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Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA

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Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA

Old 18th Mar 2022, 06:42
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Originally Posted by Sunfish
I think there is something here that has been overlooked. I speak from the perspective of person involved in corporate start ups and venture capital...... people who don't play by Marquis of Queensberry rules.

What has been overlooked is that in the Australian context, APTAS business model, as made concrete in its exposition and other manuals and documents as well as its software is a unique creation embodying very valuable know - how that has cost a great deal of time and money to create and is a comprehensive solution to the requirements of flight training in Australia.

As such APTA's intellectual property is worth a very, very great deal of money in Australia because it is/was capable of dominating the flight training market. I suggest that the I.P. is still worth a great deal of money.

That raises a number of possibilities when one considers human nature. Those possibilities include fear among APTA's competitors as well as envy and greed in others. Who knows? Perhaps APTA by another name was going to be resurrected by others once it had been "abandoned" by Glen?

...You know, a new name and a few cosmetic changes to satisfy CASA and voila! A money printing machine.

To put that another way, is Australia to be denied access to APTAs comprehensive and valuable flight training solution? Might someone be waiting to resurrect the idea? Who owns the I.P.? Who has the manuals?
I said it somewhere earlier in this thread, but the day that Glen ‘called out CASA’ and told them they weren’t safe or called them unsafe, I forget the exact wording, is the day that Glen became a marked man. They put the crosshairs on Glen and delivered a fatal shot.
Out came all the archived TRIM files plus Glen’s business proposal and they went through it with a fine tooth comb, until they found their silver bullet. A ruthless, vindictive, disgusting bully of a department.
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Response to Lead Balloon Post #2041

Lead Balloon, in regard to your question,

“I seek just 1 clarification. You said in your most recent post:

"One member had already been approved formally by CASA through a significant change process."

This is very important. Did CASA write a piece of paper that said "Member X is approved to conduct flying training" or something like that?

Or did CASA write a piece of paper that said APTA is approved to conduct flying training using Member X's resources at Member X's location" or something like that?

It is very important to understand who was "approved".

The way in which Member X is "approved" to conduct flying training is that it is issued an AOC/Part 12X certificate.

The way in which APTA is "approved" to conduct flying training using Member X's resources at Member X's location is that APTA gets the approval (maybe a variation to its certificate?).

There can't be a half pregnant world in which an entity has an "approval" to conduct flying training but not an AOC/Part 12X certificate authorising it.”

Lead Balloon, I understand the point of your question. I am trying to cast my mind back 5 years now, and I cannot be assured that my response is correct. I will make an FOI request for the certificate that CASA issued and on receipt I will be able to post it and answer correctly. My recollection is that it stated the Member could conduct training under the APTA approval, in accordance with our procedures. Please standby, and I will update upon receipt. Regarding your second query.

“ASIC shows the current entity with the name “Australian Pilot Training Alliance Pty Ltd” is ACN 119 046 385. ASIC says that that entity’s former names include “Melbourne Flight Training Pty Ltd”.

ASIC also shows ACN 612 834 152 as named “Melbourne Flight Training Pty Ltd” with the former name “Australian Pilot Training Alliance Pty Ltd”. However, that entity is shown as having been deregistered on 23 January 2021.

Looks like two different corporate entities swapping identical names. Nothing too unusual about that, but I want to make sure I understand who’s who in this zoo.

What was the ACN of the entity of which you were CEO called “Australian Pilot Training Alliance Pty Ltd” while you were dealing with CASA? I’m guessing it was ACN 612 834 152 – the one that’s now been deregistered – and ACN 119 046 385 then grabbed the name. But I’d rather not guess.)

Unfortunately this is somewhat confusing.

Company ending in “285” was the original Melbourne Flight Training that commenced operations as a flying school in 2006,

Company ending in “152” was established in 2016 and was called APTA. The intention being to set up APTA as a completely separate Entity, with its own separate AOC.

CASA advised that due to all resources being directed to Transitioning existing organisations, they would not be able to process any new applications for approximately 12 months. Therefore, the new Company “152” was effectively useless as those timelines were unacceptable.

In discussions with CASA, I elected to build the APTA model under the existing Melbourne Flight Training, Company “285” registered in 2006, with all of the existing approvals i.e. ARN 759217, RTO 22508, and CRICOS approval.

As the APTA concept, was an Australia wide concept, I preferred the Company name “Australian Pilot Training Alliance,” rather than Melbourne Flight Training.

