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PPRuNe Forums Thread Wiki: PNG Ples Bilong Tok Tok
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A thread where ex PNG geriatrics lapuns and long longs can live in the dim distant past.

Where tall stories are accepted as fact.

War stories are applauded.

Grab a Brownie, pull up a story and join in a trip down memory lane!!!

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PNG Ples Bilong Tok Tok

Old 1st Dec 2004, 05:59
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The original GKE I have never seen a photo of it before only a painting on the Bird of Paralyse wall.

Old 1st Dec 2004, 06:02
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tinpis , indeed!!

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Old 1st Dec 2004, 08:15
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The Denis Gray I used to know drove a MG ( I think ) with a surf board stuck in it called Honry! That was about 1965 / 6 on the Sunshine Coast. He used to study his CCA books on the beach.

He went flying and I got transferred to the bush. Have not seen him since but I think he lives near Caboolture.
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Old 1st Dec 2004, 10:40
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Grandpa Aerotart
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Wow some history in those piccies...spotted a young Aria seniority no 1 at PX and what I think was a young James Moresby Birrell.

Some very cute trollies but some of those uniforms...and hats!!!

Pity not more names in the people some of those old and bold captains had some stories!!!
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Old 1st Dec 2004, 21:10
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Chuck youre right there are some LEGENDS there and they managed to perform miracles of aviation with only THREE gold bars!
If you right click on a photo of someone and click "save image as" it will give you the caption of the picture and in most cases the persons name.
RSO thats sounds very much like Dennis he was 733 Capt Ansett before the 89 biff-up.
Old 1st Dec 2004, 22:59
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I was going to comment on that "337" picture. 336 VH-CMY was originally purchased (from memory) by the Ansett Light Aircraft Division (managed by Dick Glass-eye) around 1962. Ansett carried out the conversion to a rear opening door. It was unique - that was the only 336 so converted. Early in it's career after conversion, the rear door became unlatched during flight, really making the pilots day!

The door was subsequently screwed shut and I don't think ever used again?

I last saw CMY at Coolangatta, looking very second hand, maybe 10 or so years ago.

The Dorniers had an interesting career in PNG - Junior got rid of his very rapidly. They were plagued with fuel starvation/vaporisation problems and although fixed in later models, resulted in most of the Dorniers being pranged with loss of life.

Chuck. We don't need reminding of some names!

Tinpis. The Bird of Parasite wall was painted by Dennis Faithful, under instructions from Bobby Gibbes when Bobby built, owned (and burnt down) the establishment. I tried unsuccessfully to get Dennis to do the paintings for the dust covers on the Balus series of books.
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Old 1st Dec 2004, 23:56
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Pax patiently wait at Daru customs shed while police retrieve the customs man from the Daru lock-up

The "Bird" Goroka it was burnt down ?

Bird patron tries Phil Bennets seat belt bar stool.
Old 3rd Dec 2004, 23:54
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Capt Bouraga flew the inaugural PX F28 flight from KIE to CNS... and had eleven illegal immigrants on board!!! One of 'em was the Premier of Bougainville.

Good job I knew the immigration guy at CNS.
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 00:16
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Animal they were prolly going to collect the money from their rental properties in Cairns

What became of the very first local PNG pilot Mincon Penny?

Old 4th Dec 2004, 13:22
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Believe it's Minson Peni. Left PX and started a charter with some other blokes but that didn't get off the ground so I think he's in Pom doing some other job.
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 15:33
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Grandpa Aerotart
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It certainly did get off the was called Nationair...Minson and Nat Koleala and a few others....they eventually sold out to Islands Aviation thus becoming Islands Nationair.
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Old 5th Dec 2004, 03:11
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The P-38 that was in the swamp off Jacksons?
Old 5th Dec 2004, 06:34
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Dennis Gray - you are a star for collecting those early photographs.

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Old 5th Dec 2004, 23:57
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Yes many thanks for Dennis Grays efforts.
I was in Madang at the time and if the wall s of the Ansett Madang mess could only talk..........

Old 6th Dec 2004, 06:42
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VH-CMY C-336

Apinun Torres,

C336, VH-CMY was converted to a swing rear engine at Rex Aviation, Bankstown. The conversion cost was paid by Ansett.
Whether that was ATI or Ansett MAL, I don't know.

All I know is , that the overtime pay I received doing the Mod. , paid for my entire CPL flying training. From memory it took us about 4 months.

I and 2 other engineers were assigned to the Mod. by Mr. Dave Irons, the Boss of REX at the time. We would work our normal day assembling new Cessna's, 0800 to 1600, then we would go onto overtime to work on CMY. We normally did 4 hours a day/night and come in for 8 hours on the Saturday.

DCA and CESSNA reps. from Wichita were always around checking on progress. From memory, I think Cessna was keen to see if it would be vaible for them to do this ex the factory, as an option.

The latch incident, there were more than one latch, the incident was caused by an incorrect closing of the engine/ latch , sequence, which allowed 1 latch to become free. The swing engine was operated for some time as I found out when I arrived in PNG.

Yes ,the 336 is at OOL, I saw an Ad in the C Mail ,seeking the owner about a year ago, re unpaid parking fees, or something like.

Will be down in that neck of the woods on Wed 8th, will have a look for it and report back.

Apinun wantoks,


Stand by for, The Ode to Mendi.

I am a slow, 2 finger typer, might take me around an hour.


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Old 6th Dec 2004, 06:58
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Knew Dave Irons well. I think you will find the mod was paid by Ansett MAL or Ansett Airlines of PNG (can't remember when the amalgamation with MAL occurred), not ATI. Ansett PNG was a separate company, hence their pilots were permanent in PNG and TAA pilots on secondment.

