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Moorabbin ATIS IA in VMC ?

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Originally Posted by lucille View Post
Is YMMB that much busier now than it was in the 70s and 80s? I donít recall such Byzantine ATC complications in those days when there were a host of charter and freight operations running along with numerous busy flying schools.

Ahhh....the halcyon days of an inbound call and a base call and flying with your eyes and ears wide open seem to have gone.

A bygone era when ATC was razor sharp, helpful and possessed superhuman powers of SA.
GAAP vs Class D is why it seems so complicated probably. Quite different processes from both ATC and pilot perspectives.
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The good old days, 35L and 35R for circuits, IFR arrivals and departures 35 centre.

Up to eight aircraft in each circuit, and then the IFR traffic was everything from Lear jets down to John Correls twin Comanche going out on IFR sorties.

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So back to the original post/question, EIP on the ATIS does not mean you can't ask for or wouldn't be cleared a visual approach, particularly because the conditions you've listed are VMC. There is no need to request SVFR. It is just an expectation broadcast on the ATIS, nothing more and nothing less.
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Thread Drift.....

John Correll... Memories... (Correll Advanced Flight Training as I recall). Did my initial IR in the Link, the Comanche (single), then the Twin Comanche. You had to commit to full time training every week day (not weekends) in order to train there. Even though jobs were scare in the early 70s, my IR from CAFT got me a gig flying across Bass St in C310s and Aztecs.

Even then, there were always many aircraft in the holding bays at MB awaiting airways clearances. Busy airspace never seemed to be a problem to ATC, wth both ML and EN operating as well as MB, but I think it was simpler then. Learning to fly IFR was more about developing skills to cope with a wide range of instrument flying conditions, and less about knowing back to front the equivalent of the CASRs Part 61 and AIP .

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Well, that could depend on minimas, INTER or TEMPO... any forecast information that could require limitations to VFR or clear minimas, DA/MDA
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I do not think this has anything to do with visibility.
It sounds like there may be a problem with multiple IFR flights arriving close to each other on visual approaches without cancelling IFR.
They therefore must still be separated from each other by the Class D tower controllers who have no standards available to them in these ridiculously small Class D control zones. (Not so at the regional Class Ds where there is more airspace available to the controllers)
The solution is for the Tower to insist that all IFR flights are processed via an instrument approach. This means that they are surveillance separated in Class C airspace by Melbourne Centre and then processed one at a time, with the VFR traffic, by the Tower controllers.
If it is VMC then an IFR flight can cancel IFR and be processed as a VFR flight without the delay incurred by an instrument approach.

This was the situation in the old GAAP system where CASA decreed that when an IFR flight contacted a GAAP Tower the pilot's IFR status was automatically changed to VFR. This changed when CASA made the Zones Class D.
Unfortunately the CASA/Airservices system has not caught up with the airspace status change, otherwise Moorabbin would be operated in the same way as Avalon, Albury, Launceston and so on.
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