I swapped the names only. No other changes were made. This was done through ASIC and CASA. The original Company from 2006 changed from “Melbourne Flight Training” to “Australian Pilot Training Alliance” to better represent the concept.

Therefore the original Company from 2006 changed from MFT to APTA, obviously retaining the original ACN ending in “152”

The newer Company from 2016, with no approvals changed from APTA to MFT.

There was only the one AOC ever issued back in 2006 to ACN “285” with ARN 759217. That is the business that CASA took action against. With the trading restrictions in place for ACN “285”, my funds were exhausted. CASA would not permit the multi base, multi entity structure, and would now only allow one entity to continue under the AOC.

I was unable to continue operating as all funds were by now exhausted, and approximately $200,000 of debts had been accrued, as the matter had dragged on far longer than anticipated.

I transferred the business with ACN “285”. The original business with the CASA approvals to one of the APTA members to facilitate their continuing operations in return for taking on the debt and paying it in full. The business now had minimal value as CASA was still “considering” if it would be permitted

I transferred the shares to the new owner in return for settling the debt. Not one cent ever went into my bank account.

I hope that goes someway to clarifying a very confusing situation. Please come back with any queries. I am about to go into a roll of 3 X 13 hour shifts with a hefty drive each side, so please be patient as I may not get back here till Tuesday midday ( a few Married at First Sight episodes to catch up on in the morning). Wow that Olivia looks like a real piece of work, and she was my favourite originally, as the family keeps reminding me.

Have a great weekend all, cheers. Glen

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FOI request as advised in Post 2044

About you

Who are you making this Freedom of Information (FOI) request for?

Your details

Given name(s)

Family name

Do you hold an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)?

Your ARN

[email protected]

Documents requestedI seek access, under the FOI Act, to the following documents:
I am requesting the original certificate issued by CASA to approve operations for AVIA and Learn to Fly when CASA approved them to operate under my Authorization. for ARN 759217 (Australian Pilot Training Alliance)

Date from

Date to

Do you agree to the removal of the names of any CASA officers from the documents you are seeking?

Do you agree to the removal of the names of any third parties from the documents you are seeking?
Consultation and chargesConsultation with third partiesWhere consultation with a third party is necessary, do you agree to the disclosure of your identity for the purposes of third-party consultation?
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Thanks Glen

The corporate stuff all makes sense. ACN 119 046 285 has effectively been the 'operational entity' throughout. The new entity you registered in 2016 became all too hard from a bureaucratic perspective, so it was deregistered in 2021.

I look forward to seeing the piece of paper issued by CASA 'relating to' the 'approved member'.

Try to take it easy.
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Letter to CASA CEO 21/02/22


To the CEO of CASA, Ms Pip Spence.

As you are fully aware, I have made substantive allegations against a CASA Employee, of Misfeasance in Public Office.

I have submitted that allegation on multiple occasions over the last three years to
  • The CASA Board under the previous Chair.
  • The previous CASA CEO,
  • The CASA Industry Complaints Commissioner (ICC)
  • My local MP Ms Gladys Liu the Member for Chisholm,
  • Publicly on a forum that I have drawn your attention to previously. This topic now has almost 1,000,00 views and over 2000 Posts and can be accessed here. The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions - PPRuNe Forums. My particular topic will most likely be on page one or two under “Normal Threads” its titled “Glen Buckley and Australian Small Business V CASA”
  • The Senate Inquiry into CASA
I am currently preparing my submission to the Senate Committee inquiry into CASA. It is in draft format at the moment. I am drawing on industry feedback but anticipate having it finalised over the next two weeks.

That draft submission can be accessed via that forum, at the link I provided above. Whilst I don’t expect you to review the entire thread again, I would like to draw your attention to Posts #2004 onwards where that draft submission can be found.

There are a number of posts clearly labelled Part 1, Part 2 etc. That is the draft submission. It is not complete at this stage although the components posted are effectively finalised.

I am currently at Part 9 and adding additional Parts, and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks

To date, there has been no investigation into the conduct of this CASA Employee.

It seems unethical and lacking in transparency, that a CASA employee could have an allegation of misfeasance in public office made against him, over more than two years ago, and there be absolutely no CASA internal investigation against that misconduct, despite all the irrefutable evidence of the commercial harm caused.

