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Brisbane Security

Old 5th Jun 2008, 10:18
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Brisbane Security

Security Managers,
I don't particulary want to start a thread here for all & sundry, but rather an explanation - other than "its the rules" - on why I now have to put my watch inside some soft bag I may be carrying. Recently, pre-scanner, along with my ID, metal pen, keys, sunnys etc I dumped said watch into the plastic tray & was told to instead secrete it in some zip pouch of my bag. I saw this as yet more time wasting / hassle (my bag is a mess), and requested just leave it where it was - which is what happened. (Thank you to that particular guard.) Jobs worth at the other end was upset about this, and declared that he would have words with #1 colleague as latest rules forbid this as my watch might get dropped, and if worth $45000 security might get sued.
Gentlemen - is there really some remit to, at all costs, find yet some other way to harrass the public. I am an adult, I accept responsibility for my watch in the tray and verbally said so. Further more it was clearly not expensive. Take this line further & you'll need floor level scanners in case you drop my bag ..whatever. And you'll also need to hold my hand on the airport escalator lest I scratch myself / get hurt. Please, for C****ts sakes bring some common sence into our lives & work hard at cutting down the harrassment instead of the opposite.
OK - rant over, not after PPRuNe comments but rather a considered & plausible security managers views.
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you should have said "do you have a bag for yourself as i might drop you if you come up with any more silly ways to waste my time".

actually its better to just do as you told nod politely and thank them for their asistance and be on your way.
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The screening officers get the authority for their role from:


SECT 97 is interesting.

In exercising a power under this Division, a screening officer must not use more force, or subject a person to greater indignity, than is necessary and reasonable.

Did the research after being yelled at by a "lovely lady Screening Officer" after requesting an explation as to why I had to remove remove my watch when it had not caused issue at 2 other airport screening zones that same day (nor for the several years before actually).

Whilst I understand how difficult their job may sometimes be, and really the majority are pleasant enough to deal with, some unfortunatly need to look at the Act that gives them their authority.

I suggest that if you consider the screening officer has acted outside the above regulation, ask for the supervisor and lodge a complaint.

I know I will in future.

Really the screening industry does not need similar people to the lovely one I encountered.
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Whilst we all hate the inconsistency around the country - not to mention the same terminal, nod politely, get through the screening, then send an email of complaint to:[email protected]
(from the ATSB site

outline the futility and disciminatory nature of screening aircrew only, whilst caterers, baggage handlers, engineers, fuellers etc can swan out onto 'secure' aircraft without ever being screened...

mindless bureaucracy at it's best, however it won't change unless we make a hell of a racket.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 12:56
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Whilst I understand the need for sercurity and that it is inconsitent all around Australia. This rule in BNE may be the guards covering their own a#@e. A few years ago in MEL an expensive necklace or braclet went missing and the gaurds were blamed, and I think charged, but were found not guilty (I could be wrong on this).

If you have an expensive watch, then if it goes in your bag then it won't be lying around at the other end of the machine for anyone to take. This is the only reason I could think of for their request.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 13:05
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Sometimes you just have to laugh

Whilst passing through Brisbane Int'l security, in civvies, enroute to NZ to operate the next day I had the pleasure of having my bag's contents totally removed and screened separately.

When the security person discovered a pilot's hat, wings and epaulettes in my bag she asked "why do you have a Pilot's hat in your bag?"
Being very careful not to be a smart-arse and having the rest of me individually screened I replied simply that I am a pilot.

"Oh, okay" was the dead-pan response.

It took all the composure I could muster not to fall on the floor in fits of laughter.
What did she expect me to say?
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 13:22
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I went through BNE airport the other day in uniform and they made me pull out a small ring binder..... what the? Am i going to hit the grap out of myself with a binder!!!
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I can recall some years ago now b4 the insane security BS hit a building at great heights I passed thru the metal scanners at Tulla in the full monkey suit with a leatherman on my belt, twice. The first time i was pulled up over it & asked to leave it with them to be retrieved when I return, which I did. Second time thru (cause I had to retrieve something outside the secure area) I passed right thru with just a glance & a smile by different security staff this time. Try that stunt now & i would be locked Up & thrown to the Lions!
Security gates/screening is for the honest crooks, the real threat isn't there (harassing the pax) it's out there where every Tom Dick & harry can access an A/C easily at any major airport by way of disguise as a baggage hander, refueler or a cleaner. But I guess the boffins in charge need to be showing that they are doing something to keep their jobs

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Tulla Rules!!

Attention "other" Security Managers Oz wide.

In Melbourne the long security tables (available in every other OZ terminal) are aligned with the screening machine so that the "line of sad-eyed pax struggling with their computers, belts, boots, mobile phones and penis enlargers" can slide their "wad" along until screened. Get it? They don't have to stand in line, baby-on-hip, juggling all this "dangerous" contraband!!! They can simply sliiiiiide it to the screener...
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You should include Ladies also.

Don't know about BNE procedures, but it's preferable to put any valuable items in your bag rather than being left out in the open where someone might inadvertently take it. Place them in a LAGs bag inside your carry on and they'll be easy to find later. While you were quite happy to take responsibility I've seen others who weren't and are all to eager to make a scene.

Remeber that screening staff are just normal people. And like the rest of the population some of them a nice polite with common sense, others are tossers.
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Sole purpose

Surely the sole purpose of airport security is to make passengers feel safer. It has been adequately proven here and in other places that it is a complete waste of time and money from a security perspective. Yes, what about all the other staff, cleaners, baggage handlers, etc. who are not screened.

But far more ridiculous are the rural and provincial airports with their security gates held open with bricks, fences you can step over away from the terminal, cyclone wire than can be cut with $5 bolt cutters. If I could be bothered I'd start a blog of ridiculous country security stories. But I can't be bothered. It will all go away some day, just hope I live to see it.
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FWIW, I almost always travel with a jacket of some sort, regardless of the weather. On approach to the security post (checkpoint charlie?), I place all removable items in said jacket pockets, load it onto the belt, and casually stroll through the scanner/x-ray/particle beam.

Other than having to remove boots, belt, name tag, asic, I normally pass through without delay, until I am selected for fingerprint scanning, explosive residue testing, illegal substance detection....

By which time all of my fudge factor time is out the window.

It all happened at YUL enroute to PHL, damned yankees...

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Oh Christ, don't even get me started on the security at Perth airport, they're a blatant pain in the ass!!

They have that typical security attitude, you know the one, "I never made it through my Police exam so now I'm a security guard" kinda attitude.
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why is it that only bne and hkg want to inspect my shaving cream? this doesn't seem to be a novelty item at other ports.
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I can't say for sure about Queensland blokes, but haven't you noticed that Asian blokes have very few whiskers, thus your shaving cream is a novelty!
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