSA executve are filled, it will be interesting to see if there is a shake up at BASSA HQ. I'd suggest that a new crowd might wish to put clear blue water betwixt themselves and the BASSA Old Guard, if for no better reason than to stand a chance to recruit new members.

One thing that strikes me as a major flaw has been the apparent lack of succession planning. The BASSA exec must have known that its two leading members were due for retirement this year, yet there seems to have been a total absence of grooming replacements, unless of course the replacements were seen to be people who have since been sacked by BA. Net result is that it is entirely possible that people totally unconnected with the current bunch will stand and get elected. They may be somewhat dismayed at the state of the branch records and could conduct a purge of those who were responsible - a cleaning of the stables job.
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Old 7th Apr 2011, 23:44
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Other unions have "Full Time Officials", why not BASSA? You could understand militant members might welcome DH & Co., being appointed just to "stick one up" at BA.

In my (very limited) union membership in the 1950's* I always understood that the penultimate place for a local dispute to go was York, where dedicated full time officials of both unions and employers negotiated matters over a table before going "National". I am probably about 50 years out of date with union procedures because at the first opportunity, (i.e. when I changed my job) I left the union and never re-joined, being responsible for my own pay negotiations ever since.

* As 16 year old engineering apprentices we were strongly co-erced (i.e. forced) to join the AEU even though it was not quite a closed shop.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 08:15
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In terms of successors at BASSA, I think anyone will have difficulty escaping the shadow of Duncan et al. I would not assume DH will let go of BASSA easily. There are certainly plenty of ex crew who spend their comfortable retirement on other fora poisoning the well.

The fact that BASSA and CC89 have managed (entirely through their own collective actions) render themselves impotent in negotiations with everything delegated upwards to Unite reflects badly on them (just where does all that money go?). Going forward, I expect both separate branches to be dissolved with Unite keeping a firm grip on things.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 09:15
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I suspect that the majority of posters on here would say that DH & Co have led BASSA poorly (or perhaps appalingly), perhaps citing the loss of ST and wages, the lack of a payrise, the introduction of MF, the loss of respect for cabin crew amongst their BA colleagues and the public, the antagonistic attitude to their excellent employers etc etc.

However, I rather suspect the 5,000-odd yes voters would say they are perfectly happy with the leadership who portray themselves as Martyrs to the cause standing firm against a vindictive employer

The 3,000-odd who seemingly can't be bothered to vote on their own futures would appear unlikely to care who leads them.

The no-voters are in a significant minority, and its possible that some/many have left BASSA following the latest ballot result.

I rather suspect therefore that there would be little opposition from the BASSA members if DH&Co were to install themselves as permanent salaried officials.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 09:55
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Should the present BASSA leadership stay in situ as full time officials the IR relationship with BA would be in danger of remaining in a state of permanent dispute. I cannot see BA allowing that to happen and will find (legal) means to sideline the likes of DH and LM unless Unite reel them in.

As an aside, I was meeting friends in Covent Garden last night and was gobsmacked to see a rather fine building right in the middle of that area belonging (or rented) to Unite. Why is it neccessary for a union to have offices in one of the most expensive parts of London?
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 10:32
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I was at the Unite office the other week. It is dead handy being there, as the TUC is just round the corner. If you think that about the London office, you should go and see Esher Place. Right in the heart of the broker belt is a beacon of trade unionism

Would I campaign for removal of these assets etc, to bring down my £120 per year subs: na.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 10:36
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you should go and see Esher Place. Right in the heart of the broker belt is a beacon of trade unionism
Unite is a business in every way that a stoke broker firm is, I'm surprised by nothing that they do accordingly. Far from speaking from a high horse unions these days are right there at the trough with all the other little piggies....
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 11:16
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This is exactly the kind of profligacy that I despise in present day unionism.

Snas makes a good point about them joining the rest at the trough!!

We should be able to differentiate between bankers who rip us off and unions who are supposed to protect us (funded by OUR subs).

Sorry mods...off thread, but relevant to BASSA's less than clear financial arrangements.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 11:26
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The very grand buildings, offices, cars, high salaries and perks are part and parcel of any of the union hierarchy who despise it in the high ranking CEO's and managers they deal with, trying to belittle them and make them squirm - but after 5 o/clock they love it!
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 12:36
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Nothing new about 'nice offices' ... back in the 60's one of the big Unions had their HQ on Richmond Green
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 14:06
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Esher Place is Unite's national training and conference centre and is also an asset if the union and its funding is well worth a percentage of my subs.

i am sure that any General Secretary would be happy to compare their remuneration package with most FTSE CEO's.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 15:51
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I'll have whatever he/she is smoking.

Swales you will soon find out.

There will be no more strikes as there will no need to be. The end is very near and the company has given in.

I also hear that some senior heads will roll and all the sacked will be re-instated. That's right your nemesis once again a CSD.

Staff travel is back in full with a compensation ticket with a higher priority than anyone else, and payments for lost earnings.

Mixed fleet stopped and the ones integrated.

BASSA to be apologised to and recognised. Agreements to be re-enforced and strengthened.

I'm hearing complete victory.

You lot have been shown up and disgraced and you will never recover from this.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 16:02
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Is that not irony? Or sarcasm?
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 16:27
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... or a Troll?

It has about as much factual substance as the sermon our cat gave last Sunday to a small congregation of mice.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 16:49
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Amusing though. There hadn't been a post on that thread for over 24 hours till Crewfriend came on proclaiming victory.

I do hope the thought of a promised victory will cheer up any sourpuss BASSA cc's who are going to be looking after my comfort and safety on my Club Europe Athens flight this coming Sunday
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 17:04
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Same old, same old

That "contributor" over on the CC thread sounds just like some of the Trots and SWP characters that I used to deal with in the 70's and 80's.
I knew a lot more Marx and Miliband than they did, but still they trotted out the same old, same old.

And, just like to-day's lot, they could not negotiate their way either in to or out of, a paper bag.

That one sounds like SWP. She/he conveniently forgets that the SWP is owned and run by Millionaires as a bit of leftie fun on the side for when they are not appropriating someone else's previously expropriated surplus wage labour
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 18:53
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'Crewfriend,' starring on that other thread, is a tonic.

Reading his posts, I had a mental picture of the inimitable Robert Lindsay playing Wolfie Smith of the Tooting Popular Front in the '70s sitcom "Citizen Smith."

Perhaps Crewfriend could write the script for an updated version - "Citizen Holley," with the pilot episode entitled "Tears Before Bedfont."
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