These are all matters that I will attend to in that Submission. I am currently up to some “legal aspects” at Part 8 and 9 but intend to continue outlining in Parts 10 onwards.

How easily CASA could have avoided this entire matter, and the harm caused by those decisions made by the CASA employee.

I will divide the harm up into two different components.

The commercial harm to Employees, Customers, Students, Suppliers, other businesses dependent on me, etc and then in the second section, the more personal harm caused to me and my family i.e., financial, reputations, generational, emotional, etc.

The Submission will conclude with well-intentioned suggestions for consideration to improve the safety of aviation and improve General Aviation, most particularly within Regional Areas.

You are fully aware, that I am seeking a meeting with you at the earliest opportunity to raise my allegations before you personally, and, to seek the opportunity for a meeting to redress all parties that were impacted by this matter, with the exception specifically of myself.

I seek only to put every other affected person back in the same situation they were in before CASA so suddenly close my business in October 2018, and as if they had never met me.

With a Federal Election looming, the topic of Government integrity is crucial, and the topic of an anti-corruption body to ensure Government Department transparency is highly pertinent.

Whilst I appreciate that my local MP Ms Gladys Liu is opposed to such a watchdog, I personally will be endeavouring to bring this matter to the attention of my local community, of which I am a 55-year resident of that Community.

The purpose of this letter is to bring my proposed Submission to Senate to your attention.

Request a meeting with you at your earliest opportunity.

I have included all parties mentioned in this correspondence, as recipients.


Glen Buckley
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You are wasting your time Glen. because you subscribe to the very common fantasy that if you could only explain your case to the CEO or Board or Minister IN PERSON, that they could see the truth in you, wave their magic wand, instantly right all wrongs and everyone lives happily ever after. Glen, Mate, THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

Spence, the Board, the Minister, have to take advice. They are very very busy people. They don't know anything about you except what is written in a one A4 page brief handed to them twelve hours or less before the meeting. They don't want to know you, they just want to resolve things as fast as possible and get on to the next task. THEY DON'T KNOW YOU, DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU,, DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU, DON'T HAVE TIME TO LISTEN. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS RESOLUTION.

In the highly unlikely event that you get a meeting, guess who will:

1. Brief Ms. Spence before the meeting.

2. Be seated one metre behind her and one metre to her left or right.

3. Take the minutes of the meeting.

4.Write the letter of offer you will receive after the meeting.

5. Write the brief to the Board and the Minister detailing the substance and outcome of the meeting.

That's right.......

IMHO you DO NOT MEET CASA unless and until there is agreement between you and CASA that you have been wronged and an acceptable offer to you IN WRITING is already on the table.

You cannot make your case any better than you already have by meeting in person. All you are doing is giving them another opportunity to paint you as an insane malcontent - which is what they will do.

They are expert at twisting words and will pounce on your slightest exaggeration and/or verbal misstep to destroy your case. Whatever you do, if you raise your voice, swear or threaten they have got you cold.

Once you have met Spence you can be labelled as "a nutter who won't take no for an answer" what follows shortly thereafter is an application to the nearest Magistrates court for an AVO (apprehended violence order) preventing you from approaching any CASA staff and its game over.

You cannot improve your case by meeting any of these people. The reverse is true. Spence cannot help you directly, she has to follow procedure. A direct appeal CANNOT produce the outcome you seek and could very easily destroy the work you have already done. An agreement arising out of a personal meeting instead of out of bureaucratic procedure can easily be painted in the media as corruption, collusion or worse. This is exactly what happened to Gladys in Sydney and countless other senior bureaucrats and politicians over the years - "I met so and so and we agreed that.....$$$$$" don't you understand what the iron ring will do to Spence if she doesn't follow procedure??????

To put it another way, CEO's Boards and Ministers only have power when they follow laid down laws and procedure. A personal meeting leading to a personal decision and a personal offer, even if totally justified, is NOT part of the Westminster tradition as many have found to their cost.

All the best..

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Hi Glen, hope you’re well.

Any latest updates with your progress?
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Cheers Hacick, an update.

Sorry "Havick", i couldnt edit the title after i posted. The truth is that I have been on some prescription medication, and I have since discontinued its use. Admittedly levelled some of the emotion, but thats not what I actually need right now. Back on the horse and ready to go.