You must be lapun tru!!!
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Old 6th Dec 2004, 09:43
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Angel TPNG Site


In a reply to Tinpis, on the 21-10-04, I made the following request.

"A TPNG site, but where, Woomera, your choice.

"Woomera, many thanks.

Sir Shaggy said, "Your going to regret this ", Shags, I think not, I think Woomi has opened a large CAN of fun and memories.



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Old 6th Dec 2004, 12:12
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by John Morxxx & Norm Bramxxx

With restricted throat and tongue all dry,
I sit in my balus, trying not to cry,
For "Wahgi Bill"decreed that I,
Must have my stay in Mendi.

I strap that balus tight and fast,
And head up through that awesome pass.
With a twenty knotter up my arse,
I arrive at Mendi.

I taxy close to the freight shed door,
Mendi, has me in its grip of frightful awe.
Shaking right to the core.
That's how you feel at Mendi.

I'm off to Erave, my load is on,
Oh Lord save me from Coecon.
'cause invariably there's something on,
That's not from "Gov. Stores" Mendi.

Take five bags of coffee, de la Cruz would say.
But unfortunately Coecon won't pay.
Thank Christ I have the last say,
Of what cargo goes to Mendi.

The Company say's, that nothing should excite us,
But as I stare at the House Hepatitis,
I fear the woes of the world have come to blight us.
Ptomaine is rife in Mendi.

Lake Kutubu is wide and deep,
It's trade store prices are far from cheap.
But what do you expect when it's run by a creep,
Who resides in Mendi.

Now "Potsie", he knew the art,
In Neville's fat face he would fart.
He could read him like a mercator chart.
He savvied the jazz in Mendi.

Now Neville's heart is filled with sorrow,
çause of the "äntics" of one Paul Morrow.
Money he will have to borrow,
To pay for aborts on Mendi.

But now our problems are teeny weeny,
As we've been saved by "Fearless Feeney".
For the "Öptic" thought he'd like to scenery,
For two months stay in Mendi.

Though he threw his "blooming" bacon,
Our hearts for him are slightly "aching".
For in the haus cockroach he'll be awakening,
Each foggy morn in Mendi.

But when two months have finally past,
Back into Mendi we'll be cast.
We only hope that this won't last,
Bedlem in Mendi.

Now Neilson said to Glassey,
To Mendi I'll take my lassie.
We all think she must be pretty "sasssy",
For him to want to live in Mendi.

Down to the Mendi Valley Club I went,
My feelings low and my head is bent.
For Skinner, a pass across the park he sent,
That's all you get in Mendi.

Now Mendi may open to DC.3's,
Then we'll land our Cessna's there with ease.
And the twenty knotter afternoon breeze,
Won't worry us at Mendi.

Though Dave Marsh hopes it will open,
The company are sincerely hopeing.
The Twin Otter will do it's lopeing,
Downwind there at Mendi.

Though if Twin Otters and DC.3's,
Can land at Mendi with seeming ease.
We're sure "Gov. Stores" will be so pleased,
Goodbye, to Cessna's, Mendi.

I had the honour and pleasure of F/O ing, for the late Captain Paul Morrow on DC.3's and F-27's around PNG. He taught me a lot and I learn't a lot, just watching him.

I have some more PNG songs and poems about PNG, would you all like me to post them ?


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Old 6th Dec 2004, 12:33
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Grandpa Aerotart
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Em nau masta...yu mus kisim dispela tok tok bilong ol i kamap 60 60...hamamas bilong mipela bai kamap moa moa yet long harim dispela sumting...bloodywitepuk

Sumpela bloodywitepuk husat i stap long dispela tok tok ol i stap long PNG long taim bilong mi olsem...ol i kalim bloodywite lapunpuk Feeney.

Dispela lapunbloodywitepuk i stap long kalub balus long mosbe na tok PLANTI pekpek bilong bulmakau long algeta tete.

Na emi oraite...mipela liakim dispela USELESS bloodywite lapunpuk...hart bilong em i stap long gupela ples.

Na olsem Potsie..emi narapela man husat I stap yet long PeeNGee.

Chuckling Chimbu

EDIT: After several PMs asking for a translation of the above I hereby comply....for the less literate

Yes please Robroy (all white men were called masta) must put these poems/song on here quickly. We'll all be very, very happy to hear/read it....bloodywitepuk (self explanitory Chuckism taken from the popular style of verbal attack from drunken coo...locals)

Some of the (self explanitory Chuckism) in the song were still in PNG in my time. His name was (self explanitory Chuckism) Feeney!

This (SECism) was in the Port Morsby Aeroclub talking unending BS every day.

But he was alright...we like this USELESS (SECism) His heart was in the right place.

And Pottsie as well...he's another fella who is still in PNG!

And for those who still can't work out what the SECism is...Bloody white f'wit was a fairly common epithet from the Natives...along with BLURYCUNYU!! You bloody C***

Ah such pleasant memories particularly when the screamed epithet was closely followed by the sharp crack of a pistol round as it was diispatched close over their fuzzy wuzzyness

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Old 6th Dec 2004, 13:16
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Angel Chimbu Chuckles ,Lah

It's 30 years since I and the Grievance Committee, left PNG.

I had to get out , Father F. Mihalic SVD. book, An Introduction to New Guinea Pidgin, to get the finer points of your most elequent post.

However, I got the savvy that you would like some more of the stuff I have.

I didn't write any of the poems and songs that I will post and I hope every one, either remembers singing them or reciting them years ago at the, Aero Club, Yacht Club, Boroko RSL, where ever.

Mike Fee*** and I were based in Rabaul together, had heaps of laughs over many greenies, I believe he is back in NZ.

How about " Once a jolly Chimbu " next, but not tonight, me sparkim lik lik, tru.


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