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ASIC card renewals

Old 9th Nov 2007, 20:31
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From the latest ASIO report to parliament
no adverse or qualified security assessments were issued in relation to checking for counter-terrorism security checking during 2006-2007, although 50 detailed investigations were initiated
That was from a total of 134981 checks, (36338 ASIC and 81780 MSIC).

Bah.... I still believe that the expanded ASIC/MSIC checks are ineffectual and were done for political reasons.
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Old 11th Nov 2007, 06:09
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I have a question that hopefully someone may no the answer too.

If i work at an airport and have a AUS Asic issued to me, and then i go and get a casual job as a pilot with a totally different company flying on my days off, can i use my original Asic or do I have to get a second one?

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Old 11th Nov 2007, 19:18
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If i work at an airport and have a AUS Asic issued to me, and then i go and get a casual job as a pilot with a totally different company flying on my days off, can i use my original Asic or do I have to get a second one?
Cant see any reason why not.
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Old 11th Nov 2007, 22:08
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How long after CASA rips the $186 out of your credit card did you see your renewed ASIC? They did this fairly quickly after they got the application so I'm guessing I still have a while to wait. First time round they waited about 5 months and then called me to get my current card details as mine had expired in the meantime.
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Old 12th Nov 2007, 01:53
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In bed with CASA afterall.

Spoke with Aviation ID Australia, quoting $182 and 4 weeks to process.
CASA are outsourcing work through them which suggests to me they would be under pressure from CASA not to go to market with any better deals.

Rip off all around.
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Old 13th Nov 2007, 06:05
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ASIC - the great ripoff and con job

Well you may have read my previous posts regarding the ASIC.....21 million passengers carted INTO and OUT OFF Australia last year by foreign CREW who ARE NOT REQUIRED to have an ASIC or indeed a background check etc.

They are only required by DOTARS TSA Regs to be IN UNIFORM and DISPLAY a company issued ID card....sorry NO background checks.....NO ASIO checks....NO AFP checks....NO CASA checks....NO AUSchecks.....NO ICAO checks....NO WAC or whatever checks....etc etc etc...not even a DOTARS check...absolute rubbish is what your ASIC Card is and its all the same format regardless of job and its on the Internet to the mm to be copied!!!!!! Conned.

Do not let anybody bullshit to you that this company issued ID card for foreign crew is costs about ten bucks and is usually valid for ten years....done by the company pure and simple.

If these panranoic morons (bullshitters) want to do checks by themselves behind the a bank does when you apply for a loan....then let them and they can pay for it....

Utter utter utter bullshit AND THEY KNOW IT....DOTARS etc etc etc.

Two things you can do....bend over and take it or write thousands of letters to your Federal Member or have a NATIONAL NO ASIC day and when the serving Minister leaves Parliament House for the last time(yes he would be sacked) he can tell the Australian Public WHY only international planes flew that day carting tens of thousands of passengers carted by crew WITH NO BLOODY ASIC !!!!!! and they are big planes.

SO you might ask, what is the hidden agenda......the new booze regs?...if you are wearing an ASIC you will be tested...or is it a back door entry to the national ID card being pushed quietly behind the scenes by a soon to be finished PM?....I really wonder but it has NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with Aviation Security or National Security because...yes I am going to say it again...21 million PAX carted by crew with NO ASIC.......what a bloody joke

In the heart of Europe....just a company issued ID card and for TOPEND3 you need to really get out there mate and see the real world.....did you pay for it or did you get reimbursed....$196 buys a lot of stuff at K-Mart for the kids!!!!