I have a telephone call with the Ombudsman's Office on Thursday this week to receive an update, which i will get up here as soon as practical. In the interim i have made this following flyer and begun distributing it in the electorate of Chisholm. Its one of Australia's most marginal seats, and I will be active in distributing this via letterbox drop, train stations, and attending appearances in the community by Ms. Gladys Liu.A 55-year residents personal and unsatisfactory experience with Ms Gladys Liu, the Liberal Representative.

My name is Glen Buckley, I have no political allegiances whatsoever. The truth is that throughout my 55 years in this electorate, I have voted Liberal more often than any other Party. I voted for Ms. Gladys Liu at the last election, I will not be doing so this election, and I urge you to consider my matter in your decision making come election day. Ms Glady Liu has clearly failed me.

In October 2018, a single Government Employee decided that my business was operating illegally and shut it down, effective immediately.

That action resulted in me losing my two businesses, my home, and my health. It left me bankrupt. I still reside in the electorate, but now in a rental property. If either my wife or I were to stop work, we would be homeless. That is the truth, and it is inevitable that at some stage in the future we will be confronting that situation. I have been left destitute.

Despite all that, the greatest burden I carry is for all the people that were impacted by this. That includes other businesses dependant on me that were forced into closure, the staff who lost their jobs and entitlements, the Suppliers that were left unpaid, and the customers who were significantly impacted.

A subsequent investigation by the Commonwealth Ombudsman found that the Government Employee had no legal basis for that decision. I am unable to fund a legal case, so I am seeking an Act of Grace Payment from the Government for that wrongdoing.

I am not seeking any compensation for the impact on me, but I am seeking a payment to ensure that everyone impacted by this action i.e., staff, customers, and suppliers are paid what they are owed.

Since October 2018, I have been seeking a meeting with Ms Gladys Liu to seek her assistance in pursuing that Act of Grace Payment, and as my elected representative of Chisholm she is the appropriate person to approach.

For more than three years, Ms Gladys Liu the current Member for Chisholm has failed to even meet with me, despite multiple written requests.

Whilst I seek no assistance from you in my matter. I do want to inform you, that from my own personal experience I have found that Ms Gladys Liu has completely ignored my very reasonable pleas for assistance.

I urge you to consider that in your decision making come election day. You will be presented with many options. Please consider those carefully. You too, may need the support of your Local Member at some stage in the future. Please choose someone that you feel will clearly represent you.

The entire matter can be accessed via here, for those that are interested. Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA - PPRuNe Forums It has had almost 1,000,000 views and thousands of comments. For expediency I would direct you to Post #2039 on page 102 of that forum.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this, please choose carefully on election day. The Seat of Chisholm is one of Australia’s most marginal seats. Your vote is important.

Safe travels. Cheers. Glen. Email: [email protected]
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Response from Pip Spence to Post #2046

Dear Mr Buckley

Thanks for your email and apologies for the delay in responding.

I appreciate the update on your intended submission to the Senate, and I will of course read it once it has been provided to the Senate and published.

As I have indicated to you previously, the Chair and I consider that the Ombudsman is best placed to independently review the issues that you have raised, and we are committed to working openly and constructively with the Ombudsman as they complete their review.

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I don’t want to be the bearer of bad tidings, but there is no guarantee that the GA inquiry will continue under the new Parliament to be formed after the upcoming Federal election. As you can see from Odger’s here: https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliam...apter_16#h15.5
Uncompleted inquiries and a new ParliamentReferences to the legislative and general purpose standing committees lapse at the commencement of a new Parliament, apart from references which are automatically made under the standing and other orders, such as the references of annual reports and the performance of departments and agencies. …
That said, there is a pretty good chance that some of the Senators in the new Parliament will support the continuation of the reference of the now-technically defunct inquiry.

But as I and others have said many tines before, Glen: CASA doesn’t care. That’s because CASA doesn’t have to care. The only time CASA won’t yawn at more ‘incoming’ from you is if the ‘incoming’ is initiating process in court proceedings to which CASA is a party. Even then, CASA will bring its resources and scaremongering to bear, to drive you further into the ground. Focus your energy on the Ombudsman’s inquiry (the outcomes of which CASA will practically ignore, anyway).
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Isn’t the problem with any Ombudsman outfit that they make … ‘recommendations’ ..for which there is no enforcement to make the agency right the wrongs.
Been there, had that. Interesting exercise …and CAsA just doesn’t give a sh*t, eh Jono?

