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more on pilot shortages

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Originally Posted by Australopithecus View Post
Regarding the FAA ATPL: My first three ATP Licenses were issued by Serious Important Regulators...including the UK. I thought myself pretty fancy for having those three certificates, then I went and did the “cereal box” FAA ATPL weekend course. As mentioned, most of those courses are about passing the exam, but they all assume the candidate has done the work. I in fact learned something from researching the odd answer to questions not previously considered.

Don't look down your nose at the FAA certificates, nor their odd way of concentrating on the useful. As properly conducted, aviation is mostly an application of the practical towards some useful end.

At least the FAA charter includes the mandate to promote (not prevent) aviation as well as regulate it.
Well said.
A good summary of the real world according to the US.
Tootle pip!!

PS: Currawong,
ALL of THEM, the whole aviation sector
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Originally Posted by currawong View Post
Or is it the current generation are accustomed to getting an award just for participation...
Now, which generation would have been the one giving out those awards?

The "current generation" had nothing to do with it. If there's any blame, it's for the previous generation who couldn't face the idea that their special little darling wouldn't receive an award, so made them up for everyone.
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Lengthening sentence now as post too short.
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The US considers the licence to be the starting point, after getting your basic licence you have to get a job and then the operator has to provide you with the training to ensure you can do the job they employ you to do. Their regs say that. Thatís outcome based legislation. The muppets that run CASA and write the drivel that comes out of it are still stuck in the 19th century, where the regulator considers itself to be the centre of excellence, the all wise and all knowing...
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I’ve got my FAA ATP along with several others. The most relevant one was the FAA by far, yes the theory was easy enough, but having studied others no doubt helped. No trick questions and relevant.

Now having that theory pass in the pocket is one thing.

Next up game day and the check ride. At the time mine was in a GA twin that I had little time on, loads of time on similar. Proceeded with a very thorough pre flight oral test, I tell ya every system well covered and a general discussion on other relevant topics. Into the aircraft and for me it was like a renewal times four! Mind you this was pre GPS in everything, VOR intercept and hold, NDB same, wicked 35 knot crosswind, the rest pretty straight forward.

However a no nonsense examiner who wanted to pass me, he wasn’t looking for reasons to fail me. After what seemed like eternity he said to me I have control... At that point butterflies in the belly, ok what did I screw up? Examiner, nothing! I knew you could fly after the engine failure at take off, had to make you tick the boxes now I want to fly!

So for me anyway FAA is a no nonsense approach.

No doubt I will be shot down now for something I’ve said.
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Totally agree with you Global Aviator. FAA exams concentrate on the relevant not the insignificant. One example of how CASA has no idea is their new ATPL flight test. I have no problems with the requirementt for it, the rest of the developed world has had it for years. But the rest of the world combines it with a type rating test. CASA? Has to be a separate test costing $1000s more. And why would you quiz the candidate on flight and duty times??? What numbers would the examiner reference??? A pilot complies with those of their employer, or the FRMS requirements. Itís an irrelevant question based on what was done in the 60s
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I'm going through the FAA question database now. I have to agree, the questions are things that I need to know. Oxygen requirments, icing and comms failure protocols.

Not a single diversion 1 inop gear down PNR in sight!!
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I wish people would stop going on about the shortage of pilots. We're not all vertically challenged, I'm almost 5 feet 7 in the old money!
Oh well back to the GA grindstone...
I hear it's worse in the airlines but I haven't seen or heard from them in years, mind you they do look like a bunch of grumpy shortarses from a distance I must admit.
Maybe its a perspective problem...
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A colleague the other day joked and said its a limited number of us! I coughed up my 2000th pre flight coffee and laughed out loud! Hillarious!
On a more serious note I saw one the other day he must have been at least 5 foot 9 I reckon!!!
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Oh, ! for the simple days when you did all the relevant PPL study, clocked up your hours and when the CFI did a check flight and reckoned you were good to go for the PPL Flight had a go

After 1/2 hour or more with the examiner shooting Qs at you and you either talked it thru and /or chalked up some drawings or graphs on the blackboard to make your point. Checking that you have the necessary understanding of what its all this early time in your 'career'...with very limited practical both got in an aeroplane where the Tester put you thru yr paces to assess that you were safe enough to let loose with a PPL. Thus you could go on and learn by practical experience, gain further knowledge of the mysteries of aviating and enjoy it without killing yourself or others.
Fly within your limits, stupid.

Dcades later I did the CPL exams twice.. because at the time of the last one, the earlier passes dropped off the time perch. Second lot as a close cluster did the trick...but I found from the pass marks % , I was unaware of those things that I missed on. Not very educational to my mind...what dont I know..that I should.?

Time erases what exam it was but one multichoice Q had TWO correct answers..!! The trick was to pick the one that CAsA believed to be more important that the other.. Picked there.!

I'm afraid that 50 years of bureaucrapizing the sh*t out of that which WAS relatively simple has now turned it all into a nightmare. The KISS principle is long, long gone.

The ONLY way to save GA in this country is to take up FAA regs, BIN all the truckloads of CAsA muck, and for Christ's sake Minister show some steel balls and do something about CAsA...and you may actually save an industry so vital to this nation.

(Since he wont, I'll just go and pop another anti-depressant pill)

Vale ! GA.
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And the Minister's favourite GA advisory body is the GAAG, well named, really.
Tootle pip!!
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