At the end of the day....its up to YOU....I thought we were a democratic country!!!!
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Old 13th Nov 2007, 07:33
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Originally Posted by emu787 View Post
it has NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with Aviation Security or National Security
Of course it does. It let the government say to the public "Look! We're doing SOMETHING!. Not necessarily anything useful, but at least it's something!"
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Old 13th Nov 2007, 11:16
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Nice reply topend3. By the sounds of it you were caught without you're ASIC card and were not able to pay the fine, what's the problem,have to spend the night in the clink with louie the big fijian?
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Old 26th Nov 2007, 04:18
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OK you security minded zealots:-

I have been chartered to fly to Mt Augustus in a C208 to pick up some pax who would like to do a spot of fishing at YCAR.
I pick them up with some luggage for which I am told are fishing rods. No problem so far, apart from the fact that they are real big heavy duty dudes.
An uneventful flight back to YCAR and upon landing find that the RPT flight from Perth is sitting on the tarmac. No problem still, but my pax are getting a little anxious to land.
I pull up not far from the terminal and notice the refueler has just disengaged his hoses and upon driving away, the air hostess walks over to the terminal to usher out the pax for the awaiting F50.
I get out of my a/c, and help my pax to disembark.


My pax get real nasty and king hit me to never never land, grab their fishing rods, which turn into ak47's (or whatever grabs your fancy) walk steadily towards and up the flight steps of the F50, into the cockpit (which door is sometimes left open because of hot temperatures in NW of WA) and take control of the a/c. "fly us to Rottnest"

This begs my question, (sorry to be drawn out), but why do we have to abide by this ASIC and security crap when it can be so so easily breached.
If you look at places like YCAR, YMEK,TPBO and YBRM etc the "security fencing" is ridiculous. Just look about 100 metres or so from the main terminal and it turns into a sheep fence and some are poor at that. And some of these locations use F100's and bigger(YBRM), which us GA jocks have to steer clear of for 30 minutes before and after they depart (so I've heard)...... such crap. Look at YSHK, even a sheep would loose its wool from laughing so much at the security fence here..... and its NEW.
IF the government is REALLY serious about airport security and protecting the citizens from the terrorists, then don't f#ck around with half measures, and really send the industry into financial ruin.

Once when the ASIC cards first came out, I was passed off as Qantas Crew at Perth and was about to be allowed through into their inner sanctums when I asked if they (security) were really aware of what I was wearing. I had used it for ID purposes for ticket collection.


Cheers... I feel better now
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Old 26th Nov 2007, 05:05
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We all know the ASIC is rubbish and merely an excuse for the government to collect more money. The idiocy goes even further, when you realise that an ASIC is only required to get airside from landside, not to get airside from airside. Therefore a pilot with nefarious intent could easily fly into YMML or YSSY from some tiny ALA and wreak havoc on the tarmac.

Apparently it's OK to do that, but if you want to drive your bomb to the airport, well, that's just unacceptable.

If you are in an electorate that has changed hands, I would say now is the time to take up the attack again. And one thing you might ask is why the JCPA inquiry into airport security did not recommend that the security requirements be appropriate to the risk when almost every submission recommended this. And copy your note to Tony Smith, MP for Casey, as he was the chairman who signed-off on the recommendations.

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which us GA jocks have to steer clear of for 30 minutes before and after they depart (so I've heard)...... such crap
Yes that is crap

30mins prior to arrival and departure applies to Jet RPT services. GA are not stopped from operating during these periods, they are however required to submit to passenger screening if departing from the same apron as the RPT service.

From my experience, a lot of these frustrations are not so much the compliance issues but the fact that DOTARS have failed miserably in getting the required information out to the GA industry. On the other hand, pilots perhaps reading ERSA entries and notices clearly written on access gates would go a long way towards avoiding a lot of the grief that occurs especially at regional airports.
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Old 27th Nov 2007, 03:19
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Maybe you could pay for your ASI(C) Card using money withdrawn from the AT(M) Machine with your PI(N) Number????

Sorry, just a pet peeve….along with 3rd person radio calls
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Old 29th Nov 2007, 05:12
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The max penalty of being airside without your ASIC is $550 but the maximum penalty for being airside with NO ASIC and without a VALID reason is $10,000!!!!!!!
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