Dr Discrepancy can do a verbal vomit to cover any eventuality

The most valuable thing in life is being Vertical and well..Is good.! Rest easy Glen , and stay that way.
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Ombudsman update

Hi folks,

I had a phone call scheduled with the Ombudsmans Office on Thursday 14th April and had intended to provide an update here.

On the morning of the 14th, I was contacted by the Office and advised that the call had to be postponed. At this stage, I have offered some alternative dates, and understnadably with the Easter break have not herad back.
Once that call goes ahead, I will provide that update.

Cheers. Glen
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But I am keeping myself busy

Posting on every electoral poster i can find https://auntypru.com/wp-content/uplo..._074444_PM.jpg

Interestingly, my efforts have resulted in a number of local residents contcating me, and it seems that I am not alone. Appears that our local Liberal Representative has a habit of ignoring the electorate.
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Good luck to you Glen. Amazing how you are having to go through all these different approaches, when the issue has been clearly laid out for all to see as far as I can tell.

I think most people would agree you were doing something that would have enhanced flying training standards in Australia, been a model for others to aspire to, and a solid business model as well. Win-win, you would think.

Onlookers like us clearly haven't been through the wringer like you have, but it's still very disturbing to see a concept so reasonable be buried in 'wheels within wheels' of prattle and drawn out like this.

Naive of me to think this way, I suppose, but rather than have to chip away via direct approach, ombudsman, MPs etc, how much more in line with the so-called Australian fair go would it be that when a reasonable allegation of regulatory stuff-ups if made, it gets an honest examination and action to fix issues rather than the carpet treatment.

Good on you, and hope there's a few steps forward soon.

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Hoping for a fair go

Maybe the Ombudsman will overcome timidity and understand what has happened here. Otherwise the only real hope is a Minister with a sense of what’s right.

CASA has not come forward with any rational, believable, safety related or plausible reason for the reversal of approval of Glen’s otherwise successful business model for a group of flying schools.

In my opinion CASA acted to preserve its regime of excessive fee garnering and as part of its extreme and counterproductive control mentality.

In Australia today flying schools, and General Aviation (GA) charter operators (the few remaining), are subjected to extraordinary and unnecessary paperwork and recurring fees for invented permissions. To start a flying school or charter operations is the stuff of nightmares and huge expenses. You couldn’t invent such disproportionate measures in a short time, CASA has had 34 years and its trajectory shows no sign of temperance.

For the outsider it will be difficult to comprehend the injustice and there will be people who won’t want to believe that an arm of government can behave so badly. Unfortunately it’s true, and it’s an old pattern but Glen’s case is an outstanding example of CASA’s callous disregard for the fair go and for the fortunes of Australia’s General Aviation.
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Fully agree, Sandy. The paperwork and admin burden is bloody ridiculous.

The real test of the CASRs is how they work in practice, and it's abundantly clear that the people responsible for them have not actually had to put them into practice and experience their effects (if indeed responsibility is the right term, implying as it does a requirement to answer for and rectify problems).
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If this example is not abuse of office by a Commonwealth officer... What is?

Oh.. that's right, they hide behind the "negligence" wall...

And make a mockery of our laws, morals, principles and conduct that we uphold in Australian society (you know a modern western country)... And in doing so make a mockery of themselves as an "authority"..

You would expect third world country authorities to carry on like this... But not here...

Anyway, I think alot of the people in a position to do something about it - have the misconceived idea that the bar should be set very high to commence investigation / prosecutions of CASA staff - which is the opposite... The bar should be lower... For example, if a Police officer is caught speeding - they are held to a higher standard because they should know better.... Also, because it's a Commonwealth officer.. any misconduct or abuse of office is generally seen as aggravated for this reason...

But getting it taken seriously is the first step..

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Correspondence sent to two journalists at the Age newspaper

Two journalists from the Age have been contacting members of the electorate seeking any newsworthy stories from Gladys Lius electorate, so I have reached out.

To Whom it may concern,

I was forwarded your contact details by a concerned neighbour who was aware of my plight.

My story is long and detailed, and may be too cumbersome to be of interest, nevertheless here I go.

I am currently distributing these leaflets throughout the electorate of Chisholm (Glady Lius electorate). Untitled_Clipping_041522_074444_PM.jpg (1790×1265) (auntypru.com)

I have also attached two magazine articles that provide an overview of my situation, and they can be accessed here.

“APTA before CASA action” https://www.dropbox.com/s/znq4es7aoe...CTION.pdf?dl=0

“APTA after CASA action” https://www.dropbox.com/s/k12d43vtnh...CTION.PDF?dl=0

In short, the second most senior employee of CASA, a man by the name of Jonathan Aleck decided that my business had suddenly become illegal after more than a decade of operations. The cost to me was significant and included the loss of my home, and my two businesses, my life savings. I have been left absolutely destitute. Sadly many others were affected by this and this included employees, businesses, customers and Suppliers.

A Commonwealth Ombudsman’s investigation found that in fact Mr Aleck had no legal basis for his decision. Unfortunately my current financial situation makes it impossible for me to pursue legal action. I would also direct you to the presentation that I made before Senate Estimates, which can be accessed here

I have outlined the story in its entirety on a pilot’s forum referred to as Pprune and my thread has now had almost 1,000,000 views and over 2000 comments. Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA - PPRuNe Forums

I am not the first to make allegations against this CASA employee. The matter is relevant with the current election approaching and most especially with one of the hot topics being the Governments failure to establish an anti-corruption commission. Despite the substantive nature of allegations against Mr Aleck, there has been absolutely no investigation into his conduct. I am fully satisfied that this matter is being covered up, and that this coverup extends to the Office of the Deputy PM. The Deputy PM has been fully briefed on this matter by the previous Chair of the CASA Board.

I apologise for the rather brief nature of this correspondence but hope that I have provided enough initial information to allow your assessment.

I have a large body of well documented evidence in support of my allegations. Of particular concern is that for three years I have been trying to engage the support of Ms Gladys Liu, although she has chosen to completely ignore my please for assistance, and therefore I have decided to distribute the brochures throughout the electorate.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, I would encourage you to contact me via return email or my mobile on 0418772013.

Thankyou for your consideration, cheers. Glen Buckley
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Hope you get serious investigative journalists that want to get their heads around complex issues.
Found in the past that ‘difficult’ stories can be too much for some journos.
The ‘fish and chips wrappers’, are quick and easy. Here today, wrapping the fish tomorrow and forgotten the next.
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AOPA meeting in Sydney



Hosted by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia

Sunday, 1st May 2022: Commencing 11:00am – Bankstown Airport NSW.

Attention Australian Aviation Industry Participants,

I warmly invite you all to attend my MAY DAY EVENT hosted by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia, kicking off from 11am on Sunday 1st May 2022, at:

AOPA Australia Headquarters

Hangar 120, 10 Stinson Crescent

Bankstown Airport NSW 2200


General aviation is in crisis and is but a shadow of the aviation industry it once was. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is largely responsible for what has been a death by a thousand cuts.

Over the past 20 years the Parliament has held inquiry after inquiry, with the feedback from industry remaining consistent throughout. Despite the unified pleas for change, CASA have wrought havoc on the aviation industry, forcing a never-ending parade of regulatory change that has destroyed businesses, reduced industry competitiveness, and dramatically undermined the sustainability of small to medium sized aviation.

The Parliament reacted to the decline when it passed the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill 2019. This Bill sought to ensure that in developing and promulgating aviation safety standards, CASA must consider the economic and cost impacts on individuals, businesses, and the community.

Sadly, little seems to have changed.

The Parliamentary ‘nutcracker’ doesn’t seem to have cracked the over-regulation walnut, so it is now time to reach for the Sledgehammer.

Having worked tirelessly with industry and having watched things go from a cautionary PAN PAN to an outright emergency MAYDAY, I am ready to answer the call on Sunday 1st May, where I will propose a powerful sledgehammer that can be used to finally sort things out so that general aviation may recover and thrive.

Come take part on Sunday 1st May (from 11am). I am very much looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible, with a lunch-time BBQ and refreshments for participants.



South Australian Senator


Chief Executive, AOPA Australia

Mobile: 0415 577 724

Email: [email protected]



To assist with event catering and equipment hire, participants are encouraged to register their attendance, by emailing: [email protected]



Commencing 11am, Sunday 1st May 2022 - AOPA Australia Headquarters (FalconAir Hangar)

Hangar 120, 10 Stinson Crescent, Bankstown Airport NSW 22200, Australia.



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• Flight Training Businesses, Charter Operators, Maintenance Businesses

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Join today: www.aopa.com.au/membership

AOPA Australia | Your Freedom to Fly

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